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  1. No, I have not moved. Yes, I am aware that it is almost Statute Barred. I`m just surprised that they have suddenly sent this letter. Surely they know that it is pre-POFA? Chris
  2. They have `kindly` given me until 2nd April to respond before they retract their `offer`. Ill wait until the end of March and let them know about POFA. Maybe it will string along until 6 years is up on 23rd June ;-) Thanks for your prompt response. Chris
  3. I have received a letter from B W Legal, stating that it is a `Discount Offer` to settle a PCN which they state has not been resolved. Their letter is in the usual format. Interestingly, they state that the contravention was dated 23rd June 2012, which I understand pre-dates the official inception date of POFA. I do not have any memory of this alleged event as the car was only in my name for insurance purposes and belonged to my son. As this pre-dates POFA, am I right to assume that if I state that I have no knowledge of the driver, especially after 6 years, they cannot en
  4. Please find the Witness Statement from B W Legal attched. Excel v Arnfield witness statement.pdf
  5. I have today received by email, the witness statement from B W Legal. It is too long to post here. Is there any way I can post a link so that you can take a look?
  6. Well B W Legal are running out of time to submit their witness statement. It has to be sent to me and the court by 27th December and still no sign. However, this morning, my brother took a call from some young lady from B W Legal asking to speak to me about the court case. He was smart enough not to engage in any conversation, but what are they playing at? It is almost as though their staff are not aware that they are involved in a court case!! I will not be returning their call needless to say. I cannot believe how stupid they are. Chris Right, well I n
  7. Please will you look at my post #99 outlining my witness statement. I have done as you suggested and spent all today trawling through the Parking Prankster website, plus the Money Saving Expert. I have included the latest Excell court case losses. I will need to get it sent off tomorrow. Any fine tuning would be appreciated. Regards Chris
  8. I have spenjt the last couple of days trawing through the Parking Pranksters website along with Money Saving Expert. This is my witness statement:- WITNESS STATEMENT __________________________ 1. The facts in this statement come from my personal knowledge. Where they are not within my own knowledge there are true to the best of my information and belief 2. I am not liable to the Claimant for the sum claimed, or any amount at all and this is my Witness Statement in support of my defence as already filed. 3. I assert that I am the registered keeper of the vehicle in que
  9. OK I have read that and i replied with Post 87, which sets out my case. Am I right to assume that is my witness statement? Chris
  10. To be clear, what should I be stating in my witness statement? Unfortunately, I am getting conflicting advice from different people. Regards Chris
  11. Thanks for your prompt response. They are required to pay by 3rd January 2017. I am required to submit some sort of witness statement by 27th December. I do not have any witness statement to make, the defence says it all. Chris
  12. Juust noticed that the court require any written witness statement, including my own, by 27th December, and to be served on the opponent. Does that mean my defnce has to be laid out and sent? Also, regarding the date of which the original Parking Charge Notice was received, being 5 months after the date of the alleged contravention, surely they only have 30 days maximum to send this according to the CPR rules?
  13. The main points of my defence are as folows:- 1/ My daughter, who is also my carer, was using the car for the first time since I bought it. She uses the Peel Centre car park 3/4 times a week and always gets a ticket which I refund as part of her carers allowance. 2/ The car was new to her and she thinks she might have put in an incorrect registration number when purchasing her ticket. 3/ Excell Parking did not send the Penalty notice to me until 5 months after the event. The rules state 14 days after the alleged contravention, the Notice to Keeper must be sent. The scrict protocols
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