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  1. Hi all , I left Australia almost 5 yrs ago very quickly due to a family emergency . I had a car loan a credit card and possibily personal loan . I thought at the time I cleared them all . Now this week the I received a letter from a UK based solicitor acting on behalf of an Australian debt collector asking g me to pay 10 k back . I do not think I even owe this money . I probably do owe something but I can't imagine it's that much . Citizens advice have told me I can send a letter requesting more information on the debt without actually acknowledging it . Any advice would be ve
  2. Hi guys just wondering if I can get some help. I have issue a claim against amazon and their solicitors have emailed me stating the following: However I am sure I sent them what should be counted as a separate detailed particulars. First I sent amazon my money claim online form in pdf format within the post along with a separate detailed particulars detailing why I have raised the claim against them by first class post stating the following: Would this count as a separate detailed particulars as I sent this to the solicitors who are dealing on behalf on amazon v
  3. Hi guys, About a year ago my daughter in Law was reversing out of a parking bay in her local Tesco car park. As she was doing so another driver came up fast behind her and there was a very minor collision (nothing more than scuff marks). They exchanged details and when she got home she informed her insurance company (Hastings). They duely recorded her account of what happened, told her not to worry about it and that they would probably ask Tesco for any CCTV evidence they may have. That was the last she heard of it until yesterday. Shes now received a letter from some so
  4. Hi I moved to the Uk from Ireland in 2010, when I arrived I owed around 4000 euro on a credit card with Visa. After failure to pay they passed the debt to a solicitor for debt collection based in Dublin At first I was paying 50 Euro a month. I then got myself into some trouble over here without a job and stopped paying as I couldn’t afford it. 2 years passed and I have since moved house and have been working hard to pay off my debts but I hadn’t heard a thing from them. I recently visited the previous address and found a letter was sent last month saying that the
  5. I have only just discovered this site since having 8 properties taken over by LPA Receivers. I am desparately trying to find out what to do next. I read that I can make an Application to Court to get control of sales. Please is there an expert who can tell me how to word tha application? I am scared of making an awful situation even worse if that is possible!!!
  6. I purchased a BMW 530D M Sport back on the 18th December 2016, I've had numerous problems with the car phoned up to ask for a refund/repair which happened to be on the 30th day of ownership. The trader has refused, I then wrote a detailed email listing faults and the Consumer law act 2015 (I can forward on if needed), I also sent this via guaranteed royal mail delivery letter, I had no reply for 12 days I phoned the garage, he's offered to have a look at the exhaust manifold but nothing else, I've asked for this in writing on the 31st January and haven't rece
  7. Hi, I don't know if this is in the right section. My mum passed away in may and my brother is sorting out her affairs. She inherited her house from my Grandma and Granddad. We are trying to sell her house and the buyers solicitor has asked a very strange question. My grandma and granddad brought the house in 1940 and the house did not have a fitted bath at the time. My dad had just started a building business and installed the bathroom for them. The solicitor is now asking if they had permission to install the bathroom which of course we don't know. Is there any
  8. Hi, I have been paying off an old debt to original creditor at £10/month for the past 9yrs. I recently got a letter from Nolans Solicitors telling me that Marlin have appointed them to request payment of the full amount which is over £9k, a way load more than original debt. I have noticed the original debt is no longer on my credit file I have still kept paying the £10/month to the original debtor. Can anyone advise what I should do? It was taken out about 12yrs ago. Thanks
  9. I'm sure someone on here can give a straight answer as I am trying to help my granddad who was unfortunately hit by scaffolding that had been put up around his block of flats which is Council owned ( Old peoples properties ) He instructed a solicitor to claim for damages caused due to injuries which included broken arm and was told by the solicitor that he would be covered under a no-fee, no win basis. Would this include a contract between both parties as I assume would be, because the solicitor is now refusing to provide a copy of the contract that my granddad has asked to see.
  10. Can anyone advise me please, I'm a landlord and have had a tenant living in my property for over 6 years, only a small deposit given and I didn't put into a protected thing, I now need to get the property back and the tenant says I need to evict them as they want a council property, what can I do?
