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  1. A relative's carer helped themselves to her bank account. This was discovered by the executor who stopped looking back through the bank account when the amount topped £11k in the five months prior to her death and handed the matter to the police. It is going to court and there's little doubt there will be a conviction. It will however be for considerably less than the amount taken because the criminal case is sensibly concentrating on those withdrawals and purchases which can be proved without any doubt. The direct victim was the now deceased relative and if she was still alive she could sue the thief. Can executor or beneficiaries?
  2. For the last 2yrs I have been kept going in circles by the NHS, I've seen 4 consultants, been passed through 3 different districts and all of them have said the same thing... I need surgery. I have a problem that needs correcting, but there is another problem getting in the way of them being able to do that surgery. They CANNOT carry out the needed procedure until the secondary issue is resolved... I have been repeatedly fobbed off and passed around without anyone taking responsibility for it. Then after almost 2yrs it got bumped back to my doctors to apply for funding for the secondary procedure. That has now been refused. To put it as bluntly as possible... I am barely hanging on by a thread here...I have zero chance of a normal life ever again... and it's not an overly complicated or expensive procedure. My doctors have letters from all of these consultants spelling out what needs doing, and the effect it is having on my mental health... I have asked for copies of all letters sent/received regarding this funding and have nothing. This was my last hope... and they're saying my life isn't worth anything, that I don't deserve any possibility of a normal life... let alone a fulfilling one. I don't know where to turn.... I have no one, and no idea what to do... I'm scared of what may happen to me.
  3. Hello Everyone, I wish to sue an organization under the Equality Act I have not suffered financial loss so I don't know if I can use the Money Claim Online (MCOL) I want the organization to change their procedure, and maybe compensation for injury to feelings If I can't use the MCOL, then where do I go Also, how do I quantify the compensation? Thanks
  4. Hi, its been a while since Ive been here. Just logging on and telling my story about TSB and a sim swap that emptied our accounts for a while. TSB have changed the way customers have to log in via an APP, whereas before we had a card reader. I never use the app as it doesn't work on Win phone. TSB facilitated a fraud on our account after a sim swap was made. They sent a one time password to someone, who then logged in and emptied the account. Once I tried to log in, I spoke to TSB and noticed this. I then tried contacting their fraud dept, but because it was a business account, they couldn't help ( infuriating). After long waits on the phone ( over 5 hours ) I had to take time out from my contracted hours, to go to the branch, where I waited most of the day for them to contact fraud with no answer. Went the next day and pretty much same thing. Id lost 2 days of work which we cannot recover. I issued an invoice, which TSB have totally ignored, even though good ole Paul pester promised that no customer would be out of pocket. We are now at the stage where, the invoice is overdue (14 days) plus an extra 10 business days to pay up. My next task is LBA, with further 10 to rectify. If anyone wants to chip in feel free, I am so annoyed with them not even writing to us to acknowledge anything, I am hoping to get my day in Court. Just had a look through CPR and the rules are a little different for a business to make a claim, Its 30 days from a LBA. I do like the reply forms that have to fill in, this could be fun. Additionally, they also owe us 70 odd quid because they blocked the accounts and a payment wasn't received, It was taken from a suppliers account and not applied to ours, even though TSB have said its been processed. Second LBA going off next week
  5. Hi all For 18 months, Royal Mail has failed to deliver around 70% of my mail. In addition, my bank has written at least 4 times to say Royal Mail staff are returning my mail to sender claiming they cannot access my address and / or I have moved. Both are malicious lies. I have made at least 10 complaints and they simply deny their staff are doing it - but have not asked to see the letters from my bank. I reported it to Action Fraud who say there is nothing they can do - last letter from Action Fraud did not even reach me, like much of my mail. For the past year, the delivery officer has been harassing me on the street in retaliation for making complaints. I reported him to the Met police but don't yet have enough for a prosecution to stick: it's his word against mine so I am filming him every time he harasses me, which as you can imagine is only fuelling his aggression (i am a small female so it's pretty intimidating). The fall out from non del of mail has been considerable, missed hospital appointments, thrown off my medical consultants' lists for non attendance, mortgage problems, bank refusing to send documents to me because of the security risk, etc. I want to take Royal Mail to court but am aware of their indemnity clause. I cannot sue under Goods and Services because I have no contract: the contract is with the sender. None of the senders are prepared to get involved. On what premise could I sue them for interfering with my mail? The police say it is a civil matter even though it is technically a criminal offence as i understand it. I may have screwed up by sending them a letter before action in which i quoted the Goods and Services Act; I now realise I cannot use that premise. I would be immensely grateful for advice: essentially - on what premise can I sue for tampering with my mail?
