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Found 4 results

  1. Hi I've been receiving letters from Lowell regarding a debt for a mobile phone account which isn't mine. I mistakenly decided to ignore the letters until county court claim has been started against me. I've filled out the form online to give me some extra time to defend it and form a case but I'm hoping I can find a way to force them to annul or at least postpone the claim. I've looked around here and apparently because it was a mobile phone contract, a CCA request letter would be ineffectual because it was a service agreement. So I'm thinking about sending them a "prove it" letter and possibly a Subject Access letter but I'm unsure of how effective this will be. Any advice and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also, Lowell have put a default notice on my credit card report which is what I was wondering if they can legally do that without any proof?
  2. Evening everyone, Looking for peace of mind and advice on whether to send a short, firm letter back or continue ignoring. I received a ticket in February 2014. I had purchased a 24 hour ticket from 15:24 - 15:24 for £1.50 but received a ticket at 08:21 the following morning (Still have original ticket). As I have done successfully in the past I continued to ignore the letters. Received around 6 letters over the course of the next 12-18 months but then they stopped. Around a month ago I received my first letter from 'BW Legal'. They have now sent a final notice letter as mentioned by others in the forum asking for £154. Shall I continue to ignore this or send a response? Anybody had any dealings with these beyond the final notice? Am I likely to receive a court order? Thanks guys, really appreciate any responses I receive.
  3. Dear All My moth in law passed away last year and her brother (an old solicitor), whom is looking after her probate asked me to question a few things. 1) Was a debt she had with a credit card company MONUMENT (the britannia recoveries), this seems to have been passed on to Philips and cohen as they have asked us for a payment of £2,788,33. I requested aCCA from them and paperwork arrived today 2) They have supplied a reply card signed by MIL on 7/02/03. This states in declaration to take note of terms 22 and 23 in the terms and conditions. Top left your name and address box, bottom left please complete the following details, top right declaration, bottom right sign today 3) The T & C's they have supplied only go to 18.10 4) Also on the T & C's it states there will be a £12 charge for late payment, yet on their print out of payments she was charged £20 for late payments. 5) They havent sent statements as such just spreadsheets so this shows no balances at all nor interest 6) Their T & C's also state no interest as they are obviously just template ones, which could be recent ie only going up to section 18 and having £12 charges on them 7) they have sent us the last statement which shows the alleged balance 8) It also shows many £2 cheque cash handling fees which I cant see mentioned in T & Cs and cash interest and monument interest taken out every month. 9) it seems she made last payment on feb 2012 Wondered what anyone thinks on this?? Kindest regards Henry
  4. Hi I am a little unclear on the rules around accounts and defaults. I have account which has been in dispute for a very long time with the credit company who kept passing the account from one DCA to another who then sent it back when I informed them of the dispute. Earlier this month the account was marked as satisfied with the credit reference agencies, and this week I received a letter from Lowell with the usual threatening tone. I have replied in the letter, and as well as stating that no debt is acknowledged I have also stated that no contract or agreement exists as I have received no notification from the original credit company. I have asked for a full list documents under CPR (they mentioned legal action so I took advantage). What I wanted to know is what right do Lowell now have about placing a default or even an account with the credit reference agencies since the original creditor has marked the account as satisfied. I have no agreement with Lowell and they have yet to produce a deed of assignment. If they place a default on the credit file, can I object to have it removed if there is no Deed Of Assignment?
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