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Found 22 results

  1. Hi People Every month without fail we receive the usual letter from TVL, you know the one that always starts " ... no record of a TV Licence ... ", now usually when we receive this letter it is addressed to "The Legal Occupier", well this months letter was different. This month the letter was actually addressed to my wife by name. It seems that this is a new approach, maybe they got fed up with all the returned letters! I am interested as to why it was addressed to my wife, as the it was addressed to "Ms ..." not "Mrs ..." which is the title she uses It doesn't really bother me who it is addressed to as it pretty obvious who its from, so it still goes into the recycling box, but its seems to be an interesting new approach.
  2. Government publishes key licensing changes to further protect tenants READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/government-publishes-key-licensing-changes-to-further-protect-tenants
  3. Just had two of these emails pop up in my in box: The email claims to be from Support @ tvlicensing.co.uk, but a brief look at the email headers reveals that it was sent from a French IP address assigned to Orange.fr. As TVL do not have an email address for myself, it is obviously a phishing attempt. Do NOT click on the link and never, ever enter any personal information.
  4. Hi, September last year, I returned my vehicle to the finance company under a voluntary termination. The following day, I filled out and posted the green slip from the V5 to dvla. A couple of months later, I received a letter from them saying I owed £40 fine and outstanding road tax for not taxing the vehicle. I wrote to them appealing, I sent a copy of the paperwork from the finance company showing the change of ownership, and I told them I'd sent the slip via 1st class post. They refused the appeal, saying that I should have received a confirmation slip, and if I hadn't, it was up to me to get back in touch with them. I've trawled forums and Google, but can't really find the info on how to proceed. The trouble is, DVLA say that any further correspondence from me regarding this penalty will be placed on file without response, and I've tried discussing the issue on the phone but they refuse to cooperate. I've now received a request for payment from a DCA. Cheers
  5. Hi, I'm after advice on an issue I have with the DVLA before I make any contact with them! I have 2 vehicles registered in my name this year I only received a letter from the DVLA to renew one of the vehicles, when I went online to renew I checked for the renew date of the other vehicle to discover it had run out a month earlier. On discovering this I immediately paid for the vehicle, I also updated my address on both vehicles and my driving license as I was in the process of moving home. This all happened back in June. Just by chance three letters delivered to my old address was passed on to me this week and all three letters are from advantis a debt collecting company which said they're collecting the late licensing penalty passed on by the DVLA because of no response to a letter the DVLA sent. Please note the three letters passed on to me were all sent by advantis. I also have not received anything from the DVLA to my current address. I feel that I've been treated unfairly as I genuinely did not remember the due date on the vehicle and only checked when I received a reminder letter on the other vehicle. Is it just me or is this a reoccurring issue with the current system the DVLA have in place? I think it's unfair penalising individuals who genuinely forget the due date. The old system of having a disc displayed in the windscreen of your vehicle was better and a constant reminder of the due date... Now that I have a debt collecting company on the case, does this affect my credit rating? Again I feel unfairly treated as if I had received the reminder letter from the DVLA in the first instance this wouldn't of escalated. I don't understand why the DVLA passed on my old address to the debt collecting company when I had already updated to my current address? Do I have any chance of having this resolved?