  6. Hi, I maintain several websites for clients as part of a service I provide, to achieve this I rent servers for my clients from a web host company, and point their domains names to that hosting company. Clients emails are provided using an imap client, webmail, provided by this company. Each client has multiple mail boxes attached to their domain name. This service requires a "main domain name" as the owner of the rented server, I used the name wirral.net, this meant that the webmail access would be http://webmail.wirral.net/ In January 2018, I received multiple calls from panic stricken clients who could not access their email, instead they faced a big red warning screen from google stating "Malicious Site Ahead, the person who owns this site could steal your bank details" or "Deceptive site ahead" Attackers on X.site may trick you into doing something dangerous. After several attempts to request Google unlock my sites they simply wouldn't. I contacted the web host every day who said it was "something on my sites" and not their fault. Google continued to flag up webmail as malicious. I transferred some clients sites to a new webhost and the problem disappeared immediately. I could not move wirral.net as that was the main account holder and I have not yet completely migrated all of my client sites (the ones who were not affected) as this is a time consuming task. I removed all data from the wirral.net website months ago, the website address is actually clear and accessible. The webmail.wirral.net address remains blocked by google you can see that by hitting the link. I have no control over that address, I cannot do anything about resolving the problem there. The web host does have control over it, but still they do not understand what is wrong, and have continually said its not their responsibility. The last communication (yesterday) stated " they are failing to see how this has anything to do with them", followed by even more conjecture regarding the problem. This has caused me months of disruption, and hours of migrating mail boxes and websites to a new server, is there anything I can do or anywhere I can go for advice on this matter? thanks
  7. Apologies that this is a long post. This is my first time on any kind of forum. I have tried to summarise but my 2 1/2 year dispute with Npower over inncorrect bills been a complicated and very distressing process. I will be very grateful indeed for any advice on how to proceed legally through the Small Claims Court... We moved into a flat in Sept 2013 and when I called to give Npower the opening meter readings I asked to confirm what meter and tariff we were on. I was told it was an Economy 10 meter and noted down from the conversation that there were 3 cables which would give a Day rate, a Night rate and a Heating rate for the 3 night storage heaters with timings for when these rates would operate. You had to press a button on the meter several times to get the readings and I gave the 3 readings as they appeared on the screens. Npower took Actual readings for these 3 rates in Nov 13 and I gave more readings in May 14 at which point I started the complaints process because we had still not had a bill. I received letters with an account number from the complaints department and finally a letter in July 2014 saying because they could not resolve my complaint about not receiving a bill I could go to the Ombudsman. At the end of July I receive a letter with the same account number but this time addressed to the occupier saying that because of problems closing the account the balance would be written off. Followed a week later by the First bill for £366, in my name but with a different account number. In Sept 14 I call to try and figure out what is going on and am told that the first account number I’d received on complaint letters was actually the previous tennant’s but because of the confusion the balance (now £457) would be written off as per the write off letter. I give meter readings – this time 4 readings show on the meter instead of 3. That same day a bill is generated for the heat rate for £868. It is based on an estimated opening meter reading for heat. I am told again a week later on the telephone that my account would be credited to zero - clearing balance of £868 as per write off letter and to disregard any more bills/reminders and to wait during process. In Nov 14 I call again and am given apologies for distressing letters & assured case is with correct back office team. Promised that a correct bill should arrive soon showing the cleared balance of £868.72 and they had correct meter readings so a new bill would generated. I then receive a bill for £1,433, followed by ‘Our right to enter your home’ letter – with an outstanding balance £976. In December 2014 after numerous complaint calls I am given a new complaint reference number and assured collections will stop. In Jan 15 I receive a complaint deadlock letter refusing to remove the balance as promised and referring me to Ombudsman and I begin the Enquiry process. In Feb 15 I give new meter readings and receive a bill for £1481 - Tariff: Standard SC ROB Heatwise 1. I pay £505 for accurate energy usage calculated using my correct meter readings between Nov 14 and Feb 15 (leaving the disputed £976). At the end of Feb the Ombudsman says Npower incorrectly offered to write off the Sept 14 bill for £868 and that I should be given a £25 goodwill payment for the misinformation but that the outstanding balance remained. I did not agree with the Ombudsman proposal and it was reviewed in March 15. I complain that the meter reading Npower used to calculate the opening heat rate was an estimate because it had not been showing on the meter. As this was not part of the original complaint to the Ombudsman they advise me to contact Npower directly. I contacted Npower who agree to work out an accurate opening meter reading but I did not accept the Ombudsman proposal as I still hadn’t had an accurate bill and felt they had not helped resolve my issue with Npower. In April 15 we move out of the property and I give final meter readings and new address. On 1st May 15 they send: An amended bill to our old address for £1318. A letter saying because