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  1. Hi all I booked my car in a good few weeks ago for a new clutch (powershift), had been putting it off for a while and finally decided to bite the bullet. Got the quote which was just over 1k which I was happy with. the day came and Ford (evans halshaw) collected the car, and told me it would be a couple of days, so far so good. I get a call a few days later from the service manager who told me they'd replaced the clutch, and it turned out the new clutch was faulty...and it was the last one available in the UK atm and it could be another 3-4 weeks as it's on backorder. I
  2. My Ford Focus 2012 auto has just gone into fords after dangerously shuddering and changing gear. They have told me it has a leak and the clutch needs replacing £1200. I’ve read about lots of issues with this part due to faulty seals. My car has only done 53,000. It had a TCM update 2 years ago when it was shuddering mildly. Ford are saying it’s my problem and not covered under any recalls etc. Has anyone else managed to get ford to replace their clutch with no cost? I’m fuming with them oh and the part is not in stock and they don’t know when they can get it - tells me they are
  3. I'm trying to help a friend whose clutch has failed or more likely burned out. Fiesta Zetec 1.4 petrol 2008. Can someone suggest the likely reasonable cost to replace the clutch at a local garage, not a Ford Dealership, including parts, labour and VAT. This will help decide if it's worth repairing or better to look for a new car and avoid the repair spending. Many thanks.
  4. Purchased a clutch mail order on 11/5/2015, it had a 4yr 40,000 mile warranty. just over 2yrs and 20,000 miles the clutch was juddering violently in reverse and pulling away .they offer a no quibble guarantee for parts only so no claims for the labour charge. "parts will be replaced irrespective as to whether there is a fault or not. If you cannot be without your vehicle simply purchase a new replacement second item from us and we will refund you for the first item upon its return". sound really good customer service ! NOT. Sent it back on 26/7/2017 at a cost of £15
  5. Hi There I will need a new clutch please see the case below I purchased performance enhancing software for my car, this has now caused me to experience clutch slip when driving the dealer explained that the vehicle was experiencing to much power through the clutch, I went to this particular dealer for this software because they are the head office for the distributor network within the UK. I have spoken to other dealers within the network who agree that before they offer the software that I have on my car, they advise the customer that he will need a new clutch
  6. hi all im after some advice. I purchased a clutch kit for my mondeo from a company called nationwide clutch at blackpool their ebay username is techniclutch. now the clutch was supplied with a 4 year 40000 mile warranty. however it managed to complete just over 18000 miles in around 20 months before it broke up (the center plate) the concentric bearing also fell apart. not wanting to have a poor quality clutch put back in my car I purchased a genuine clutch kit as I needed the car on the road. I sent back all the parts asking for a full refund as
  7. Dear all, 31 days ago I purchased a Mini One Convertible with just 39,000 miles on the clock. Today (31 days after purchase, typically just outside the 30 day rejection window) the clutch has started slipping badly. I phoned the dealer who refused to accept any liability. I put pressure on them and they offered me £100 towards the cost of repairs (c. £400). I told them under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 the car was not of satisfactory quality and that, as this fault has developed inside 6 months, the burden of proof is on them to prove otherwise. I told th
  8. I've just got off the phone from a solicitor's. They have re-iterated exactly what I have said above. Under section 23 subsection 2b the dealer is required to replace the clutch and bear and costs of doing so including the collection of the un-driveable vehicle. I have been advised to put this in writing to the dealer and give them one chance and once chance only to either come and collect the car and repair it, or agree to a local repair where I am. If they fail to do either of the above I will simply commence legal proceedings and I cannot see them having a le
  9. Hello, probably been asked 100s of times but what are the chances i can get the garage I bought the car from to replace a clutch kit in the following circumstances: Bought a Nissan almera £1495 from a garage 3/8/16. Car started over revving when accelerating in 3rd gear... 6/8/16. 3 days after purchase. Problem quickly worsened and had been over revving in 3rd to 5th constantly. Car has been checked today 22/8/16 , less than 3 weeks since bought, done less than 300 miles and needs a new clutch kit £305. The front brake is also stuck on and i'm waiting to hear how
  10. I am at my wits end. The car is 2 years old and with 30000 miles on it but the car suddenly stopped 3 months ago with a faulty clutch. There are many identical incidences of this on the internet with this particular model. This situation is also an identical situation to that of 3 years ago with the same model of car with similar miles and age. In that incident Chevrolet took it upon themselves to reimburse over 1/2 when they were interested in my repeat business. On this recent occasion I paid for all of it up to £2500 as Chevrolet have pulled out of Europe and no one wants to kno
  11. Garage installed a new clutch plate BACKWARDS six months ago in my volvo which broke during a long drive away, que new repair needed plus lots of expenses. Shall I start with a notice before action, including copies of receipts etc? What is the garage liable for and what do I need to do? Thank you in advance.
