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  1. Ok I'll try to keep this short Bought a car, broke down still awaiting the V5 and fully intend to scrap the car but will also remove some parts from it before it goes. In the meantime the car is whole and in tact and looks in roadworthy condition with MOT. The car is parked on social housing landlord car park and is SORN'd, untaxed but does have current MOT. Have had issues with neighbours and ASB for which I involved the police. They have moaned at the landlord saying the car is "abandoned" to get at me. The council came out and put a notice on the car last week: Polite Notice Refuse Disposal Amenity Act 1978 (as amended by clean neighbourhoods and environment act 2005) Road Traffic the removal and disposal of vehicles and regulations 1984 Reg********* Make xxxxxx Model xxxxxxxxxxx Colour xxxxxxxxx Location xxxxxxxxxx Vehicle reported as abandoned, if you have information relating to this vehicle or are the owner/keeper please contact the environmental protection team at xxxx if no information is received by x July the vehicle may be removed and destroyed ------------------------------- That is complete there's no date or other details on the notice. I emailed them immediately telling them the car isn't abandoned at all and up until today I hadn't heard anything from them. I have emailed them chasing up a reply and just got a curt email from someone with no job title saying contact the landowner yet it wasn't the landowner that put the notice on the car that was the council. I have no intention of leaving the car there any length of time, i've submitted a V62 to the DVLA to get the V5 as I haven't had one for the car yet and once I have it i'll get a scrappy to collect it. Unfortunately I hadn't acted as quickly as I could've done due to disabilities and ill health. So what's the legalities with removing the car in this way how much time do I have? The car is MOT'd until September but is SORN at present and quite happy to get the car gone as soon as I have the paperwork to do so.
  2. Alicat_69

    Gap in tax

    Last month my Dad lent us his car and we have now bought it from him and are officially the new owners. However, I've now come to tax the car and it says there was no tax on the car for August (we bought it in the last week of August) and it can only now be taxed from September 1st, leaving a month gap without a SORN. I realise now that my Dad must have had August refunded but we didn't realise this until now. Is there any way I can backdate the tax?
  3. Can anybody offer any constructive advice please? My daughter was involved in an accident on 29th April last year and her car was declared a write off and removed the following day by her insurance company who took all the documentation and paperwork including the V5. She tells me that she sent off the section 9 part to inform the DVLA that the vehicle was now transferred to her insurance company and thought that was that as far as the DVLA was concerned. However, in September, she received a Late Licencing Penalty letter demanding £80, as she hadn't renewed the licence or declared SORN! She telephoned the DVLA, (I know, big mistake, she now knows to get everything in writing!) who claimed to know nothing about the accident or it being written off or that her insurance company had taken the car. The DVLA followed this call up with a letter dated 12th October, stating that they had now received the section 9 and acknowledged that she was no longer the keeper of the vehicle but that they still wanted their £80. However, they said that if she paid before 2nd November, it would be reduced to £40. This is only 21 days and I was of the understanding that the law states that they should allow her 28 days? I only found all this out since the penalty has been handed over to a debt collection agency who are now demanding the £80 on behalf of the DVLA. The DVLA have washed their hands of the matter and will not respond. The debt collection agency have put things on hold for 30 days. I am of the opinion that instead of owing the DVLA £80, they owe my daughter £45! (three months refund of her tax) Where do we go from here?
  4. Hi all my son was in a RTA and his car was a write off front end all smashed in and engine was knocked out of the car . this was in March in April he got another car and swapped his insurance . He had no vo form as it was in the glove compartment of the car and this was squashed and no-one could get in it . He wrote a letter to the Dvla explaining all this . Then he got a letter telling him he's to be fined for not declaring the car sorn . We rang and explained what had happened . he was then sent a letter from leed ps magistrate court and he pleaded not guilty stating why . In November he got a £5 refund of his road tax for the vehicle . Dvla won't give us any info on any of this ( they must have had some notification about this for him to get a refund ) . What evidence can we take to court? We have none except for the cheque what will happen and is he likely to be found guilty? It was very traumatic time they were lucky to be alive ! Can def do without all this . The letter was not sent recorded just a regular stamp. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?472945-Caught-for-keeping-vehicle-with-no-insurance-**PAID-FINE-TO-DVLA-COURT-CANCELLED**&p=4990696#post4990696 Can I ask did you have a court date when you rang the Dvla ? I've got the same thing going on but I pleaded not guilty . Tried to ring to change plea ? I'm not guilty but don't need the hassle . Rang Dvla they said they'd no information on it
  5. Hi can anyone advise me if I will be fined. I declared my car off the road when the tax run out as we only use one car so its been sat outside my house for a while untaxed, I have been meaning to scrap it and spoke with a scrapyard a couple of times who said they would come and pick it up but they never turned up, someone on the street must have reported it to the dvla now and it has been clamped today. I don't want the car, I rung the car tax enforcement company that has taken the car and told them, she said if you don't want it don't pay the release fee and it will go to the pound you will be sent a disclaimer sign and return the disclaimer declaring you don't want it and it will be destroyed with no costs. I don't trust this , will I get fined of the dvla?, I don't want this to cost me money.