I’d rejected Ombudsman remedy my complaint has been closed thus exhausting the complaints process and balance is £1362. And a Final Bill for £1452 (the Tariff has now changed to Standard SC ROB 7 Hour Weekend Off-Peak) I call to complain about tariff changing and am told they've re-opened case though they believe bill is correct. Throughout May and June they send another Amended bill, numerous complaint reference letters, and Final demand and Act now to avoid court letters – all to the old address. I email the CEO disputing the Historic debt and Amended Bill and request again that our address be updated and debt recovery stopped. The complaint is logged and I’m given a new reference number. In July I start to get calls from Debt Managers Services attempting to recover a debt of £1,612. In August I receive 5 more amended bills each for a different amount. Throughout Sept and Oct I receive letters from Debt Managers saying my account is on hold while they await instruction from Npower. In January 16 I receive a letter from Npower with a ‘Notice of intention to file a default on your credit file’. Outstanding balance £1452. In February I email complaining that my complaints have not been handled properly and ask about the compensation arrangements Npower agreed with Ofgem. Executive Complaints reply to say I have exhausted thier complaints process and they will not look to raise a new complaint in relation to this query and refer me to their Legal Team. I point out that the Ombudsman instructed me to re-contact Npower to recalculate opening meter reading to which they had agreed. In March 16 Executive Complaints then reply with an incorrect opening meter recalculation (they use accurate winter heat readings to calculate an average daily usage and apply it to 497 days i.e saying we’d use the same heat in summer as in winter!) and advise me again to proceed legally. Moorcroft Debt Recovery begin pursuing the debt and in desperation to resolve this I contact the Citizens Advice Extra Help Unit, who help vulnerable consumers, and they agree to mediate with Npower on my behalf. They challenge Npower throughout March and April but are told Npower's final position was that they would not be opening the case and referred me back to Ombudsman or to take legal action. The amended bills – Falsifying meter readings and placing us on the wrong tariff Having now examined the 5 amended bills of Aug 15 I can see that they have previously tried to ‘re-estimate the bill’ by falsifying meter readings - changing accurate readings into estimates to justify their original estimated opening reading. All these estimates are entirely inaccurate suggesting that I have used thousands of heat units in summer periods when the night storage heaters were switched off. I am suspicious that NPower have chosen to amend the bills with estimates from May 2014 (instead of the 2013-14 winter prior to that when the disputed energy was apparently used) in order to avoid the back billing regulations. I have also asked repeatedly why the Bill that I paid in Feb 15 was cancelled, amended and then re-calculated at a higher unit rate for heat (7p per unit became 12p). No one has addressed this concern. Our tariff appears to have changed from what I understood to be the Economy 10 tariff: Standard SC ROB Heatwise 1 to Standard SC ROB 7 Hour Weekend Off-Peak. At no point did we ever ask to switch tariff or were we offered any explanation as to why the unit price and tariff had been changed, despite me asking on numerous occasions for clarification. Harassment and marking my credit file I have been threatened with court proceedings multiple times, they refuse to put a hold on their collections process so I am still having to deal with debt collections agencies, NPower may have shared data which will impact my credit record and they say this cannot be amended because they claim the outstanding balance is correct and remains payable. They now say I need to proceed legally. My time, stress and worry I have spent innumerable hours dealing with all of this, trying to decipher what has gone on, examining 15 bills, complaining by telephone and email, going through an Ombudsman enquiry that did not help to reach a resolution, and working with Citizens Advice, all of which equates to weeks worth of my time. I have had countless sleepless nights and shed many a tear worrying about everything and feeling bullied by this huge corporation who seem to operate so recklessly with no regard for how peoples lives are affected by this level of stress that they cause. And throughout this period we have a chronically sick child with a rare blood disorder who has been in and out of hospital and Great Ormond St Hospital. Our now 3 year old daughter was first admitted to hospital in a life threatening condition in Oct 14 and has since been admitted 10 times, which Npower have been aware of. I have had to take my energy away from caring for my child to dedicate to unraveling all of this mess and that is extraordinarily painful for me. I am now fully prepared to take legal action, although I have no idea how to do this and do not have any access to financial support or legal advice. I feel completely daunted by the task and almost cannot bear the stress and time of pursuing it further but it seems to be my only route forward. I want to seek damages to be remunerated for this utter failure to handle my complaints and to bill me accurately. NPower’s conduct is far from fair or transparent and does not meet their standards of conduct by a long way. I refuse to be victimized. I realize that this has been a long read and I really appreciate any advice that others can give for me to take this forward legally. Very best wishes D
  8. I want to take a small claims action against my council but I do not know to whom I address the suit/claim. I mean in a normal law suit it would be the CEO, XXXX Ltd, but in the case of my council should I sue -'The Mayor and Burgesses Council xxxxxx' -& address the claim to him, or do I address the claim to the - CEO of London Borough of XXXXXX ref, TVs 'The Sherrifs are Coming' and they had high Court write against 'The Mayor & Burgesses Havering Council' . Thanks for any help.
