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Found 17 results

  1. Hi guys just wondering if I can get some help. I have issue a claim against amazon and their solicitors have emailed me stating the following: However I am sure I sent them what should be counted as a separate detailed particulars. First I sent amazon my money claim online form in pdf format within the post along with a separate detailed particulars detailing why I have raised the claim against them by first class post stating the following: Would this count as a separate detailed particulars as I sent this to the solicitors who are dealing on behalf on amazon via email as they sent out a letter well before 14 days since the claim was issued and I responded immediately via email with the details they wanted me to send. On the MCOL form I just briefly said I ordered some goods from amazon, were not as described, also claiming for gift certificate balance and a Iphone that was not delivered, nothing like the above that I sent to amazon via post with my pdf MCOL form along with what I've quoted I sent them above - Would this count as a separate detailed particulars as they sent me an email today asking for this stating I should of done within 14 days.. Thanks for everyone's help in advance.
  2. Greater protection for renters thanks to plans to tighten tenant safety READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/greater-protection-for-renters-thanks-to-plans-to-tighten-tenant-safety
  3. Hi-a company has essentially not paid £300 of mine. I recently sent a final demand letter via tracked post and i can see that it was not sign for at the other end, it is actually being sent back to me. They are also not responding to emails although they were responding before. Can someone please tell me how i would go about suing the company. thanks!
  4. There is a huge amount of misinformation regarding the forcing of entry for court fines. In the first instance, a separate warrant is not necessary and is not a requirement. For the avoidance of doubt, forced entry is permitted by the warrant itself. It is not used that often and in most cases, is used where a debtor refuses to engage with the enforcement agent. It is sadly the case that forced entry has also taken place because the debtor himself has been wrongly advised of the legal position. As an example, on Saturday, I received an enquiry where a locksmith was present. In that particular case, the debtor had paid a lot of money (approx £150) to have a statutory declaration prepared claiming that he did not own any of the goods within the house. He was told that the enforcement agent must accept this document as evidence and that he was therefore not allow to gain entry. These statutory declarations are causing a lot of problems at the moment.
  5. Hi thank you for adding me to your community I have been running a shop for about 12 months that my parents ran for many years it has been closed for a 7 years and i find laws & regulations have changed so much. The forums i am sure will help thank you again. Kind regards Dick Tate
  6. Hi all hoping I can get some advice as I currently receive wtf and ctc as a single person , no other benefits, I would like my partner to move in but he doesn't wish to make a joint claim , we should be able to manage on our two incomes. Can i call to cancel my single claim and say I don't wish to make joint claim as we will be OK financially? Will they still ask for all his details ect .? Or do we have to do joint claim ? Looked around various sites for advice but finding different answers... thanks also if I can just cancel is it best end of tax year april or when start of renewal July? If it matters?
  7. Hi, I would greatly appreciate help with a defence. Below is a summary of what has transpired: Contacted by solicitor about an old, pre 2007 debt with Ambrose Wilson. This debt is believed to be possibly not legitimate or alternatively possibly Statue Barred. However, to be 100% sure, CCA request sent and proof of delivery of letter obtained. No response to CCA request at all, not even an acknowledgement. Further request for payment / threats of court received whilst I was out of the country. Received court papers from court, again, whilst I was out of the country. Acknowledged with intention to defend. My current thinking is that the fact that the CCA request has not been complied with makes it impossible to submit a full defence, which would likely be a Statue Barred defence. Also, as I have no response to the CCA request, the alleged debt is not enforceable. Does this sound sensible? Help with defence and wording would be greatly received - I need to submit by the 16th. I've done lots of reading but this is the first time I've actually defended a claim! Thanks! Kind regards rune
  8. Hi all, I was hoping some of you could possibly help me please. I received a CCJ claim form from a very old debt (2004) that I am 99.99999% sure is SB. The purchaser of this debt has been writing on and off now for almost 6 years. I have never called or written to them in all that time. They purchased this debt coming up to maybe 6 years ago now and the account was well into default by that time, with no payments being made for well over a year. So by my reckoning there has been no payment or acknowledgement of the debt for almost 7 years. I have done the acknowledge claim thing online and have ticked the box to instruct that I intend to defend the claim in full. By my maths and limited knowledge I have issue date + 5 days (serviced), then by acknowledging the claim I now have 14 days to get my defence in: does that seem correct? I intend to defend on the basis that the debt is statute barred (no payment or acknowledgement within 6 years), is that the right course of action? Also I doubt very much that they have the CCA from 2004 either. Now should I defend on the SB basis alone or throw in the CCA issue to? Now if they continue with the claim to court, will I have to attend the hearing? Also will the claimant have to prove to the court that they have verifiable evidence of either payment or acknowledgement? Can I demand that they provide this proof? I ask this because I have read that these people sometimes make so called 'phantom' payments to try and get away with making claims on SB debts. Sorry for all the questions and ramblings, I just hope one of you kind people can help me. Kind regards Me x
  9. Hi I have been a member of Consumer Actio Group for gosh many years now. Over the years I have backed many campaigns. I have also sought advice from many other caggers. There have been many times that I have been down at the bottom when I have had banks chasing me for money. DCA's on my back, my mortgage company not listening and oh god much much more. The amount of support and advice I have had has been without conditions and much needed. I have also picked up so much knowledge along the way to. Just this week I have used some of the templates to get a D.C.A off my back and the case referred back to my car insurance company. Following a letterto the CEO of the way they behaved I got a refund of £272 plus an apology and £50. I am seriously ill and have battled with a heart condition, diabetes, diabetic retinopathy when I lost my sight and borderline ovarian cancer. The biggest challenge I had was taking the DWP on as I was refused DLA. I had 2 tribunals and was humiliated by the Dr on both occasions. So many of the other caggers gave me advise to keep fighting and many just offered good luck. I did get DLA eventually and my MP helped me make a complaint to the DWP about there actions. It is now being summed up by the Parliamentry Ombudsman as mismanagement of my claim. They are to rule in the next few weeks. I am in the processes of sorting the Lloyds out over charges and because I have an idea how to go about it I am up there sorting it out for him. I have again gone to the CEO to get his take on his awful bank. I couldn't have done any of that without the knowledge you gave me. Thanks also to Sticky who has helped me many times with advice especially in the early days of claiming bank charges back. Also to Bank Fodder who again has offered advice in the early days. If I am ever fit enough to return to work I would like to train as an advocate or something on those lines. Sorry in advance if this seems very cheesy but after the week I have had the news I got a refund from 1st Central Insurance has made me think. Thanks everyone.
