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Found 20 results

  1. I bouight a car from a private add in autotrader . I carried out an RAC hpi check and there were no issues. now a finance company (credit plus) claim its theirs and are taking me to court.
  2. Hi all, hope you can shed some light on this issue I am facing currently, 2 months ago I bought a second hand car from a local car dealer, I did a HPI check prior and it showed outstanding finance on the car I rang up both the car dealer and HPI to query it and I was told by both that it is a 'unit stocking' finance and it is commonly used by most car dealers to stock up cars on their forecourt and the finance would be paid off automatically within 2-3 days of purchase I went ahead and bought the car for above the average price due to it being in pristine condition with low miles etc.. I only realized recently that I still hadn't received the new V5 logbook in my name tried to ring the car dealer to see if they had forgotten to send of the old V5 to DVLA. After trying numerous times to get hold them I had no luck, they wouldn't answer their phones or no replies for emails etc, tried to go on their website and it was down too! I got very suspicious and did another HPI check on the car to my shock the vehicle Registration was showing 'at risk' on the security watch register! however it was not showing outstanding finance. I rang HPI and was told the security register was made by the financial company for whatever reason and gave me their contact number. I still haven't contacted them because I am seriously worried they could repossess the car. My question to you guys are should I mention about the HPI check I did prior to purchase or am I better off not mentioning it? my worry is they could say to me why did I buy the car if I knew there was outstanding finance on it? will the 'innocent consumer' rights be thrown out? if the 'unit stocking' finance on the car is still outstanding will the finance company chase after the purchaser or the car dealer? and what happens of the car dealer had gone bust? The car dealer at the time had many cars advertised on autotrader and even more on their website there was no reason for me to believe about their credibility or reputation. I have the receipt of purchase and the payment was made with a Visa debit card. If you guys could please advise me the best option I should proceed with I would be very grateful! Kind regards Ri.
  3. Can anybody explain what might have occured? Is the seller a shady Sam who hasn't disclosed this information? Is the HPI input wrong? 27th February 2014 - Registration Of Bike. 25th December 2013 - Written Off, Cat C.
  4. Hi. Looking for a bit of help. We have been stung by an unscrupulas seller. My 17yr old son bought a car for spares or repair, it needed quite a lot of work on it, it was a non runner. But based on purchasing the parts and doing the work myself, it was still a reasonable deal. If a garage was to have carried out the work it was over £500.00 of labour and around £300.00 of parts. So I bought the parts and did it myself. Now we have a letter from Santander saying they have an interest in the car (HPI outstanding) and have a claim on the car. I want to know what rights I have, the car was only worth £450.00 as a non runner but now I have repaired it its worth £1000.00. Do I have any rights, can I claim anything? The car was purchased in good faith, receipt was issued and the V5 supplied. Seller not interested in helping. Before the cries of should have had a HPI check, know that now, the initial cost was low and only student savings to pay for it, we only did basic checks, but car + repair cost its now worth a lot more.... Any ideas (legal) of any steps I can take.
  5. Hi Thank you very much for looking at my thread.........I was looking to buy a vehicle from an independent dealer After we had paid the deposit a friend suggested we HPi check the car, we had already asked the dealer and he mentioned that that they had done a HPi check as standard procedure. When we purchased a report it stated that the vehicle was a write off? Am I entitled to my deposit back? Thank you very much to all responders Kind Regards Nick
  6. I have recently tried to sell a car I used to tow my caravan. When the dealer checked with HPI they logged 5 problems the best being not my car and vin incorrect. When I checked with HPI company the dealer used they would not talk to me as I had not raised the original HPI check. I had topay £19.99 for a HPI check to find that the HPI data was some 6 months out of date.It took me 1 call to DVLA and 3 calls to HPI and the threat of recovering money I was losing with the dealer to get them to check with DVLA.It took HPI 2 weeks to correct their data. I was informed by DVLA that these HPI companies buy data from DVLA and have to keep buying updated data some HPI companies do not do this all the time maybe every 6 months. Problem with HPI data was that they had not updated their data for the last to 2 purchasers and when they had updated the data previous to this the VIN number had been entered less 1 character so was wrong etc. This cost me £450 reduction in price paid to me for car. I have reported this to ICO due to data not being updated correctly I would like you opinion with regard to issuing small claims for the my losses on the sale of the car, I have all paperwork re offered price and final price and recordings of phone calls (truecall) to HPI, DVLA and deler etc dpick
  7. I sold a motorbike on Ebay yesterday, the buyer messaged me and asked for the Reg Number and Chassis Number which is fair enough as he wanted to do a HPI check before arranging collection. He messaged me earlier to say thanks for those details and the search has requested the following: V5 registration document serial no and V5 registration document issue date. I wanted to check that he actually needs this information and why that information is requested before giving it out to him. Just making sure it's genuine info that's required as when I've done them in the past I've only needed the Reg Number. Thank you.
