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  1. as from may 2023 the Scottish system has changed and is now partly on line for at least SPC claims...DX As the process for those is different to the rest of the UK There are 2 types of actions in Scotland: SIMPLE PROCEDURE- up to £5000 simple and relatively easy to complete yourself. Ordinary Cause Action for over £5000 http://www.scotcourts.gov.uk/taking-...ordinary-cause Ordinary Actions can be more complicated and can also be completed yourself as long as you TAKE the time to research and be able to respond to effectively however you may wish to seek legal advice, especially for Ordinary Cause, on these if you are unsure. All the details on what is required is available at http://www.scotcourts.gov.uk. NOW READ POST 2 BELOW and copy the questions post to your thread and answer them please
  2. Hello, I wonder if you can assist, this evening I parked in a "PPS" pay and display car park, I paid for my ticket and put it on the dashboard, however it was particularly windy. Upon my return I have a parking ticket and look through to see the ticket facedown on the dashboard, I filled in an initial appeals form attaching a picture of my ticket showing I paid to park there, however after reviewing their website it says the following: Appeals will NOT be considered for the following reasons: Your ticket fell down/was blown off the dashboard/on the seat etc. Your ticket was not displayed clearly, face up, on the dashboard of your vehicle You forgot to display your ticket You went to get some change You did not know it was a Pay & Display car park You were only a few minutes overdue You only stopped for a few minutes This seems backwards to me as they're making a claim for loss, but there's no loss? I paid to park there, the ticket was just incorrectly displayed. Is there anyway I can fight this? Any advice on how to proceed would be much appreciated!
  3. Hello, I would be grateful for some support on a PCN issued by Norwich Traffic Control on 2017. The car park is also for a DR's surgery that I was attending. I parked my car in a car park that was being enforced by NTC on 12/05/17 The entrance for the car park is only wide enough for one car so if you are maneuvering to allow another car to pass, you are not able to read the signs as you enter the car park. Upon parking my car, I went over to the pay and display machine to see if there was anything reading the Dr's surgery, there wasnt, just the usual generic sign. I then went into the Dr's surgery to ask them about the pay and display. They informed me that there were allocated parking spaces and the sign detailing this was only at the entrance for the car park. They also said that I wasnt the only person not to see the signs. I went back out side to move my car however I was met by a NTC Warden who had already issued a parking ticket. I had been away from the car for 1 minute. I explained to the NTC warden and the fact they must have seen me go into the Dr's.... I was informed that it wasnt her problem. Later that day I emailed NTC and explained the situation, they informed me that ticket was still valid. I appealed via the IAS and highlighted that i believed NTC had not complied with the Code of Practice for the IPC as follows; IPC Code of Practice Part B, Clause 2 – Signage Clause 13 – Professionalism Clause 14 – Predatory Tactics Clause 15 – Grace Periods BPA Code of Practice Clause 9 – Professionalism Clause 12 – Requesting registered keeper details Clause 13 – Grace Period The IAS dismissed the apoeal by stating the following; "Whilst having some sympathy with the Appellant, once liability has been established, only the Operator has the discretion to vary or cancel the parking charge based on mitigating circumstances. For the reasons given, the appeal is dismissed." I have today received a County Court Claim from NTC's solicitors claiming £246.06 for the parking ticket. I still believe that NTX did not comply with the Code of Practice for all of the reasons detailed above however I would be grateful for anyone's assistance with this. NTC are notorious for things like this and there are numerous complaints about their methods of operation. Photos.pdf
  4. I am the RK of the vehicle and received a letter with a parking charge. I have had two previous PCN's from a long time ago when the advice was always to ignore, which I did and subsequently heard nothing off a host of 'solicitors' that sent out begging letters. I think I'm right in assuming after reading many threads the situation has changed because of POPLA and the POFA?? situation in 2012 says I now as the RK have to disclose who was driving as said I am the registered keeper. My partner was the driver. She stopped in the above carpark, tells me she paid for a ticket after entering the reg number in the machine and displayed the ticket on the dashboard. She has used this carpark a few times. we're suprised to get the speculative invoice and hoped for some advice on how to play it Many thanks 1 Date of the infringement....10/4/17 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date]...14/04/17 3 Date received...20/4/17 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [y/n?] YES 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? YES 6 Have you appealed? {y/n?] post up you appeal] NOT YET Have you had a response? [Y/N?] post it up N/A 7 Who is the parking company? PARKING EYE 8. Where exactly [carpark name and town] BRITANNIA ADLPHI, LIVERPOOL sorry I should also have added that on ther back of the letter it says... On April 10th the vehicle entered the car park at 9:58 and left at 11:03 (!hr 05mins) This is 'backed up' by photographic evidence on the front of the letter. I asked the better half if she'd maybe just paid for the hour, because judging by other threads you are allowed a 10 minute overstay as per BPA, but she says she paid for 2 hours