  9. Hi-a company has essentially not paid £300 of mine. I recently sent a final demand letter via tracked post and i can see that it was not sign for at the other end, it is actually being sent back to me. They are also not responding to emails although they were responding before. Can someone please tell me how i would go about suing the company. thanks!
  10. Not sure if this is the correct section to post,so mods,please move it if necessary. What chance has my wife of suing our local council for causing her stress?? My wife and I own a flat that we have put up for sale.It is empty and ready to move into,having just been decorated and carpeted throughout. We have had over 15 viewers since mid january,but all have said that although the flat is nicely presented,the upstairs flat puts them off buying ours. The flat above ours has 3 smashed windows at the front,and 2 smashed windows at the back.There is also a pile of discarded furniture on the balcony.the tenant is known to the council and police for drug dealing.The windows have probably been smashed by dealers that the tenant owes money to. I contacted the council around mid february over my concerns to the flat, and how it blights the neighbouhood, and has turned away potential buyers for our flat.They promised that the furniture would be removed by last week,but by yesterday,it was still there.They also promised thta the smashed windows would be replaced.Again,as of yesterday,the smashed windows are still in. I rang my estate agent yesterday and asked why he thinks the flat isn't selling.His reply,was that although the viewers like the flat,the state of the flat above has put them off, causing them to think it is a rough area,and giving them cause for concern.He said there were 2 recent viewers who took 1 look above my flat and walked away without even stepping foot inside my flat.He is going to email me his findings, and will see if any of the viewers would be willing to make a statement sharing their reason why they didn't want to purchase the flat. All this has caused my wife stress and sleepless nights,and financial hardship as we are having to pay full council tax each month, as well as water rates and electricity bills each month.My wife is having to visit her G.P. next week to increase the medication that she is already on. Our flat is the cheapest for sale in a 10 mile radius,yet other more expensive flats within our vicinity are selling. my question is:- Does my wife have a good enough case,(especially with documentary evidence of why the flat hasn't sold),to sue the local council for neglect to their property, failure to carry out repairs,and causing my wife stress/sleepless nights?? Incidentally,when I was on the phone to my estate agent,I was in the communal car park where my flat is, and several council workers were there repairing broken fences and trimming lawns.The housing officer and manageress were also there, heard my conversation, and when I had finished, spoke to me saying that they are on top of it, but they aren't,because nothing has been done.They can't even gain access to the balcony because the tenant has barricaded the door from the inside. Any help would be greatly appreciated.Both my wife and I are at our wits end.
  11. Hi, on 25th I was taken 244,61f from my account by Direct Debit from O2. They said it was mistake but I know people that was edited like that before. O2 said to use Indemnity Claim (firstly they said they are refunding me but after few chats they said they didn't - pure edited). I contacted Barclays like 5-6 times. Everyone edited or ignores the matter. I have proof on chatts that different customer service write that indemnity claim is succesful and I will get my money back but after 2.5 days I don't have nothing. I have just called on barclays helpline and some guy edited told me that they need 2 more days (he didn't even check anything). I told that I want to speak with Branch Manager - he told ok and put me on hold and then he disconnected !! I have a problem because now I am abroad - normally I would go to the bank and won't leave without my money. Just a good thing I know now that Barclays are edited same as O2. Never go to them. I am taking my money from their accounts as soon as I can. What should I do with 244,61f - should I sue them? Barclays as an UK bank is obligated to use in this matter DD guarantee - and I should get my money asap. Tomorrow I will propably call a lawyer and will see how it goes from there.
  12. I was taken by a confidence trickster on Gumtree last week to the tune of £730. they got me to transfer the money to a Barclays account and used a passport and Barclay's account statement to establish that he was bonafide. A few days after the money was transferred, I got an email from Gumtree to say that this person was a fraudster. I contacted Action Fraud (which only seems to be a way for the police to do absolutely nothing about fraud), my own bank, Santander (who told me as I had willingly paid the money, I couldn't claim from them) and Barclays, from whom I have just had an out-of-office email reply. First things first - how is bank transfer fraud and different from credit card fraud? In both cases the money is paid willingly, yet you are covered when you are defrauded by credit card. The next thing is, how could Barclays have allowed this criminal to open and operate an account with them. If the details he gave me are as a result of identity theft, then the bank should know this. Anyone who opens a bank account has to supply personal details which the bank has to check vigorously to ensure they are legitimate. So as far as I'm concerned, Barclays hasn't done enough to ensure I was not a victim of fraud by one of their customers. So would it be feasible to sue Barclays to have my money repaid, based on these reasons?
  13. Scottish Power Scottish power causeway Wilderspool causeway Warrington WA4 6QD This is not the head office of ScottishPower – but it is the address of a major customer service centre with at least 100 customer service operatives and over 50 other support staff. If you have made your energy contract in England/Wales and you live in England/Wales then you can sue ScottishPower in England/Wales if you have an address for service within the jurisdiction. This address in Warrington will be fine. Don't worry about having to sue out of the jurisdiction in Glasgow or any other thing like that. A few more people suing these inept and irresponsible energy companies like ScottishPower and npower will do the whole of the consumer environment a lot of good. So come on people – bring it on.