  6. Hello, To give some background: I rent a property that I do not spend time in, I visit maybe once a week. It's mostly a place that collects my mail and stores some things since a relatives death. Yesterday evening I picked up a card from TV Licensing stating that "They had visited the property but I wasn't in". The time on the card was "20:31". The card states on the back "We will reshedule a visit". (It also contains the usual stuff about "This is the start of an investigation".) The card appears to be from a few days ago. All lights were switched off with all of the blinds drawn, a small crack in the blinds may or may not have revealed an unplugged and switched off television hiding in the corner of the room.. They would have to have been looking really quite hard to see it behind the box on the desk at the other end of the room (in the dark of night). I spent a minute or so getting the correct angle to have seen to that far across the room through the small crack in the blinds. I have removed the unplugged television from the house, and notified TV licensing that I don't need a television licence in that property. Do I have anything to be concerned about? (No, I have never spoken to, signed, or even seen a licensing person). Thanks all,
  7. I moved into my new flat in June 2015. I called up the TV License people to say I don't need one, which they said is fine, and I just need to call up every 2 years to remind them. I know it's BS and I don't even need to call them, but I thought I would anyway to see what happens. I've now got a generic letter with "Unlicensed property" in bold across the top, and a threat to pay up before 6th of Jan 2016 or they will pass my address to "Bromley Enforcement Division" for "investigation". The letter even says if I don't need one, then to let them know, and they will send someone to check. Why should I have to notify them a second time within 6 months?
  8. No doubt this is one of hundreds of similar cases. I part exchanged my car on 25th August 2015 to a car dealer. Completed the log book properly and handed in the V5C over the post office counter at the same time as purchasing tax for the new vehicle on the day of purchase. The post office gave me a receipt which states V5C handed in. I cancelled the Direct Debit for the tax a couple of days later for the vehicle that I was no longer the registered keeper. Fast forward to January - I get a letter from a debt collection agency saying I owe £80 for an outstanding late licencing penalty which, I would like to point out never received any communication from the DVLA about this directly. This was the first time I was aware of it. I sent a letter to the DVLA explaining I was no longer the registered keeper and was not the registered keeper on the date of the alleged offence (1st September 2015). I provided the bill of sale and the receipt from the post office as evidence. Unfortunately, I had no longer got the acknowledgement letter they sent to me as I disposed of it, thinking once I had received it, all was well. I have had two letters from different depts. at the DVLA - one stating that they have updated my records and the other, to say that the original decision that I am liable still stands. Anyone got any ideas about what I should do - I don't see why I should pay for something I am not responsible for. If I had not cancelled the direct debit the DVLA would have refunded the payments anyway so surely the fact I have evidence to show I was no longer the registered keeper and that I handed the V5C to the post office on the day of exchange of vehicles prove that I am not responsible for the payment of tax on a vehicle I no longer owned!
  9. Hi all!!! Right where to start.... Ok........ back on 31/7/2015 I sold a vehicle to somebody that I have known for 20+ yrs. I let them use the vehicle for a few days so they knew they were happy with it. I even let them pay me in two halves. On the day of selling the vehicle he gave me the money and i gave him the log book. I said we need to fill it in, but we had no pen and he was in a rush, so I said id pop back later to fill it in. No worries he said. after calling and txting him many times I got no reply, only one saying he was at London Zoo and he would call me later. It never happened. I got worried so called the DVLA for advice as I couldnt send off my part of the log book because he had it. They advised me to send a letter explaining that i have sold the van, the date of sale and the reg. Then cancel my DD for the tax which i did. I heard nothing more. Then 5 months later I recieve a letter from the dvla saying that the tax is no longer being paid and that I didnt notify them. I did i sent the letter. I called them and they sent out an appeals form which I filled out and pinned the original letter to it. This time i sent it recorded which they received. I then received a letter yesterday saying that i still owe them £80 plus the arrears. I have txt the guy many times asking for the log book etc with no reply. The dvla are saying that i did not notify them in time. But i sent the letter as advised. so i have now sent this letter back to them, To whom it may concern, I’m writing in response to the recent correspondence I have received from the DVLA in relation to the Late Licensing Penalty Notice dated 15/01/2016. As I have already explained I sold the vehicle to Mrxxxxx C addressxxxx, on the date of 31/07/2015. Mr xxxx assured me he had contacted DVLA as well as myself. I have evidence of calls made to the DVLA from the mobile number 07my number, which were made regarding the sale of vehicle WXXX VVM. During these calls I was advised of what steps to take in order to resolve this issue and have followed these correctly. A letter was sent to the DVLA, regrettably not recorded delivery which has not been acted upon or noted in any correspondence I have now received. However I do have evidence which is enclosed in this pack of when the document was created. I would like to request a subject access report or the equivalent from DVLA to include all call recordings, notes on any accounts I hold with you and all contact received to you and made to myself from 30/07/2015 to today’s date of 22/01/2016. If this information is not provided to me within 30 days of the date of this letter, I will seek further legal advise and make contact with The Office Of Fair Trading. Yours Sincerely......... end of letter. I also have the txts sent to him on my phone asking for the log book and the date log of when the original letter was created. I just dont have the actual proof that I put it in the letter box. Providing i receive the requested docs etc from the dvla is this enough evidence to prove i did everything i can to 1, prove i sold the vehicle (as they say its still in my name) and 2, that i did everything in my power to notify them?. The recordings, if i get them will have me speaking to the advisor explaining that i have sold the van a nd the advisor asking me to send the letter of notification. Like i said i just dont have the proof that i actually sent it.... .. I did though lol Sorry about the length of this post but i just want you to see the picture!!! What do i do now? I dont know.......