  5. Hi guys, I am new here but I have been told I might be able to get some help. I received a judgement in default letter from the County Court Business Centre a few days ago which came as a shock. I know the importance of replying to any claim issued against me. This is in relation to a pay day loan debt from 4 years ago, which has now been bought by Motormile Finance UK Ltd. I paid some of the debt off then missed a payment, then they increased it massively and I couldn't keep up. I moved on and heard nothing for many years until I get this judgement letter from the court. When I phoned Moriarty Law, the firm representing the Claimant, they told me they issued to my former address. They realised their mistake and then sent a copy to my new address. I received this but thought it was a scare tactic as it had not come from a court, and I would assume I would receive court papers from a court! When I asked them why they didn't inform the court they became ambiguous and I didn't understand what they were talking about. I have been told to set the judgement asside which is what I will do. I am currently on ESA so apparently I do not have to pay a court fee which is a great relief. However, I need to know is it now too late to start the 3 letter process? Or should I get on to this straight away so that if the judgement is set aside I will get my chance to defend the claim? In anticipation of your help, Jake
  6. Parked in a residents` or shared use parking place or zone without either clearly displaying a valid permit or voucher or pay and display ticket issued for that place, or without payment of the parking charge (shared use bay) This was the reasoning for being given a PCN (hire car at the time) - wrote to them straight away stating that there were no pictures taken of the vehicle as none were uploaded on council's website - "no images were found for this PCN!" council responded saying wait until you receive notice to owner but not having photos isn't sufficient grounds as they don't need photos or something along those lines. so hire company were contacted - gave my details (this is just before Christmas) but no letter was received at my address apart from a letter after the new year stating I needed to pay £110. I wrote back to them via online stating that there were no photos and I had not received a previous letter so why am I being charged £110 already I also said I wanted to go to independent adjudicator - they stated a letter was sent on the 19/11/2018 and I missed the opportunity to speak to the independent adjudicator as I didn't respond to the previous letter - Their wording was : a notice to owner was sent to you on ..... this notice provided you with the opportunity to make formal representations. as you failed to make rep a charge certificate (CC) was issued. once a cc has been issued there is no longer the formal right of appeal. the pan has been reviewed and we are satisfied that it remains valid, your representation has been reviewed I must advise you that we issued the pcn because your vehicle was observed pared in a resident's or shared use parking place or zone without either claeary displaying a valid permit or voucher or pay and display ticket issued for that place, or without payment of the parking charge. The CEO had recorded detailed notes at the material time of issuing the pcn and can confirm the contravention has occurredl. the photographic evidence is secondary. it is the responsibility of the driver to insure that they understand the restrictions in place and follow the designated signage. at this stage we have reordered 110 as a gesture of goodwill (whatever you say mate - gesture of goodwill is you not giving me this ticket) 110 payment should be made within 14days blah blah what can I do now? how do I respond to a letter I never received for adjudicator ? how can they prove I was parked there - what if a ticket guy has it in for me and just stuck a ticket on and not provided photos cause I wasn't parked there? thanks for the help oh and to top it off the car was only observed from 13:34pm - 13:34pm