  6. Leakie

    Can not sorn

    Hi all I tried to SORN my car , but was not able too I purchased the car back in April the car was beyond economical repair, so I purchased another car , then canceled the car tax , before doing so I tried to sorn the original car on-line, I was not able to as the car owner was the previous owner still. I appreciate I should have chased the V5 but had a lot on my plate and forgot to chase it up. I then sold the car for scrap, and agreed to send the paper work once received. Mistake number 2 I then had the police asking if I was the owner of the car, as it was found in a ditch. no further action from the police. I have contacted the DVLA and they have not received the slip I was given from the dealer whom I purchased the car from. this has not been received yet, so I am at a loss what to do as the previous keeper is the one who is receiving all the flack from the DVLA, Any advice would be appreciated Leakie.
  7. Hello, A policeman arrive at my flat recently saying my vehicle, which I had declared SORN, was illegally parked on the public highway. Soon the vehicle was towed away and a couple of days afterwards I received a hefty fine letter from the DVLA The fact of the matter was that my car wasn't parked on the road or a public highway, infact at the time i was declaring it SORN I first rang the DVLA (because i didn't have a garage, i only live in a small flat) and i was told i could on a place which is not the public road/highway as i long i got permission from the owner (not exact quote as i didn't record it). I soon rang the council up and was told they won't be enforcing any parking restrictions at the parking space in our estate, (by this time because things were getting convoluted, i recorded about 75%-80% of this conversation, for reference) But the DVLA letter isn't giving me any chance to state my case, instead it threatens court action if i don't up within 14 days! Any help and advice please
  8. Hope someone can help with a SORN question. To cut a very long story short my son's car became undriveable so bought another. Phoned DVLA after getting a fine what he needed to do to SORN it as he hadn't received the log book from the DVLA and couldn't do it online. He was told to send in a letter which he did. After a couple of months he got a summons from Stevenage Court for not having insurance. He wrote to them and explained he'd sent a letter and lo and behold, notification and tax refund was received the next day and dated back to the receipt by them of the letter. He has now just received a further letter saying that as the SORN was backdated the offence of no insurance still stands albeit well after the date that the vehicle has been SORN'd. He has an acknowledgment from them stating "Your SORN starts on 11/09/2015" Summons states that he had no insurance on the 6/10/2015?? Is this legal?? Surely if the vehicle has an official SORN date and the tax refunded back to the 11th, how then can they say it was uninsured after that time? Any help would be gratefully received.
  9. Hi All, This one is a little different to the others I have read through and I'd love your advice please. I have just had a requisition for magistrates court through from the DVLA for failing to SORN my vehicle. I sent the relevant SORN documents to the DVLA in plenty of time (roughly 4/5 weeks before the date they say on the requisition)...I then received the penalty (£50 raising to £100 if not paid quickly etc) through the post but thought nothing of it as I'd sent the SORN off weeks earlier. One week passes and I receive my "SORN Acknowledgment" through the post but dated after (1 week to be exact) the date I am being penalised for. (ie my vehicle didn't have insurance for that one week/wasn't SORN'd) I sent a letter to the DVLA explains about sending it weeks earlier and must've been misplaced etc to which they swiftly replied telling me I was still liable for the penalty as I had not prosessed it in time. This is the problem because I had sent it in plenty of time and either a delay by Royal Mail or the document being delayed for processing at the DVLA itself has caused the overlap in dates. I've sent off the requisition and pleaded Not Guilty and requested their witness to attend court. Is this the right thing to do?? I have no proof of posting but refuse to be bullied in to paying a penalty I don't deserve. Any questions just let me know Your thoughts would be appreciated, thanks, T
  10. I recently have SORN my old car. I didn't have a V5C form so I used a V890 form, which only asks you for the car REG and address. Sent off in the post and couple of days later it's sorn. Does this mean I could sorn any car as long as I know the address? Couldn't this be used by ticked off neighbors that don't like you parking in the bay outside their house, in hopes that they recieve fines down the line by AMPRs?
