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Found 16 results

  1. Earlier this evening I went to Currys/PC World to buy a new appliance at a not inconsiderable cost. As I was paying in full & they had stock I could take it away with me. I was asked for name & address and upon asking why they wanted that was told so I could have their 1 year guarantee. Seeing as the product has a 2 year manufacturers guarantee this seemed more than a little odd but the salesperson was not budging. Result being they lost a sale and I have ordered elsewhere. would No doubt they are under orders to harvest as many names & addresses as they can, I sugg
  2. I bought a second hand car from a dealer 7 weeks ago. They had a new MOT done & the car passed but with advisory that the rear coil springs, both sides at the back, were corroded. I asked the dealer to quote me for the work & went ahead to have them replaced. The day before I picked the car up I rang to make sure it would be ready & during this call I mentioned about the receipt for this work. I was assured it would be there when I went to collect it. They don't have a workshop on site & contract it out to a garage locally. I do not know the garage detai
  3. Hi I bought a philips tv from Argos in sep 2016 using fast track paid online and collected the same day , I received a text to say it was ready for collection so off I went to pick it up. The guy who brought it out said your proof of purchase and guarantee is in your account under your recent orders which it was . last month the tv developed a fault ( thick dark shadow across the screen) so I rang Argos and they said their warranty was only for 12 months but the manufacturers warrant is 2 years so ring philips which I did . Philips said to send in some pictures of the fault and
  4. I sent a SAR off in July and have now received a reply from Egg that they cannot trace me and has my name/address changed. Well no it hasn't and they are the first company to have this 'problem'. They want me to provide all sorts of evidence including a valid account number (obviously I don't have this as I would have provided it) details of previous names/addresses and proof of my DOB. Other companies have just supplied the information where I don't know account numbers so shall I write to them again advising nothing has changed and I will be complaining the the Ombudsman if they do no
  5. Hello, I usually hang around on the rental section, but Mrs Carpet cleaner is having and ebay problem, it is this.. She bought 2 jewellery rings from a seller based in UK, she duly received a small parcel and it only had 1 ring in it, as this was a few days early from the expected delivery date she waited before getting in touch. On the expected delivery day she got in touch with the seller, and said that she had received 1 ring, but the parcel had nothing else in it except for a small plastic bag (empty) and that the parcel had not been ripped or opened. She prom
  6. I'm in a bit of a pickle and am hoping someone can help me work out how to get around this: I bought my partner an Apple laptop via eBay three years ago. All seemed above board, but I collected in person and the seller insisted I pay cash as they didn't want to risk a Paypal chargeback - fair enough, I thought. At the time, they assured me they would send me a copy of the original Apple sale receipt and I asked several times. The seller then stopped responding to my messages. Not an issue, I thought, since I had the laptop and didn't think the proof of purchase would be an issue
  7. Hi-a company has essentially not paid £300 of mine. I recently sent a final demand letter via tracked post and i can see that it was not sign for at the other end, it is actually being sent back to me. They are also not responding to emails although they were responding before. Can someone please tell me how i would go about suing the company. thanks!
  8. HI, just wondering if anyone can help at all plz, im in receipt of payments fro my ex for our 2 children that live with me throughout the week and visit their mother 6 nights per month plus 2 weeks holidays. The CSA closed there file on the 11th Feb but collected the arrears on the schedule, CMA have assessed payments but starting the 7th March leaving quite a shortfall in payment. Ive been on the telephone to both companies and told theres nothing they can do about the period in between which is alomst a months payment.. is this right as they both state that the paying parent has a
  9. Hi all, I received the above Court that received my defence (back in November 2014). . The Court acknowledgement letter goes on to state 'Where he wishes to proceed, the claimaint must contact the Court within 28 days after receiving a copy of your defence. After that period has elapsed, the claim will be stayed' . I never heard anything else so assumed all was well and the claim was stayed. Today (10 months later) I received a letter from a solicitors practice saying 'Our client link financial outsourcing...has instructed us to act for the Claimant... Th
  10. Hi all, I purchased a steam iron from Currys about 5 months ago but recently it stopped working. I wanted to take it back under the year's warranty it had on it but when I went to find the receipt i saw that it was faded and barely legible. Turns out it was printyed on some sort of thermal paper that fades with time... either way, no surprise, they wouldn't accept it as proof of purchase. Has anyone else had this problem???? And if so what did they do to get around it? Not the most expensive item but ridiculous that I can't take it back through no fault of my own. They sho
  11. Dunno if this is right section , but here goes In May 2013 a charity provided my autistic son with a new boxed HP laptop. Recently the battery is going flat very quickly -about 2hrs.It def needs replacing I was surprised to find my warranty had expired in May .....2010 ! I contacted the charity and they told me they bulk purchase in advance -hence the early expiry my question is do i have any legitimate warranty claim ie when i received the goods ? Thx
  12. Hi there, wondering if anyone could she some light onto a situation, i feel like there may be nothing we can do but i know some of you guys are fantastic! The story! I wanted to get myself a new watch and had been looking at a watch in argos, other stores had it but argos at the time where the cheapest. Now i went into the store a few times to look at it and eventually parted with my cash to buy it. now the woman who by now i had gotten friendly with explained about the argos cover and if i ever dropped it or smashed it i would be covered and decided to pay the extra
  13. Hi, I signed up with Cardsave in March 2012 and never once used their service so in December I called them to pay my last quarterly payment early and end the contract. They took the payment over the phone and the advisor told me that all I needed to do now was cancel the direct debit. Regardless, the next day I send a letter anyway. I posted it around 22nd December. March 2013 comes around and Cardsave start chasing me for quarterly fees. I rang them and said that I had cancelled the account as far as I was concerned and they said someone would call back. Nobody called back and the l
  14. Acolleague recently told me that he can now work/earn money of up to 15 hoursper week and £99 per week - and it will not effect his benefits ! This is despite him being in receipt ofIncome support, Incapacity benefit & DLA. I suggested that he checks things out thoroughly before doing anything. If one isable to work, shouldn't their benefits be re-assessed ? I have noidea what this system is called, so can't look into it. Any ideasplease ? Thanks forreading this.
  15. We bought a washer dryer from a relative who had only purchased it 4 months ago. He doesnt know where the machine was bought as his other half had purchased it and was probably bought on her card. (They split up and not on talking terms) The machine now has a fault. So no receipt, although the warranty registration card was blank and we registered our details online. Am i right in thinking that because we bought second hand the warranty is void?
  16. I went to Primark on Oxford on Sunday 27th March and purchased clothing to the value of £75.00. I was served by a sales asst around 5.55pm. The store was very busy and approaching closing time. The receipt blew out of my bag as I left the store and I was unable to capture it. I called the store first thing on Monday 28th March to advise them that I had lost the receipt and need to exchange and refund some of the goods. I advised them that I could print of my bank statement and bring it to the store to show proof of purchase. The supervisor1 advised that this was not necessary and t
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