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Found 7 results

  1. Advice Needed. Please, this questions could have bee raised already but I am facing a nightmare here. To make this very brief, I sent 8000 from my personal bank account with another bank and also 6800 from my small business account to a newly opened Barclays bank account totaling 14800. both money was sent from my own bank account with the same bank. two weeks afterwards, being 25th August , past bank holiday, me and my spouse where at both at our local Barclays bank to withdraw 7500 but was turned down after waiting 1 hour and said my account has been blocked and suddenly under review. since then we have been tormented and could not collect funds carry out plans marriage plans or make payment to vendors. I made a formal ,complain about this and today received a call to say that the account is now closed for fraud and our funds is held be Barclays. the guy i spoke to was terrible blunt and rude and that I should call the account closing team to know if I can get my Money back. The funds i deposited in Barclays £8000 came from my own account, savings over the years, cleaning, freelancing and **** packing. the 6800 was from my business account. totally 14800. Now Barclays said that they have held my money and to provide proof of it. what does proof of the money means? has anyone heard of this type of thing before, I hope I am describing this correctly for easy understanding, this is what has Happened to me. Advise needed.
  2. I have a legal document which gives me authority to deal with any and all of my disabled son's financial affairs. Lloyds TSB denied having seen the document but I have proof they knew about it following an unrelated incident some years earlier. Without my knowledge or permisson they mis-sold my son various insurances, let him overdraw his account and lent him THREE loans. The second loan to pay off the first and the third loan to pay off the second. In all, they are charging him a monthly fee for the privilege of having overdraft, charges for unauthorised overdraft, charges for the loans and other fees. He is due them anout £12,500. Due to some of his medical problems, insurance bears a loading of 75% ! (They STILL relished forcing him to take!) After much complaining, the admitted the mis-selling and gave full refund of all the insurances and token compensation. (I got them to give another 50% after further complaints about their incompetence.) HOWEVER, notwithstanding their admission of mis-selling, they refuse to admit the overdrafts and loans were mis-sold! Even more astounding, the Financial Ombudsman is letting them get away with it! No wonder the net is full of allegations about The FO being corrupt ALSO! Any ideas what avenue to go down to force these EVIL people to admit full responsibility? My Member of Parliament is now involved and I intend to advertise these EVIL acts in every forum and elsewhere on the net. I will explore the possibility of contacting the press and television. It is SO blatant and yet they reckon they have got away with it! NO EWAY, EVIL, INCOMPETENT LLOYDS, YOU ARE GOING DOWN!!!!!!!!!!
  3. i was visited today by baillifs who told me they had visited last week and had posted a letter thorugh - i didnt know about this. they said a said person owed them money and they were here to collect the money. i didnt ascertin my idenity so they clamped my car anyway cus i didnt tell them who i was and they kept telling me a lorry was on its way to tow it and i could stop this by paying thousands. they went away eventually with the wheel clamp still left on my car and kept telling me the lorry would be on its way. i rang them and told them my idnetity and told them i needed it for work several times but they wouldnt take the clamp off. i checked with the sia and the bailifs license for clamping ran out some years ago. i said this but the bailif said he didnt need it even though it was on private property. i have removed the clamp as i needed to get to work. im very scared and dont know what to do. in terms of the debt, i do not knwo the claimant or have ever heard of him nor have a i recieved any previous notice regarding this. i tld the bailif but they again didnt care. hence i had to get to work and take steps. what do i do? have rang the courts but cant get through. scared of them coming, the debt has nothin to do with me. what shall i do? dont no who to turn to.
  4. Hi, I would love some advice. I moved into a new shared ownership house a year ago. The house is, somewhat ironically, called an ‘Eco-House’. The water pump from the rain water harvesting system is defective. This faulty pump, which is meant to take the rainwater through a pipe system to the upstairs lavatory and washing machine, is permanently on 24/7; that is, constantly operating, whether there is a demand from these appliances or not. These pumps range in power from 800w to over 1000w. Since I moved in and until this week (upon discovering the fault), my electric consumption has been around 20 kWh per day. This has now, since discovering the fault and, for safety reasons, having to switch the faulty pump unit off at the mains, dropped to approximately 8 kWh per day (roughly my consumption in my previous home). Also, of course, before the discovery of the defective pump, it was operating 24/7 for a year, and has had, therefore, the equivalent usage of a pump of 25 years old or so. Using an energy monitor I’m video recording how much this pump uses and I intend to use this as evidence if there is any dispute from the housing association or building contractor. Any other tips/ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ianbrodski
  5. Hi everyone, I am a big fan of this website as it helped me to avoid a lot of trouble. I was caught using a friends freedom pass and summon to court, after reading countless posts I decided to plead not guilty. After months of battling. TFL then sent me a letter saying they dropped the prosecution. Now with all the information and help I gathered, I would like to offer my help in defeating TFL. Thanks again for the posts you guys provided, without them I would have been in trouble.
  6. Please someone help us - we live in Sussex, my wife is my registered carer (parachute injuries plus a life charging around has left me disabled), I am on DLA - Marstons turned up yesterday, a large unpleasant bailiff with a red letter saying pay up - for a fine my wife incurred years ago - and paid. He called the courts, yep, fine paid - at which he got nasty and said "I'm £200 - plus £75 costs - I'll get a locksmith, change your locks, clean your flat out (apart from cooker and bed), auction the lot - charging for locksmith, removals AND auction fees". Its a shared front door (Housing association) and we have been told he cant change locks - but the fees stand!. We offered him £75 (Our food money for two weeks) cash - not interested, £275 OR ELSE... no instalments, no nothing... We reckon we owe £75 for court costs (The very last payment was two weeks late due to DWP playing funny sods with our money). We are expecting another visit - I'm begging for anyone with legal nous to help us - fifteen years back I'd have folded this guy up, but I can hardly stand unaided and need a stick to keep off my face. My wife was a nurse, I was a squaddy (apart from plenty of other jobs) - we're not slimebags on the ponce, we are normal people that worked all our lives. God help everyone facing these animals - I don't know what to do.
  7. Hi, i'm writing this on behalf of my mother. We've been hounded by Cabot for years, phone calls in the hundreds, possibly more. We've always ignored their calls and correspondence, far from being imtimidated we actually found them to be rather amusing. After god knows how long the phone calls finally stopped and figured they'd finally got the message....until today. We recieved a very interesting letter addressed to the whole family name, not just my mother, sending their condolences on my mothers death!!!! I can't scan the letter so i've typed it out word for word below: Dear Sir/Madam Condolences We regret to note the death of Mrs xxxxxx and wish to express our Company's condolences. Whilst we appreciate that there will be a number of issues to address at this time, we would be grateful if you could pass this letter to those who are dealing with the administration of the estate. Alternatively, please provide us with their details. In the meantime, please could you send a copy of the death certificate, using the enclosed prepaid envelope, so that we can update our records. Contacting Cabot If you have any queries, please call one of our helpful customer advisors on 01732 524642 (Minicom: 01732 524630) Thank you for your help at this difficult time. Yours faithfully (copied and pasted signature) Emma Robertson Customer Relations Department I would like to make clear my mother is alive and well! While we're not worried by this letter, we are interested to know other peoples opinions about this letter and your thoughts on whether this is a very dirty tactic designed for us to contact them, considering that we have always avoided any sort of contact with Cabot.
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