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  1. I purchased a Sony LCD 40 inch TV from Preston Sony Centre, the store closed about 2 years ago. The TV failed just before the expiration of the 5 year warranty.Ii contacted the parent company Sony who told me to take it to the nearest repairer to me. The TV according to the repairer can't be repaired economically as the part is no longer available( although Sony say they will have parts available for 7 years) therefore the whole screen would have to be replaced. The repairer cannot get the parts from Sony and Sony keep telling me that they are looking for the warranty. This has now been going
  2. Apologies for the delay in replying, unfortunately I was not able to resolve my problem. The double glazed units were supplied by Express Glass Group, I tried telephoning them a number of times but gave up as nobody answered their phone. I have a phone number for them and it is 0151 355 7485. As they were suppliers to Lakeland it might be difficult to get them to accept any warranty. Let me know if you are able to make contact and if you get a result.
  3. Hi, my problem is a leaking roof glass i.e moisture entering the double glazed unit. The installer was Leyland Conservatories/Conservatories1. It seems like they have gone out of business or are trading under another name. Stephen Sartorious was running the show at the time.
  4. Hi, I have a similar problem, were you able to resolve your issue to your satisfaction?
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