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  1. I cant help thinking that if we had to complete a questionaire that asked if you were "physically able bodied" before you were interviewed then this would be classed as discriminative. Yet you can be asked to explain a gap in employment and that this is not classed as discriminative to people who may have had a mental breakdown. Ok on this occasion I had taken a work break, if thay had asked a bout a break I had taken 10 years earlier then it would have been a different story as I had suffered depression and anxiety at that time. It just seams to me that it puts people who have had a mental health issue at a disadvantage.
  2. Oh no they made it very clear it was my job just had to clear it with their manager
  3. I know what you mean! You wouldnt think it is (or was) part of a british institution would you. Strangely enough I used to work for another organisation which was once part of this institution and therefore had the same union so i have contacted them to see if they can help at all. its like discrimination for being unemployed which is total madness but that appears to be what this country seams to be aiming for nowadays
  4. I applied for a job via an employment agency and got an interview. The interviewer would have been my supervisor/manager. At the interview it was mentioned that they knew I was of a certain age as I took C.S.E’s at school as they themselves did. Then they stated that they wanted a male in order to change the dynamics of the office as it was mostly female. They then asked why I had not worked for just over 12 months, I explained that whilst working on my last temporary job I was still applying for permanent jobs but (as is the custom nowadays) if you do not get the job you do not get any correspondence at all. I stated that this was getting me down so I decided that to take my company pension early and took a sabbatical and visited relatives on the other side of the world. I also explained that I had also taken a break 10 years ago due to sudden deaths of both sets of our parents and had then suffered depression and anxiety. The interviewer accepted this and started saying things like “your C.V. stands out above the rest”, “you have all the experience that we are looking for” and “you are the one I would like to choose”. They then went on to say that this would have to be confirmed by their manager and the interview ended. Two weeks later I get an email from the agency saying that they have decided to go with “someone who has more recent experience” this was on a Friday so I ended up spending the whole weekend thinking what the hell went wrong, am I on some sort of blacklist, did I fail the security check, did the agency not do something it should have. I feel like I have been kicked in the teeth
  5. I did this a while ago just to see if it WAS in the kadoe contract for my own curiosity. I put it up just to see if it was at all usefull to me or anyone else. did not meant to upset anyone.
  6. sorry i am putting this up again but in a way that can be changed so that you can highlight what you think is wrong if you can highlight the bits i should change that would be much appreciated I am starting to panic a bit
  7. Just wondering on the DQ i said that i would not be available between 2nd feb and 11 March (i am in new zealand) the court date has been set for 15th March which means that witness statements have to be in 1st march (whilst i am still away) shouldnt the court have booked a later date?
  8. Ok court date is 15 March can anyone check the witness statement for me please Thanks In advance Witness Statement V2.pdf
  9. if they are saying that pofa rules do not apply on this car park and by parking there consumers give up any rights under pofa then that should be on their signage which would probably be an unfair term. or another way of looking at it is that at the time of sending a pcn they did not know who the driver was (and still dont - there is a 2nd named driver, has no one ever said "i dont feel like driving today so you drive") so it could not be a notice to driver, it is not a letter asking for the drivers details as it is a request/demand for payment so it can only be a notice to keeper chasing a payment. That can only be done via pofa and therefore you could argue that they invoked pofa rules
  10. That is true Most of my posts were regarding bank charges (and a few reclaiming mortgage charges) but after THAT (trading standards v banks) case im pretty much useless now lol
  11. everything else has been sent by snail mail (ordinary post) but i will send them that email just in case thanks for that (added to your reputation not that you needed it ) never had a ticket problem myself - so this is all new to me which im sure you can tell
  12. they do have an email address but if they do that i can ask for an adjournment to read up cant i? and dont they have to send it 2 weeks before the court date or something like that
  13. i have been preparing a witness statement whilst i was waiting for things to happen is it too soon to post up for checking?
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