  7. Name of the Claimant - Vehicle Control Services Date of issue – 30 Aug 2016 What is the claim for – the reason they have issued the claim? 1. The claimant's Claim is for the sum of £100.00 being monies due from the Defendant to the Claimant in respect of a PCN issued on 3/7/2015 at *home address* 2.The PCN relates to *reg number* The terms of the PCN allowed the Defendant 28 days from the Issue Date to pay the PCN, but the Defendant failed to do so. 3. Despite demand having been made, the defendant has failed to settle their outstanding liability. 4. The Claim also includes Statutory Interest pursuant to section 69 of the Count Courts Act 1984 at a rate of 8% per annum a daily rate of 0.02 from 3/7/2015 to 26/8/2016 being an amount of £8.42 5.The Claimant also claims £54.00 contracual costs pursuant to the PCN T&Cs." What is the value of the claim? Amount claimed: £162.42 Court Fee: £25.00 Legal costs: £50.00 Total: £237.42 Has the claim been issued by the original creditor or was the account assigned and it is the Debt purchaser who has issued the claim ? Yes - BW Legal Were you aware the account had been assigned – did you receive a Notice of Assignment? Yes Hi all, I'm aware that there are hundreds of posts on here with information and answers etc. but having skimmed over around 5 different threads I'm still confused on what to do. I'm currently off on Maternity Leave so I don't get much time to sit around hence needing some quick help. .. it would be very much appreciated! I live in an apartment block and the car park below is private, managed by VCS. We have one space allocated per apartment and have to display a window ticket all year. I wasn't aware that the ticket had an expiry date of 30/05/2015 hence receiving a parking ticket for not displaying an updated ticket! I found it absurd that I had a ticket clearly shown but didn't realise I needed a new one so suddenly had to pay £100.00 for parking outside my own home. I haven't got any of the paperwork they've sent me as it all went to my mum's address where my car was still registered (hadn't got round to updating my address as we'd not long moved in) I told her to just chuck it all. I did read on a few forums about appealing when I first got the charge but I'd missed the deadline. next advice was to ignore. I still refuse to pay it and will happily stand infront of a court and give my reasoning, not that I'd win but out of principal. Any help on next steps would be great. Thanks Answered questions below which I believe help:
  8. hi all i need advice on who to contact to get my issue resolved it all started with a parking which i thought was wrongly issued, i had parked on a street in front of a ticket machine that was faulty i walk round the corner to the next machine about twenty yards away, i bought a ticket and displayed it in the car and left to go to a jobs fair, on my return which was within the allotted time i found i had been issued a penalty charge notice , i emailed the address on the parking ticket explaining what had happened and that i thought that the ticket had been unfairly issued, i didn't receive a reply from nottingham parking authority so i assumed the explanation had been excepted , about six months later i am now receiving letters from equita stating that a notice of enforcement had been issues to me and my case is being prepared for enforcement action. i have have no letter from nottingham city council or equita prior to this, they are looking for 83 pounds for the debt and 75 pounds for the compliance fee making a total of 158 pounds. who should i be contacting nottingham city council or equita or anybody else, as i have already paid for a ticket to park i have no intention of paying any fines. p.s. I still have the ticket that i bought and a copy of the email i sent the parking authority. niyaman
  9. Hello. I’ve today had a ‘PCN’ issued by NE parking Ltd in Blackpool town centre (Adelaide court, a car park behind some flats). Last night I went to a gig in town, I drove as I wasn’t planning on staying late but I ended up having a couple of drinks so had to leave my car overnight. My friend used to live in Adelaide court so I would always use his space should I be nipping into town, and have never had any problems before - until today when I’ve gone to pick my car up and been hit with a £60 charge. The reason for the charge is ‘parking without a valid permit/ticket’, and I know 100% permits were not issued to residents of Adelaide Court 6 months ago as my friend didn’t have one and never had to use one himself. Unless this has changed recently? However, the other cars parked there did not have permits on display either! I know a lot of people say to just ignore private parking charges, but can someone advise me what’s the best thing to do from now? Do I acknowledge? Pay up? Or just leave it? Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi, My Dad received a claim form with an issue date 1st November. AOS entered on internet. Says service date 8th Novemver. (they sent POC separately) Claim form amount is £35 more than owed amount, even their evidence shows original amount. (This is not including fees and costs). Background. Service charge (not disputed). Offer of £20 a week offered in August, was rejected. Offer of complete amount by family to extinguish burden by letter (The defendant is a disabled OAP) on 5th October. Heard nothing back. It should be noted the defendant tried to contact the claimant to settle many times but they wouldn't talk to him anymore. N1 received as above. Tried phoning claimant again, "not there, they will call you back". Never did. Phoned solicitors, they won't budge. Want the (wrong) amount plus fees, costs and interest. I'm bewildered by their behaviour. This is a large and very well known landlord in Kent. The issue of liability is not in question. P.S. It should be noted that had they accepted the offer of £20 a week it would have extinguished the debt before the date of issue!