  11. Some advice please. I have Lowells sending threats for court action decided to send off the standard CCA request to lowells and SAR request to Vanquis (however I still am waiting for a response from Vanquis 6 weeks on). I have received the following response from Lowells which is a application details print screen and a copy of the agreement. is this complying with my request and all the details I'm supposed to get or are they hoping it'll keep me quiet to pay up? Many thanks in advance lowells paperwork edited.pdf
  12. hi sorry I'm not sure where best to post this. We have a remortgage going through with nationwide. During the application process we were asked if we needed transfer of equity and we said yes. It then told us we needed legal advice for this and do we want a quote from one of their solicitors and do we want a quote? We said yes and it brought back a quote of £255, asked us if we wished to accept and I said yes and proceeded with the application. I then got the application summary which states everything: Transfer of equity required? Yes Free legals taken? Yes Soli
  13. HELLO Recently I had an car accident hit by the other car. I have the dash cam footage as well. the driver told me to deal with her wife (owner of car) and just gave her insurance company and showed me the email of the insurance. However after 2 days of that accident my insurance company told me that that car was not insured. Probably they might have cancelled the insurance before it commenced and they are not picking up my phone. I already filed a complaint against them with police . How can I get my car fixed? Do I have to hire the solicitor or can
  14. Hi, I'm in am unusual position, I think. Back in 2003 I had a cracking salary and mega limits on my credit cards (46k) I was made redundant after I became mentally unwell and so went back to uni. I *asked* the credit card companies to reduce my limits (not wanting to get rid of my cards altogether) but they refused. Point blank refused. Later that year I became ill again and was diagnosed with bipolar. I managed to spend £21,000 in 3 months, with very little to show for it (or take back!) The banks refused to help. I paid back just under 1/2. I now hav
  15. Hey everyone, I need your help, today I received an email from IAS (Known as Independence Appeal Service) that my appeal for unfair car park charge have been dismissed after I was told that the appeal would take a week but it take them two days for them to dismissed my appeal. Here is what it said: Dear Chris, The Independent Appeals Service (IAS) has received a decision from the Independent Adjudicator regarding your recent appeal for the below PCN. Parking Charge Number (PCN): XXXXXXXXX Vehicle Registration: XXXXXXX Date Issued: 2015-11-10 Appeal O
  16. Sorry for the vague title, I have been fairly successful in resolving issues with PPI claims as I have been able to seek advice on the various forums, some have taken longer than others but have stuck it out. The main problem I have, is dealing with, the various products I ended up paying for with what was the Midland Bank in 1993 through to HSBC in the present day. I have had various endowment policies, critical illness, life cover and even ended up with two mortgage/income protection policies which proved useless as when I needed to claim because the company went into administration in 200
  17. Hi people from the forum, I am in a situation where I would appreciate assistance. I am not a native speaker so apologies in advance for any mistake that might be in there! I got into a one-year contract with a gym in July, consisting of monthly payments of 60 pounds; in October I was accepted in a masters degree (which I had not applied for at the time I registered at the gym) in a foreign country. I enrolled and left the UK, but I left my bank account open and there was some money on it, I did not hear from the gym until January, when it t
  18. Hi, I received a letter from local solicitor acting for PRA Group threatening CCJ on a credit card debt. CC was a RBS cc a/c opened 1994. MBNA took over CC around 2008/9. I never signed a new agreement with MBNA. Due to illness payments were made via PPI. When I was retired due to illness PPI stopped. In the chaos of the time that cc was missed but all other debts were paid off. Amount they say I owe is just over 4k altho I believe it was around £500 when I stopped paying it. I do remember MBNA weren't very helpful at the time when I was telling oth
  19. Hi there. Total newbie here. Any advice greatly appreciated!! I got into debt a few years ago. Payday loans the lot (multiple - it's embarrassing. I was a young stupid single Mum). Now in a decent job with teenage kids. Went into a DMP with Debt-line who then were sold to Lawrence Charlton. Have been paying £130 a month dutifully since 2013. Although the charges went up significantly when Lawrence Charlton took over I felt safe so kept on with it and owe about £18k to my creditors now. Lawrence Charlton are stopping all DMPs and said I should tran
  20. Any help would be appreciated. I am trying to establish whether my solicitor has acted negligent by not following the pre-action protocol in respect of a Disrepair claim which has now been settled, after 6 years of my local council denying liability under the OLA 1957. I had an accident during the period where liability was being disputed but my solicitor is claiming that he did not have the funds to pursue a PI claim but never advised me on this, and on checking the pre action protocol under Disrepair claim there is reference that would suggest that in any event, a claim for PI aris
  21. Hi, Can someone help pls, i just received a court claim for a money i owed on credit card about £1k with Xcredit card company since 2010 which was passed to capquest then to drysden fairfax solicitor, what do i do pls the court letter was issed on 14th Oct 16, i check my credit report from experian and it does not show the credit drysden are requesting for, it only show two other credit i owed only, i have called experian again to recheck my file but they are having problem with their server now, will do that tomorrow, can i go get a no-win-mo-fee to help me out pls,
  22. hi all, i need some help with solicitors fees. i took my civil claim for a used car i purchased to a solicitor as i was not getting anywhere with the car dealer i purchased from. long story short, the solicitor had my file for 3 years, ran the case into the ground, i paid £17k in costs, the solicitor then came off file when i refused to pay any further money. now the solicitors firm want another £8000. in the end the solicitor did absolutely nothing for me, i didn't win the case nor did i lose it. the dealer in the end repaired the car and gave it back to me, for the privilege i pai
  23. Hi I'm new to the forum, looking for some advice on putting in a complaint about a solicitor. Essentially the issue lie around them repeatedly misunderstanding instructions and failing to pass on information that has a detrimental effect on children and myself. I was in an abusive relationship with ex partner. we split late last year (2015). He was extremely manipulating and would always be gaslighting situations. Now although we have split up, he still continues with this kind of behaviour, and it centres around access with the children. his solicitor keeps forgetting to p
  24. I have received a letter saying "If we do not hear from you by X we have instructions to issue legal proceedings against you in county court to recover the full balance outstanding. PLease be aware that, if it is necessary to issue legal proceedings, there will be additional costs incurred for which you may be held liable" Should I call them, if not what would you suggest as my next action? Think this is around 6 months from SB. Thank you
  25. Hello, I would like to find a solicitor that would act to defend me in a litigation case - I would hope that mediation or a 'round table' discussion could be held prior to litigation. The case has had a Barristers opinion and that is 65% chance of success the claim value including damages and fees to date is circa £200K. I have previously had a large firm of solicitors dealing with it and felt frustrated with delays and lack of help. I want a small sole practitioner or similar. The claim is backed by DAS and paid for via insurance, the rate agreed previously was £201.00
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