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Found 18 results

  1. As usual, not looking for anything, just posting this so that others can have a giggle at Highview's expense. Since my last update on these clowns, I've received another 7 NTK's from the Muppet Show, all for different parking events. Date of Parking: 05/05/17 - Date of NTK: 03/07/17 - Received: 06/07/17 - (62 days after event) Date of Parking: 03/06/17 - Date of NTK: 04/07/17 - Received: 07/07/17 - (33 days after event) Date of Parking: 16/07/17 - Date of NTK: 10/08/17 - Received: 15/08/17 - (29 days after event) Date of Parking: 22/07/17 - Date of NTK: 27/09/17 - Received: 30/
  2. Hi everyone, Story so far: I have been sent Business rate Demand notices for the period of 01/05/2012 - 01/08/2012 for the garage me and business partner rented back then. I have a few questions: 1. Is there a timeframe within which councils should present business rate bills within? Reason i ask is that business partner have left the UK few years ago which leaves only me to pay for it. Plus, i read there are some court cases whereby bills like that should be presented within reasonable time? 2. Rental agreement had my name spelled differently, would that void this bill
  3. Hello again, different story. In July 2016 I was diagnosed with lung cancer which had spread. I notified saga & told them to hold up repayments please while I sort out my work/benefits. ( I was awarded PIP that the hospital claimed for me.) Saga called to say don't use the card and let them know when I was ready, also, it would affect my credit rating. I retired in December & started a claim for universal credits and work related disability, which I've now got. In the meantime, saga sent me an income expenditures form. I returned that but, they los
  4. Don't bother with Saga Insurance. They send me letters offering low car insurance. Initially they quoted £151 for fully comprehensive on my old Citroen Picasso 1.6 petrol vehicle. My car insurance is due for renewal at the end of August. I phoned Saga today to check the initial quote. They now quote £409 and said sorry for the increase compared to their initial quote. I then obtained a quote from the AA which was £152. OK so if you get any letters from Saga offering low insurance, either bin them.
  5. I am writing here because I'm at my witts end with Vodafone. I made an order on the 25th of September, for a Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 (handset only), but canceled it the same day, due to a possible 4 week stock delay. meanwhile, I'd purchased the same phone, from a branch. Despite having had confirmation the order had been cancelled, twice on the phone, and twice via chat, a delivery attempt was made, and the money taken (I refused delivery, as instructed). Fast forward to now (19/11/2015), I am still without my money, despite having made over 30 calls to customer service
  6. A process server was looking down the wrong end of a gun and machete for giving papers to a person whilst on Court business.. This could easily have been an EA in this situation... "An enforcement officer was shot at twice through a letter box after trying to deliver a court order. The court officer escaped unhurt in the incident in Adswood, Stockport today. Armed police then swooped on the address in Newsham Road but a man later walked into a police station and was arrested in connection with the incident." For the full story see here http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/ne
  7. I've an ongoing saga with CABOT regarding an OPUS card which they say was my CITI card. Shouldn't I have had some notification of some sort from CITI when this change occurred? I've been waiting years for a CCA for my CITI card, but none has been forthcoming.