  11. Hi, I run a small retail operation, bricks and locks building..., I am disputing the bill Britisg Gas have sent me, they said it's a smart meter and up to date, it still doesn;t seem right.. One of the last letters have threatened with bailiff or coming in to change the meter, how heavy are they on this stuff? Need I worry till I can try sort it out with them? How long do they normally take to take action?
  12. I am desperately in need of some advice please. Several years ago Acenden got a suspended possession order . I successfully paid the arrears and they were clear until last year when my world started crumbling down. On 30 October I got home to a letter from their solicitors telling me the order was being reinstated due to arrears of £2600 approx. This is just over 4 months worth of payments. I called and was told unless arrears cleared in full there was nothing that could be done . In desperation I spoke to a family member and they loaned me 2000 and I had just over 300. After lots of negotiation Acenden agreed to accept the payment and stop the eviction proceedings. I received letters of confirmation of this from both Acenden and their solicitors all dated 31 October. On Friday I got home to a hand delivered letter dated 1st November informing me the eviction would take place on 21 November at 11am and yesterday the same letters arrived by post and these are postmarked 9 November. I am so scared can they evict us even with all the written confirmation I have. Also my mum bless her has offered to give me the rest of the money to clear the arrears but I don't want to take it if they can still evict me as there are also charges on the account of nearly £3000. I plan to call the solicitors and the courts in the morning but not sure what to say. Any advice please would be greatfully received
  13. Hi Guys I have received a letter of claim from Restons solicitors for a debt bought by Cabot financial. I have made a complaint to the financial ombudsman that the original creditor ‘ a credit card company ‘ refused to deal with several mistakes on my account over a year before Cabot bought the debt and simply told me to deal with the 3rd party debt collectors. The ombudsman said that as they were still the legal owners of the debt they had a duty to deal with me and not pass the buck to the debt collectors. The amount Cabot are claiming is for £1800 when the correct amount after deducting the disputed amount is £1150. My question now is, should I contact Restons who have sent me a letter of claim and say they will start proceedings on 18 05.2018 or Cabot or both and tell them its a disputed amount sold by the original owner of the debt and I have now made complaint to the FOS for which I have received relevant paperwork and a reference number. So would they like to put proceedings on hold whilst this matter is dealt with by the FOS as I see no point in starting court proceedings when they are trying to claim the wrong amount.I I don't dispute the lower figure. So far I have made no contact with either company.
