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Found 15 results

  1. My partner was dismissed from work in Dec 2016 for gross misconduct - theft of employee. They had him say in statements that it totalled to over £22k (unsure if it was RLP or employer) but only £13k was documented on partners papers and £60 on CCTV. Police were called, he was taken into custody. No charge or bail. Some amount was recovered that night. He missed his summoning due to moving cities and they never updated the system, so he handed himself in after he received a phone call in which he was then escorted to magistrates - plead no contest at his solicitors request, in March 2017. The case was then sent to crown the following month. Hearing finished early due to CPS not handing in enough sufficient evidence in theft amount, they lowered the grand total to £15k. He had to plead guilty for £15k at his second crown hearing, the 'team' fighting for the employer was happy with the results and was given a suspended sentence (18 months suspended for 2 years), 150 hours unpaid work, fine and a victim surcharge. The fine and charge have been paid as well as hours. 7 months after sentencing, my partner received a letter from RLP demanding the first original amount of £22k + fees of surveillance etc, else it will be forwarded for court proceedings. We ignored it thinking it may be spoof, as they have little reputation. Another letter was received waffling how there wasn't a response . I told him to contact his solicitor, he read through the court papers and was surprised as it stated no further action would be made as they were happy with the outcome. He replied to them via email in February stating he does not admit to the amount of £22k as the amount on his evidence is £15k minus recovered. This week (5 months later) they responded with: Dear Mr XXXXX, We refer to our previous correspondence in this matter. Our instructions are that there was never any agreement not to pursue the substantial sums owed. Our client was not present at the criminal Court hearing but has confirmed that they did not seek an Order for criminal compensation as it was and remains their intention to recover the sums due by way of civil recovery as they are entitled to do. In view of the same, they seek to recover the full balance of £22,054.00 through Court action if necessary. We would therefore ask that you re-confirm your position. In the event that you are seeking legal advice in this matter, we would ask that you provide us with details of your solicitors so we may correspondence with them directly. Yours sincerely, Legal Department ---- Neither of us are in a financial position to pay off £22k in a suitable amount of time, especially to RLP. Surely it would have gone to court by now instead of dragged out as it isn't a typical £150 invoice they tend to throw out. Is it really worth paying for a solicitor to fight for him, will CAB consider this?
  2. Hi all, As this is probably quite an uncommon question, I don't know if anyone can help. I currently receive ESA contribution based, in the support group. I also have two small pensions which total less than £85 per week so I have no deductions for them. From next month (I will be 55!!!) I will be entitled to a further very small pension which would still keep me below £85 per week total, but I am considering just taking the whole lot as a lump sum (about £15K) to pay off the remaining mortgage. What I'm worried about is how DWP will view this - would it be considered capital and therefore irrelevant as I do not receive income based benefits, or am I likely to have to repeatedly prove I wouldn't have gone over the pension limit if I'd taken the annuity? I am aware that taking the cash now is not likely to be the most tax-efficient or cost effective option. Edit - I've found this fact sheet which I think says the money will be treated as capital, but I do read things wrong so would appreciate other opinions. https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/417473/pension-flexibilities-dwp-benefits.pdf
  3. Am I correct that the prescribed terms for a fixed sum variable rate consumer credit act agreement is: a amount of credit b interest rate c amount of payment Credit £25,000 Interest £9.319,57 applied at 4.5% above banks base rate 5% payments £408.68 x 84 Theres no total amount payable as this could alter due to an interest change throughout the time of the agreement. However, the amount of credit plus the interest applied to the credit do NOT equal the initial monthly payment? £25,000 plus £9.319.57 = £34,319.57 divide by 84 payments = £408.56 This payment appears to be 12 pence less than the payment stated on the agreement. Anyone clued up on this? Paul
  4. Hi, we have a suspended repossession order from 2010 (when my partners ex wife was still on the mortgage, she is now no longer) and we have fell into arrears of 6100 over the 5 year period due to unemployment. We made a partial payment in august last year and missed a payment in November last year other than that we have maintained our mortgage payments and have been paying some off the arrears each month for nearly 2 years, now the Halifax have said they are going to be seeking an eviction date if we don't pay £3000 by the 28th of this month. We have kept them informed of the payments missed and have tried to come to new payment arrangements with them each time. We spoke to a man at the Halifax in December who said that we had to pay the full arrears or it would go to repossession, we explained that we didn't have access to that sort of money so we couldn't pay that much, then we spoke to a different woman at the Halifax last week trying to come to an arrangement were we pay £100 extra a month to clear the arrears quicker and she said that if we paid £1400 it would stop any more proceedings, then we got a phone call on Friday saying that we had to pay £3000 by the 28th of the month or they would seek an eviction date, we explained that we didn't have access to that sort of money and that my partner didn't get paid until the 29th of the month and we would be making a payment of £625 (which includes the £100 we said we would pay to clear the arrears quicker), she then replied that they would be sending us an eviction date. We are panicking now as we have 3 children, our eldest child is in her final year at juniors and we are currently waiting to hear if she has got her secondary school place, she also suffers from anxiety, our second child also has epilepsy and possible autism (we have just got an appointment with a specialist doctor after a 19 month wait) so everything is in place at his school for his needs, the Halifax are aware that we have children and one with a disability. I had to give up work in June last year due to severe hand eczema and stress and anxiety, however my partner has a good job and can pay the mortgage and the arrears no problem. I am really really worried they are going to repossess our home as I don't drive and we won't get a private rent in the area and if the council put us in an area where I won't be able to get my children to school, I don't want to have to change my children's schools as there is support in place for them at the schools they are currently in and it could change my sons hospitals and doctors if we aren't in the catchment area. I am going to write to the Halifax with our proposal again, with a breakdown of how long it will take to pay the arrears back, I just don't know what else to say to them and I think it will be rejected as well, I just don't know what else to do.
