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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, Hope I can get some advise regarding a problem we've had with roofers. We are extending our house with two extensions and my husband has done most of the work himself but decided it was better to get a professional in for the roof membrane, battening and tiling. He found a guy on MyBuilder who said he's done similar work and had photos to show, so after discussing costs, we decided to ask him to do the membrane and battens to suit the tiles we had bought, and to tie in the new roof with the existing one. He did this, we paid him and then he decided he was too busy to do the rest of the job and suggested we find someone else to complete it. We did this and they found that the first guy had cocked up the battens and membrane and the roof is not waterproof, and is raining in. We were quoted £400.00 to make good and they did this but we have never been given a propert receipt for the initial job (only a quick note and bank transfer details) nor the making good. We need to go after the first guy to recoup the £400.00 but we don't know whether we go official in his personal name or his business name, as I said, we only have a quick note and his bank details? What would happen if we had to go to court and we'd put it in his personal name and he was adamant it should have been in the company name? Would we have to start again? Sorry for all the questions, it's been a very long time since I've had to do this. Thank you
  2. Hi Hope someone can offer some advice regarding my LL and the poor roofing work that he's carrying out. Long story short, we've lived in our house for 5+ years and there's always been a problem with squirrels getting in the loft causing devastation and the garage roof having quite a bad leak. We've reported this on numerous occasions over the years but nothing has ever been done. About 6 months ago really bad black mould was developing on my sons bedroom ceiling and also on the bathroom ceiling so we reported this to the LL. Again we were fobbed off with being told either they couldn't find a roofer to come round (yeah right!) or a roofer was coming round on such-and-such a date and nobody would ever show up! A few weeks ago LL turned up to say his brother-in-law, who claims to be a roofer, was going to come and replace the entire roof. Yippee I thought, at last, and a few weeks ago the scaffolders turned up and the roofer was due to start a week later. Anyway this bloke turned up on his own and started on the garage and instantly alarm bells start ringing that he was not a bona fide roofer. He took all the tiles off and proceeded to smash all the dirt off them all over our things in the garage, literally everything was slaughtered in thick dirt and loads of stuff has been ruined. I was so angry as I had no idea he was going to do this and didn't even warn us of the mess he was going to make. The LL turned up later and I complained to him and all he said was "yeah it does make a mess"! What about all our things that have been f***ing ruined! Grrrr! Anyway after three days he announced the garage roof was done and it's actually worse than when he started. There's a 6" hole been left where a tile is missing, he lifted some tiles from the neighbouring garage roof as well and replaced those really badly, there's roof liner hanging down the outside wall, he clearly hasn't a clue what he's doing. He turned up on Saturday to make a start on the main roof and my husband basically challenged him and his competence which led to a bit of a row. The LL turned up and he's admitted he's not an actual roofer, has no insurance to pay for all the damage he's done to our things and basically blamed us for moaning about the roof in the first place. Surely when it comes to doing major structural work to a property the LL has to use professionals as the consequences of getting wrong could be fairly devastating and even be a danger to my family so can I refuse to allow him to carry this work out? Thanks Lisa
  3. Hi guys, Iv'e not been around much as of late and have had many years of good advice on here relating to my Halifax debt (which thanks to this forum will be statute barred in 5 months) So just when I think it's all over I get a letter today from someone else seeking money. Approx 3 months ago I asked for a free non obligation quote from a company to put a new roof on my house. They called to the house and left a quote of £11,000 asking me to sign a provisional agreement subject to finance. I refused to sign this despite some pushy tactics by the salesperson and stated that I needed to think things over. They telephoned about a week later then said they would drop the price to £10k. I again said I'm not ready to commit to anything. I then had a quote from another company who charged £4,800 for the work and proceeded to get the job done with them The original company contacted me a few weeks later to see if we were still thinking about having this done and I stated that the job had been done (and cheaper) so they said thanks for the interest and contact us again should you need us in future. Thinking nothing more of this I today received a letter demanding payment of £1,022 for their out of pocket expenses in providing the quote and if I pay this they wont come after me for their 35% cancellation fee of our verbal agreement for this work. So imagine my surprise as I never agreed to having any work done and in fact refused to sign even the provisional agreement and stated I was not ready to commit to any work with their company. So the choices they have given me is pay £1,022 now, or they will seek 35% of the £11,000 for their cancellation fee.
  4. My elderly parents wanted some roofing work done on the flat roof of their bungalow extention (the old felt material was worn and wanted it replaced with firestone rubber covering). When they were out shopping at one of the local DIY stores someone was handing leaflets out advertising a local company specialising in this work so had them come look and agreed a price of £2,500 to replace the wooden boards on the flat roof and fit the rubber material. This company (company A) used someone else to do the job (let's call them company B) and the work was done. A few days later the parents noticed that some of the wooden boards under the rubber material had started to lift up. They contacted company A who sent out company B to fix. A couple of weeks later when we had very heavy rain, my parents woke to find the living room ceiling and wall soaking in water and the wallpaper peeling off due to the wet. They contacted company A who again sent out company B to put right the roof. As far as we know the roof is now fixed but arguments about the decorating that has been ruined due to the water. Company B when fixing the roof don't want to know and said it's company A's responsibility and that he has only come to fix the roof out of the goodness of his heart because they are elderly pensioners. Company A is saying Company B is responsible and that company B signed a contract with Company A to take full responsibility for the entire job. Company B says he signed no such thing. The parents have contacted trading standards who have advised that they write to company A and request a copy of this so-called contract that company B signed and if they don't hear anything then get back in touch with TS. They have been passed the trading premises of company A and note that it no longer exists but looking through companies house it is still an active company and see he is a director (along with his sons) of this and another companies of a similar nature. As the trading premises are now vacant we have found other addressess for the registered directors so should we first write to them at this address.
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