  8. Hi guys, i have a BPF fixed sum loan agreement which was taken out for purchase of an ex demo car from Hippo Car Leasing. The agreement is in my mothers name due to her having better credit than me, The problem is, i now want to sell the car and believe that under Fixed Sum Loan agreements, it shouldn't be secured against the car but a personal loan. I have HPI'd the car, and finance is showing on the car? I do not want to trade it in at a dealer, as it will have negative equity of around 3-4k as the mileage ive used is quite a bit more than normal. Basically what im asking is, can Barclay's add the car to the HPI register legally, as they have, and do i have any rights in asking them to the remove the HPI marker allowing me to sell the vehicle privately? Have attached the Loan agreement which we signed. Hope to hear from anyone with help.
  9. Hello again! I'm back with more issues again! haha. I swapped a 2006 BMW 330d that was a little worse for wear for a 2007 Seat Leon FR, using a website called Swapz. I obviously HPI'd it before hand and all come back clear, and as the cars where worth a similar value, and the BMW needed a little mechanical work I thought I got a good deal... Until someone messaged me on Facebook saying they had seen my car on a Seat Leon Page I had posted on, and they where going to swap for it but didn't as it had outstanding finance... I was quite blunt with them thinking they where taking the mick and said I'd HPI'd it and that all was fine. I even copied a screenshot of the Clear HPI into the conversation, and it was then I realised it didn't show finance details!! I then paid for a premium check with a different company, and sure enough it showed that it might have outstanding finance as the plate had been changed (it has a private one on it now) The chap who informed me was a motor trader who explained he had seen this before, and assumed it was a logbook loan. People take out logbook loans, then put the car on a private plate making it harder to trace before selling it on... Anyway... The HPI check I done told me to ring them for more info, so I did. The chap on the phone explained a little more, and then got in touch with the finance company to get some more info. It turns out the Company is Santander - and that the best advice is to go back to the person I got the car from, which isn't possible (he wasn't actually registered keeper on V5 as hadn't had it long!!) The Finance was taken out in July 2013, and I am the 3rd owner since then!! So, now what? The V5 is currently with DVLA, and the car will be registered to me at my home address any day now. Santander will obviously come looking for it, but where do I stand legally? I suppose first port of call is to find out what type of finance is held against the car, and how much outstanding?? Can anyone advise please? Thanks in advance, Tony.
  10. Hi all I purchased a used BMW from a local used car forecourt in October 2010. I p/x'd an Audi and paid the remainder in cash. In January the vehicle was clamped by a baliff for outstanding parking fines commited by the previous owner. The baliff released the clamp after i showed him my proof of ownership, V5 and insurance. However, as i was about to drive away, he shouted out, 'the car has come up as wanted for outstanding finance'. I drove away thinking what a load of rubbish! But when i got home i thought, let me conduct a full RAC HPI check, which i did and to my surprise, the vehicle does have outstanding finance. When i purchased the vehicle, i bought it in good faith from a car forecourt not expecting the vehicle to have any dodgy story behind it. I did conduct a HPI at the time, however, it was a text you back service which revealed limited data, those £4.99 checks. Since finding out the background of the vehicle via the latter conducted RAC HPI check, i have tried to contact the car forecourt only to find they have ceased to trade. The chap who was the trader is no where to be seen. The site is empty. I contacted the finance company, 'Blackhorse' and they insist the vehicle belongs to them. Blackhorse have sent me a questionnaire to complete but i am very afraid of the fact that they now know my details, my address and will come and recover the vehicle. This has left me very depressed. Will i lose this vehicle and the money i paid for it?? Do i have any grounds as to claim the vehicle as i cant claim from a trader that no longer trades or can be located? Do these questionnaires actually make any difference or are they a ploy to extract my details for the point of recovery for the finance company? Somebody please help. Thank you for your time
  11. Please, could anybody help with some advice. If an agreement was defaulted s87 1, then Terminated, then proceeded to court, and at court an order was made to adjourn with a liberty to restore, would................... 1) the agreement be restored. 2) The Termination revoked 3) The Default removed The way I see it, if the agreement was not put back prior to the creditors actions, then surely the account would still be terminated, am I right or wrong. Thanks. Happy New Year !!