  11. Went to tax OH's car on line on Friday only to find the MOT ran out the week before. Oops! Booked it in for MOT same day (31st October) but it failed on a couple of minor points which were to be put right today. Turned out one of the minor points wasn't so minor and we're currently trying to source some bits. All in hand but could take a few days. Meanwhile car is neither taxed nor SORN, but hopefully will be sorted in the next few days. Question is should it be SORN in the meantime or is there any leeway?
  12. My 88 year old father purchased a MGF with no tax at beginning of August 2014. The car was collected from the previous owner by a garage, checked over and delivered to him using garage plates. The car was then stored in a lock up garage. The registration certificate was sent off and duly arrived last week. Today I did a SORN on the vehicle for him from 1st September 2014. On doing this the car was flagged up as having no road tax since 1st November 2012. Unfortunately shortly after having the car delivered to him, he had a nasty fall and ended up in hospital and from there went to a rehab home where he is at present. Obviously with no communication he has not been able to tax or insure the vehicle hence the SORN today. Considering that the V5C states car acquired on 07/08/2014 and V5C only arrived last week, is there a chance that he will get a fine from the DVLA? He would have been unable to SORN the vehicle without the reference number anyway.
  13. All, I've just received some correspondence from the DVLA which is a bit of a worry and I wondered if anyone could advise? I got a letter back in June saying that a car I own is no longer on the MID and didn't have a SORN against it, and that I must do so. So after taking it off the road I duly filled in the form and sent the tax back on 23rd June. Now I've got two letters, dated the same day (15th July), one saying that I should have informed them by 1st July and that it is my "last chance" to do so, and one demanding £100 (or £50 if I pay by 16th August) or they might take me to court. I've checked the online tax thingy and it shows the vehicle has "SORN in place", but I haven't got a confirmation letter yet. The demand says that I can dispute the penalty, but says: "Please enclose a copy of the acknowledgement you received from the DVLA to confirm this, the acknowledgement must be dated prior to the date of the penalty. If you did not receive confirmation you are still liable for the offence" So without an acknowledgement letter I don't know what to do. Any suggestions?
  14. Hi all. If it rains it pours eh? This site has been valuable to me previously, and after receiving this letter from the DVLA, I'm hoping it can be a God send again. A long story short; I received a letter from the DVLA stating "Requisition" at the top of the letter, advising me that i am to attend Trafford Magistrates Court next week due to me keeping a vehicle on the public road when it was declared SORN. Now the car WAS kept on the public road for 1 day after me storing the vehicle at my partners house, towing it back it my house in order for it to be scrapped the next day. A company then came down my street at 3.23am and clamped the car; I paid the fine, as well as a sureity fee (which i was promised back and not returned) and then scrapped the car the day after. So whilst i agree i am guilty for keeping the car on the road, i'm unsure why this now has to be taken to court where i stand a chance of being fined £2.5k? The car was declared SORN in November 2013 and the car was clamped February 2014. The letter received makes reference to this, including documents stating that the difference in the months if it was taxed is £75 (if that makes sense). I have phoned the DVLA who were less than useful and the guy i spoke to, really had no clue what i was talking about, and certainly didn't know what a "requisition" was. I have phoned the court and i was told i would have to fill out the form to confirm i was guilty but include a letter giving mitigating circumstances, but there was no way for this not to go to court, and that I would be fined. Does anyone have any experience in this area, that can offer any advice at all? Thank you in advance.