  14. Hi to everyone, this is my first post here but I have been reading this forum for years and up till now have got most of what I needed by reading but this time I could do with a bit of help. Hi and sorry if this is in the wrong thread, I tried to look where to place it but this seemed the closest I could find. I own a freehold flat that was originally leasehold but I purchased the freehold several years ago. I pay a service charge to Warwick estates every 6 months A few years back I moved to live with my partner but still kept the flat and because of this I ended up forgetting to pay the service charge of £665.32 + reserve fund of £53.67. I was issued with a £90 admins fee and £72 claim fee. This I also missed because I was absent from the property. It was then sent to PDC and they slapped on an additional £180 referral fee. eThis I also missed as it escalated quite quickly and they put on another £250 instruction fee. At this point I did some reading on CAG and decided to pay Warwick estates directly via bank transfer which is my normal means of paying them. And paid everything apart from the £250 PDC instruction fee as I have no issue with paying my service charge and understand that by not doing so in time had incurred costs. This was in April 2018. I heard nothing and thought it done with until today I received a court claim of £2345 for the full amount including what I had already paid. This now includes an extra £840 PDC law additional costs £115 court fees and £80 solicitors fees issuing claim forms. I intend to challenge it and say I didn’t receive the last letter they sent me regarding the £250 PDC instruction fee and that I paid everything else to that date. But I am getting worried now. I hate these debt companies with their massively inflated costs and am seeking help with how I should proceed and whether I will be able to defend myself. Regards Leo
  15. Hi guys just wondering if I can get some help. I have issue a claim against amazon and their solicitors have emailed me stating the following: However I am sure I sent them what should be counted as a separate detailed particulars. First I sent amazon my money claim online form in pdf format within the post along with a separate detailed particulars detailing why I have raised the claim against them by first class post stating the following: Would this count as a separate detailed particulars as I sent this to the solicitors who are dealing on behalf on amazon via email as they sent out a letter well before 14 days since the claim was issued and I responded immediately via email with the details they wanted me to send. On the MCOL form I just briefly said I ordered some goods from amazon, were not as described, also claiming for gift certificate balance and a Iphone that was not delivered, nothing like the above that I sent to amazon via post with my pdf MCOL form along with what I've quoted I sent them above - Would this count as a separate detailed particulars as they sent me an email today asking for this stating I should of done within 14 days.. Thanks for everyone's help in advance.
  16. Hi I've been receiving letters from Lowell regarding a debt for a mobile phone account which isn't mine. I mistakenly decided to ignore the letters until county court claim has been started against me. I've filled out the form online to give me some extra time to defend it and form a case but I'm hoping I can find a way to force them to annul or at least postpone the claim. I've looked around here and apparently because it was a mobile phone contract, a CCA request letter would be ineffectual because it was a service agreement. So I'm thinking about sending them a "prove it" letter and possibly a Subject Access letter but I'm unsure of how effective this will be. Any advice and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also, Lowell have put a default notice on my credit card report which is what I was wondering if they can legally do that without any proof?
  17. Lloyds issued with legal directions for PPI breaches READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/lloyds-issued-with-legal-directions-for-ppi-breaches
  18. I would greatly appreciate some advice on a private parking charge I received in the post today from Euro Car Parks whilst using an Esso service station @Esso_GB . I parked in a car park to the rear of Esso Meads Purfleet, and put a timer of 40 mins on my phone (the parking limit was 45mins). I met with a friend in the station and we collectively bought fuel, costa coffee, food to eat and sat in the seated dinning area. When my phone alarm went off to leave, we had not finished eating. A member of staff advised me to just move my car to the front of the forecourt and park there instead of the rear car park. I did this and continued to finish my food and bought more coffee. I now have a £100 parking ticket reduced to £60 if I pay straight away. I am really angry with Essso, as I was in the process of leaving until their staff told to re-park at the front of the building. Also i am annoyed that i was buying food, drinks and fuel and sitting at the tables for customers to eat at, so after spending my money with them, they are charging me. My friend who parked at the front of the building for the enter duration of our stay, did not get a ticket.
