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  1. I was out of the country for a few weeks and stupidly forgot all about setting up a Direct Debit for council tax. Came back and immediately paid the 2 months owing before checking my mail to discover a summons to court for non-payment. It's on Monday but I won't be attending (I'm working at the other end of the country). I'm planning to pay the outstanding balance on Friday when I get paid, but is there anything I need to worry about or speak to? I don't want any CCJs or debt collection nonsense! Thanks in advance. (I'm absolutely rubbish at being a grown-up)
  2. Halfords recognised that the bike was faulty right away and offered to "put a bit towards" an upgrade, but I opted for a full refund, trouble free. I can't argue with that for customer service tbh.
  3. Sorry yes Halfords, I have no idea why I planted Argos in my head and posted in completely the wrong sub-forum. My bad. If a mod could kindly move to a relevant sub-forum.
  4. Hi, I paid for it by credit card. I can't imagine they'd be able to re-sell it, it's completely defective!
  5. I bought a cheap mountain bike to ride the 1.5 miles to work every day from [edit: not Argos] Halfords last weekend. It was a red Apollo Feud one which you assembled the front wheel, seat and pedals at home. http://www.halfords.com/cycling/bikes/mountain-bikes/apollo-feud-mens-mountain-bike In one journey the rear wheel had slipped forward knocking it out of alignment. I tightened it up again and the same happened. On closer inspection, the nut on the sprocket is a rounded one so by tightening it it's literally pushing the bracket holding the wheel on apart. Anyway, I retur
  6. Intradesting.... so I should be able to go about getting this amount knocked back down to a reasonable amount then if I go about it right? I need to do some reading up.
  7. Should I email Wonga and see if they will drop the figure to £1k if I agree to give them that in full and close the account? Or will that be a waste of time?
  8. Ok thanks. I can't make any F&F payments yet, certainly not for all 3. Wonga: I wish they'd just defaulted it straight away, it's currently going from unaffordable to impossibly unaffordable.
  9. I just checked my Wonga account, despite the fact I didn't repay on my "promise" date of Friday 17th Feb 2012(!!) the account it still open and accruing charges on a monthly basis. I have no idea how long they will let that rack up before they default it!
  10. I presume it looks better settled than left unpaid though, or not? Yeah I've had all the vultures try chasing me; Mack Hall and various others. They are on the reject list on my phone so I don't even know when they contact any more. You say here that a default on the payday loan will only be on file for 18 months? Why less than other defaults? No CCJs or anything, just a lot of defaults, 2 in the past which are now "settled", one outstanding as above, and then these 2 payday loans which are outstanding but not defaulted yet. I know the righteous brigade will tell me ot
  11. I've got a rather dirty credit history, done over royally back in the day and defaulted on some things but they're all showing as "settled" on my Equifax report now. In fact my Equifax made for better reading than I expected. More recently (2010-2011) I fell into a pay loan trap and I owe Wonga about a grand and Pounds2Pocket ~£600 but I've not even been in contact with them for about 18 months. Neither are showing as defaulted on my report though, can that still happen at a later date? One other outstanding item is a default on a Halifax overdraft, ~£900. This is the onl
  12. Yeah got a new card and cancelled the DD once I cottoned onto what they were up to. Will place CARS and FF on iggy now, I'm sick of the backward and forward emails with them trying to sort it now. Thanks for the help.
  13. I've read a couple of threads relating to these but the issues within are slightly different to mine. I relocated and legitimately cancelled my membership as per the T&Cs. Due to the logistics of it all it took me a while to send them proof of a new address, largely my own doing to be fair. Now CARS are on my back asking for money, and FF claim I owe them £130. I notified cancellation on the 11th March 2013 and they continued to take payments from my card until 5/4/13, theoretically entitling me to use the gym until 5/5/13 (I didn't as I'd moved). I emailed FF again to
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