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Found 19 results

  1. Hello, I was completing a credit check after being refused to get a specific type of finance and to my horror I found out I had been issued a CCJ on the 2/10/18. After ringing Northampton they informed me that the CCJ was issued over a parking ticket issued on the 30/01/17 by JD parking. correspondence to do with this had been sent to a previous address, and even when I was living at this address at the time of the alleged incident I never received any letters about receiving a parking ticket. Now the location that this occurred was at my friends flat where he has a parking
  2. I've been contacted all of a sudden after a 5yr gap of silence regarding a Barclayard they believe was mine, from my calculation it would be a few months off 6 yrs since this would be defaulted on. First letters were to say it had been transferred to Robinson Way and was quite nicey nicey, second was to say get in touch we could wipe off a quarter of what you owe, today's was we have looked at your account and believe we have enough to go for litigation and MAY pass this to Howard Cohen and co in 10 days and then it may go to court blahdy bla ~Is this a last gasp e
  3. Virtually all automakers (except for Tesla) are asking China to slow down electric car mandate. The auto industry is once again attempting to slow down the rollout of electric vehicles. Virtually all automakers, except for Tesla of course, have sent a letter to the Chinese government in an attempt to have them drastically weaken their zero-emission vehicle mandate. As we previously reported, China, the world’s biggest car market, has somewhat of an aggressive ZEV mandate that would force Automakers to have zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) represent 8% of new car sales as soon a
  4. Hi, I received my CCA from Aqua some time ago. For a while I thought that the CCA I received was actually for another account that I had also requested a CCA from. ...sometimes it gets confusing as you're no longer dealing with the familiar name but now various debt collection companies and the solicitors with unfamiliar refs! after realizing my mistake I sent in an offer of payment via email with my income/expenditure I was obviously too late two days later I received a court claim. I put in an acknowledgement to try to get a bit more time and see if I could a
  5. Hello. im new on here but ive been reading some of the threads with interest. In 2010 i took out a payday loan with Quickquid as my credit cards were maxed out at nearly 16k...... id just come out of a relationship that had left me financialy challenged. It was so easy to borrow from them ... had the loan and paid it off as planned. Anyway i had a 2nd larger loan when i needed work doing to my car....... this where it all went wrong because when it came to payday time i wasnt going to have enough money left to live on...... so i took out another payday loan with a different coma
  6. Hi Everyone, thanks for reading. I have 2 defaults amounting to about £15k. I went through the entire process of seeing if they were enforceable and it seems they are. So i just moved on, this was about 2 years ago. I was just waiting until they drop off after 6 years. But i heard somewhere that these guys can come back after 5 years and start threatening you with court action. I couldn't care less, but i don't want the CCJ and going through another 6 years of rubbish credit. Has anyone had experience of this and am i better off giving them a tiny settlement and just being done w
  7. I have received copies of letters sent to a person who parked in a car park managed by UKPC. Originally he got screen tickets slapped on his car and he ignored them and waited for the NTK. After just under 2 months he got letters thouth the post saying "final reminder" and they go on to say that he has been idnetified as the driver at the time by the keeper. Well, as the vehicle is his and he hasnt said a word i wonder how UKPC can leap to taht conclusion. It is more likely that they know they will have to spend good money making their case at POPLA so have
  8. I am not going to name names. I just read of one MP who claimed a Large amount for tidying up their constituency home and garden. Then votes for a cut in ESA of 30.00 a week. I am neutral but feel free to have a look around at MPS expenses in your Town,City,Vllage,Hamlet. For whatever year you would like to see. Does it matter that much whether the woodwork has six coats of Chelsea Blue paint or Postbox Red or whatever coulour you like. Or whether the grass,flowers look like Chelsea flower show or a bowling green. And all the rest you can think about. Aggregated Annual
  9. Hi all! I made a half hearted PPI claim v Barclaycard circa 2 years ago. As I did not escalate then I was under the impression that I could not go to the FOS now. On another ( MSE) site mentions that I CAN go to the FOS but only if I complain to BC again first.. any thoughts? Thanks
  10. Hi I am new to this forum , although did originally have some excellent help at the end of 2009 , from the original Penalty charges forum on other debt matters , so Im desperately hoping I can gain some help now in dealing with this final matter that is still ongoing since then and has now escalated to a CC claim being issued . Firstly I sincerely apologise for the length of this thread , Im just now desperate to know best action to take and so wanted to try and included all details that would be required. Im in a position of not knowing whether there are any grounds fo