  19. Good evening CAG, I am new to this site but I must say that I have heard how fantastic you are at helping, so, I am hoping you could point me in the right direction. I have received a claim form from Northampton which has been issued by Cabot Financial. Now they say that I owe money to Moneyway (a loan) and give an account number but, it has been issued to me in my maiden name which I have not used since 2007. Now, I dont ever remember taking a loan with a company called Moneyway so I am pretty amazed at this, let alone using a name I havent been known by for a number of years. they say that the debt was assigned to them, so I am guessing they brought this supposed debt cheap, but I think they must have picked me off an old voters list or something as I have never done business with a Company called Moneyway. Now I dont really know much about rights as a consumer or anything but I thought that debts became statute barred after a certain time. I need to do something but I dont know what and I dont know how much time I have to do it before a judgement is registered against me for something I have not had. Could someone please point me in the right direction. I would be so grateful. Thank you LTB
  20. am a newbie to this wonder if someone can help me ive been fighting a PCN with harrow council since last year, had my informal appeal rejected and then was sent a NTO ages ago where I restated the appeal and didn't hear back, until a few days ago when I received a rejection letter dated in june which meant I was already out of time to appeal in 28 days. the reason for the lateness seems to be that they thought my company name was my surname and spelt it wrong, so the address was a generic campus/site address and therefore must have gone into a pool before it was redirected to my specific pigeon hole (please note the address is correct with the dvla - its just the council that have made the error). so in a massive panic, I lodged an appeal online with the reference number given and stated that the reason I was appealing late is that I didn't receive the rejection paperwork until now due to this error in address. However, ive looked up the pcn online and it looks like it may have already progressed to charge certificate (just because of the price) but I ahvent received this either -maybe this will also come late if they have made the same mistake with the address as with the NoR. the question is was it the right think to do to lodge an appeal late (the website says you can appeal late if u state a valid reason and I thought not receiving the NoR was a valid reason but I may be wrong) but now im thinking maybe I shouldn't have done that and should have just waited for the next stage to file a witness statement from what I read on here? however the problem I have now is not that I never received the NoR but I received it too late because of the councils mistake in my name/address. So if this does progress what box can I tick and also ho long will the tribunal take to get a result - am worried that the council will continue to progress the charge while im waiting for the appeal result. help please!!!!!
  21. Hi all. Right so I had a Vanquis credit card, it defaulted in 2015 with about 3k owing. Ive had various letters about it from Cabot (whom the debt was assigned to at some point) and Dydens. In 2016 I recived a latter from Drydens, threatening legal action and also making lots of inaccurate statements about the CPR and legal process, etc...I replied to Drydens asking for the usual stuff, letter of assignment etc, they replied saying they were halting any legal action. In 2017 I received a letter from cabot again saying no legal action would be taken. Then last week I received a letter from Mortimer Clarke saying that they were now the solicitor AND also including form N434 - Change Of Legal Representative but on this form it staytes Claimant = cabot, Defendant = Me, Claim Number is blank. The actual letter claims judgment was made against me on .... (yes that what it says, there is a blank space !). I have not received any letters about this claim, I suspect there is no claim, I phoned Mortimer Clark who said the claim was performed by previous solicitors Drydens and that they didnt have the claim number..hhhmmm Ive phoned cabot who know nothing about this so it look very like;ly there is no claim. Im surprised though that MC are prepared to lie in this manner, it appears to be it could have serious repercussions. An obvious give away is the form N434 they sent me, this is required to be sent to all the parties and the court, are they seriously saying they sent this to the court without a claim number !!???, as I found out this couldnt be a admin oversight as they dont actually know the claim number. Any thoughts on what next ?. I intend to phone Drydens to hear what they have to say. Phone Northampton Court, not sure if they can help with a claim number but Ill double check there hasnt been claim. Write complaint to Mortimer Clark, why are they misleading me, is this fraudulent ?, they are after all trying to pressure me to pay what hasnt been adjudicated on yet. Follow up this complaint to SRA Andy
