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  1. Grumpy to say the least. There are plenty of power washers on the market, that will easily strip the paint from a car, whaterever the condition or age. All manufacturers use water based paints these days. It is my own car, it is 10 years old, yes I sat in it while it was washed. I also take it to other car washes regularly without issues. Hope this answers your queries... Regards...Dave G. Ps. Also it has never been resprayed or been accident damaged. The paintwork was in very good condition. The reason the lacquer came off was because the power wash nossle was held too close to the car.
  2. Hi Guys, could do with some help... I took my car to a local car wash yesterday morning. Later on, after my car had dried, I noticed patches all over the car, where the lacquer had been power washed off. Some patches are quite large, so now my car looks an absolute mess. I returned to the car wash this morning to ask if there was anything they could do about it, and to be blunt, they dont. They weren't prepared to do anything. I asked for they're Public Liability Insurance details, only to be told they hadn't got any. I thought this was a legal requirement . So What can I do ? Regards...Dave G
  3. Hi Dx, It was Natwest who combined the debts. I didn't defend at all, as I was unaware of this group then, and didn't think there was any other option. I am unsure what proof would be, I have never had any statements from Shoesmiths. All I get from them, is constant letters asking me to fill in income/expediture forms. Obviously trying to get more money out of me, I ignore these, and they point out they could take further legal action. I'll see if I can find the judgement letter, that could possibly be proof. Regards...Dave G
  4. Hi All, my wife has been receiving letters from Wescots, chasing an old Natwest Overdraft. It was from a joint account that was closed by Natwest in 2007. While we were a bit daft, we had been paying it off through a company called Apex. After finding this group back in 2014, and realising we were being 'cash cowed', we stopped payments. Although this was a joint account we were both chased for the full amount of the overdraft. The whole amount of the overdraft was combined with a personal loan I had, and this has been dealt with in the county court. I have a charge on my property, and am making payment through Shoesmiths. My question is, has this overdraft debt been dealt with ?. If not, how do I proceed with Wescot, who seem to have the same address as Cabot. And I've heard Wescots are not beyond contacting your neighbours,to get information about you. Regards... Dave G
  5. I see what you mean ! Just like to say, a big THANKS to all you guys, for your help. I've made a donation to help your cause, which is very worthwhile. All the Best.....Dave
  6. Hi DX, how likely are they to 'unstay' the claim ? Regards...Dave
  7. Hi Folks, Well, I rang Northampton business centre. They say claim was 'stayed' on 6th July. So, what does this mean ?...... All finished ? ......No more worries ? Regards....Dave
  8. Hi Dx, Tradepro Card Sevices got the CCJ themselves. It wasn't a default judgement, I had it transferred to my local court, and attended. Regards...Dave G
  9. Hi all, got a CCJ from Tradepro Card Services back in 2008. I just searched the company at companys house, and found out they have changed their name to Compello Card Services. This new company is now in liquidation. Was wondering, shall I carry on paying my monthly payment, (which goes to Tradepro Card Services) by standing order, or should I stop paying, and forget about it ? Regards...Dave G
  10. Hi, defence was submitted on 2nd June, so 28 days has passed. Should I just forget about it now ? Reagrds...Dave
  11. Hi All, got a letter from Mortimer Clarke last week. Saying they've received my defence, and they are going to get relevant information from Cabot. How long do they have to do this, and what is the next thing I have to do ? Reagrds.......Dave
  12. Just read their 'Terms and Conditions', they've got more get out clauses than Del Boy ! I'll just give up........
  13. Hi, I ordered a Toshiba tablet from Staples today.I was aware they had got the price wrong. But they processed the order and took payment, with Debit Card. Now they've sent e-mail saying they've cancelled the order, because it was an obvious mistake. Question is, can they do this ?. I thought once the order was processed I was in a contract with them. This has happened before with other companies, and they have honoured the orders, even though they made the same mistake. Any Ideas ?
  14. Thanks Andy, Defence now submitted. Just wait to see what happens.... Regards... Dave
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