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Found 5 results

  1. Back in 2016 we commissioned a builder to undertake extensive renovation works in our house. He originally was a limited company but this company was dissolved in June 2016. He then started work for us as a partnership. His father has been involved with our job in that he came to our house a couple of times and the kitchen supplied was in the fathers name and address on the invoice. To cut a long story short, the building works went on far longer than they should and weren't completed until we sacked them. We asked for a partial refund and this was refused. In May 2017 We employed a solicitor stating our claim. The son said he did not owe us anything and was going to go bankrupt anyway. The father said he was never involved. We couldn't afford any more solicitors fees so we decided to lower our claim and decided to issue a CCJ to both father and son as joint defendants. The date of issue was the 24th November. Today was the deadline to "Acknowledge Service". The father has acknowledged service but the son hasn't. Now I don't know what to do. Can I request judgement against the son? Or do I have to wait another 14 days as I'm assuming the father is going to defend his part. The son isn't on the insolvency register yet so again I'm assuming he hasn't actually applied for bankruptcy. Many thanks oldpoyntz
  2. Hello, This is something I'm losing my sleep over. I've struggling for the last six months with the HMRC to obtain a full and detailed employment history going back to 16 years ago. I need this, because I need to send a request for permanent residency and I've lost some documentation. I first wrote to the HMRC last November and they replied almost immediately but only sending my national insurance contributions record. Then I wrote again in December, pointing out that I needed a breakdown of my employers instead. They replied in February, again sending the same ni record. So I called the hmrc helpline and the operator suggested that I wrote a request under the Data Protection Act, which I did immediately. I called the HMRC again in April and they told me that, due to the length of the period, it might take up to 375 days. However on their website they state: Now it's more than 3 months and yet no answer has come. Incidentally, re-reading the letter I sent, I have realised I had omitted my national insurance number. Terrible mistake, however I had included so much data that they could identify me without delays. What do do now? I'll call the HMRC tomorrow and if it goes nowhere, I'll write a second letter. Is there anything else I can do? This thing has been eating me for the last six months. Thank you
  3. Good day all, Many thanks for your time reading this post and i hope someone can help me. I had a car on finance from moneybarn, i work overseas in the offshore oil and gas industry and have no communications home when i am away. i spent 3 months at sea and returned to letters from moneybarn and bailiffs saying my vehicle needed to be returned due to missed payments. This was due to a fault with the bank and not myself. I contacted the bailiff and and asked if i could pay the amount owed and start the payments again. He informed me that this was not possible and moneybarn wanted the vehicle returned to them. He arrived the next day and took the car to be sold at auction. I recently checked my credit file and its showed a debt of £6800 and the 3 late payments were evident but last month its shows as OK?? I have emailed money barn the following email: Good day, My name is john ******* and i had a car on finance with your company. Details below: Ford Focus Registration: AK5**** John ****** 11/02/**** 176 ******** Birmingham The vehicle was returned due to me missing payments, this however was out of my control and was an error on the banks behalf, i did not get made aware of this as i was working overseas and had no communications until i returned. I tried to set up a new payment plan and settle the amount outstanding but was informed this was no longer possible. I recently checked my credit file and noticed the debt was present. Please may I ask as a goodwill gesture that you remove the default of the amount in excess of £6800. The reasons behind my late payments were out of my control. As the vehicle was taken and sold at auction the debt would now be settled and it would be appreciated if this could be reflected on my credit file with all 3 credit reference agencies. Any help with this matter is greatly appreciated and I await your reply Regards John ******* Is the email i sent ok? The bailiff/enforcer informed me that the vehicle gets sold at auction and the debt will be cleared? is this true? any help or advice is greatly appreciated regards John
  4. Hi, Sorry to start a new thread but can't find any of my old ones! So, following on from my previous post which was something along these lines: I sent Egg my FOS Questionnaire and SOC and they responded very quickly with a "NO". I had some fab advice here and DX wrote me a template which I sent telling them to prove the box wasn't pre-ticked and that I could have continued if I'd un-ticked, respectfully refer them to the news article of them being fined blah blah. well the 8 weeks is up and still no reply to my "prove it" letter so shall I send a LBA or go straight to FOS?? It's only £300 so was hoping they'd cough up rather than me take to FOS. Citi paid me out and the PPI was same time and same reasons given. Citi and Egg are SAME COMPANY! even the addresses that I write to are exactly the same and the same person always signs for my recorded letters. Is there a template to send or is FOS my best course of action?? Thanks in advance
  5. Hi all. I know these have probably been done to death but my searches haven't found my circumstances, yet. I'm sure it's out there though and I'll keep looking. 11 years ago I got divorced. She dropped all our debts on to me. I defaulted. As I had a new wife and son I didn't declare bankrupcy, but maybe I should have! Anyway there are still outstanding debts. A couple of weeks ago I recieved a Claims form and response pack for this debt of £1195. I do agree that I owe the money but I have no way to pay it back. Nor my mortgage, other debts... sigh. I am employed, but it's not big bucks. On checking the dates and the time period allowed I had just 6 days to go! I'm sure they deliberately leave it late to send them. Anyway, I did respond, I filled it in, sent it back with 3 days to go. This morning I recieved a Judgement for Claimant (in default). They have added £167(!) for costs and obviously want it all now, saying "You have not replied to the claim form". I have the scanned and dated copies of my response. Can you advise on how to best respond please bearing in mind I DID reply? Thanks. Mike.
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