  14. I apologise if this is all over the show as im still extremely upset and its all still fresh. I basically posted a product which I sold to someone worth £200, I posted this product (to Manchester) yesterday late afternoon and it has come to light this morning that this is a fraudulent act as all emails sent to me from Paypal were indeed fake emails and the buyer is a fake buyer, I came to light of this when I called Paypal this morning with concerns of seller protection after reading lots of fraud stories about sellers/buyers on Paypal. They told me the emails were fake, etc. The transaction for the payment was also fake. Now I assume this parcel wouldn't have gotten too far with it being late afternoon yesterday and it being Sunday today, this has been posted Special Delivery Guranteed, recorded and signed for. I immediately call Royal Mail after getting off the phone to Paypal, and Royal Mail said i needed to get in contact with the police and log it as a fraudulent act, I was directed to action fraud online but phone lines are closed on weekends and the website to get in contact with police if it was fresh and lines were closed, so i did, they took down information from me and have booked me in to see someone at the police station tomorrow morning, since booking this the police station have called me back twice double checking information and taking down the "buyers" home address, where the product is being delivered to. I phoned Royal Mail again to see if they can do ANYTHING, I made them fully aware I am in contact with the police, i have a crime number and im seeing them tomorrow, I told them that i didnt want to come and get the parcel cause i understand they just cant, but to maybe at least hold on to it for 24 hours, they tell me over and over they cant do anything. Police contact me after this phone call to see if i tried anything with Royal Mail, i tell them they cant do anything. Now I understand rules, policies and all that which is why i didnt ask to come and get the parcel or to change delivery, But they are aware there is fraudulent activity is going on so i was a bit annoyed they couldnt keep hold of this for a day or something, Im wondering that if the police can not stop this and the "buyer" has gotten away with this if theres any kind of compensation I can claim on Royal Mail, especially since i made Royal Mail make some kind of note on their system that this is going on, which the lady said she made a note though it wont improve my situation. I did try to post a link from Royal Mails website stating some things around fraud but because of post count it wont allow me to post links but it states: Insure high-value goods If you are sending something valuable, use Special Delivery Guaranteed™, which will give you up to £2,500 compensation. Seller protection schemes will protect you against a fraudulent claim if you get a signature on delivery. (Sorry for the essay) Any help is appreciated, so upset with myself for not detecting or smelling this a mile off.
  15. Hi All, its been a while, but i have a question i need answering. A Spanish Company have supplied goods to a uk company a sole trader, the company is spanish and has a spanish address. They have a uk agent who acts for them as an individual and works on commision. The Agent has issued a claim against the uk company sole trader via MCOL for non-payment of invoice, the reason it was not paid was the items supplied were at fault and the UK agent refused to accept a return. The agent has issued on behalf of the spanish company although the company who is owed the funds is a spanish entity. how does Juristiction stand? should they be using the european money order route? On The POC the Agent lists the name of the spanish company not his own name. can this get this struck out?
  16. Another gold digger. Instead of having him charged with assault, he has decided he would rather have money no doubt spurred on by an ambulance chaser.
  17. Hi, I took a company to court and the day before the hearing their solicitor called and agreed a settlement sum. He then wrote to the court to say we had settled. The next day before the hearing we signed a consent order (myself and the third party solicitor). I went to the hearing and the judge put through an order as per the consent. The third party did not pay and despite chasing their solicitor he always said "I'm waiting further instructions". During the claim I did not speak or deal with any of the third party, only their solicitor. The company went into liquidation some 6 months later and I am not getting any payment (nothing left liquidator says). Can I sue the third party solicitor as he signed the consent order and I believed his client will pay? Solicitor says this was not an undertaking, just following instructions. Thanks.
  18. Hi, I'm new to this but am hoping someone can help! A car we bought was seriously faulty and the chap we have been in communication with doesn't want to know. We are therefore taking him to the small claims court. The car was advertised on the internet by a limited company, let's say ABC Limited of 123 Computer Drive, however, we were told to make our cheque payable to Mr DEF of the same address. We have since established that Mr DEF is a Director of ABC Limited and we think is the chap we have been communicating with (the emails were from "[email protected]). I don't know if it matters but ABC Limited only became a limited company two days after we sent our cheque to Mr DEF. My problem is who do I sue? Do I name ABC Limited as the Respondent or Mr DEF or do I name Mr DEF trading as ABC Limited. I do hope someone will be able to help. In anticipation. thank you.
