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  1. hi thanks for the replies, looks like it either wont come to me or if it does i should be forwarding it to OR for the simple reason that if they find out later they will ask for the money and if i have spent it then there could be a case of fraud to answer which just is not worth it. So i would say the most sensible thing will be to contact the OR inform them and let them take over, thankfully its not with a CMC as i did it myself contacting the bank directly. Again thanks for all the swift replies and help much appreciated.
  2. hi thanks for the replies appreciated 1) was made bankrupt jan 08, discharged 1 yr later jan 09 , the employer i was employed with after going back to work in july 09 did credit checks, i was stuck working in 20k jobs because the bankruptcy was held against me for 6 years. For the 5 years i was working after bankruptcy i was unable to get a job over 20k instead of the 32-38k jobs i should have been at. if the PPI had done what they claimed then i wouldn't have had to go voluntary bankrupt and thus wouldn't have been stuck in a 20k job, i was told by numerous recruitment agency that this was a major thing held against me in terms of even getting interviews for a higher paid job. As its now been over 6 years since i was discharged does anyone know if the payment goes to the OR?
  3. thanks for the reply, ok was worth a shot as being bankrupt did screw me hard, am just scouring the forum about the bankruptcy OR getting it , am just clarifying if that applies after the 6 year mark of a bankruptcy?
  4. Hi everyone this is my first post here so ill start at the beginning, when i was younger i had several loans from natwest and one rolled into a bigger loan several times over the years, after contact rbs they said i had 5 accounts with them and that so far they had one loan of £4.5 with an offer of £170 (like 4%) , then another account was 10k with £1900 offered (19%), then an £11k one still awaiting an offer , then an 18k one still awaiting offer. the last one was £1700 loan with no ppi so no offer. Heres where it gets interesting i was sold the ppi as you had to have it to get a loan with them and that in the event you were off work it would pay your loan until it finished or you went back to work , this however turned out to be false as i found out when i had a back injury was off work and the ppi ran out after a year leaving me with a loan to cover whilst not working which lead me to going bankrupt, being bankrupt then made it difficult to find work ( no banking industry ) and even when i ended up working for an insurer the highest level i could be employed at was the job i had at £21k pa, the next job up was £36k (which is what i should of been doing) so i lost out on 15k per year when i went back to work. Now i see that as some sort of damage (expectant measure, reliant measure, liquidated damages or professional negligence .) so in effect from me returning to work in 2009 (bankruptcy 2008) that until 2014 this was being held against me in terms of jobs and salary. Could i claim 5 years at £15k a year loss? Now that the bankruptcy is discharged will any payment from them go to me or insolvency people? My next step will be to SAR them before accepting any offers they have made or will make. is there any time frame for the SAR to be carried out by them? and how long do you have to accept an offer. thanks for your help
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