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Found 18 results

  1. As usual, not looking for anything, just posting this so that others can have a giggle at Highview's expense. Since my last update on these clowns, I've received another 7 NTK's from the Muppet Show, all for different parking events. Date of Parking: 05/05/17 - Date of NTK: 03/07/17 - Received: 06/07/17 - (62 days after event) Date of Parking: 03/06/17 - Date of NTK: 04/07/17 - Received: 07/07/17 - (33 days after event) Date of Parking: 16/07/17 - Date of NTK: 10/08/17 - Received: 15/08/17 - (29 days after event) Date of Parking: 22/07/17 - Date of NTK: 27/09/17 - Received: 30/09/17 - (69 days after event) Date of Parking: 28/07/17 - Date of NTK: 02/10/17 - Received: 05/10/17 - (68 days after event) Date of Parking: 01/09/17 - Date of NTK: 15/09/17 - Received: 27/09/17 - (25 days after event) Date of Parking: 25/10/17 - Date of NTK: 09/11/17 - Received: 11/11/17 - (16 days after event) - Close, but no cigar! Various threats of "LEGAL ACTION PENDING" from Highview, but I'm still waiting and still looking forward to them taking me to court. Oddly, absolutely nothing from DR+ on any of the above. I think they (at least) might have learned their lesson on wasted postage Also, a windscreen ticket from Highview's mates UKPC (who also operate on the same site), this one for "not displaying a permit" (despite the fact that their own 'evidence' pictures show a permit in the windscreen) Date of Parking: 07/09/17 - Date of NTK: 23/10/17 - Received: 03/11/17 - (57 days after event) - D'Oh!
  2. Hi everyone, Story so far: I have been sent Business rate Demand notices for the period of 01/05/2012 - 01/08/2012 for the garage me and business partner rented back then. I have a few questions: 1. Is there a timeframe within which councils should present business rate bills within? Reason i ask is that business partner have left the UK few years ago which leaves only me to pay for it. Plus, i read there are some court cases whereby bills like that should be presented within reasonable time? 2. Rental agreement had my name spelled differently, would that void this bill? And yes, as you have guessed, i am looking for reasons to get rid of these demand notices, if possible. Thank you for your time and help.
  3. Hello again, different story. In July 2016 I was diagnosed with lung cancer which had spread. I notified saga & told them to hold up repayments please while I sort out my work/benefits. ( I was awarded PIP that the hospital claimed for me.) Saga called to say don't use the card and let them know when I was ready, also, it would affect my credit rating. I retired in December & started a claim for universal credits and work related disability, which I've now got. In the meantime, saga sent me an income expenditures form. I returned that but, they lost it & asked me to fill in another one which I had to ring for, it never arrived. Eventually got it, filled it in, sent it off over 2weeks ago & haven't heard anything. I was going to call them today and wondered if there was any heads up you could give me? The main question is; Is there any way I can get them to take off the bad credit rating? Thank you.
  4. Don't bother with Saga Insurance. They send me letters offering low car insurance. Initially they quoted £151 for fully comprehensive on my old Citroen Picasso 1.6 petrol vehicle. My car insurance is due for renewal at the end of August. I phoned Saga today to check the initial quote. They now quote £409 and said sorry for the increase compared to their initial quote. I then obtained a quote from the AA which was £152. OK so if you get any letters from Saga offering low insurance, either bin them.
  5. I am writing here because I'm at my witts end with Vodafone. I made an order on the 25th of September, for a Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 (handset only), but canceled it the same day, due to a possible 4 week stock delay. meanwhile, I'd purchased the same phone, from a branch. Despite having had confirmation the order had been cancelled, twice on the phone, and twice via chat, a delivery attempt was made, and the money taken (I refused delivery, as instructed). Fast forward to now (19/11/2015), I am still without my money, despite having made over 30 calls to customer service! I've been fobbed off more times than I can count, and passed back and forth like a football. I been promised that a refund process is underway 4 times, until about 6 phone calls ago, when it was claimed that my payment couldn't be traced by billing. They've had me go into a branch with my bank statement, to show the payment, then asked for it via email as well (provided)! It got to the point where I'd had enough, and so contacted my bank. They're trying to run through the process of a payment dispute, to get my money back, but need a refund voucher to be issued by vodafone. Well I contacted Vodafone for that, and you can guess how it went! 3 agents and half an hour gone, result; no idea what I was after, and no appetite to put me in touch with someone who could help. Please help!