  10. hi i have had a call from a bailiff about council tax from last year. he called last week when i had a house full of kids so said he would come back today. i would just like to know if in doing right. i have no intention of letting him into the house and a written a letter to give to him offering to pay £80 pm when i get paid on the 23rd. is this ok to do thanks sarah x
  11. Hi everyone, I am a big fan of this website as it helped me to avoid a lot of trouble. I was caught using a friends freedom pass and summon to court, after reading countless posts I decided to plead not guilty. After months of battling. TFL then sent me a letter saying they dropped the prosecution. Now with all the information and help I gathered, I would like to offer my help in defeating TFL. Thanks again for the posts you guys provided, without them I would have been in trouble.
  12. Hi, I am spanish and moved to UK a couple years ago. Last christmas (because family came here), i took the bad step of taking two payday loans from lending stream because of all the expenses. Then in January I had a massive gas bill and took another one with wage day advance. Then the snowball started and now I have 4 lending stream loans, 1 wage day advance, 1 vivus and 1 with Access Fast Money. I have my family here and I am getting desperate as the end of the month is approaching and I will default on my vivus loan this friday. Any help or words of advice, please. Thank you!
  13. Firstly, many thanks to all who contribute here. I have followed the advice of many in filling in my wife's ESA form. She has been on IB for twenty years but were still expecting a fight. She is registered partially sighted due to diabetic retinopothy, and the damage caused by severe lazer treatment to her eyes. She suffers from recurring infections in her feet, and her hands have become deformed, again as a result of the diabetes. She also has other problems such as pernicious anemia, arthritis, athsma, hypertension and heart disease. Anyway, we were pleased to hear that her claim was successful, without a face to face assessment, but she has been placed in the WRAG group, this has currently been appealed but two appeal letters have yet to survive the postal service and arrive at their destination! One letter made it to us though. This morning she has been summoned to appear at a WFI interview on Thursday 27th Dec. Well, technically, Christmas is over by then, I suppose, so can't complain! The letter was pretty helpful, I thought, once you get through all the warnings about taking your money off you if you don't attend etc. It states that "We may be able to help with (amongst others) the cost of replacement care for an adult you care for." Seem's reasonable enough, but what if "you" are the one being cared for? Well, you can bring someone to the interview with you, but "...it may be helpful for you to know that JC+ offices can get very busy and there is limited space in the waiting areas." So "her" carer can attend (gratis, of course) but will probably be expected to stand in the corner. Ah well, if I decide to take her, it may be the makings of an interesting thread to cheer you all up over the holidays. Thanks again for all the help I have gleened from here, and please, everyone, have the best Christmas you can, and a Happier New Year. Good Luck!
  14. Just wanted to say thank you to everyone here. I'm not a big poster but i visit a couple of times every day to see what i can learn from you guys. I do not no what position i would be in without this forum, it kept the wolves from the door I finally saved up enough cash to declare personal bankruptcy - not an easy decision or one i would recommend without a LOT of research and reading. I called some of my creditors yesterday to inform them, just for my own peace of mind and also to bring some closure to my financial situation. Thanks again
  15. Dear All, A suggestion. On other forums (fora?) there is often a "thank you" button to click on that immediately thanks the person who has posted to help you. The "thanks" are totalled and displayed. Being a simple button, people tend to use it rather than having to either (a) than folks in the open forum (no bad thing mind, but it takes extra time and effort and consumes storage space on the servers) or (b) thanking people via a PM (which, I find, is something that you cannot do unless you have a post count of at least 30 (for some very strange reason I've yet to fathom). Just an idea, Art
  16. I set up a repayment plan with Vodafone. This was agreed throughout December 2012 and they agreed to remove my default as a result - they have now gone on and put a default on despite my making payments to them. I can't actually think right now or even formulate a sentence. I am just seriously so low and depressed by another matter (an illegally obtained CCJ) and this is just the straw that broke the camel's back. Apparently Vodafone care loads about their customer relations to the point they have representatives on these forums, so perhaps posting this will actually get someone to sort this matter out by close of today. I just honestly feel at breaking point and like I can't take anything else anymore.
  17. Just rang my local RBS and stated that i do not wish to be transferred to santander. They have told me that as a personal customer i can insist to stay with RBS and have my account transferred to Natwest as English natwests are not included in the transfer (only scottish natwests and english/welsh rbs's) Just waiting for a call back so i will update then
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