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Found 24 results

  1. Hello hope someone can offer some advice. I brought a bike using a e voucher with halfords. I brought it for my son, but he doesn't like the one I have brought, It is brand new and boxed, as I thought he would enjoy putting together himself too. I took it back to halfords and asked for a credit note/voucher so he can come in when he was ready to choose for himself, I should just add he is autistic and does not like to be rushed and likes to take he's own time on things. But It is under a week old too. They said I couldn't, as there is nothing wrong with it, I understand, but it is still
  2. Hi, Everyone, first off, apologies if this is in the 'wrong' place, but was really unsure where to post this. step son purchased a bike from Halford back in Feb this year (2017) for £750, not a small sum, he has experienced a few issues, but more recently, he has been having issues with 'loose' pedal arm/spindle, I am not sure what the technical term is, the bits that go through the frame and the pedals are attached to! Well this part has become loose, he has been in a couple of times to have it tightened up, again today he had to take it in, the guy tha
  3. i had a long term lodger who left 4 years ago whilst he collected some of his stuff he left his old motorcycle here now i cant get any response off him id like to take ownership of bike in lieu of storage and need advice of if i can legally do this if so how id originally intended to scrap it but its a good vehicle needing minimal work to get back on road though it has little value id enjoy restoring it with a view to pass it on . lodger did 18 months ago agree to get bits bike needed and id have bin happy tp fix for him but after so long with no response its just sat gathering dust
  4. Hi all, I bought an exercise bike last April online from Amazon using a 3rd party seller. The braking system has developed a fault which means now the bike is useless as pressure can no longer be applied to the spinning wheel using the friction pad. I have unscrewed the braking system today, it is an extremely simple mechanism using a bolt and a nut and a couple of springs. I have discovered that the nut that screws onto the bolt which you turn to control the tension is slipping which means that no pressure can be put upon the brake pad. Here is a vid I have made t
  5. Hi there, I wonder if you can help. I purchased a bike rack from Aldi and assembled it according to the instructions. I put the bikes on the back and headed off on holiday. We had been travelling less than 10 minutes on the motorway when the 2 of the bikes flew across the motorway. By some miracle nobody was hurt. The strap had snapped as the cradles had worked loose and there was nothing to stop them flying off. The motorway patrol came and retrieved the bikes, one of which was totally destroyed. He then put the other bike back on the rack, used the snapped strap to attach and en
  6. Can anybody explain what might have occured? Is the seller a shady Sam who hasn't disclosed this information? Is the HPI input wrong? 27th February 2014 - Registration Of Bike. 25th December 2013 - Written Off, Cat C.
  7. Seller Refused Mediation Issue I purchased a used quad bike from ** A MAN WORKING FOR HIMSELF ESTABLISHED AS A COMPNY ** 7h May I paid the deposit of £2050 (£2000 off quad and £50 fees) on my credit card to **THE MANS COMPANY **, I attended **THE COMPANY ADDRESS WHICH IS ALSO HIS HOME ADDRESS** 11th may with remainder of cost in cash £2000 I was not given a receipt at the time of purchase I was issued a receipt later on after several requests The Quad bike became faulty 2nd June when I contacted the seller, he told me the sale was between myself and the last registered owner of
  8. I wonder if any one can help me I recently purchased a nearly new Giant road bike off ebay. It was advertised as in very good condition. They did not mention any thing about any problems with bike. I paid by paypal using money already in in my PayPal account. Bike was shipped to me already built sent by specialit courier. When recieved bike it was not as described. Brakes dont work gears don't change properly, parts of gear system are bent and back wheel is bent. I contacted seller to complain and there reply was these problems where not present when tested bike before sending. They
  9. My Bickerton folding bike had a flat tyre and needed a new chain and new brakepads as well as a general service, so I took it to the Bristol Bike Project and got it booked in for a Level 2 Service and the replacement of these parts. I called them today and they told me the bolt where the frame folds in half had sheared into the frame, and that they've drilled it through and might not be able to get a new one fitted. So basically, they've invalidated my manafacturer warranty on the frame by drilling through it without asking me before they started this work, when I could've got the thing fixed
  10. 'Martyn Uzzell, from North Somerset, was thrown into the path of a car after hitting the pothole. An inquest heard North Yorkshire County Council had missed opportunities (even reported to them by the police) to repair the A65 in Giggleswick....' http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-32215664 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3033555/Widow-cyclist-killed-hitting-pothole-Land-s-End-John-O-Groats-charity-ride-wins-six-figure-compensation-payout.html also, Mrs Windsors designer killed whilst cycling to work http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/london-arts-visionary-moira-
  11. My sons bike got stolen, police have found it and sent letter for collection, what are the fees as I don't know if it is worth getting back, if they keep it what will they charge him. he Thanks Mashmallow
  12. I bought a cheap mountain bike to ride the 1.5 miles to work every day from [edit: not Argos] Halfords last weekend. It was a red Apollo Feud one which you assembled the front wheel, seat and pedals at home. http://www.halfords.com/cycling/bikes/mountain-bikes/apollo-feud-mens-mountain-bike In one journey the rear wheel had slipped forward knocking it out of alignment. I tightened it up again and the same happened. On closer inspection, the nut on the sprocket is a rounded one so by tightening it it's literally pushing the bracket holding the wheel on apart. Anyway, I retur
  13. So as the title says, I received a failure to insure letter, however, checking on the website, it says my bike is actually SORN. However, I never received a letter saying it was confirmed and the letter says I am still liable for the offence because I don't have that. I put the SORN through a couple of weeks ago (definitely prior to the date listed - 27/05/14) however, I don't actually know when they officially put it through as I've not received the letter. The website says it's SORN'd however (But there's no date listed when it went through). What do I do? Can anyone offer me some advic
  14. Hi, Apologies if this is covered in other threads. I had a bike accident on 7th June 2013 - my 50cc Vespa was written off - minor injuries - other party admitted liability. My insurance stopped on 24th June 2013 - I obviously didn't renew. Bike was salvaged by insurance company. Two weeks ago I got a Failure To Insure notification - naturally I appealed. Now am shocked to find my appeal was rejected and have a £100 fine. What can I do? Thanks in advance for any help & Happy New Year to all! B
  15. Hello all My neighbour bought a new motor bike 125cc, from a local garage, the cost stated was £1599.00 he paid £100 deposit leaving the balance to be made on collection of the bike. upon collecting the motor bike, the paper-work stated balance due £1399.00 which he paid in full by debit card. upon getting home, the garage owners son telephoned, stating the father had put the wrong balance due on the paper-work, and that another £100 was payable to gain the full ownership of the sold bike. My neighbour has the receipt for the deposit, also the full balance paid as
  16. I have received 2 letters from COLLECTICA who say i need to pay £80 because i have not SORNd my motorbike which i sold 3 years ago. I have tried to say I don't even know the buyer now or have his details. I am saving for a new business and £80 on this is not happening. I had a brief email back saying 'we don't care if it not your bike you need to pay' (along those lines). Guys what can i do.
  17. I need to leave my bike at a railway station every day. Do you think it's worthwhile to buy bike theft insurance? Or perhaps to buy a cheap old bike and use two solid locks? All locks can be cut, but locks from proper steel can't be cut with bolts. It requires an angle grinder to do so. I don't think a thief is going to bother with an angle grinder to steal a cheap old bike. It makes a lot of noise and would attract a lot of attention.
  18. I sold a non road use racing motorcycle in a private sale back in October of last year. It was a bike that I had only ridden on 4 brief occasions having bought it myself privately a year earlier. I resold the bike using the full description I was given from the guy who I purchased it from. In my ownership I rode the bike on track on just four occasions and had the bike Dyno tested in my ownership where it made the power the guy I purchased it from claimed. The guy I bought it from had claimed that the engine had been refreshed not long prior to my purchase but could not produce receipts
  19. des23

