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  1. I am sorry I misspelled the title I am partially sighted I also have a cataract on my right eye. I was also typing it in the early hours. I would usually spellcheck. Any other postings etc will be spell checked. Thank you for the advice on the consultation. Bankfodder I am dealing with this for her as she works full time and I am at home all day, so it is easier for me. I am every bit committed to this as she is. It is my home that they will try to gain entry to. I am doing this SRS this afternoon I presume there is a standard letter on this site? She has a letter from
  2. If I have posted this to the wrong placeI apologise. I am seeking advice for myself and my daughter. My daughter has moved back home with her husband. Over the last 18 months my daughter has been made redundant then my son in law was made redundant. When they bth found jobs there was a difference of £600 a month in what they used to bring home. They contacted all their debtors and made arrangements to clear their debts. However Eon for some reason didn't want to agree to a payment plan. In October 2017 they moved home telling everone of there new address. Eon sent there final bill
  3. I do apologies for cluttering the thread up. I thought I was explaining how the owner of the C.G was presuming we wuld have bailiffs after us. That felt like an insult. Thanks for your help, I won't be back to cag I really don't like your attitude.
  4. We have responded to the court online and have been given 28 days to prepare my defence. We have had almost got the 20 people's complaints my daughter & her husband have to finish there's of. We have photo's of the cake before it was cut and afterwards plus the destroyed cake decorations. When it comes to the claim we have so far come up with the value of the cake £280, The bucks fizz should have been charged at £2.00 per glass but they did not serve bucks fizz they served prosecco at £20 per bottle we were overcharged by £140, The buffet wast
  5. I am so sorry. I did think I had mentioned the cheque. I did not know that my husband had written and paid by cheque until a couple of days later when he told me he had settled. We had a argument on the Sunday after he got so drunk at the wedding and had ignored me all day. Sounds ridiculous I know. We barely spoke for 2 days we had a house full of family and i5 was stupid I know now. I am gutted due to this mistake the venue will get away with it, Since the wedding they have now sacked the Function Manager. The owner obviously knows he h
  6. I have converted the files to PDF. Anything else please let me know. Somereason this one did not download properly attachment.pdf
  7. I am sorry Bank Fodder I didn't realise that the photos would not be acceptable. I managed to get into my husbands office and use the scanner there I hop these are acceptable. Andy Orch I don't know how to delete the postings. I didnt realise I was doing anything wrong. It has taken me sometime to get the scans done/
  8. Today I received the court forms served on us by the Venue we used. The papers say how we have failed to pay the final amount due for our daughters wedding. It goes onto say we (as in the CG) were then informed by email that no futher payment would be paid as they had a numbrr of issues with the wedding. I as in the owner investigated these claims with my staff and found them to be groundless. I consider this to be callous retrospective attempt to attempt to avoid paying for a wedding delivered in good faith, and so would to claim our money, I a full email tra
  9. Thank you that is very helpful. I have already got statements from two of our guests ho were refused wine. I am going through all the admin and contract that was signrf before the new FM took over. I never thought about the upset this caused us and our daughter. The Venue is the Carus Green in Kendal owned by Graham Curtin. http://www.carusgreen.co.uk/ When I hear from his solicitor I shall be in tough.
  10. Our daughter got married and had her reception at our local golf club. The venue seemed perfect until the actual day. The photographs at the venue where restricted due to the golf. What and where we could have photos taken was not allowed on the day. We had 26 children on a very hot day banned from leaving the venue as they may upset the golfers. None of this was told us at any meetings. When the food was served they served the back tables and the top table the last. The pate was a sloppy mess The food was cold - the roast beef was dry and the turkey was chewy.
  11. Thank you everyone. We drafted a letter for hi to send using all the advice you have given us. Fingers crossed that he will receive the pay he worked for. As for the bullying, intimidation and abuse he went through and witnessed he has contacted the CQC after since finding out that they had failed there last assessment.
  12. Thts an wful thing to sy about him. He went to he Manager and to Head Office and they had no intention o doing anything about it. There were individuals in the home that ran it rather than the management as a man of principle he was up against from day 1. There is after all only so much 1 person can do.
  13. Thank you lost Faith. Can anyone give me an idea of what to say in the letter? I just need an idea of how he presens it to his employer.
  14. I am asking this on behalf of my son in law. After 8 years working as a senior personal assistant for a young man who had several medical problems he was made redundant due to him passing away. He was unemployed for a few weeks when a position came up for a senior at a local care home. When he was interviewed he was old they had failed the CQC and wanted his help to turn the home around. From day one the other staff where resentful towards him. One womn especially took a total dislike to him and made his life hell. Whatever he said or did they would just treat him by reporting everything
  15. I thank everyone for the advice they have given me I really do appreciate it. In my defense of the lack of if information and confusion I have caused is down to the amount of stress I am under and trying to put thingsas clear as I can is not alwats easy. If I have given to much then againI am sorry. I thought I'd given as much as I could. I want to make this very clear my daughter has ignored nothing. We are a family that stick together and the reason I contacted CAG was I wanted to see what we could do. She was just going to pay the judgment and leave it. It was me that told her to not j
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