  15. Hi, dont know if this is the right place but hopefully those in the know will move accordingly. Today i got a call from my ex to say my car had dissappeared while she was out. The car itself has been SORN off the road since 2011 and parked on an off road parking area thats associated with the building she lives in. .. the car is registered there and had been there without issue untill today.. I have had no letters in the post or stickers attached to the car by anyone and the housing estate officier has not mentioned anything when talking with my ex. i firstly called the police 101 line to find that havering council had lifted the car for having no tax.. however the land in which the car was parked is not owned or under jurisdiction of the council but that of a private housing authority. and i know this for fact due to issues over incorrectly issued parking ticked previously by the council. . and the area in which the car was parked is not under their boundary. now as im to understand this is THEFT by the council. if the housing authority that owned the land wanted to remove the car i would have had to been given at least 7/14 days notice by means of letter or notice on the car. now where do i stand . ... i haven't called the council in question as well the offices are closed but as it stands i believe they have stolen the vehicle and had no right to lift it... or if they were under instruction form the housing authority to remove it i should have been given due notice. thanks in advance
  16. So as the title says, I received a failure to insure letter, however, checking on the website, it says my bike is actually SORN. However, I never received a letter saying it was confirmed and the letter says I am still liable for the offence because I don't have that. I put the SORN through a couple of weeks ago (definitely prior to the date listed - 27/05/14) however, I don't actually know when they officially put it through as I've not received the letter. The website says it's SORN'd however (But there's no date listed when it went through). What do I do? Can anyone offer me some advice?
  17. Hi All, I have to attend the magistrates court tomorrow to discuss a SORN case and would like to know what to expect. Unfortunately the case relates to a car that is in my name but that I haven't used in the past 6 years; a family member had been using it since 2007. As I understand it the car was off road for about 6 months before being declared as SORN back in 2013. The car was insured during the time in question but wasn't MOT'd. Does anyone have any experience of this? How much of a fine am I looking at and what sort of court costs are involved? Thanks Biffa83
  18. Last night I was looking for how to SORN my car, and I entered this as the search term on Google. It was interesting the see the results, the first result returned was entitled SORN Your Vehicle - SORN Declaration Online Its a paid for advert so comes at the top of the search results! The website is even called www.v5c.uk.com They have even used the same colours as the official Gov.UK web pages, of course its our old friends Caviat Viator Ltd again. The DVLA one is a bit further down the page. I thought I would follow the links and see where it lead me, so I entered some made up details, until I got to the page asking for payment - the cheeky ****ers are asking for £60 to submit the SORN details for you, for something that is FREE if you do it yourself through the correct website. Needless to say I went to the correct website https://www.gov.uk/register-sorn-statutory-off-road-notification
  19. Hi, I wonder if someone is able to give me a little advise. I declared my motorbike sorn 2006. Stupidly thinking that it was then sorn for the whole period I needed it to be. I moved address and sent the v5 with my new address on it. I did not receive the new v5 with my new address. I had stored the motorbike and the situation was at the back of my mind and other things in life had taken over. recently I contact the dvla explain that I never received the new v5 and that I have the green part only. They send me a new v5c for free and that's that sorted. I looked on the dvla site to see how much my tax would be as im looking to finally get it on the road. I then realise that It says sorn every 12 months! I have written a letter explaining the whole situation but I am very worried that I will owe tax since 2006 and get multiple fines! please help! many thanks in advance if someone is able to offer support
  20. Hi all! This is my first post. I currently have a developing issue with the DVLA. The issue I have is that I sent a SORN declaration to the DVLA (unrecorded, without any formal proof) but they state I haven't and thus initially offered me a fine: £80 +arrears. I have just received a letter that states my appeal was rejected and that I now have the option of paying an amended fine: £40 +arrears. I based my appeal on the fact that I know I sent my declaration to them and was willing to swear this under oath as I know I definitely sent it. I tried to contact the DVLA by phone on the number they provide (03007906813) and navigated the options to the one where I declared I was not going to pay the fine. I hoped to get to speak to someone to discuss this situation but sadly I got an automated service announcement. I wanted to talk to someone to get an understanding of laws and legislation that was being enforced for the fine. I wanted more details so I could assess if I have mistakenly done something wrong. It appears that I have not. However, the DVLA has given me very little in the way of options. Essentially, they are stating pay, dispute (within their limited mitigating circumstances framework, or wait for further enforcement action. I have been