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  1. UK first: Parents who lose a child entitled to bereavement leave READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/uk-first-parents-who-lose-a-child-entitled-to-bereavement-leave
  2. Ace and Studio customers who purchased optional accidental damage and theft insurance are entitled to a refund Through our own review we have identified concerns with this insurance, which was sold through the Ace and Studio brands, and have notified the FCA. We concluded, along with the FCA that the insurance did not provide adequate value to customers. Therefore, together with Assurant General Insurance Limited and ANV (which is now part of AmTrust at Lloyd's) who were at various times the underwriters of the insurance, we wish to put customers back in the position that they would have
  3. Ace and Studio customers who purchased optional accidental damage and theft insurance are entitled to a refund Through our own review we have identified concerns with this insurance, which was sold through the Ace and Studio brands, and have notified the FCA. We concluded, along with the FCA that the insurance did not provide adequate value to customers. Therefore, together with Assurant General Insurance Limited and ANV (which is now part of AmTrust at Lloyd's) who were at various times the underwriters of the insurance, we wish to put customers back in the position that they would have
  4. I got out a Carphone Warehouse contract on 14th of December 2017 after much haggling over prices. I called back after ordering it to find out if I am entitled to the free gift as I realised it wasn't mentioned when I took out the contract on the phone. I was assured I would get one sent with the Samsung phone (Free Samsung Gear VR offer). When the phone arrived, no free gift. I called up and was given a link to Samsung gift page to redeem the gift, I tested this out on the phone and the link was expired back in November and I told them this. They then told me it would be sent out on 28th
  5. Hi. For the last 3 years, I've been the carer for my wife. Through unemployment, we have a joint ESA claim. Due to unemployment, I had the spare time to look after her, and did as I imagine any partner would do. The claim is in my wife's name, we get £280 a fortnight, as she was last put in the work related group, although her advisor believes she should be in support... But we need to wait for the next medical, and the people doing that have previously failed her 3 times with 0 points, before we went to court each time and they found she should have scored between 10 and 16. An
  6. Hi All, Please bear with me. I was made redundant over a year ago, and as a single Mum, I've just started my own business, but am still relying heavily on benefits while I find my feet - financially. Our landlady's told us she's selling the house in June and as we've been here for 5 years and are so happy and settled, I'd love to somehow be able to buy it. The house is expected to go on the market for 220K. My mum recently sold her house and has a 30K deposit she can give us and I'm now considering the following options: 1. My ex, who earns a good wage (100K) can 'Buy to
  7. I work two days per week in an office and theres only myself and the boss on the payroll I have worked there since the start of 2014 I was told that they didnt do holiday pay Now, there have been times when I have been off work the odd day and they have paid me, that was in 2014, in 2015 and 2016 they havent, I have never taken time off when busy, and only when really slack. I keep getting told by friends I should get statutory holiday pay, and was pointed to the ukgov website, based on a two day week the entitlement should be 11.2 days annual leave. I have asked the q
  8. Hello you kind people. I believe my long standing case fighting an energy company has, to some extent, contributed to my anticipated divorce. After 42 years of marriage, I am considering divorce. Indeed as you always advise, there are many financial factors to consider. Nevertheless, in the absence of money, I need to make some preparations at this stage before letting him know of my action. My husband has a private investment pension pot. It is set up in connection to his company and he shares the scheme with one other director partner. I am sorry to describe
  9. Around £3.7 billion of benefits is going unclaimed by pensioners each year. A staggering 40% people haven't ever checked to see if they are eligible for help, with things like Pension Credit. Around half have no idea that, if they live alone, they can get 25% off their Council Tax, too. If an older person gets Pension Credit, it can free up a lot of other financial help as well, so it is well worth looking into. The charity has launched a free Moneywise advice guide for older people, their families and carers, which gives tips on how to make the most out of older people'
  10. Hi, I have googled this and am confused. I hope I am posting in the right place. My husband has been seriously ill for several years. He currently receives ESA and DLA. I get carers allowance for looking after him and IS as a top up payment. Recently I have started to get health problems. I cant find a way of finding out whether I can claim ESA or DLA as well as my husband. If I do claim benefit will we lose our carers allowance and IS? I don't want to poke a wasps nest and end up worse off than we are now. If anyone has any advice it would be appre
  11. I am hoping someone can give me some advice. My partner has been signed off work since September and has all his sick lines etc from doctor. His boss has point blank refused to pay SSP, has threatened us and has said he doesn't want him back but not given him a p45 or SSP1 form. We are dealing with a lawyer with regards to the refusal to pay SSP and unfair dismissal and the cases are progressing. However we have just been told that he cannot get ESA because he should be getting SSP and we have no way of proving that he is not getting it. His ex employers are not nice people, I don't need
  12. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/motorists-entitled-refunds-over-wrongly-issued-pcso-parking-203555260.html#4TDwUhA
  13. Hi Thank you very much for looking at my thread.........I was looking to buy a vehicle from an independent dealer After we had paid the deposit a friend suggested we HPi check the car, we had already asked the dealer and he mentioned that that they had done a HPi check as standard procedure. When we purchased a report it stated that the vehicle was a write off? Am I entitled to my deposit back? Thank you very much to all responders Kind Regards Nick
  14. Following the new regulations in April 2014 many people (in particular those who support the Freeman on the Land ideology) have tried to avoid bailiff fees by making payment direct to the court (in the case of court fines) or the local authority (in the case of council tax ). In the early months of the regulations many local authorities were still trying to grasp the new regs and computer systems needed to be updated and accordingly, the local authorities (and magistrate courts) were slowly coming to grips with the way in which payments made direct to them after a warrant had been issued s
  15. HI, My daughter has been working as a Teaching Assistant for a teaching agency for the past few years and been working at the same school since September last year. She only gets paid for the days she works so during the school holidays she doesn't get paid. My question is, should she be entitled to any holiday pay as she has been employed by them at the same school for the past 7 months and before that a different school for a year. I would appreciate any advice on this.