  22. I arrived home earlier this week to find a Marston agent sitting in his car across my gate. He had a warrant and was collecting £393 for an old speeding fine that I knew I had finished paying off, and told him so. Usual intimidation, he was only acting on the info he had. I should pay the fine now and then appeal it. He'd already filled out the form for the next stage which would mean another £600. He said he had a team "following him around" to seize goods, which they would do the same evening. So I coughed up the £393. Then I emailed the Court who had issued the fine and warrant. They replied today that it had been issued and enforced in error, and that Marston had been emailed and instructed to refund my money. Whilst I feel somewhat vindicated, is there anything I can do to complain and escalate this. Does it do any good? Will anyone compensate me, or even apologise? cheers
  23. Hi, I am writing this on behalf of a disabled friend, who has received a Parking Charge Notice through the post from Civil Enforcement, mid last week, around the 26th of Feb. Some info: Date of infringement: 15th Feb 2018 Issue Date 22nd Feb 2018 Date Received 26th or 27th Feb 2018 No photo evidence mentioned, but possibly auto cameras. Cannot see any Section 4 mention on the letter. Just says Maximum Parking Allowance Exceeded. Not appealed yet, we will, and I will detail in a moment what we are thinking to say. Parking Company is Civil Enforcement Spinning Gate, Leigh. Says they have appeal procedure, and if unsuccessful, then Popla. So most importantly, the car park in question is shared by Cineworld, Tesco, and several other food chains such as Frankie and Benny's. The entire car park has a 3 hour parking time limit. We were parked at the side of the cinema, and during the 6 hours we stayed, we went into Tesco, and into their restaurant, and stayed well in excess of an hour as the disabled person was not feeling well (Primarily pain). Once she recovered sufficiently well, we then shopped in Tesco for around 45 minutes to shop. After that we attended a screening of the new Black Panther film. We went into the cinema early so that the disabled person could sit a while. This was around 45 minutes, including purchasing tickets, and getting sweets. We then watched the film, which has a running time of 2 hours and 14 minutes, but including trailers and advertising was closer to 3 hours, for the film alone. As such the film alone would have taken much more than the three hours allowed, inclusive of obtaining tickets, food and seeing the entire film, so on the basis of this, we would have incurred a parking charge, simply for attending the film at the cinema and parking in their car park! Given my friend is disabled, I thought to provide proof of her disability, with a copy of her blue badge, numbers redacted. The letter they have sent already has her name and address in full so they know who drove, and she is the sole driver. I also intended to provide a photocopy of the cinema ticket to prove our attendance. This and a covering appeal letter stating exactly what I have written here. Should we appeal? I figured CE will just decline it anyway, and likely Popla too. What happened if it is declined, and we don't pay? Surely if they took her to court they would lose, simply based on the fact we were parked to see a film in their car park, and in order to see that film we would have to be there longer than 3 hours, or miss the end of the film Given the person being claimed against is disabled, obviously she is slow to move around, and needs a lot of help and support. She is naturally very upset about all this absurdity. Any advice on how to proceed would be most welcome. Thank you.
  24. Just today received a CCJ for £350 quid, for parking in a hotel car park. This is the first bit of paperwork that i've had, other than them asking me for money (the pcn) thing. I wrote back to them stating that i was a guest of the hotel at the time, they replied with a letter saying 'we don't care' What steps do i now have to do to get the court to reverse this?
  25. Having a few issues with Civil enforcement LTD They got my car in a pub car park in the east riding of Yorkshire where you have to go in the pub to let them enter your reg plate but this wasn’t made clear in the pub. I received a letter first letting me know about this parking charge when it stated that I hadn’t paid at the discounted rate of the first letter. Never received the first letter at all - so been trying to get out of this ticket Wrote to Civil Enforcement limited and they told me it was tough as they sent the letter and didn’t matter if I had received or not Tried appealing the ticket with POPLA but couldn’t. as Civil Enforcement limited wouldn’t give me a code to appeal the ticket. So POPLA wouldn’t entertain me So went one above and then Emailed BPA but they said they didn’t get involved in disputes such as this but I learnt that Civil enforcement LTD pay a membership to them I then got a letter from the solicitors on the behalf of Civil enforcement LTD. They have offered me a payment plan of an extortionate rate of £236 for been in this car park for 12 mins :mad2: Is there any way I can get out of this, Happy to provide more details if need be Thank you in advance
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