  6. A process server was looking down the wrong end of a gun and machete for giving papers to a person whilst on Court business.. This could easily have been an EA in this situation... "An enforcement officer was shot at twice through a letter box after trying to deliver a court order. The court officer escaped unhurt in the incident in Adswood, Stockport today. Armed police then swooped on the address in Newsham Road but a man later walked into a police station and was arrested in connection with the incident." For the full story see here http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/court-officer-shot-twice-gunman-9859309#ICID=sharebar_twitter
  7. I've an ongoing saga with CABOT regarding an OPUS card which they say was my CITI card. Shouldn't I have had some notification of some sort from CITI when this change occurred? I've been waiting years for a CCA for my CITI card, but none has been forthcoming.
  8. Hi Fellow CAG'ers, In 2001, I entered into a credit card agreement with Capital One. As part of the whole SAR process, I requested a full and legible copy of the agreement I entered into with them. After some time, copies were provided to me that were not countersigned by Cap One. In addition, clearly legible on the form is the box which clearly shows where I ticked "No" against "Please enrol me in Capital One's Payment Protection Scheme". In a way and foolishly on my behalf all of those years back, I was embroiled in a busy business and wasn't one to check statements nor question them. What transpired was that Cap One had been adding Payment Protection insurance charges to my account from 2001. During the recent drive for questioning PPI and its legitimacy, I wrote to Capital One over a number of months only to be fobbed off with the fact that an apparent phone call was made whereby I allegedly requested PPI to be added to my account. Their final letter to me contained the following paragraph: "You have requested a full refund of premiums and interest. Circumstances: You applied for a Capital One credit card account by completed by a postal application on 28 October 2001. At this point you did not indicate that you wanted to purchase optional PPI and as a result it was not applied to your account at this stage. You later purchased the policy during a telephone conversation on 12 November 1999. At the time of purchase you confirmed that you were 39 years of age, earning a salary of (between £27K and £35K(. Therefore we did not identify anything to suggest that you were ineligible for the PPI. Your PPI was cancelled on 18 November 2007. Capital One sole credit card PPI on a non-advised basis, we did not provide advice. PPI was purchased on a non-advised basis, there was no requirement for Capital One to complete a demands and needs statement. It was your responsibility to confirm that the policy was suitable for your needs. Following a complete investigation into your complaint we are confident that the policy was sold appropriately. We believe you were provided with sufficient information to make an informed decision to purchase the policy. As this is the case I will not be looking to refund any of the premiums or associated interest that has been charged to your account. Financial regulations require me to advise you that this is my final response in relation to this matter. However you now have the option to contact the Financial Ombudsman Office within six months from the date of this letter." The question I have, is that I have no recollection of calling and requesting PPI at that stage. Their letter contradicts dates by 2 years in that I took out the credit card in 2001 yet they said I called them and took out PPI 2 years previously in 1999! As Capital One have said I have no other recourse in this matter, am I within my rights to write to them once again, requesting a full copy and SAR and statements along with a copy of the transcript of the alleged telephone call (in verbal form and not written) in order that if I so wished to take the matter further through the small claims court (avoiding the FOS as this seems to be a seamless way of progressing matters listening to other posts along the way). Many Thanks for your patience in listening to my case and hope that someone will be able to point me in the right direction in an attempt to get resolve with Capital One. Keith
  9. Greetings CAG forum members! Back in May I got an email advertising a free trial for TVX and stupidly clicked through and signed up for it, or so I thought. Once I completed the financial details etc. on the form and clicked to proceed there was a short pause then I got an error message. I received no confirmation of any free trial or subscription commencing. I contacted their customer service to clarify what had happened and they said my account was blocked because I had previously registered (many years ago) and they could not verify my details, so I assumed no transaction took place and didn't bother to try again. A few weeks later I noticed a charge for £21.99 on my credit card statement so I called them and initiated a charge back and cancellation of any recurring charges that may follow. I thought that was the end of it, stupid I now know with hindsight! Today I received a letter from RHF productions threatening legal action if I do not pay the balance on my account immediately. I think as I did not receive any confirmation or a copy of the contract T&C's the transaction is in breach of distance selling contract law? I am drafting a letter along those lines now but would really appreciate any advice