  5. I have been repaying my tax credit overpayment (from 2011-2013) at an agreed rate for the past 3 years & have another 7 to go I may be on a position to clear the remaining debt with a lump sum payment in the next few months - does anyone know what happens then? Will I drop off the Tax Credits system? (I no longer qualify to claim due to income) or Will they assume I have access to endless cash & check claims prior to 2011 (they already know I can't prove an alternative address for my ex husband for this time) in the hope of reclaiming more money? Also, as I was charged a penalty will my records have a 'fraud' marking? I was told this by the overzealous caseworker who sent my enquiry letter but have read elsewhere that if Tax Credits consider it to be a fraud case they would have done an interview under caution. I really want to repay what I owe & never have to deal with them again but worry that by raising a lump sum I will trigger more interest.
  6. Hi Everyone, Newbie here who found this website whilst googling for information on F & F debt settlement offers. I'm looking for some advice please, on our next course of action. My husband and I jointly have 5 debtors, one of whom is our son. We used some of his inheritance money to try and pay off credit card debts when I was made redundant, something we are both deeply ashamed to admit. In 2010 we sought the help of the CAB who arranged a debt management plan with our debtors. We have been paying minimal amounts ever since as we have virtually no disposable income. This what we currently owe:- Tesco credit card debt 2994 Natwest credit card debt 11,811 M & S card 6099 Store card 900 (This account has been sold on to Moorcroft and was the smallest sum!!) Son 9000 We are paying them a total of £25 per month (between them all, excluding son) and as my husband and I are 56 and 57, I don't see our financial position improving substantially any time soon. We have substantial mortgage shortfall on various endowment policies and this needs to become a priority for us, if it's ever to get paid off!! (We re-mortgaged 3 times to pay off credit card debts over the years). due to the changes in the law I can now access a pension lump sum of about £10k and was going to try for a F & F settlement of our debts with this sum just so that we don't have this hanging over our heads right into retirement. I don't see that we will ever be able to pay off the full amounts owed to the credit card companies. Our son has agreed not to press us for any amount now, he knows we have no way of getting more money at present. We will eventually inherit a lump sum from our mother in law and will pay him then, but she's currently in rude health So, should I try and use my pension to pay off these debtors, and is it likely that they would accept such a small percentage of their total debt? We are not worried about what's on our credit record now as it must be totally trashed and we never want another credit card anyway. Also as we are homeowners is it likely that they will try and get money from us if we ever sell the house (which we don't want to do)? Many thanks for any advice.
  7. Hi guys, i have a BPF fixed sum loan agreement which was taken out for purchase of an ex demo car from Hippo Car Leasing. The agreement is in my mothers name due to her having better credit than me, The problem is, i now want to sell the car and believe that under Fixed Sum Loan agreements, it shouldn't be secured against the car but a personal loan. I have HPI'd the car, and finance is showing on the car? I do not want to trade it in at a dealer, as it will have negative equity of around 3-4k as the mileage ive used is quite a bit more than normal. Basically what im asking is, can Barclay's add the car to the HPI register legally, as they have, and do i have any rights in asking them to the remove the HPI marker allowing me to sell the vehicle privately? Have attached the Loan agreement which we signed. Hope to hear from anyone with help.
