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Found 7 results

  1. Greater protection for renters thanks to plans to tighten tenant safety READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/greater-protection-for-renters-thanks-to-plans-to-tighten-tenant-safety
  2. Hi, I was caught by the revenue checking inspector/office, while travelling from Wickford to London Liverpool street for not paying full fare for my journey. I have been regularly travelling from Ilford to Liverpool street by having an annual ticket. Quite recently, I moved to Wickford and travelling once or twice in a week. I was travelling part of the journey without valid ticket (for more than once) in order to save few pounds based on the wrong advice that I had received from a friend. Because of which, I am in trouble. Ticket inspector/officer caught me and found out that I am doing this for about 5-6 times and said that he will send my case to court and said not to issue any fine, even though I requested him many times. I fully regret for what I have done in the first place. My finances were bit tight because of recent parents visit to UK, new mortgage and other additional expenses because of new place. All these things played part of my thinking and made me to follow wrong friend's advice, which I should not do in the first place (and fully regret) in order to save few pounds in travelling. Office was not able to match my name with the address that I had given through the system that they use for checks on the day, when he booked me in September. After around 2 months, I got a letter from Greater Anglia to confirm, if I am the one, who has been caught. I am having a family with 2 kids and they are fully dependant on my earnings and they will be in deep trouble, if any thing happens to me and with my employment. I don't want them to be in trouble for the mistake that I had done. I am having sleepless night because of constant remembrance of the incident and feeling ashamed for what I did in the first place. Please advice, what I have to do, now? What kind of capital punishment that I am going to face? And is there any way to get settlement out of court with Greater Anglia. Your immediate help and advice is much appreciated. NOTE : Right after the incident, I starting paying full fare for my journey and kept those tickets as evidence (if needed).
  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-31615218
  4. My daughter is being prosecuted for being on a Greater Manchester Tram 'not having a valid ticket enabling her to do so' - Reg 4 (1) (a) Greater Manchester Metrolink System Byelaws She had a pass, ( left at home in error) and can prove it , but was too late responding to being issued with a 'Standard Fare' ( GM equivalent of the penalty fare) Does anyone know if 'having a ticket' must mean physical possession at the time? Can anyone help with a contact group similar to Passenger Focus- who don't deal with trams. Any other suggestions gratefully received G
  5. Not your usual story... Had purchased a ticket earlier this month from London Euston to Windermere via Oxenholme on a Virgin train. It is one of those "book 'em early, buy it cheap" with a "no refund, no changes, specified train" only ticket. Travel plans have changed slightly and I decided I wanted to end up in Penrith, the next stop up the west coast line from Oxenholme. Popped in to my local railway station to see if I could purchase a ticket to cover me for the short distance involved on the train I was already booked to travel on. The answer: Yes, the fare will be £6.50 (approx). Great, I'll go for that, so the guy tries to book the ticket and print it out for me. At which point, technology and gremlins kick up a fuss and promptly spit him out. The help and advice of a colleague was called upon, and despite further assistance, no ticket was forthcoming. Couldn't even book the next class of ticket up despite the screen showing availability... Thirty minutes of our time had been spent trying to negotiate the uncooperative booking system and the staff were fast running out of both options and patience. The only practical option left was to issue an excess fare ticket . Didn't like the sound of that As it was about the only option open at the time, new tickets were printed off and handed over - The excess fare payable ? A grand total of £0.00 A word of thanks to the ticket office staff for their help above and beyond what I had expected.
  6. Hi, I have just been fined £64.10 for travelling on a train with an invalid ticket. Due to an emergency, it became important for me to travel home from LiverpoolStreet ASAP. When a train was called heading to my station, I asked the member of staff at the barrier if my ticket would be valid for this train (3 hours earlier than mine). He told me yes, so I boarded the train, and sat in an unreserved seat. When the conductor came over, I showed him my ticket, and he issued a fine as the ticket was invalid. Whilst I do not dispute that my ticket may have been invalid, I have appealed via IRCAS, as thanks to a member of GA staff, I had no doubt that my ticket would be fine. I really can't afford to pay the £64.10, and was wondering if anyone could comment on my chances of having this unfair penalty revoked?
  7. Hi, Today I was charged a Penalty Fare of £20.00 for not showing a valid ticket when travelling from Wood Street to Liverpool Street London. The reason being I forgot to renew my monthly pass which expired yesterday. When I reached the barrier at Liverpool Street station and saw the ticket I realised that it expired yesterday and so I went to the ticket officer and explained my situation, He asked me to pay a PF of £20.00 as I travelled ticket less. I have been travelling on this route for pass 9 months and I have tickets for all the pass 9 months, I didn't had any intention of travelling ticket less, but unfortunately this time it just slept out of my mind to renew the ticket (totally my mistake), we don't have any ticket barriers at Wood Street station which makes it worse. The ticket officer told me that I can appeal to IRCAS and showed me the website, I would like to know if I stand any chance of getting the PF back. I've been a genuine traveller on Greater Anglia for the past year and I've got ticket for every single day, I don't know if that would help. Can you please guide me on what I should do in this situation, I really don't want to loose my £20.00, I know its a small amount but makes a difference to me. Thanks
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