  10. Please can anyone advise me where to go next? I had a credit card with Vanquis- I missed some payments and it went to Moorcroft - I agreed to opay Moorcroft £40 a month- total outstanding was £550. I made two payments then received a letter from McKenzie Hall saying the bill had been passed to them ? As I did not understand why I asked them and they said I had failed to pay Moorcroft and asked me for the full amount . Long story short I had to send Moorcroft proof that I had paid the which to start with is ridiculous I then received a letter this morning saying they HAD received my payments but had paid it on to an old account of mine with JD Williams which was paid off in full back in 2009 and they were in the middle of transferring payments to Vanquis and had sent the account back to them. Firstly how are they allowed to get away with this and secondly I have checked my credit report and up till December Vanquis just show as late payments but is now showing as default presumably because they never received payment from Moorcroft. How do I get this default off my file? I accept there will be late payments showing as initially they were late but all my payments were made to Moorcroft as requested and on time and surely my account should therefore just show late and not default. I am unsure where to go next to bring this to a resolution . I assume I go to Vanquis but seeing as they appointed the Moorcroft lot in the first place I don't hold out much hope of them being any better. Please can someone help me
  11. Hi everyone! Happy new year first of all. Usual story - last year in February 2013 i filled SORN form for my car and posted it to DVLA. After month or so they sent me Collectica letter claiming i never made SORN application etc. There are around 5 Collectica letters, which i all denied, and i have posted last 2 letters from DVLA and latest Collectica letter which i received on friday (after 4 months of silence). Let me know what you think. Any help appreciated. *** Letter received from DVLA in June 2013 after my "fine denied" letter Page 2 And another reply from DVLA in July 2013, after short letter from denying any wrongdoing My letter to DVLA in July 2013 Then in September Collectica sent me letter - We cannot hold any action unless instructed by DVLA etc etc. and kept quiet till last Friday: Post edited, details removed. Thank you
  12. I listened to an interesting programme on the radio a few days ago, the programme highlighted some elderly people who had home insurance with SAGA, and the fact that some had been loyal customers for a number of years but their premiums had risen to over £1,000 per year, and yet when their children had checked online it seems they were paying over 4 times too much compared to other insurance quotes. The MD of SAGA was on but as usual when quizzzed he couldn't answer individual cases, but stated that they do regualrly check peoples quotes... I would suggest if you have elderly parents who have insurance via SAGA or possibly anywhere else to check it for them. My personal feeling is that they realise that some elderly people think that as SAGA are geared to the older generation, they think they are being looked after by a caring company, the elderly may not have the internet to check how competitive their insurance is or may find calling round a number of other insurers an ordeal.
  13. Hi All Thought I'd let you all know what's happened with Scottish Power and myself. Last summer I had a door to door salesman call by selling on behalf of Scottish Power, I don't normally do this but I listened to what he had to say as I was already thinking of leaving British Gas. The deal sounded too good to be true £35 a month Gas and the same for Electric if I paid by direct Debit. He said this would be capped until 2012 - It would never go up no matter how much I use, and I would never get a bill at the end of the contract if I had used more. he also said that if their prices drop, so would my payments. Ok i thought and signed up - only after checking and double checking this was right and they couldn't charge me anymore than £70 a month. The day after - I rang the call centre and went through this again, i checked they wouldnt take anymore than the £70 and was it defintely capped - the answer was yes. Fast forward to today and they have taken £106!!!! They tell me that they can do this if I use more energy etc etc and that I had used more over the winter!!! furious isnt the word, I told them they have lied and missold the contract etc etc and she agreed to refund the £36 and drop me back to £70 a month. However it could go up next winter if my usage does etc etc and that if I don't pay what I have used I will build up a debt with them... I have raised a formal complaint meanwhile.. So, now I am planning to use them during the winter months as it is sticking at what was agreed however I plan to break the contract and change to another later in the year. Has anyone else had this and what did you do??? Thanks