  12. Hopefully I'm posting on the right forum: Does anybody know if there is any way of checking if a HPI check has been done on my vehicle? Cheers in advance
  13. I have recently bought a car from a well known motor store AC. One thing that was never offered was a hpi check. I am considering doing one just for peace of mind, dont suppose anyone has a spare code going? I notice over on MSE people exchange unused checks they have bought for other money saving codes, maybe we could do that here? http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=224393&page=6
  14. My Situation: I wanted to be a part time motor trader so I started a business registered with hmrc and got some motor trade insurance. I sold my car for the capital and bought a cheaper car to run around in off ebay. It turns out that this car has outstanding finance when I did a HPi check. I didn't do the check before I bought the vehicle as the advert said it was HPi clear. I contacted the finance company (Black Horse)stated on the HPi check and they informed me that they do hold title of the car due to there being outstanding finance on the vehicle. They asked me to fill in a questionaire to determine whether or not I was an innocent purchaser. I filled out the questionaire honestly. There was a question on there asking if I had anything to do with the motor trade and I said YES. I then received a letter saying that due to me being involved in the motor trade I was not an innocent purchaser and I should have known. After some time I then received a letter from the finance company saying they want £3600 or they will repossess the car in 14 days. I called them up again and explained the situation and it turns out they had lost all of the info I had given them and I would need to fill out another questionaire which they will send out to me in the post. This never came. I called up 3 more times and each time the questionanire never came. I then called and asked for more information and asked to speak to the legal department. The telephone operator said I could not speak them but he will do for me in which the reply was "I was not an interest to them and that the car would not be repossessed and will stay in my possession. They are currently persuing payment from the person named on the hire purchase agreement". Although this eases my mind that the car will not be snatched back and that I don't have to pay anything the car still belongs to the finance company and is still registered on the HPi database until the person I bought the car off pays his debt. I believe that this person has not paid anything off of the original debt and it is possible that he never will. Should I hire a solicitor to see if I can get anywhere with this? Would a solicitor be able to do anything about this? Or I am just doomed to keep hold of this car forever? I would be grateful to hear anyones stories or advice that they have to offer. Thanks Matt
  15. I bought a car a year ago from a dealer in Bradford, did the basic HPI check and it came out clear. However, this was my first car and I had no experience in buying cars. I tried to be as cautious as possible and went for the basic HPI check which did not show outstanding finance. a year later I'm selling my car, a fter spending £80 on advertising I get a call from an interested buyer. He's about to come to buy my car, when he calls me and says there is outstanding finance on the vehicle. I quickly went to do an HPI check (the more expensive option) and find out this for the first time. I call up mycarcheck and they give me the number for the finance company. I called them up and they confirmed this and they said they will send a letter to the previous owner who owes them money. I called up the dealer and he said this was the first time he'd heard of this. He did the same basic HPI check as mine when he took the car for a part exchange. Now I'm stuck in the situation where I've already bought another car after borrowing from friends, convinced at the fact that my car was gonna sell so I could pay them back. Then I suddenly find out about this? I've never felt so depressed in my life, knowing that the finance company could come and take my car away. This could never have come at a worse time, I'm a student studying engineering, and have coursework deadlines and exams in the coming weeks. I can't spend time and money getting legal advice. Would really appreciate it if anyone could offer any advice.