  19. Long but i would appreciate some answers, im so sick of these people and their treatment against me, so i beg you help if you can. I lived in one of their properties after coming out from a woman refuge for 4 years with no problems, however my ex boyfriend found me and kept harassing me. I was living in Brent (lets say) and on my report from the police and national DV workers it CLEARLY stated i cannot be re housed in Brent. However i was re housed in Brent, i took this property as i was TOLD if i refused it i will be kicked off the management transfer list as im only allowed ONE choose. so im in the same borough i was fleeing and told not to be housed in. Whilst at this property i had a woman upstairs who racially abused me, harrassed me and threatened me several times. she never admitted to racially abusing me but she did admit to the neighborhood manager, knocking on my door to start arguments (harrassment) and banging on the floor at me (harassment) she was also recorded as i had noise recorders in my flat banging around on purpose to harrass and upset me, however because i only recorded for 5 days and not the whole 14days they said it isnt a "pattern" even though legally a pattern constitutes of more than two occurrences. I also contacted the police who didnt do anything, nobody wanted to do anything. In fact they didnt even want to move me only because i brought up i wasnt meant to be housed in Brent they moved me again. I actually developed BAD depression from all of the above. I was pregnant and i lost my baby from the stress. I have a claim with the Housing obud but they have a "backlog" of work and a year later still NO answer from them. so again im only allowed ONE choose as it is management transfer and im now in Camberwell london again had issues with the neighbor downstairs, he constantly knocked on my door, followed me to the end of the road, stared through my windows, had some stuff on cctv and he admitted to knocking on my door. This time the police were great however Had to go to top management for my neighborhood manager to even tell him to leave me alone. They kept saying its a "police matter" even though it says in the tenancy to not harrass other tenants Instead my NHM was more interested in harrassing me about getting carpet as the man downstairs kept complainin , as when i moved i left my job and was on benefits i had no money to get carpet, so i again had to go to top management to get £300 worth of vouchers for carpet, which ONLY covered a hallway, the flat is BIG NHM never addressed the fact the guy downstairs was harrassing me, in fact none of them did they seem to justify his stalking behaviour with the fact i didnt have carpet like that some how means he is allowed to stalk me because im making normal living noises. NOWHERE in my tenancy does it state i MUST have carpet, it just says you cannot have laminate flooring. they blackmailed me because they gave me £300 which didnt even cover the flat, they constantly mentioned this £300 and said i will have to give it back if i somehow dont carpet the whole flat with this £300 the flat actually cost £800 to carpet and underlay, thats CHEAP carpet too Now final issue the guy upstairs to me has laminate flooring, this is making it very noise upstairs, i have complained about it and stated i was told i had to carpet my flat (even though i could of had vinyl or lino due to tenancy) and again they bring up the £300 vouchers they also said to me that the man upstairs is just normal living noise and they will have to prove he is intentionally making noise i asked them if thats the case why wasnt i considered normal living noise when the man downstairs was complaining about me instead i was harrassed and blackmailed and they said because i had no flooring which i stated is untrue as i had carpet in my living room within 3 weeks of being here and he was complain about noise from the living room. they said guy upstairs has old tenancy and it doesnt say anything about laminate flooring i said well mine doesnt say anything about carpet but i still laid carpet and was told to lay it. QUESTION: I find their treatment of me very unfair, anytime i have a complaint it is brushed off, anytime anyone complains about me it is legitimate. They discriminate against me, ignore me, harass me and apply the tenancy when it comes to me but when it comes to others the tenancy doesnt include. they refuse to deal with harrassment which is stated in the tenancy they refuse to deal with noise nuisence which is in the tenancy for me but for guy downstairs they dealt with it what can i do? (i know some people may think im a nightmare, im not, im an easy target, im 21yrs old, short female who is usually home alone doing my uni work, im an easy target for bullies which is why i get into so many issues) just to add, when i made a complaint about the guy upstairs and his walking in boots on laminate flooring, he got the letter and came and banged on my door bout 20times in a row. I was asleep and he woke me up, it sounded like a police raid no joke. When i complained the next day to the Housing management they said he only wanted to talk to me i said NO this is untrue he wanted an argument, why wopuld you knock on someones door so much and i KNOW if i was a male he wouldnt of been bang down my door like that. they again brushed it off saying the guy is reasonable and i should talk to him, which tbh i dont want to i find him creepy. this guy has started to run up the stairs and stamp on the floor ever since i complained about him, but HM ignore it and act like im making it up because the guy has been here for 8 yrs with no complaints. but they fail to aknowledge the fact his flat has mostly been vacant within those years and the last main tenant who lived here was a deaf old women. the man upstairs thinks he owns this flat, he used to get his visotrs to press MY bell (because its so loud due to the last deaf tenant and his is broken) the fact that he even brings up he has been here 8yrs is irrelvant