  10. Hi All, I hope someone can help Recently I have been chased by the Credit Agy for £80.0 Late Licensing Penalty for a vehicle that I had already sold. I dispute that I owe anything -- as the car was sold before the tax ran out AND I sent the correct notification. This is the timeline of events: 1. 22nd December 2014 I sold it the vehicle on part exchange to Westover Dealership 2. 29th December 2014 the V5 registration document was sent to the DVLA (not registered) 3. 31st December 2014 – Tax Ran out 4. 11th March 2015 – an Auctions house sold the vehicle on the Westover’s behalf 5. 30th March 2015 – I received an Acknowledgement Letter from the DVLA 6. 10th May 2015 – I received a letter from Rossendales demanding £80.0 7. 18th May 2015 – I wrote to Rossendales denying that anything was owed. 8. 3rd June 2015 – having been telephoned by Rossendales – I wrote directly to the DVLA 9. 24th June 2015 – having heard nothing & hassled by Rossendales – I rang the DVLA – who denied receiving any letter 10. 25th June 2015 – I wrote again to the DVLA (Registered) 11. 2nd July 2015 – I received a letter from the DVLA – Computer Generated & Generic stating that their decision is correct. 12. Mid July 2015 – I rang & requested a form V991 – for formal dispute (none is available online) it has not yet arrived. I can provide the following documentation: Bill of Sale to Westover on 22nd December 2014. * A Statement from Westover that they were legal possession of the Vehicle from the 22nd December 2014 until the 11th March 2015 – when it was sold by Marnham Auctions. My understanding is that as the owners of the Vehicle at that time when the Tax ran out – Westover should have either made a SORN declaration or taxed it themselves. Observation: a. I have never received a letter from DVLA for the Late Licensing Penalty – Only from Rossendales. b.The DVLA have lost two letters – the original yellow section of V5 registration document sent on the 29th December 2014 & my letter of complaint dated 3rd June 2015 c. My problem is that I didn’t notice that I did not receive an acknowledgement from DVLA until March. As I am now receiving a court summons from Rossendales – have I got a chance if this went to Court? Thanks in advance
  11. Hello D is having problems with TV licensing. They got him last year for not having a tv license, They came round on the day he signed the tenancy to say he would be livng there from the monday, The officer lied in the statement that D provided and D refused to sign it. The offcer claimed D had been livng there for months was using the tv when the officer viisted despite D having only gone round to check the property and sizes of windows. D got a letter with a summonds to say they were taking him to court. could not get the time off so D sent a statement in to the courts and proof of tenancy agreement explaniation of the lies also a statment from the council explainng what time his appointment was and confirming the tenancy start date etc. TV licensing got a judgement anyway. D did not bother to appeal just paid the fine. Yes D knew he would be moving in at some point that month but he got a call the day before saying he could pick up keys the next morning. TBH tv licensing was not a top priority to sort out especially as the tenancy does not start till the monday anyway. Yesterday D got another court summons from TV licensing as accordng to their records D had not paid for the 16th November to 6th December. According to the bank statements it left his account. This has been the first