  16. Would really appreciate if somebody could advise me on the situation or whether someone is going / has been through the same problem as me. I purchased a car through Concept Car Credit (broker) and was found a car with Moneybarn (lender) - Me and my partner decided that there is no point having a nice car and thought it would be in our best interests if we sold the car and got two cheap runaround cars and moved house (we were having problems with our landlord) Obviously I know that I was not allowed to sell the car under a conditional sale agreement - but at the time we both did not know about this IMPORTANT contract term. I am 22 and have only just passed my driving test so as I didn't read the contract I didn't know this wasn't allowed - I thought as long as I keep on making the payments its all ok - obviously not! I contacted a trader who purchased the car off me for £5,750 - I told him I had yet to receive the log book but he was fine about it and just held back £200 until I sent it to him. 3 days later I got a call from the police for allegation of theft of a motor vehicle. - now I have a trial set for next week at crown court! Has anybody been in this position before. It was purely lack of knowledge and naivety on my part - does anyone know of previous convictions if I am found to be guilty of stealing the vehicle. The defense I am going down is there was no element of dishonesty and there has to be dishonesty to commit theft. I have no previous convictions, have been in work since I left school and am of a good character - please help Josh
  17. Hi Guys After some advice really and ive seen a few threads linked to this site so thought i would give it a try In march 2012 i purchased a car for the sum of £6300 from a seller on ebay, he had good feedback etc. So the story goes Phoned the guy to check condition, mileage etc. asked if the car was hpi clear to which he replied yes. Didnt want to take his word for it as it was alot of money so carried out a hpi check at £20 showing the car to be clear of all checks including finance and insurance write off. Went to veiw the car and payed cash for it there and then, drove it back as the guy was still covered insurance wise. On tuesday this week whilst i was out a guy working for a company called northwest collections and recoveries droped an envelope through the door with a note to call him and a questionnaire. On wednesday i gave the guy a call and he explained to me that the car is on a hpi agreement with a previous owner. I informed him of the situation and that ive carried out a hpi etc with proof and he advised me to fill out the questionnaire and return it back with all the details and has said that i have done everyhting i could to check it was a clean car to buy so shouldnt have anything to worry about NWRC are working on behalf of a company called Bluestone credit managemnt who have bought the debt from santander group. Bluestone have refused to give me a copy of the finance agreement even with the name and address of the person the agreement is with. Where do i stand in regards to this? From what i understand as im an innocent purchaser and i have done everything i could to prove the car was free from debt before i purchased it, i have good title over the vehicle and the finance house cannot make a claim against me or the vehicle. As added strength i have since carried out an additional hpi check thorugh the RAC website that also states VIN and VRM clear from any history. Shall i return the questionnaire and return with both hpi checks and the bill of sale i got or should i seek further legal advice? Many thanks Steve
  18. Hi Guys! I am new to this forum, but unfortunately not new to my HPI debt, which is now contorlled by DLC AKA Hillesden Securites! I bought a car on Hire Purchase in 2008 The car broke, and as a result had a new gearbox fitted under warranty, which itself broke 2 months later Peugeot refused to fix under warranty, saying it was drivers error, black horse did not want to help, and I could not keep up the finance!! The debt now stands at £12000+. I am currently bankrupt, the insolvency service are aware of this debt with the car, but cannot take it on fully until the car is reposessed!! Currently DLC own the car, but are refusing to reposess! they contatntly ring me, which is NOT allowed under section 285 of the insolvency act!!! Peugeot are charging me storage which is currently at £1572.00, they will not release the car until payment is made (I am liable as i well know and am fine with) but they will not release the car to me as DLC own the car, but DLC will not reposess and will not give a reason as to why! Until they do, the insolvency service will not take this debt on fully!!! Please help I need to know what to do, DLC are very threatening, but this does not bother me, but what does bother me is the smarmy comments i get when they think they have won because they will not reposess the car! BUT even after I am discharged from bankruptcy, They debt will still be included in my bankruptcy estate as the debt was incurred before I was made officially bankrupt!! Sorry to go on, but this debt is going on as is the problems with DLC!! Thankyou in advance for any advice Tom
  19. In 2007 I purchased a car from a Dealer who gave me a printed HPI check which detailed some Finance from 2004 however I ignored this, for some reason, and went ahead with the purchase (I assume I didn't understand the issue but am beginning to now!). Two years later I sold the car on privately (they didn't do an HPI check) and a year later the car has been involved in an accident and written off and the insurer are holding payment pending the finance company saying it was cleared. Can anyone advise on the legal position for me, the garage I purchased from and the person who purchased from me. Many thanks
  20. Ok, in may 2007 i got a car through a garage the finance was provided by welcome car finance, I was told i must take out PPI at the time of sale though i can cancel it within one month. I Contacted welcome and they did nothing about it, Untill about 8 months later i refused to make any further payments. Welcome then made a new agreement minus the PPi, they refused to return the PPI i had paid, The new agreement was for the original amount, So they would not take in to account the money i had already paid on the original agreement, also the second agreement welcome alterd the date on it after i signed it. I refused to pay any further payments and told them to reposess the car, welcome said they had no further interest in the car. They then passed the debt to a company called MKRR, the debt collection company have added over £5000.00 in interest on the account, they also said they have no interest in the car either only the debt. The problem is the car is registerd on the HPI list as been on finance to Welcome so i am now stuck with the car, i can not sell it as its on HPi, in the meantime i have now informed MKRR this debt is now in dispute. Any help would be gratefully apreciated, i dont have a scanner so i can not upload the documents but i will give any information within reason to any one who can help me.
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