  8. I had action taken against me by a bank for mortgage arrears and they took me to court and obtained a money judgement on a sum of money. They won and were given a Possession Order and MJ on the outstanding balance of the mortgage.. Included in that figure were a lot of legal costs many of which I do not feel I owe. Rather than be evicted I sold up and had to pay the whole lot so the Possession Order was never effectively enforced. However, the pressure they put upon us was very traumatising and that in itself forced us into selling our home of 15 yrs. My Question please: If I prove these legal costs were added to my mortgage wrongly as I assert does that make the money judgement incorrect and what are the consequences of a lender getting the money Judgement wrong, ie..what are my remedies? This involves a lot of money as I fought them so I am not talking pennies here, but they have manipulated the figures and just dumped them on my mortgage balance without advising me, I have obtained a breakdown of them and they were clearly wrong. I am not wanting to either go back into court or use solicitors as I trust no one after what we went through and as this is a self help forum wondered if anyone could advise me on how a)I can tackle this, b) what legally is the position with a wrongly stated money judgement after the property has been sold and the relevance of the court repossession order now dead in the water? Thanks Spot
  9. Hi I took out a fixed-sum unsecured loan with HSBC back in October 2007 which was covered by the Consumer Credit Act 1974. It was for 5 years (60 payments) and finished October 2012. I had heard about them owning up recently to problems with statements and was talking to someone at work who recalled the Northern Rock problem with statements not stating original amount borrowed. decided to dig out my annual statements and loan agreement. Mine doesn't have the original amount borrowed on just opening balance and the payment and closing balance. Bit confused, is it only a requirement on certain loans? They only seem to mention problems with not having the part payments criteria that was missing in all the information i can find on the internet. Plus on one forum somebody said they had spoken to HSBC and was told that it only affects loans since 2011? Thanks
  10. We received our renewal notice for our house and contents insurance and of course it has gone up in price. Looking through the schedule we noticed that the house is insured for £400k. As the value of the house is about half that we thought we could save money by reducing it to a more reasonable level of say £250k. We phoned the the insurance company R.S.A. who run the scheme for the West Brom. only to be told that £400k was the min. sum insured that they would cover. It seems to us that this is a bit of a [problem] to obtain more premium/commission. Does anybody have any thoughts or observations on this matter ?
  11. Got what maybe a little problem. My friend and his family he lives with are pretty rich who have a fair number of properties and commercial properties (2 they use them self and 1 other they lease out). They are pretty rich but was desperate to purchase another property and they was a little short of money in a short space of time in their bank accounts. So my friend asked me for 10k to be transferred into his account and on the day of transfer he will repay me 10k which he did (in cash as he receives mainly cash from his company sales) Now a week later he was pretty desperate and said he was literally 6k short. He said verbally he will repay in 1 month. Its now been 3.5 months and he keeps saying hes waiting for some money to come in from some place.... I am just thinking ahead here a little, i just need some advise on how if i needed to take him to court to recover the money owed. There was no agreement signed as were friends for 10+ years, however while were on good terms..etc what would be the best way to gather evidence if i was to need it later on? I have a voice recording of the time when i transferred the 5k and during this conversation we mentioned the word 'lend' but no mention of 1 month deadline was mentioned or anything. As i say im jumping ahead here... i did not ask for a signed agreement about the money because being friends for a long time asking this would probably break a friendship and come across as not trusting your friend. My question here today really is can i gather more voice recordings as evidence should i need it?
  12. I am finally getting my bottom into gear and paying of my debts (hence the many posts I have already posted or will post) I owe a company call Credit Solutions £170.93 If I am to call them up and say I am willing to pay off my debt right away but I want it reduced will they do it ? I am thinking of trying to get them down to half of what my debt is worth. They did write to me a few months back to pay of my debt at a reduced rate but I was not in a financial position to do it, So I know it is an option. Has anyone tried this ? Has it worked ?
  13. hi experts, i am soon to be retired on ill health grounds and am allowed to take my pension early. my first question is - if i take the 25% lump sum will it have an effect on my benefit entitlements which are currently child tax credit and contribution based employment support allowance for which i am in the support group. my second question is - i have a capital value of £63000 built up in the pension but the transfer rate i have been quoted is £84000. shouldn't these figures be the same? regards
  14. Hi Guys - Fairly new to this posting malarky so i'm expecting a good response from those who know: I took out a loan from Welcome Finance some 6 years ago now and fell behind with repayments on the loan shortly before this PPI scandal kicked off. Pretty sure most of the debt is now paid off however I've had a letter from Empingham chasing me for just under 3k to which clearly I dont have. I was sold PPI at the time of the loan to which i told was a condition of acceptance. I've SAR'd these con merchants and they've sent me a copy of the agreement with my signature on it. My question is how do i proceed from here in terms of going about to repair my credit file as this is proving to be a massive dent and red mark all over my credit report. Any advice on this would be most appreciated. Who to email? Write to? Sample's all would be most helpful. Thanks in advance
  15. Hi, Mum and I are in the process of being paid out for a home insurance claim. Obviously when we receive this payment it will take our bank accounts way over the acceptable limit for benefits. All of the amount (well over 8K) is to pay for our own builders to complete the work to our property. Do we need to inform DWP. Any advice welcome.
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