  20. Need some help please a few years ago i could not work and fell behind with my council tax and was taken to court which was my fault and i took it on the chin and agreed to pay the arrears off at £100 per month this plan is up to date and has never been missed. However the council use the same agreement number for arrears and the currant years tax and this is where the problem is. I was sent a letter to say i had missed payments on the currant years tax which i had not so i spoke to the council and they said they would sort it, next thing i know is a summons is at my door. So i attend court and provide receipts that show all my payments have been made both on the arrears and on the currant years so both are up to date. The council do not take records to court so could not comment and asked for the case to be brought back to court in a months time. So i attend court again and the council admit they have taken this years payments and taken them off the arrears along with the £100 i have been paying for the arrears. The summons is withdraw so i have now had 2 days off work travel to and from the court because the council made a mistake. I find it hard they they could not have withdrew the summons the moment they found out saving me a day of work and trip to the court so i am planning to sue them for the cost of my days work and travel to court
  21. Hi all, Few months ago I have been assaulted by several persons (causing serious and remaining injuries) and then made a complaint but for unknown reasons (despite of cctv clearly identifying my offenders) I have been informed that my complaint/file has been closed for lack of evidence: I am also trying to save money in order to move and later hire a private detective for an investigation regarding my assault with a better standards. However, as I stiĺl at the moment working in the same area than my offenders, these lasts are trying to work by harassment and intimidation (obviously using other people (who even told me that my case could be worst)). Few days ago, one of their friends who is a lady wrongly accused me of assaulting her and callex the police to me.When I have been put on custody by the police due to the wrong behaviour of some officiers (an few days before) I signed a statement drafted by a custody solicitor saying that I recognised a crime I didn't commit. I have been now wrongly charged for a common assault that I didn't while I am innocent (I have refused the caution). The trial at a Magistrate Court will be next tuesday but despite of my low income I have not been granted legal aid. As a resutlt I would like to know how I can make my own defence. Can I send a written statement to the court before the trial (by special delivery explaining that I am totally innocent)? Thanks in advance.
  22. Hi My name is Yasmin. I live in London. And I am about to show consumers what 02 are capable of. I want to sue 02 because while I was in dispute with them over a contract they mis-sold to me - they refused to listen, did not once pick up the phone to me. Moreover never answered my questions nor launch an investigation into how they sold me a contract when I expressly told the sales agent I wanted to buy a mobile phone meant for a minor then aged 10 who needed it for her first day at new Secondary school where she would be travelling alone to and fro. Prior to this I had been using pay as you go - the agent advised me that there was a cool new package that was designed to help control spend and that is was called Simplicity. And that she would be given enough mins to ensure that she can report in and for ant emergencies - he told me that if I stuck to PAYG she may get stranded and need that possibility to make that call to keep herself safe. I said ok. As he seemed so lovely and I kept telling him I had never bought a mobile contract for a child before and wanted to do right by her and my money as I was on a strict budget. I told 02 the contract had to be fixed - the agent promised me it was ok I need not go for PAYG and recommended the 'Simplicity' package. But in 2015 I know noted he did not tell me that this contract was a walking bankcard nor did he set any bars. Or explain what limits. 02 gave no info to me. This why I accuse them know of secretly blinding consumers by selling unlimited data contracts - which they wait to rack up charges on. The 02 agent then secretly, without my knowledge sold me an unlimited SIM card/contract (I was so happy to buy this as a Xmas present) - which in 2014 the child now aged 13 took abroad. It got lost. She got scared to mention it. As soon as I found out, I cancelled it. And I was lucky enough to cancel my direct debits as if I had not done so 02 would have swept my bank account of the entire amount the thief had racked up. Once I then started to ask for help it became a dispute as they kept telling me I had to pay. I told them this was mis-selling but the complaints system is set up to make life so hard. 02 then spent months leading me round the houses. They outsourced my complaint. The phone bill which after I reported it grew to £312.71. I kept asking how can this be? I wanted to pay what I owed. But they just would not talk to me. Here is the contract - can you see anywhere it mention that it was unlimited data card? They told me it as a 'Simple' contract (see attached) - how can you call something simple then allow for call/data charges to be applied - internationally? Attached: 1. 02 contract with personal details deleted - but sales agent to reinforce to me how much I can expect to pay each month 2. 02 contract T&Cs (no mention of data or call charges internationally) My issues: I informed them at around the same time that I was a survivor of abuse and therefore need all the pennies I can get. Every penny was tight and I was in a huge personal crisis. I wanted 02 to just to take monies for what I ordered. I was happy to pay the £10 that was due but 02 never accepted that. They never once picked up the phone to me. They did offer to reduce the bill but they never gave me a breakdown of how the newly reduced figure was worked out. The CEO Ronan Dunne was informed that during this time I was also a survivor of domestic abuse - he and his team refused to listen or help and kept demanding I pay the reduced amount. 