    DVLA bike licence

    Hi All just rcd my driving licence back fom the dvla after renewing my hgv licence.it has come back without my motorcycle entitlement (licence)i passed my bike tst some years ago cant remember the date safe to say over 25 years.it must have been on there as i was done for speeding on my bike in 2010 and had to produce my licence which came back with 3 points ..not sure how to go about tackling the dvla about it . thanks in advance
  20. Hi I bought a bike for £100 on a website specialising in bikes. Everything was fine with the bike, until I used it, things started falling off, breaking, not working as they should. I have not contacted the seller as of yet, as I would like to get some info on where I stand first. On the website, it says "Any item can be returned to us for any reason provided it is returned unused with its original packaging and a valid receipt" I understand that (as I have used it, once) i am 'excluded' from this section above, but have I still got a right to refund? I am well within the 28 day
  21. Hi I bought a bike for £100 on a website specialising in bikes. Everything was fine with the bike, until I used it, things started falling off, breaking, not working as they should. I have not contacted the seller as of yet, as I would like to get some info on where I stand first. On the website, it says "Any item can be returned to us for any reason provided it is returned unused with its original packaging and a valid receipt" I understand that (as I have used it, once) i am 'excluded' from this section above, but have I still got a right to refund? I am well within the 28 day
  22. Almost 2 years ago, we bought a pair of Electric Bikes. They have Lithium Batteries which had on the back of the booklet they have a warranty of 1yr, but 1000 charges. One of the batteries is fine, but the other one barely keeps a charge and drops out quite quickly - they are supposed to go from 4, 3 2 & finally one. Where I bought them from has been on to the importer, who says the battery is out of warranty & therefore they are not liable - a new battery is £300 + so not a cheap item to replace. I have just contacted the importer who again says out of warranty - but take it over
  23. Hello, my son bought a bike from halfords, he reserved it online and asked them to assemble it in store. After he had paid for it and he had begun riding home the handle bars came loose and he lost control of the bike, he was close to the road and crashed then a car nearly hit him. The bike now has several scratches and my son has a scraped knee which could have been alot worse. The person who assembled the bike obviously did a poor job of it and i want to know what i can do about this.
  24. OK Just before Easter my husband bought a really nice Cannondale Bad Boy bike worth £400 (ish), rode it to work the very next day (Aprox 2 miles from home), locked it up with a heavy-duty motorcycle cable chain to the permanent metal bars in the cycle store which are sunk into the concrete in the cycle store floor, alongside half a dozen other bikes that were there already. At lunchtime (just 15 hours after he purchased it) it was stolen The heavy duty cable lock left on the floor cut in 2. Reported to police, crime number given. They assured Hubby they knew the local youths who
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