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  1. Mediation is a must if you want to stay on the right side of the judge and avoid the opposing party using a refusal to mediation against you during the case. Specific attention is being paid by courts to timescales in orders; and the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) such as mediation. Practice Direction- Pre-Action Conduct section 1.2(2) and section 8 asks participants to consider ADR methods before going down a more formal route, and the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) part 1.4(e) asks parties to explore the suitability to mediate. If a mediation offer is not considered or explore
  2. I’m full of shame and a high level of guilt and a lot of remorse that I’m telling you that a few days ago I was caught shoplifting from Primark. This is not of my nature and I have never done anything like this before in my life. I have had a lot of home pressures lately and a marriage that is on the brink of divorce too. Not in any way is that an excuse for my behaviour though. I apologised profusely to the store and I apologise to anyone reading this too. I was taken to the holding room where the security guard asked me to put back all items I had taken. It came to a
  3. Hi.. First post on here so please just let me know if I do anything wrong. I've been reading through all the letters people have sent to Harlands etc but not sure they're specific to my situation. I was going through a tough time financially and cancelled the Harlands direct debit without letting them know first which I acknowledge was a massive mistake and has caused some issues. After the fine raising in price to something daft like 60 quid, I sent them this that I'd found on here - Dear Sir/Madam I refer to my membership at Xercise 4 Less gym in Kirkstall which was
  4. Hi guys, Read some posts here to get an idea of what I'm dealing with. I joined the gym late December and had 1 month free then my first payment went in January 2017 for £30ish. It was a 12 month contract. I cancelled my membership in January as I sustained an injury and was not sure when I could be back in. I messaged the gym yesterday who said to go contact Harlands (which I'm not doing unless suggested to me by you guys) The letter states This is the first and only letter I have received from them by the way. What should I do? Hope this won't af
  5. Water pump failed on my car in Jan this year, took the head gasket with it, both replaced by local garage who i have used for years. Picked car up, filled with petrol, car took 3 attempts to start and EML illuminated. Returned to garage who so far to this date have replaced cam shaft sensor, crankshaft sensor and vtv valves and pullies. Car was still not starting first time but once started did run but EML still showing up. Next advice given was to replace a sensor in the gearbox, (this was done without my permission) when i last rang the garage 3 weeks ago i was t
  6. Simpler Internal Dispute Resolution Procedures for the AFPS READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/simpler-internal-dispute-resolution-procedures-for-the-afps
  7. Hi Was just after a bit of advice if possible, I joined a local exercise 4 less on 16.02.2015, I chose to pay £19.99 per month as this was a rolling membership at that time i was still residing in a different part of the country so there would be periods of over a month without me being able to go . After a couple of months I cancelled my direct debit as I was going back to were I resided and didn't want to get a charge for the month although I haven't been to the gym (as i know some companies do this). Came back to permanently live here and re joined the gym under a
  8. Hi, Back again for a little more help and this one is a Gym Membership issue. Back in Nov 16 I joined our local gym (I'd previously been a member) around June 17 / might even be little earlier in May I dropped in with a letter explaining that due to illness I could not keep up the payments and as I am self employed was unable to commit to any further membership until I was (1) - working again and (2) - back to normal health. I handed it to one of the trainers (I'd been a member at the gym before for around 2 years and knew the trainers and they knew me) and explained
  9. Hi my son has similar problems with CRS and cancelled his direct debit payments after 14 monthly payments had been taken . Does anyone know if by leaving it a little bit late and not cancelling after 12 months is he now liable for another 12 months like a sort of rolling contract ? He doesn't have a copy of his membership to check the small print . At present they want approx £200 + with CRS' additional fees .
  10. Hi, Just looking for some advice before I decide to contact/ pay CRS. I took out a 12 month membership with Xercise4Less, last year in jan 2016 but didn't really use it so decided to cancel. I wanted to cancel half way through the membership but I was told by a staff member that I was in a 12 month contract. I asked how to cancel my membership and I was told I had to give 30days notice. I asked if I can give my notice on the telephone now 6 month in which is ample notice, I was told I was not able to do that., the agent replied “no” and I had to give my no
  11. Hello, I am looking for some help with regards to a letter in received from Credit Resolution Services in regards to an outstanding payment for my gym member ship ' Peak Physique Fitness in Hitchin stating I owe them £235.50 They claim I sign up via online sign up process for the membership which I advised I never had as this was with the gym were in person at the gym but they just don't appear to understand what I am telling them. They also state upon providing my bank details email address name and date of birth tjat I agree to pay £25.00 per month. I signed up March 2016 bu
  12. This evening received the following email: Good Afternoon Mr xxxxxxxxxxx , Re. Agreement xxxxxxxx Outstanding balance: £509.20 Outstanding arrears: £25.46 We need to speak with you in relation to the above agreement you hold with PRA Group (formerly All In One Finance). If we could please ask that you contact our office on 0344 245 xxxx at your earliest convenience. Alternatively, please advise of a suitable time so we can give you a call. Regards, xxxxx xxxxx Robertson |Resolution Recoveries |Simpso