  11. Ive never posted before and my spelling is really bad so I apologise in advance! I went to drive my car this afternoon and it was gone!! I panicked and called the police, they told me it had been towed due to no tax. I couldnt call the company because its shut. I checked online and said untaxed! I went in my direct debits and its still active, went to both dates (read somewhere they will take it 4 days after if failed) and a week either side of both and there is available money???! THEY HAVEN'T TRIED TO TAKE IT? Can anyone give me a reason w
  12. I had a couple of bank accounts dating back to around 2011 go deep into over draft and then I left the country and abandoned them. Not big, not clever, but it is what it is. These particular accounts I had attempted to claim the bank charges back on during the test case a number of years back and been refused when the test case failed. Now that I'm being chased for these debts I want to try claiming back the charges again, which I am fairly sure totalled around the amount, or even more than the debts (which are £2100 and £730 respectively). These charges, howev
  13. Hi all, Few months ago I have been assaulted by several persons (causing serious and remaining injuries) and then made a complaint but for unknown reasons (despite of cctv clearly identifying my offenders) I have been informed that my complaint/file has been closed for lack of evidence: I am also trying to save money in order to move and later hire a private detective for an investigation regarding my assault with a better standards. However, as I stiĺl at the moment working in the same area than my offenders, these lasts are trying to work by harassment and intimidation (obviously u
  14. Hi all, I was caught speeding a few weeks back, 106mph on a motorway. Going to court at the end of the month. I had no excuses or mitigating circumstances, I'm planning to hold my hands up and apologise, be humble etc.... My job involves driving to many different sites all around the country. I take lots of equipment so can't really get public transport. I plan to take a letter from my employer which says words to this effect. I basically want to get across that any disqualification will affect me (fair enough) but also affect my company, colleagues etc.... What should
  15. Hi Everyone, Newbie here who found this website whilst googling for information on F & F debt settlement offers. I'm looking for some advice please, on our next course of action. My husband and I jointly have 5 debtors, one of whom is our son. We used some of his inheritance money to try and pay off credit card debts when I was made redundant, something we are both deeply ashamed to admit. In 2010 we sought the help of the CAB who arranged a debt management plan with our debtors. We have been paying minimal amounts ever since as we have virtually no disposa
  16. I bought a salvage vehicle earlier this year. Repaired it. It was a cat. Then later on the car was reversed into by a tesco insured driver. My vehicle was taken away to the body shop while i had a courtesy vehicle. Two weeks later i was told that as my vehicle had been involved in a previous accident and the damage had not been fully repaired. My insurance company offerred me £100 as salvage and told me the vehicle would be a cat c. I asked for the engineers report which stated that the damage was similar to the damage the vehicle had
  17. In the middle of April last year my car was hit while on display at a car meet. The guy who drove into my car was sorry and admitted full liability. The next day I rang the local main dealer and asked to be put through to the body repair department. I explained what had happened and was told that someone would contact me to sort everything out. Within the hour I recevied a call from what I assumed was the garage. The chap on the end of the phone took some details of my car asked if it was roadworthy,which it was not. He said that I would have a replacement hire car at my home address the
  18. Hi , Good morning to all you cag's , there's something I wish to share with you, if you have had a mortgage, or a loan and paid it of early. A few weeks ago I wrote a letter to several banks and building societies requesting they look at the redemption sum I was given as it may of been miscalculated . yesterday I received a letter from Chelsea Building society stating that they had charged me £273.36 early repayment charge they should not have done they are paying it back with 8% int in the letter was a cheque for £408.22, I suggest Other people try the
  19. Hope someone somewhere can help as at end of my tether, for weeks now we have been messed about by the Benefits people, my JSA for contributions ran out in August and was told to fill in a form for income based JSA and that my wife could now be added, this we did, explaining my wife could not work due to undergoing tests etc so she got an exemption form, we took that to the Job Centre and waited and waited for money, many calls later we got a small amount but not back pay as was promised, they gave us a bit more, then last Thursday I signed on to be told they had lost my file and gave me a bit
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