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  1. No i do not have a dog. I am frankly surprised at some of the sexist "blame the victim" responses here: I have no idea why I, a woman who lives alone, am being targeted - you would have to ask royal mail staff. I suspect for identity theft because everything "missing" is sensitive, eg bank account details, cards, NI number, etc. I have been to POSTRS, they were useless; they will only comment on Royal Mail's failure to follow its own complaints process correctly, nothing else. As stated, I have reported the harassor to the Met. I was advised to gather more evidence so am filming him when I see him. This is making him more aggressive. Met says they will not touch theft of mail and that it is a civil matter however I do believe it is a criminal matter. Evidence: I do not receive around 70% of my mail and one bank has written 4 x to say Royal Mail is claiming i no longer live here/that they cannot access the address, another bank wrote once to say the same. I cannot reasonably be expected to show they are opening the mail because I don't have access to any CCTV within the sorting office. But I can certainly prove it on the balance of probabilities, which is the burden of proof required for a civil claim. For a criminal claim, ie the harassment the burden of proof is "beyond reasonable doubt" hence continuing to collect video evidence. But as per my original post - i don't know on what basis I can - not the Provision of Goods and Services in any case. I do not have anyone who I can have post redirected to, not locally anyway. I have been to Royal Mail's security team too and they were not interested. My sense was that unless any corrupt activity involves loss of revenue for them, they don't care. I have now written to the chief exec who simply referred me back to the complaints dept - who simply send out generic responses to complaints without providing substantive answers. It seems royal mail staff are untouchable and can do just as they please without fear of repercussions. What are you suggesting? I am a 50 year old widow living alone. What else do you think is going on?
  2. Hi all For 18 months, Royal Mail has failed to deliver around 70% of my mail. In addition, my bank has written at least 4 times to say Royal Mail staff are returning my mail to sender claiming they cannot access my address and / or I have moved. Both are malicious lies. I have made at least 10 complaints and they simply deny their staff are doing it - but have not asked to see the letters from my bank. I reported it to Action Fraud who say there is nothing they can do - last letter from Action Fraud did not even reach me, like much of my mail. For the past year, the delivery officer has been harassing me on the street in retaliation for making complaints. I reported him to the Met police but don't yet have enough for a prosecution to stick: it's his word against mine so I am filming him every time he harasses me, which as you can imagine is only fuelling his aggression (i am a small female so it's pretty intimidating). The fall out from non del of mail has been considerable, missed hospital appointments, thrown off my medical consultants' lists for non attendance, mortgage problems, bank refusing to send documents to me because of the security risk, etc. I want to take Royal Mail to court but am aware of their indemnity clause. I cannot sue under Goods and Services because I have no contract: the contract is with the sender. None of the senders are prepared to get involved. On what premise could I sue them for interfering with my mail? The police say it is a civil matter even though it is technically a criminal offence as i understand it. I may have screwed up by sending them a letter before action in which i quoted the Goods and Services Act; I now realise I cannot use that premise. I would be immensely grateful for advice: essentially - on what premise can I sue for tampering with my mail?
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