and only contact he has had from tv licensing in regards to ths matter. This is the third time in 13 months they have done this. The 2 previous times the tv licensing were to go away and find the money. All payments before and after these dates have left Ds bank account going to them. They are not admitting they are wrong, yes he phoned them before contacting us. The summons is dated 20th January he is in court next wednesday. We are in the process of getting the bank statement printed out for the past few months n relation to the tv licensing payments. D is wondering can he serve them with a letter of intent to sue for harrassement over this as they clearly are doing something wrong then go on to sue them for harassment. Also would somebody be able to provide me a letter l can gve him to serve on the TV licensng reps on Wednesday
  12. Then in February I received a request from a debt collection agency for £80, in relation to a Late Licensing Penalty which until then I had not known anything about. In conversation with them it became apparent that I should have received a request for £40 from DVLA at some point prior to this. I had recently changed address, so reasonably assumed that the original demand must have gone to my old house, and the debt collectors letter to my new one. I wrote to DVLA accepting that I was late and that I might have to pay a penalty, but that I had never been given an opportunity to pay the £40, so please issue me with the original demand to consider. There reply was a standard 'get lost' template letter that did not relate to the basic points at issue here. I have the option to appeal, does anyone think I have a case worth pursuing for the sake of saving £40? (The new V5 appears to prove the date of changed address) Thanks
  13. Guest

    tv licensing

    Hi, I recently cancelled my tv license as I now only watch programmes via the iplayer/on demand options, I very carefully read up on all of it and have a totally new viewing time schedule of my own, I find it more convenient in that I can watch pretty much when I want and don't have to watch when the live broadcast is on or have to remember to record it. So that was the easy bit, I then went online to tv licensing and cancelled the license and stated why on their contact us form. They emailed saying they had received my "query" and confirmed the cancellation. The next day I get a phone call from tv licensing telling me I had cancelled my d/d and wanted to know why?, I explained all of the above, to which they guy said "so you don't watch any television at that property?"... ..I then said please don't make me repeat it all, yes I watch tv but I don't watch live broadcasts, I have written all of this to you and had it confirmed I don't need a license. He sounded so fed up, his brisk question hadn't fazed me. Then I hear I still may get a home visit from one of their guys who chase up tv license non payers?... .what is he going to do then? check my equipment? I have nothing to hide but this really pee's me off now. surely my tv service provider can confirm what I am watching if its all via internet on iplayer etc. I think theyre not liking that some of us can actually do without watching when they tell us to and paying for the privelage.
  14. In this clip the tv license guy, right near the end of it, reads the occupiers their rights. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CZtUaWy-3g How can that be right? He's a commissions agent working for a private company so how can he lawfully read someone their rights?
