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  1. No i do not have a dog. I am frankly surprised at some of the sexist "blame the victim" responses here: I have no idea why I, a woman who lives alone, am being targeted - you would have to ask royal mail staff. I suspect for identity theft because everything "missing" is sensitive, eg bank account details, cards, NI number, etc. I have been to POSTRS, they were useless; they will only comment on Royal Mail's failure to follow its own complaints process correctly, nothing else. As stated, I have reported the harassor to the Met. I was advised to gather more e
  2. Hi all For 18 months, Royal Mail has failed to deliver around 70% of my mail. In addition, my bank has written at least 4 times to say Royal Mail staff are returning my mail to sender claiming they cannot access my address and / or I have moved. Both are malicious lies. I have made at least 10 complaints and they simply deny their staff are doing it - but have not asked to see the letters from my bank. I reported it to Action Fraud who say there is nothing they can do - last letter from Action Fraud did not even reach me, like much of my mail. For the past year, the delive
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