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  1. I meant paying via debit card which is as good as paying cash in my opinion. I did mention this in my original post. Why do you consider using my debit card an indication of money laundering?
  2. I was amazed today when an insurance company refused to give me a quote due to failing a credit check. Why was I amazed?. Well firstly my credit report is fine and clear. Secondly, I wasn't asking for credit to pay my car insurence on monthly installments, I was going to pay the full year premium in cash. I have no idea why a credit check is required in order to buy things using cash. By cash I mean via my debit card. I thought that credit reports had nothing to do with buying things cash but sadly I have now been proved wrong. I did move home address recently however, my new address is shown on my current credit report, so that's not the reason for insurance quote refusal. Does anybody know why credit checks are carried out against customers who are paying cash.
  3. The company placed a charge order on my house and were regularly threatening me with an attachment to my pension to recover the debt. If they had done that I wouldn't have enough money to live on. I sold a lot of valuable posessions to help obtain the money to re-pay the debt. Regarding wasting the money, you may be right. My house is now being sold by divorce court order so I am going to loose it anyway in the near future. According to the land registry, the charge order is still in force despite me paying the CCJ debt back in full. I therefore assume when the house is sold I will have to pay the debt again from the proceeds. I guess the company have failed to remove the charge order in order to get their money twice. A friend told me that satisfying the CCJ doesn't automatically remove the charge order, so I will end up paying the debt twice when the house is sold.
  4. Hi Martin and thanks for your reply. I paid off the debt in cash by visiting the head office of the company who obtained the CCJ. I paid on the exact date the CCJ should have been removed from my credit record. They gave me a receipt for my payment. Around four years ago I paid credit report.co.uk a fee in order to receive a free credit report once per year. I will open an account with noddle and clear score to see if the CCJ still shows on their records.
  5. I had a CCJ in october 2010 which I recently paid after years of saving up to satisfy it. Today I checked my credit report with "Credit Report .co .uk" Despite the CCJ being satisfied and also being over 6 years old, it still shows as unpaid and still active. I now have proof that CCJ's aren't removed from credit reports after 6 years even when they are satisfied. Satisfying a CCJ is completely pointless and a waste of money. I can provide a screen shot of my current credit report in jpeg format to prove this should anyone doubt me. I assume the law has been changed such that CCJ's remain on a credit report for ever, satisfied or otherwise.
  6. A magistrates court search warrant does entitle them to force entry. However, they do need proof that you are breaking the law in order to obtain the search warant.
  7. My house has now been demolished by a friend of my son who is a demolition expert. Now the wife can claim half the value of a load of rubble. Good luck to her.
  8. Accepting money paid in and refusing to allow me to withdraw any money pending an investigation for money laundering. Thats theft isn't it?
  9. Hi Honeybee, Thanks for yor post. Yes I have thought of doing that. However, my monthly credit report from Noddle shows I have a bank account with Santander and another with Halifax. I therefore assume that both banks will accuse me of money laundering and block withdrawals but accept money paid in. This is theft.
  10. Not too sure you are correct. Today my son transferred some money from his bank account into my frozen bank account and the transaction went through. So I conclude that my bank account is only frozen for withdrawing money, not paying money in. That seems dodgy to me. Therefore I logically assume that the proceeds from the sale of my house will be accepted into my bank account and never released impending an investigation into previous smaller cash deposits. Such a situation will be interesting when I have to pay half of the house equity to my ex wife when the money is frozen in my bank account. I will end up in court due to non compliance to the terms of the divorce consent order. Hopefully the judge will demand that the bank prove I have been money laundering rather than expecting me to prove otherwise. Now if a bank has frozen your account for withdrawals but will accept money being paid in, then that's theft in my opinion., Bazza, I do get the impression that your voice becomes muffled when you sit down.
  11. My cause of action is theft as they have no evidence against me and never will. Harm is obvious, I need the money to fund my house move due to divorce. Retaining my money without evedence of any noney laundering is simply legalised theft. Why do you agree with legalised theft??
  12. I have contacted Santander and asked them to close my bank account. I have transferred my pension and all other financial transactions into my Halifax account. However Santander will freeze my cash deposits. When my house proceeds go into my Halifax account, I will use the money to take Santander to court. In court they will have to prove that I was money laundering. Thay have no evidence at all, so I can't loose the court case. I am expecting to get my money back plus a load of compensation for being accused of something I have never done.
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