02 then handed me over to Badenoch & Clarke - who were bailiffs - when they heard my story they were so horrified and halted it - and told me that at no point were they made aware that there was a dispute over mis-selling. My incident is proof that 02 set us consumers up, make it vague and a quagmire to debate or challenge mis-selling and then - cart you across to the conveyor belt of debt - and trash credit reports as punishment for daring to challenge them. Failure by 02 to take the issue of misselling - even now I have contacted the MEP, Ofcom - and they seem very vague and woolly. Hypocrisy by 02 - see image below of Ronan Dunne - yet he says publically one thing and did the other - to me. I even wrote to him but his email account blocked me. Now that these unfair charges have been racked up - 02 refuse to accept or discuss that the contract was for a minor. Nor will it comment why the agent wrote in his handwriting £10.50 verbally (then wrote promotion on the contract) and why they say 'basics data' will not explain why they did not write that this contract was clearly an unlimited sim card (aka walking bank card). 02 say as I am the person on the contract - I am the adult. I must pay. But this is why we consumers in 2011 were blind folded - as today all the retailers esp Tesco Mobile which is powered by 02 I believe now have strong capping. Why are telecoms companies allowed to sell walking bankcards - at least to use these you need a sim - why is the telecoms industry so irresponsible in selling us contracts for minors - when they knew how dangerous it can be. And that there must now be a default which stops consumers from racking up charges for data or for international calls. FYI Until this loss/theft of the mobile phone incident I paid on time - 100% of the amount due since Nov 2011. I of course wrote to Ombudsman - who did not read my complaint properly. Nor addressed mis-selling issue at all and supported 02's stance - that it was fair to reduce the bill as 02 suggested. This was a disgrace and now I am still waiting for Ofcom to reply. I was forced to complain about the Telecoms Ombudsman and there was an independent investigator who upheld my complaint and offered me compensation. This is why I decided to sue 02 after Telecoms Ombudsman - screwed up. Not once did they try to help me and moreover I found evidence they were supporting 02 - when they ought to be impartial. Damages. This is the effect on my life. How much is this worth? You see prior to this I had never been turned down for credit and always paid my way. I am now so reduced and battling 02 who seem to think they have gotten away with this. I am just trying to find the money to sue them via the small claims court. Stress, mental exhaustion Unable to kickstart my new business - which is now on hold. Sept 2014 - failed remortgage due to adverse credit report filed just by 02 - this was supposed to have paid all my debts and raised money to invest in my start up business April 2014 due to inability to get remortgage forced to enter an IVA July 2015 trying to obtain a tour operator's license. Been told that due to poor credit score and IVA unlikely that I will get merchant facilities. August 2015 - obtained a letter in principle to take my business products to a top London venue - where I can sell these as a commercial concession. Due to inability to find investment/sponsorship or money - I will now be forced to lose this opp. This is why I now am so shocked 02 have done this and did so - even with permission of exec office who refused to discuss mis-sselling with me. They just would not call me and refused to have any sympathy and refused to explain their contract. In fact they told me they were licensed to charge us what they want as the sim was unlimited (even though they called it simplicity) - utter madness. Questions: What would you do? Has anyone had the same happen to them? Is it solved? Unresolved? If the latter please get in touch with me as maybe we can do a class suit. I think there are more consumers out there but it takes a mighty persons to still remain standing as I think 02's complaint procedure is designed to ensure consumers like us who accuse them of mis-selling are sent via a maze - never to emerge and complain or be successful. Which small claims court process should I pursue? There are 2 - but it depends on how much you sue for and then of course there are relevant fees attached. Which would you best advise? What do you think is the damages I am due? And which court should I go via?
  23. Since privatisation of RM is it now possible to sue them in the County Court? For example - refusing to pay out on lost mail which has a valid Certificate of Posting or Registration receipt (in the case of overseas mail). Or for not providing the service paid for - such as signature on delivery in the case of Recorded Delivery. I'm getting fed up with the regular run around with feeble excuses such as 'it must have been delivered as the postman would have shoved in through the letter box' for RD items and so on.
  24. ...but I need to know what the statute of limitations is. He finished his shoddy work in December. Main thing he did was drill through the damp course all over the flat to put in new sockets. His wiring was also shocking - pun intended but true. There were sparks coming out of the wall and there was damp all round them. Highly dangerous. That set off a chain reaction and I fired him and got another builder in to fix his work and it cost me £10000. The whole flat needed to be done. I already paid him £6500. Apart from the money I also had the inconvenience of living in a building site for 3 months. What is the cut off period. How long do I have before I won't be able to sue him? Is it 6 months? One year? Please advise. Thank you.
  25. http://diaryofabenefitscrounger.blogspot.co.uk/2015/01/new-job.html The worst part of this is she went from being deemed unfit for work indefinitely to a £60k salaried management position, a nice point for IDS to press i am sure. Is she a sellout or could she do some good from within? (Her own words)
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