  14. I have dual fuel with EDF, and right now I have a massive problem with them which is spiralling out of control because of the sheer and utter incompetence of this company. It all began after Xmas this year, when I received a huge bill for around £700, even though I had been making regular payments by direct debit. I cancelled the DD because the bill stated that they were going to be taking out the full amount....money I did not owe them and which I did not have in my bank account anyway! I phoned up EDF who assured me it was an error and my account was in credit. So I thought no more of that and carried on making regular payments via online banking (I did not reinstate the DD, and I'm glad I didn't now. Forward on to April and I received another massive bill - queried it again, get told its an error blah blah blah. Thinking back, I should have asked them to put it in writing. So....when I got another massive bill for around £800 in July - and again with none of my payments being taken into account, I had enough and decided to go to the Citizen's Advice Bureau, and that's when things took a turn for the worse. Fair play to the CAB, they are being marvellous, but there is only so much they can do as they are manned by volunteers and have limited opening hours. The advisor from CAB phoned EDF on my behalf and requested a full statement on my account, taking into consideration meter readings and payments made. He also pointed out a number of discrepancies in the meter readings, and EDF actually asked me to read my meter every day for a week and send them the readings, which I did. But....instead of sending me a statement as requested by CAB, the blundering idiots at EDF sent me a 'bill' for the past year for around £1,700 plus a load of incorrect meter readings and none of my payments included - of which I have proof via bank statements. Chap at CAB advises me it's time to make a formal complaint. That was 2 weeks ago. On Monday I had a call from a company calling themselves Grosvenor Services calling on behalf of EDF about my debt of £1,700. I was absolutely fuming and told the woman that I did not owe this money and I was seeking advice from CAB about this disputed amount. Said extremely rude woman did not appear to listen to a word I said because she kept insisting it was a live debt and I needed to make a payment.....I had to put the phone down in despair. This evening, I see someone park a black car outside my house and walk up my drive. A hand written envelope with my name and address gets shoved in my letterbox. It's from Grosvenor Services.....threatening to cut off my gas and electric and get a warrant so that they can gain access to my property and recover the money!!!!!!! I am really really fed up of this whole thing. A few weeks ago I suffered a major breakdown and ended up having an emergency psychiatrist appointment. It has even got to the point where I have contemplated suicide a few times (and the thought has fleetingly crossed my mind today). The idiots at EDF are well aware that I am registered disabled because of mental health issues. But I can't let them do this to me or my family. That's the only thought that keeps me going because I'm getting sick and tired of this fight. Oh well, it's time to start the legal action ball rolling....
  15. Hello! Obviously I am brand new here, but I've been lurking for a while reading some helpful previous posts. However, I'm not sure that many apply to my situation, which is an issue with a former landlord (licensor!) at a yard my friend and I formerly let for our horses. We were there from April 2010 to February 2012, but only had a signed license on file for the first year. We paid monthly, and the licensors regularly accessed our barn, and used our fields for their own purposes. We also had restrictions on hours we could be onsite, all of which make me think that it was definitely a license, rather than a tenancy. We signed contracts prior to moving in... actually prior to the facility being built, which was a mistake in retrospect. They cut corners everywhere possible, and we moved into an unfit facility. They promised many more renovations and facilities, however any that actually were completed were done well beyond the promised date and to an unsafe standard. We did not pay a deposit on moving in, as we had to spend over a thousand pounds to render it usable at all. They also claimed that they needed the deposit so that they could fund some of the promised improvements which weren't complete on arrival. Our license required three months' notice by either party to terminate the agreement, however we did not sign a contract after the initial contract ended. The licensors informed us that they would then be free to force us off the property with no notice, a risk which we were happy to assume. We gave just shy of six weeks' notice at the beginning of 2012 as we had found a safer facility for both horses and handlers for a much more reasonable price, and paid a deposit into a DPS (something I'd never heard of before!). After giving notice, the already tense situation with the licensors became much more difficult, with them alternately saying that of course we were free to leave without paying anything, and that they "didn't want to get heavy". We agreed orally that our initial costs to render the facility usable would be offset against any costs for damage, and I paid the deposit (£1800) as a gesture of goodwill at that point. They also claimed suddenly to have never received license fees for October and November 2010. We produced bank statements demonstrated that those months had indeed been paid, and they produced bank statements demonstrating that the payments had not arrived in their account. Again, as a gesture of goodwill (and to prevent physical action which they have a local reputation for), I paid those two months so they could not consider us to be in arrears, and resolved to pursue it through the banks. They had four different accounts we paid into during our tenure there, and they only showed us statements for one. Eight months later, the bank is apparently still trying to sort it out, as the licensors are refusing to cooperate in locating the money. We did a check out meeting in which we stated nothing would be agreed at that time, we would merely take notes and respond in writing. They made several unreasonable requests, and I responded in a registered