  16. In 2010 I had a hysterectomy due to cancerous cells in my ovaries. Following the operation I was very ill and didn't cope well with the immediate Menopause. It was also discovered at the time that a heart murmur I had, had for years was more serious than I was aware of. So serious I needed to have the Aortic Valve replacing. I was also diagnosed with early stages of COPD in the right lung. I worked full time and had held my position for 6 years. Just before I was diagnosed with Early stages of Ovarian Cancer my employers wife had come back from her maternity leave. On her return she mad
  17. Hi I am on on a low income JSA I have one child living at home, another returns at weekends and holidays from university, and am living off £80 a week. My husband deserted us and in divorce proceedings court ruled that the house is trust property. Although property is still in both his and my name.Can I claim housing benefit? Thank you
  18. Hello, I bought Modern Combat 5 for my galaxy S 2 in September, which was listed as compatible when I bought it. I downloaded it and it ran fine. Seems somewhere down the line though, they released an update that made my phone incompatible with the software. Google won't even let me search for it on their store anymore. When I it find on my computers browser, Google won't let me download due to not having any compatible devices. This is a fully released game btw, and not an early access. So I was curious if I should email their CS about a refund, or would it be a waste of t
  19. Hi all, I just have a question. My father is 73, retired, owns his own home and is a widower. He has a reasonable pension but would he be entitled to a council tax rebate as it is only himself and my younger unemployed brother that live in the family home? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  20. I am a adult learner studying at college for 15 and a half hours a week. Due to this I am unable to claim benefits as my course is classified as full-time. I do not have a part-time job and have been relying on my son and dad for assistance since September. However I am now in serious rent arrears and have had a Notice of Seeking Possession and have been informed that I can claim housing benefit and council tax reduction as a student however they will have to assess the benefit on my son's full-time income as I do not have any. I have tried to get hardship grants from college however I have b
  21. My friend has been married for 25 years. 10 month ago her husband left to go with another woman. He never contacted the children who are 17 and 14 and still in education. They run a business and until recently he was covering all the bills, she gave up work to do his paperwork and generally be his secretary. Last week he turned up and said he wanted the kids to live with him, they were happy about this and went. My friend is distraught. he has stopped her bank card and all money. She is still in the marital home but not for much longer as she has no mone
  22. My wife asked her employer recently if she could go term-term only, so we don't have to pay out expensive childcare costs when it is school holidays. Her employer agreed to this, but are querying her claim that she is still entitled to accrue holiday pay (either as time off during the term-time, or as extra pay equivalent to what she would have earned). Am I right in thinking that term-time members of staff are still entitled to accrue holiday pay?
  23. Hi. I just have a question regarding ESA. My husband had spinal surgery in October and has been on ESA since the end of September. He has received a letter saying he has to attend a medical on the 13th February but thats the day he is due back to work and all being well he will go back that day. Do I ring and tell them that he is back to work that day and they should cancel the appointment for the medical? Many Thanks
  24. At the time I got my job I was unemployed so didn't really have a lot of room for manure, If I turned the job down no JSA, and I never found out about the overtime clause until I had been in the job 2-3 weeks. I will be brutally honest, I'd rather not be there at all let alone stay any longer than necessary so this over time clause kills me. We already work 45 hours basic let alone over time, Is there anyway out? I know all about the 48 hour limit but its averaged out over X amount of weeks. Its the fact all plans have to be dropped as and when asked or your marched into the office
  25. jordigirl

    Am i entitled

    Got my letter from the dreaded atos assessment today. Do not qualify as I only scored 12 points seemingly I rang them up, to put in, what is now a mandatory reconsideration, which can take upto 2 weeks, but i will receive no money in the meantime. Is there anything else I can claim to put me over this time, This whole process has got me seriously stressed out Thanks for any advice
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