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  1. I confirm that it works fine (it was due to my android browser).
  2. A caution was offered to me at the police station but I refused it. I am unfairly charged of an actual body harm with no injury.
  3. My written will contains reliable facts with reference numbers (explaining the wrong statements I provided when I was in custudy) provided by the police, especially one day when I have been hit on my bike by a car at a high speed (I believe on purpose) but instead of doing their jobs in accordance to the officers prferred to make jokes with the unlawful driver and refused to make any investigation.
  4. No, I haven't this since it seems impossible to have them on phone. Ideally, what I would like is to postpone the trial for three months in order to pay by myself my own solicitor.
  5. Hi all, Few months ago I have been assaulted by several persons (causing serious and remaining injuries) and then made a complaint but for unknown reasons (despite of cctv clearly identifying my offenders) I have been informed that my complaint/file has been closed for lack of evidence: I am also trying to save money in order to move and later hire a private detective for an investigation regarding my assault with a better standards. However, as I stiĺl at the moment working in the same area than my offenders, these lasts are trying to work by harassment and intimidation (obviously u
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