letter, stating which costs I agreed to have deducted/offset from the original costs we incurred, and which I disputed. Seven months later, they were still refusing to return my money, despite the fact that I offered that they simply ignore the original costs and just deduct the £110 they were requesting, and return the remainder. Soooo I went onto MCOL, and filed a claim for the deposit. They defended it, and referred to a tenancy, landlords, and tenants. While this is not accurate terminology, I am wondering if the court will now consider that we had a tenancy, and that the original notice period (three months) should still apply? They have counterclaimed for nearly two full months' rent (until the end of what the license period would have been, had a contract been signed), and have suddenly come up the idea that a field needs re-seeding because of us, despite never mentioning it before, and included an extortionate quote from their tenant farmer. Their defense is very emotive, and very inaccurate. Their conclusion was that I should have £212 returned to me from my claim, but that they should be paid over £2500 for their counterclaim. I have sought some basic help from a local solicitor to draft a defense to their counterclaim, and a 30-min directions hearing has been scheduled for later this month. My solicitor has been absolutely wonderful, and has worked within my limited budget to give me a great framework, but I'm hoping there might be some more rural bods on this board with some experience in the field of horse properties. What can I expect from the directions hearing? There are two defendants, and just one of me. They are very intimidating, and I am not looking forward to being on my own around them, as they used to wait until my friend was away on business to take me aside and push for money. They know I'm a soft touch. Do I have a right to bring someone with me for moral support? What sort of rights/obligations did we have as licencees with an expired license for an equestrian facility? The next tenant left a month ago amidst a lot of similar issues, and they are threatening to pursue her through the courts as well. She is willing to be a witness for me that the fields were in good repair when she moved in. They are also trying to claim money for themselves from my deposit for routine work which SHE paid to have done when she moved in. The tenant farmer stated to me that he felt it was due to their lack of maintenance after our departure that the field needed re-seeding, but he is unwilling to be a witness, as he is still in a business relationship with them. Sorry, this feels incredibly complicated to me, and I'm so unsure of what to expect and now even questioning whether I am in the right insisting that my money be returned! They spend a lot of time on various legal actions, and I am so unfamiliar with these sorts of situations that I'm beginning to worry that they might be in the right. Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give. I know this is not your typical residential or commercial letting question.
  16. I just have to inform you of the way I have been dealt with by Saga Home Insurance. I had an accident at home, I tripped and fell on my laptop as I was going outside, as I am not the smallest of people not only did I look and feel too well the laptop was toast. It had a lot of damage but as I have accidental damage on my home insurance and have had for the last 15 years, I have only ever made one claim for a carpet the kids spilt paint on some seven years ago I rang Saga to see if I was covered. They arranged to have it collected by a company CIIS, in two days’ time. I asked if I could keep my hard drive as it had files on it I needed she said that’s fine. I expected a little delay as the bank holiday weekend was upon us and called Saga a week after it was collected. They informed me that the report from CIIS had arrived that day and a claims adjuster would call me. That day they called and arranged a telephone interview for a few days later. On that call I was asked several questions like the ones you have when you fill in the application form, then the questions started, have you had insurance before, who was it with, who was it the year before that, when did you buy it, how much was it have you got the receipt and more questions not relevant to the claim. I told her I paid cash for the computer some 7 years ago and didn’t have the receipt, she said they would need a bank statement to show the money withdraw I explained I didn’t have this and have moved banks since and didn’t think I had withdrawn cash from the bank to buy it. She demanded pictures of where the accident happened as well as the hard drive to show proof of ownership. I have the owner’s manual and original recovery disc, power supply but refused to give up my hard drive. Having been a victim of identity fraud as well as a computer security consultant I know how much data can be recovered from people’s hard drives. I have never been questioned in such away, I was made to feel like I was a criminal. I sent her the photographs of where I fell as well as the picture of the cuts and bruising I suffered, thanks to my wife who said to take pictures of my leg just in case. She informed me of receipt of the information and informed me they would investigate and wait for the final report from CIIS, who had sent a report a week ago so I don’t know what that is about. I rang today to be told they are still investigating and they didn’t know when a decision would be made. They are quick enough taking the premium but want you all to know, a cheap quote even off a supposed good company isn’t always the best.