  15. Evening all, I have a problem, and not sure where to start at all so any advice would be much appreciated. Heres a brief tale on whats happened so far. My husband Is a taxi driver (private hire), A complaint was made by a person that works for the environmental health section of the council hes under, that he was smoking in the taxi at 2.30pm on 1st July 13. He was called in to the council offices and interviewed under caution by a man from licencing. My husband explained he does not smoke in his taxi, nor was he at the place the man stated as at 2.30 we were parked up outside school. They explained that if he admitted it now he would only get a weeks ban, but if he denies it, then it would go to council tribunal and if found guilty he would serve a 2 week ban. My hsband again stated that he was not smoking in his car, nor was he at that place at that time as he was on the school run. They let him go and said they will be in touch. A couple of weeks later they sent for him again, and again interviewed him under caution, and asked was he ready to admit to it yet, and change his statement. My husband again said he doesn't smoke in his taxi, nor was he at that place on that date and time, he could prove it as we say hello to a few parents that are parked up at the school. We are at school for half past two everyday. The man told him to prepare witness statements stating that he was there. My husband got a letter 6 weeks later saying his tribrunal day was today (25/9/13) and that they can convict him on the probability that he was, and if found guilty he would get a 2 week ban, and/or have to sit his NVQ again. My husband has just returned, saying that they have told him they are not taking his witness statements from 3 different people into account, and furthermore, they are giving him a 3 week ban and he has to re-sit his NVQ. They have told him that he has 3 weeks to appeal for review at the magistrates court, if he doesn't his ban will begin in 21 days. Now I don't know what to do, he cant take the 3 week ban and re-sit the NVQ as the fee for the NVQ is around £200 and the 3 week ban will leave us in the red by £300 + per week on his taxi bills alone, let alone shopping, household bills, school meals etc. He is the only bread winner in our house, and day to day bills are a struggle as it is, let alone with this hanging over our heads. Isn't there a law somewhere that says you cant take work tools if it will cause financial hardship, let alone that they have found him guilty on probable cause. Any help will be great, as we have had 2 losses this month, one being our baby, and now with this hanging over our heads, its pushing us over the edge. Many thanks, Danielle. x
  16. I received a summons from these what ever you want to call them . Saying on so and so date no TV licence was in force from XX date to XX date. Also there was a statement by a officer which i had signed. However the statement stated that i had a certain tv and i had also a certain sattelite system etc. However the signature was mine but somehow the statement did not make sense. I went to court with a no guilty plea. At the hearing a trial date was set. I then told the magistrates i would like the officer who interviewed me to be present at the trial so that i can ask him some questions. to this the prosecutor jumped and asked why. None of your business i said. Just some simple questions. What simple questions he asked ? Any way the magistrates agreed and i also asked for £200 in costs for the trial if i were to prove my innocence. Now some 3 weeks later i have received a letter from the above saying the summons is being withdrawn. I dont have a problem with this but i would urge anybody who goes to court because of these numpties to ask for the interviewing officer to be present at the trial hearing. To be on the safe side prepare some questions and be prepared. In the worst case there will be a hearing and the interviewing person present. However more than likely they will pull the summons before the trial date. I will scan up a copy of the letter from them. Just havent got a scanner at the moment.
  17. Hi, I am new to this site and I wanted some advice on how to go about an issue. I have just looked at some few threads and seen some similar situations. My wife and I leave in our flat and occasionally/rarely previous occupants letters do come to our address. I did speak to our Landlady regards to what to do with the letters of previous tenants and we were advised to bin them as they were probably junk letters. Recently we decided to open one of the letters as we wanted to be sure our address was not used by some other person as a couple of letters had come in for a particular name(If it was a previous tenant/occupant,I am not sure). The letter stated it was a distress warrant to visit and collect a sum of £395 from our address. We dont know how that may have come about as we do not have any knowldge of who the person is. I have read different threads/suggestions to show a form of ID with a council tax or utility bill when they arrive at our flat but some others have advised not to do so as my information may be taking and then the warrant may be sent in my name(is that possible?) or they may not listen to me but still want to collect the money or goods. What are our options? How would you suggest I go about this issue? I await your suggestions. Thanks
