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  1. We have been through this :( We lost our home ten years ago, although we handed the keys back we were 6 months away from loosing the home anyway. I think they are supposed to get the best possible price for your house. We googled our address at the time and found it online and asking for best offers. I think they have 6 years were they can add charges but 12 to recover the amount. Apologies if i am wrong on this. We were told they will be in no rush to chase you as they want you to financially recover so that they can come after you when you have some money/assets
  2. UPDATE: Spoke to Dukes on the Monday after my post, they were weirdly helpful. All action has been stopped and referred back to the council Wife took a day off work and went to the council and complained - they are still unsure who or what linked our address but they have apologised. Still keeping an eye out for anyone knocking at my door but thats probably my paranoia Thanks again
  3. Thanks. House is now on lockdown until its sorted out. My car is a company car and registered to Lex Autolease and the wife's car is on finance so i hope that keeps them clear? just worried that they are going to get entry some how and say - prove the TV isnt you daughters, prove the laptop isnt your daughters etc etc
  4. thanks for your replies. Just to confirm she has never lived here and the letters are coming to her as c/o Im guessing he council have used our address because her son has been removed from her care and placed into ours. There is a long line of letters coming from the social workers to us. I can post the letter with all the names and account numbers removed if it helps? Thanks again
  5. Hi, Need some advise. Our eldest daughter has left her house without paying any council tax or rent for ages. She is living at a friends house but i genuinely do not know were she lives We have some how gotten her debt collection letters which we have returned and this morning we had three letters from the same place, curiosity got the better of me and i opened one. Dukes Bailiffs notice of enforcement !! typically they are closed now - have spoke to the police and they say its civil but how do i stop these morons from coming here? The facts Same surname
  6. thanks, they are using the original photos from 6 years ago for the rightmove site and there own internal marketing.
  7. thanks for the replies, Landlady is looking to sell ASAP to anyone. Just had two people walk up the drive and peek around the place. Managed to chat to them, the Agent has not told them its tenanted. They were under the impression i was the seller. Just going to post my letter directly to the agent about banning all viewings till May
  8. Hi, we currently rent a house in England, we have a AST that was renewed on January 31 2014 for 18 months. Landlady has decided to sell the house, for sale board has already gone up. our AST says that we have to allow viewings within the last 2 months of the tenancy however, the letting agent is asking us to allow viewings now. would i be ok to write a letter barring all access till May? Any help would be great
  9. just to keep the thread updated: Spoke to the court recently who said the case had been "stayed" Advisor said if the case was to be re opened it would cost them money to do so. Letter from Arrow this week saying they are still awaiting information and the account is on hold. Is there a point when i can write to them saying basically " enough is enough, its SB now go away?" Thanks
  10. Small Update: MCOL no longer shows the claim number - it says unsubmitted and an error when clicked - website error maybe? DX, Claim was issued, defence filed and both CCA and CPR requests sent. Arrow responded by returning the postal order and saying they were trying to locate documents - this was 02.12.14 Thanks
  11. UPDATE: Postal order returned. Letter (from Arrow) inside says, Thank you for you letter dated xx.xx.xx addressed to Drydnes Fairfax Solicitors and passed to our attention as the assignees of the above acct on xx.xx.xx. We acknowledge your request for documentation pursuant to the CCA 1974 We will now process your request for documentation from the originating creditor and will revert in due course. do we wait to see what happens now ? Thanks
  12. Its definately 100% stat barred. just dug out first rental agreement for this house - dated 7 years ago. We have not paid any old debts, that sounds awful, since we moved out. just a thought, If they somehow won would my wife get an instant CCJ or do you get 28 days to pay it before its registered?
  13. Quick Update. Defence filed and CPR and CCA requests sent. Strangely, The Wifes Default dated , according to checkmyfile, has moved to March 2011. On Equifax it is still defaulted on March 2009 any thing to worry about ?
  14. this account was opened in October 2002 ( according to checkmyfile) The default date was Feb 2009 with a default in October this year it is due to drop off her file in February '15
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