  17. Hi guys, I posted a few days ago with problems about Natwest refusing to cancel my CPA's and telling me the PDL's are not using CPA ect. Anyway i have now made an official complain thru the FOS, but after everything i told them on the phone they basically sent the Bank a 3 line summary of my complaint and everything i had said. Luckily the FOS letter sent to me gave me details of who is dealing with my complaint at Natwest so i have wrote a full 2 page letter explaining what happened in the branch in detail and im sending it off today. i will be keeping you all updated and hopefully get some results. I ended up being forced to cancel my account with natwest and it seems even tho i had a second account with them that i transferred my money in to it has successfully stopped the PDL's getting access to my money. i will keep you informed. Thanks to this site and members or none of this would have been possible and i would have been totally cleared out this week.
  18. Hello there, this is my first time posting so i hope its in the right place. Approx 8 years ago - 2004 i think - i moved house and (stupidly) signed up for a 1 month AOL trial whilst waiting for my broadband to be installed. this was used for a day or 2 and then cancelled what i thought was the direct debit and now know was a recurring card payment. i started receiving £5 charges to my bank account though did not notice this until a good few months down the line. i called AOL and got through to a foreign call centre who did not have a clue what i was on about and just kept asking me for my username and password. at this point i had forgotton as only briefly used it. they refused to look up my account details through my actual name, address or bank details and as i recall ended up hanging up on me. To be honest i put it to the back of my mind. i was working and earning a good wage and didnt really feel the £5 loss. months later i noticed it had gone up to £9.99!! so again attempted to phone and reason with them, but got the same response, no username = no help over the months and years it was an annoyance to see the money go out my account every month for something i had never use but at the time i was younger, earned alot more money and had a million and one other things to concern myself about. the payments slowly crept up from 9.99 to 15.99 and then 25.99 when i lost my job when i was pregnant in 2007 money started getting tight and i then approached my bank (barclays) again to ask them for help to stop the payments. they attempted this but didnt seem to work. i tried to make it clear it wasnt a 'direct debit' but a continual payment but they always just said they would cancel it - then i would find out the payment was taken again the next month and so on.... 2010 - it was then i started to do some googling and found a complaints department i dont think it was ofcom - but something similar?? i left my home telephone number, mobile number and address with them. I then received an answerphone message to my home phone from an irish guy calling from AOL saying he was contacting me about my complaint and he would try again to contact me tomorrow. left no number for me to contact him, no attempts to call me on my mobile or write to me and most importantly i did not receive any other calls. at this point life rather got in the way and i had an awful lot more to worry about (wont bore you with details) 2011 - i approached barclays again and seemed to get through to someone who understood because she managed to stop the payments. fast forward to end of november and i get a letter sent to my mums from an unknown company asking me to contact them in regards to a debt. i ignored it as it seemed like junk and was sent in my maiden name which baffled me. Months later i get ANOTHER letter to my own address stating they had traced me through the voters register and could i contact them - intruiged i called them and it was debt collecters wanting to recover the ''debt'' i owed AOL by cancelling the payments i spoke to the company and explained the situation and also put it in writing to them Shortly after this, my partner and i split up, he kicked us out his house in February this year, im currently living in a council homeless accomodation with my 2 young children and forced to live on benefits and not doing so great. So im actually terrifed of phoning them again as i fear they will tell me to pay up then take it up with AOL - well that hasnt gone too well in the past..... i have done NOTHING wrong!! If anything AOL owe ME!!! What can i do? thanks in advance and sorry if i waffled.
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