  8. Hi Fellow CAG'ers, In 2001, I entered into a credit card agreement with Capital One. As part of the whole SAR process, I requested a full and legible copy of the agreement I entered into with them. After some time, copies were provided to me that were not countersigned by Cap One. In addition, clearly legible on the form is the box which clearly shows where I ticked "No" against "Please enrol me in Capital One's Payment Protection Scheme". In a way and foolishly on my behalf all of those years back, I was embroiled in a busy business and wasn't one to check statemen
  9. Greetings CAG forum members! Back in May I got an email advertising a free trial for TVX and stupidly clicked through and signed up for it, or so I thought. Once I completed the financial details etc. on the form and clicked to proceed there was a short pause then I got an error message. I received no confirmation of any free trial or subscription commencing. I contacted their customer service to clarify what had happened and they said my account was blocked because I had previously registered (many years ago) and they could not verify my details, so I assumed no transaction took pla
  10. Please can anyone advise me where to go next? I had a credit card with Vanquis- I missed some payments and it went to Moorcroft - I agreed to opay Moorcroft £40 a month- total outstanding was £550. I made two payments then received a letter from McKenzie Hall saying the bill had been passed to them ? As I did not understand why I asked them and they said I had failed to pay Moorcroft and asked me for the full amount . Long story short I had to send Moorcroft proof that I had paid the which to start with is ridiculous I then received a letter this morning saying they HAD received my payments
  11. Hi everyone! Happy new year first of all. Usual story - last year in February 2013 i filled SORN form for my car and posted it to DVLA. After month or so they sent me Collectica letter claiming i never made SORN application etc. There are around 5 Collectica letters, which i all denied, and i have posted last 2 letters from DVLA and latest Collectica letter which i received on friday (after 4 months of silence). Let me know what you think. Any help appreciated. *** Letter received from DVLA in June 2013 after my "fine denied" letter Page 2 And anothe
  12. I listened to an interesting programme on the radio a few days ago, the programme highlighted some elderly people who had home insurance with SAGA, and the fact that some had been loyal customers for a number of years but their premiums had risen to over £1,000 per year, and yet when their children had checked online it seems they were paying over 4 times too much compared to other insurance quotes. The MD of SAGA was on but as usual when quizzzed he couldn't answer individual cases, but stated that they do regualrly check peoples quotes... I would suggest if you have elderly parents who have
  13. Hi All Thought I'd let you all know what's happened with Scottish Power and myself. Last summer I had a door to door salesman call by selling on behalf of Scottish Power, I don't normally do this but I listened to what he had to say as I was already thinking of leaving British Gas. The deal sounded too good to be true £35 a month Gas and the same for Electric if I paid by direct Debit. He said this would be capped until 2012 - It would never go up no matter how much I use, and I would never get a bill at the end of the contract if I had used more. he also said that if their pric
  14. I have dual fuel with EDF, and right now I have a massive problem with them which is spiralling out of control because of the sheer and utter incompetence of this company. It all began after Xmas this year, when I received a huge bill for around £700, even though I had been making regular payments by direct debit. I cancelled the DD because the bill stated that they were going to be taking out the full amount....money I did not owe them and which I did not have in my bank account anyway! I phoned up EDF who assured me it was an error and my account was in credit. So I thought no more
  15. Hello! Obviously I am brand new here, but I've been lurking for a while reading some helpful previous posts. However, I'm not sure that many apply to my situation, which is an issue with a former landlord (licensor!) at a yard my friend and I formerly let for our horses. We were there from April 2010 to February 2012, but only had a signed license on file for the first year. We paid monthly, and the licensors regularly accessed our barn, and used our fields for their own purposes. We also had restrictions on hours we could be onsite, all of which make me think that it was definitely a lic
  16. I just have to inform you of the way I have been dealt with by Saga Home Insurance. I had an accident at home, I tripped and fell on my laptop as I was going outside, as I am not the smallest of people not only did I look and feel too well the laptop was toast. It had a lot of damage but as I have accidental damage on my home insurance and have had for the last 15 years, I have only ever made one claim for a carpet the kids spilt paint on some seven years ago I rang Saga to see if I was covered. They arranged to have it collected by a company CIIS, in two days’ time. I asked if I
  17. Hi guys, I posted a few days ago with problems about Natwest refusing to cancel my CPA's and telling me the PDL's are not using CPA ect. Anyway i have now made an official complain thru the FOS, but after everything i told them on the phone they basically sent the Bank a 3 line summary of my complaint and everything i had said. Luckily the FOS letter sent to me gave me details of who is dealing with my complaint at Natwest so i have wrote a full 2 page letter explaining what happened in the branch in detail and im sending it off today. i will be keeping you all updated and hopef
  18. Hello there, this is my first time posting so i hope its in the right place. Approx 8 years ago - 2004 i think - i moved house and (stupidly) signed up for a 1 month AOL trial whilst waiting for my broadband to be installed. this was used for a day or 2 and then cancelled what i thought was the direct debit and now know was a recurring card payment. i started receiving £5 charges to my bank account though did not notice this until a good few months down the line. i called AOL and got through to a foreign call centre who did not have a clue what i was on about and just kept a
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