  13. I have a charge order placed on my house by Bristol & Wessex Water for £1800. They recently sent me a letter stating that if I don't pay the full amount they will be taking legal action and apply for an order for sale. I then will be sent an order to vacate my property within 28 days. My house is owned outright with no mortgage and currently valued around £200K. I am living on a small private pension with no chance of paying back the debt. I went to the CAB who told me that I will end up homeless and living on the streets as there is no social housing available for s
  14. Hope someone can provide some advice on where I stand legally with regard to this:- On 23/3/2014 I entered into a yearly membership at X4l. On 10/11/2015, I completed the online cancellation form and immediately cancelled my direct debit with them, which I know they say you are not supposed to do. On receipt of letter of default notice I rang Harlands on 20th November 2015 and paid what I believe to be the final months payment, they agreed this was all that owed. On 6/4/2016, I started receiving threats from Credit Resolution Services that I still owed X4l the payment for t
  15. Hey guys, I took out a rolling contract of £14.99 a month paid via direct debit with exercise4less, as I was moving away I notified exercise4less that I would be cancelling my contract verbally in the gym. When telling my friend about this he told me that it was a mistake and I should have emailed them which I proceeded to do. I moved away had a letter from CRS stating that I owed some money posted to my previous address. They stated I still owed £14.99 as I failed to supply one months notice furthermore I have incurred charges of £131.49. I proceeded to t
  16. Hey, I recently received a letter from Credit Resolution Services regarding my membership at exercise 4 less . Think you know how it goes: "We'eve been employed by exercise 4 less as your membership remains in arrears despite previous letters being sent to you. As a result of this, our fees totalling £102.50 has been added. Therefore, your account balance now stands at £207.47. WE WANT TO REACH AN AMICABLE RESOLUTION WITH YOU In order that we can do this, please ring our non-premium rate number - 01444 449165" I joined the gym about 2 years ago on a 12 month
  17. Dear all. My tenant are asking me to repair the rear fence. However, because of the different configuration of the garden behind us, our rear fence is actually the neighbour’s left hand fence. If this is the case, then are we still definitely responsible for this fence? The deeds do not say whose fence it is! Does anybody have any ideas please?
  18. I am appealing for advice in this case in which Barclays has failed over a 2 year period to put right errors on my mortgage account and now refuses to abide by the binding settlement terms. To confuse matters, the Ombudsman provided misleading information which led to me agreeing the terms and the complaint being closed while the issues are unresolved. Ombudsman has now washed its hands of the case and told me I need to sue Barclays. The Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (FSMA 2000) makes an Ombudsman’s decision legally enforceable in court, but I can find no solicitor to tak
  19. Then here is the answer. Works for Adobe programs, MWord, Outlook, - probably works with any program http://neoshamon.blogspot.fr/2015/06/adobe-app-scaling-on-high-dpi-displays.html?view=sidebar magic.
  20. https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/publications-and-updates/ofgem-secures-free-energy-npower-customers-late-resolution-ombudsman-decisions So it seems that not only does Npower dishonour it obligations to its customers but it also dishonours it obligations to the Energy Ombudsman as well. Let's hope that Npower's legal clerk- Kenneth Radley Davies is watching Thanks to Eversir for this heads-up
  21. Hi everyone, I have read all the comments about the issues with CRS and Harland but I believe that my case is a little different I do not understand what should be my first step to the CRS letter. Situation: I joined Xercise4less in Oct 2013 and I wanted to cancel my membership in the beginning of this year (Feb2015 - 14 months later). I called Xercise4less and spoke to someone about the cancelation, they said that I have to pop in and fill a form. I went to the gym and filled the form and the receptionist said to me in the lines of, by filling this form you are giving us a noti
  22. Mediation is a must if you want to stay on the right side of the judge and avoid the opposing party using a refusal to mediation against you during the case. Specific attention is being paid by courts to timescales in orders; and the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) such as mediation. Practice Direction- Pre-Action Conduct section 1.2(2) and section 8 asks participants to consider ADR methods before going down a more formal route, and the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) part 1.4(e) asks parties to explore the suitability to mediate. If a mediation offer is not considered or explore
  23. Hi everyone, I'm new to CAG and have been reading through some of the posts of people who are facing the same dilemma as me. I'm not sure if I should have started a new thread or not. My situation is as follows. I joined xercise4less in January 2014 (Big mistake), I went a handful of times and stopped going but as I was in a contract I kept the payments up so that I wouldn't be in any breach of contract. According to the email i got "Congratulations on joining Xercise Health & Fitness Club. You are committing to a single £0.00 admin fee payment and £9.99 per month
  24. Hi I am hoping somebody can help me, I cancelled my gym membership toward the end of last year, i went into my gym and filled in a close of account form and handed it into the lady at reception, i then waited a month an cancelled the direct debit as i was told i had to give a months notice. As far as i was aware the matter was now over until last week i received a letter from CRS Credit Resolution Services saying i owed £222.47 as my account was in arrears. I rang CRS and they claim the gym have no recollection of me handing in the close of account form in and and there for i
  25. It seems i'm not the only one with these guys bugging me! i entered into a 12 month contract in May 2014 with the gym, at 9.99 a month. I made my last payment in December. I do acknowledge that I canceled early but i do have reasons. On a number of occations my person code would not work and i wasn't allowed access to the gym or classes, which wasn't very good when i was sat waiting for my aunty and mother to finish their session so we could go home together! I complained at the desk a number of times but no-one knew what was going on and no-one helped me. So as
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