  18. Hi Have had payment plan for TV Licence. My current licence on plan starts 1 June 2013 to 31 May 2014!! There is a plan to cover this period - but as the amount for the TV Licence is for a FUTURE PERIOD - How can they pass to DCA? Am I missing something? Any advices will be appreciated:|:roll:
  19. Hi All I tried to tax this vehicle online but I had problems for some reason so I gave up, then my circumstances changed and I bought another van so I didnt buy tax at all, a couple of more weeks passed and I decided that keeping 2 vans was the way of the future and tried to tax online again (it was not driven on the roads in the meantime) but 4 weeks had passed and I could not do it online anymore so I went to the post office, they couldnt do it either so my next day off I drove to the local office and taxed it there, backdating it to the start of the unlicensed date. Now i have just received a LLP, i wrote to them saying that I had taxed it and backdated the tax but hey have insisted that I pay it, does anyone think that i need to? Thanks, John:|
  20. Okay, so I have just got my first (used) car and I received my V5C today which has myself as the registered keeper from 30/10/2012. My car has a valid MOT until October next year and I have bought the relevant insurance this evening and went to buy car tax online but got the warning that the previous tax/SORN had run out on 01/09/2012 and that the registered keeper will be contacted regarding this offence. And as I have only just bought the insurance today, I am not able to purchase tax until my insurance is on the database (if I knew this, I would have bought insurance earlier but did not plan on driving the car for a little while longer so previously saw it as a waste of money). Obviously, I was not the registered keeper for almost two full months while the vehicle was unlicensed, so I would assume that I would not be charged for this offence. Am I correct in thinking that? Also, I have been unable to buy the tax until today due to not having the V5C until today, so would I be prosecuted for this at all? I will be phoning the DVLA on Monday (discovered this too late on a Saturday) and explaining the situation but I'm worried now so would like some information if possible. Thank you in advanced.
  21. I need some advice. Had a visit from a TV Licensing Officer last night - I signed the form (I know, I know ). I haven't had a summons yet. Needless to say, I have spent the last 12 hours reading thread after thread on this subject, and it doesn't seem to matter what I DID say to him (he lied, there are omissions, and he summarised), it only matters what is recorded on the form. So, so here is the information that appears on the visit form I signed. I should note, he DID gave me a copy of the form. + TV LICENCE Do you have a television here? - YES Do you have a TV Licence? - NO TV SET SEEN May I come in and inspect the set? - NO The bits about Programmes seen/heard, Channels tested, Other? - BLANK (nothing filled in) ADMISSIONS Colour, digital box, power plugged in, aerial plugged in TV Make: TOSHIBA When was the set installed / Obtained? - JAN/FEB 2012 When did you first use the set at this address without an appropriate licence? - I DON'T KNOW. I WAS LIVING WITH MY MUM. When did you last use the set for watching TV programmes here? - SOME POINT TODAY Is the set owned, borrowed, rented? - IT'S MY MOM'S Do you have either satellite, cable or digital (Freeview)? - NO Contact details - phone number given How long have you lived here? - JAN/FEB 2012 Date of birth? - given Occupation? - DON'T WORK National Insurance Number - I DON'T KNOW IT I have to tell you that you may be prosecuted for an offence under The Communications Act 2003. Is there anything else you want to say? - NO Signed and dated (yesterday) + Needless to say, I purchased a TV Licence over the phone and had it backdated to Jan 1, 2012 (to Dec 31, 2012), as I don't know when I moved in and want to be covered, but I am now doubting whether I actually needed it. My questions are these: - All the people who have reported receiving court summons seem to be people whose set was inspected and channels tested, or people who didn't get a copy of the form and the Officer lied about seeing/testing the set. Does this seem to be the trend? Mine was NOT inspected or tested and I have a copy of the form showing that. I have read that not everyone receives a summons ... are there any examples of the reasons this doesn't not happen? - Everyone seems to say that you should plead guilty, but I do not believe that any witness statement he could conjure up would hold up, as he would have to lie and say he inspected/tested the set, which would not match the interview record (he he gave me a copy). - what the TV Licensing website says you need and what the Communications Act 2003 says seem to be 2 different things. can this not be argued? Thanks for any advice.