reading around regarding my issue and found that this is not an uncommon instance. and I'm aware of several successful cases: i.e. DVLA v Collins, Clerkenwell Magistrates Court, Date: 30 March 2010, Claim No: 9BR0829, Court: Horsham county court, Reason: No statutary power to require anyone to contact them if they do not receive a receipt.", Result: Win; DVLA v O’Sullivan, Staines County Court October 2009; DVLA v Peck, Horsham County Court April 2010. These cases in particular have been highlighted in repeatable news source the registered (edit: link was unable to be posted for further reading that refereed readers to the register article in question ). There are several things that concern me regarding this. Firstly, I've never disputed something to this depth before and thus I'm a little bit nervous. Secondly, is the case of Number 6 (edit: link was unable to be posted however it was a link to a post on this forum) where he had a very difficult time fighting declaring his innocence. Reading Number 6's post showed me that the system doesn't always work and I'm unsure if I'm being overtly cautious in doubting if I should take this matter further or not. Finally, I can not guarantee the exact date and time I sent my declaration via Royal Mail post as I didn't foresee any problems occurring, despite knowing I sent it. I can however state the time period between when I did send it; i.e. late September 2013 to early October 2013. I would like to think that this will not be an issue but would like advice on this. Kind regards Paul
  21. hugradar

    Dvla - sorn

    Hi I received a letter from Rossendales Professional Debt Collectors, saying i did not declare by car SORN and that i am liable for an £80 Fine. I was on Holiday at the time the car tax expired, so could not notify them that the vehicle was not being used and was in a garage. I want to dispute the penalty as firstly he was not in the country to inform them, and Road tax was taken out as soon as I got back just to add the letter wording: We have been instructed by the DVLA to collect a ate license penalty The DLVA inform us that you are the registered keeper of the above vehicle and that you have failed, without lawful excuse, to adhere to the legal requirements to license the vehicle (road tax) or make SORN since the expiry of the last vehicle. You are now required to: Pay the £80 penalty in full immediatley which will settle the office Re license the vehicle immediatley Contact Rossendales LTD directly by phone, make the payment .... Failure to respond to this notice in 7 days will result in escalation of compliance activities. Non-payment of the penalty is a civil offence and may be pursued in the civil court under section 7a of vehicle excise and regulations Act 1994 Can anyone help urgently please?
  22. This is an enquiry only If a vehicle is registered with DVLA as sorn and is parked on a driveway of a HA tenant, can the HA come knocking at your door to tell you that unless you remove the vehicle from your driveway they will get it towed away? This is basically where you pay the rent and council tax in full and your car is on the driveway of the property you rent but do not have a garage
  23. Earlier this year we drove to Spain on holiday. While we were there our vehicle was involved in an accident, and to cut a long story short it took three and half months to get this repaired due to the other parties insurers. During this period the road tax expired, which we were unable to renew as the MOT was also due at the same time and the vehicle was not in the country. Upon receipt of the road tax reminderI contacted DVLA and was told there was nothing I could do as a SORN could not be made when the vehicle was not in the UK. Within 24 hours of the vehicle arriving back in the UK I took this in for an MOT and taxed it online later that day.. A couple of weeks later I received a letter from DVLA informing me that they were levying a fine of £80 for failing to submit a SORN. I called the telephone number on the letter which was waste of time. The half-wit at the other end said there was nothing I could do but pay the fine. Needless to say, I object to this as a matter of principle. Now I am receiving letters from Collectica. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  24. A question for those who know more than I. I have a number of vehicles in long term storage on SORN and it is my intention to keep them thus for the short/mid term. Mail to my UK address, including SORN reminders, takes many weeks, sometimes months to reach me so I must rely on memory to do it on-line. However the SORN expiry/renewal dates are spread throughout the year. QUESTION. Is it possible to get SORN dates altered so they all expire at the same time and I only need remind myself to do this once a year? TIA
  25. I moved house in 2012 and changed my vehicle registration documents to reflect my new address. My motorcycle has been off the road for a few years and I have SORN it each year as soon as I received the reminder. Last year I did not get a reminder, and forgot to SORN. The first I knew of this was a very threatening letter from Collectica demanding I pay £80 immediately! I have never heard of this company, and so contacted the DVLA to ask for validity, and proof that they had written to me, as the letter stated 'despite previous notifications'. The DVLA advised I dispute the fine in writing which I did. Collectica have ignored my letter and sent me an even more threatening letter demanding I pay. Do I have any options here? Although I did not SORN the vehicle as I forgot, I never received any form of notification, the bike been in the garage the whole time. Any advice would be welcomed. Thanks Ewan
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