  12. Hi All First post, couldn't see an intro thread, so hello from Wiltshire Bought a car (SAAB 93) circa Feb 2014, dealer gave 12 month warranty with it, he is a decent guy, had a couple of issues, and he sorted them all no problem. One was the clutch started slipping @ 84k miles, i bought it @ 82k miles. Now it's slipping again @ 92k miles, and 13 months later Looking through the paperwork, it also had a new clutch @ 36k miles, so it now needs its 4th clutch in under 100k miles. He is basically refusing to acknowledge there is a fault with car, and i need it desperately for work,
  13. Friend of mine bought a second hand car from a dealer about 2 weeks ago. Today the clutch has failed and the RAC have said a new clutch is required. Dealer has been contacted and said it is nothing to do with him. Car is 10 yrs old with 95,000 on the clock. The price paid was about right for the car with that mileage. Are there any rights under SOGA or CPA. thanks
  14. I purchased a 19 month old Vauxhall Insignia in May 2014 from EMG in Ely. On the whole the car gave me excellent service, apart from a few niggles, which were rectified under the Vauxhall 3 year warranty. However, in September this year, I noticed that it was getting more & more difficult getting the car into gear. The car was just under 3 years old, and had covered 43,000 miles. I took the car into York, Ward & Rowlatt, in Wellingborough to have it looked at. After a test drive, they said that the clutch had failed & it would not be covered under the warra
  15. Hi everyone, my dad recently had a problem with his Toyota Urban Cruiser 4WD Diesel. The vehicle is four years old has been serviced all its life (He bought it from new) at a Toyota garage. The vehicle has only done just over 20K He has recently had problems getting the vehicle into gear so he took it to our local Wolverhampton Toyota Dealer Charles Clark Toyota. They diagnosed the problem to be the clutch. They quoted £1000 to replace the clutch (Original) or approx £800 for a none Toyota one I find this rather odd a Toyota dealer offering none Toyota parts. The clutch on the vehicle
  16. I took the car to the garage because it sounded rough. They kept it and looked at it and said it was the gearbox. Instead of taking 4 days as they said it would I didn't get it back for 4 weeks (I felt they were having problems with it). After driving it for a few of days I can feel the clutch peddle shuddering and making a slight noise and its hopped out of reverse gear twice. I looked at the invoice and it says at the bottom: Advisory: will need a new clutch and flywheel! Note: 1) the clutch was not shuddering or slipping out of gear before they changed the gearbox. There was nothin
  17. The clutch pedal went without warning on my 2004 Mondeo. I called the AA, they sent a very helpful mechanic who, after trying the clutch, confirmed it had gone and needed to go to a garage. He towed me to Mr Clutch, gave them my details and collected a courtesy car. When the garage phoned me they said the Duel Mass Flywheel had gone, this had damaged the slave cylinder and soaked the clutch plate with oil. Mr Clutch then told me they had been in contact with the AA and had been told this was wear and tear so would not be covering this under my breakdown cover. I was,
  18. hi my car which is a hyundia i30, 09 plate went in for a service to a local garage where it had a service and a new clutch,everything was fine for about 6months then we started to get a whirring noise every time we pressed the clutch down plus loss of power.so we took it back and it was the clutch again being worn out and this was replaced. then a few days ago while the wife was driving the car it just came to a halt at the traffic lights she couldent get it in gear or start it,so the AA towed us to a garage so they could take a look but before i let them i checked to see if we were sti
  19. Hi there, I am after a bit of advice with regards to a Ford Focus I bought from a trade seller 10 days ago. Yesterday the clutch started slipping, I have hardly used the car since purchasing it and I was wondering if I have any rights with regards to getting the dealer to repair the problem? I have been on Citizen's Advice and seen the law under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 but I am not sure if this applies to me? I have 12 months warranty but as it's probably wear and tear I can't imagine the warranty paying out? I spent £4k on this car only 10 days ago so I really can't afford payin
  20. Can anyone give me a rough estimate on the cost of replacing a clutch on a saab 93 2.0l turbo car. Year 2000. Cost of turbo replacement would also be helpful. TIA.
  21. :|Hi Guys! Anyone with one of the above cars experiencing unusual clutch slip (at about 2000 rpm when accelerating, as in overtaking)? If so what has been reaction from dealer both in and out of waranty?
  22. Hi, need some advice. My vehicle had it's clutch replaced for the first time one year ago after probably about 85k miles at the same time it was MOT'd. In the last week vibration had started and a noise when the clutch was depressed. Took it back to the garage and they said it sounded like the flywheel. They've now taken it apart and the flywheel is down to it's mounting bolts apparently and so needs replacing, but with the 'bits' whirling around damage has been caused to the new clutch causing 'adnormal' wear. The MOT expires on 5th March so the clutch was replaced within the las
  23. Hi Guys, I am part way through a small claims for a car I bought last year from a private seller. The car was advertised as 'in excellent' condition in an ebay advert and I bought it but after the ebay listing had finished so was not entitled to any buyers protection. Anyway I paid in cash for it without test driving it and discovered that the clutch was blown as on the way home I couldn't get about 2krpm without extreme slippage and burning. i complained within a few hours to the seller asking for 50% contribution towards a new clutch or returning it and offering her to keep £100 f
  24. I have just taken my car into Richmond Hyundai Portsmouth to have it checked as the clutch had FAILED. The car has covered 18,000 miles, is in daily gentle use and has NEVER shown the slightest sign of clutch wear whatsoever, no slipping clutch, no change in clutch pedal travel, no baulking gear changes, nothing. The car has FHSH and had just been into Richmond Hyundai Portsmouth, for a full service not 6 weeks and less than 1000 miles before and there was no mention of clutch issues, because there weren't any. The service manager at Richmond, then told me that the reason the
  25. On the 28th of October I bought my daughter a second hand Suzuki Swift which was immaculate and came with a 3-month warranty. I have since found out that the garage offers the warranty - not with a recognised Insurance company.The car had done 69000 miles with full service history. After 1000 miles the clutch has started to slip badly. I contacted the garage and they told me they would not repair it as it is normal wear and tear. I therefore contacted them again and asked that the clutch be repaired under the 'sale of goods act. This is the letter I sent to them: 29/11/2012 D
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