  22. We are a family of 4 with a British mum and a French dad (me) and have been living in the UK from 2004 to August 2010. Both kids were born in the UK. We have bought a car registered in the UK in 2005. Before going to live in France in August 2010, we have informed HM revenue and customs and London borrow we were becoming permanent resident in France, and got our revenue and local tax refund in October 2010. Before leaving the country, with our UK registred car, and crossing the channel, I’ve insured our vehicle with a French insurer and stopped our insurance in the UK. While in France, I’ve scheduled the French plate registration (which takes some time while you start a new job, with all sorts of other administration work to do on both countries): · In October 10: I’ve removed the UK headlights with French ones I’ve bought on line · December 10: I have paid to receive the certificate of European compliance from the head quarter of the car maker · January 11: I’ve passed successfully the French MOT: “contrôle technique” · March 11: I’ve paid for French plate registration at the "préfecture" called the : "carte grise” · March/April 11: sent the V5C/4 section 11: notice of permanent export to DVLA End of July and beginning of August 2012 we have received 2 letters from a Bailiff & Debt recovery agency for Late Licensing Penalty issued the 01/01/11 on behalf of DVLA. Both letters were issued in April and May 2012, but took more than 2 months to reach us as the streetless address was the aggregate of our French village with the correct French post code, France and our previous town in England with a wrong post code !! We were very lucky to have a descendant of Sherlock Holmes working at the Royal Mail and a nephew of commissaire Mégret working at "la poste" in France working as a team to deliver the 2 letters. I’ve called the Bailiff & Debt recovery agency twice, the first time I’ve informed them it must be a mistake because we were permanent resident in France before the DVLA penalty was issued, and they have kindly recommended me to contact DVLA, but was apologising for not having any entry point for DVLA to give me (not the standard case). The second time, before DVLA’s answer, I’ve asked them what would happen if I didn’t pay the penalty and did refuse to travel to County court from France, noticing my address in France, they have answered, they can’t do anything about it , which I suppose puts us in a safer position to fight back against this unfairness. I’ve mailed and emailed DVLA, in a similar way, except there was more evidence in attachement about our residence in the paper version. I’ve received quickly an email answer from DVLA : "Thank you for your email received on 31/7/12. Your email reference number is xxxx. Having checked DVLA records, I can confirm that we have received the notification of export of your vehicle. However the date supplied on the notification is not the same as you have quoted in your e-mail. Please see the advice below which may be of interest to you. If you have received a penalty letter from a debt collection agency, sent on behalf of DVLA, you should follow the instructions on the letter you have received. If, however, you believe there are circumstances, which should be brought tothe attentionof the debt collection agency, you must put these in writing.Their address canbe found on the front of the letter you have received. This information will then be considered before any further action is taken.” I’ve already answered with all the detail, to DVLA, which can be summarised: we acknowledge we have sent the notice of export in Q1 11 after the penalty was issued (01/01/11), but that is not our point Our point is: We were resident in France at the time the penalty was issued in January 2011, and have received a tax refund letter in October 2010 from HM revenue and customs which acknowledges this fact. Once becoming resident in France, we were governed by French laws and so our belongings, including our car staying permanently in public roads in France, therefore we are not liable to pay this penalty as were released from our DVLA licensing duties once leaving the country permanently. It seems it would have been preferable to send the notice of permanent export to DVLA when leaving the UK and before the 1st January 2011, but the V5C/4 section 11 document does not define the permanent export, and I find it easier to officialise the permanent export once you have registred with the new plate, as it is quite a long process with a date difficult to plan beforehand. In fact I've learnt more from others who were in the same situation on forum and web sites, and if we have left the UK, earlier in the year,r we would haven't faced the issue. Depending on years French laws forces you to registre an imported car in the first month, or the first 6 months after your arrival, the have changed the laws several times, but they do not check it, nor issue a penalty, as they don't want to put you off the registration of french plates which bring them €200. The background questions of the dispute are: ·which law prevails in that case? ·if the county court is not competent for that case which court is it? ·known any similar case and outcome? ·How do DVLA manages penalty recovery and a dispute abroad ? ·Chances that DVLA drops this case (this case is rather a head ache for DVLA, but still to good to share with other guys in the same situation)?
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