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Found 11 results

  1. In late April, my mother bought me a brand new Dell Inspiron 15 windows 8 laptop as a gift for my 20th birthday. As soon as I turned the laptop on, I ran into problems, the disk use would hit 100% just running background applications, making it nearly impossible to run anything else. And just the other day, I found that the laptop screen had cracked from simply being shut in the normal manner. I contacted Dell to try and sort the issue, initially we ran a diagnostic test on the laptop with the built in software, but it showed no faults. At this point, it w
  2. Hi all, I bought an S5 on the day of launch from Argos however it has developed a fault with the front camera. It seems it's fairly known with the first batch possibly - camera works but there is what seems to be a plastic/metal piece that is covering half of it. It's come out of nowhere and is behind the screen. I work in phone repairs etc so I know it's not a crack etc. Normally I would expect repair or replace but with the S5 being water proofed from manufacturer, I am unsure how a repair would work as the seals would be broken and no longer water proof. Its; the reason we do not
  3. Hello, I am in need of some advice. On May 17th this year, I purchased a brand new fishing umbrella from an online store through eBay. It was an auction, with the start price of £59.99 + £9.99 p&p and I was the only bidder. The item arrived a few days later, and I unpacked it and erected it in my back garden to inspect it. All looked good so I put it away in readiness for my first outing in wet weather. Unfortunately (or fortunately!), this summer has been very dry and sunny, so the first opportunity I had to use the brolly in anger so to speak, was in earl
  4. Hi All I bought a car on hire purchase 4 months ago from a Seat dealer, last weekend the car broke (basically!). The guys from an independent garage ran it through their diagnostics system and it came back with a fault, solution 'replace ECU'. Cost of part from Seat was over £1200! Nowhere has the part though because it is on back order and no one knows when it will be coming in. I contacted CAB who were fantastic and advised me that Seat Finance should pay for the repairs. I contacted Seat Finance and they wanted me to take the car back to where I bought it from so they could diagnose th
  5. I recently ordered an item from a well known and reputable online computer parts shop which i used on numerous occasions. Leaving the name out because at this point i don't really have a quarrel with said company. The PC component i bought quite literally blew up in my face upon first power on. I applied for RMA, which was authorized. So i shipped the item on my expense, which increased the final cost of the part. Today the company shipped me a replacement, which is bound to land at my door on next monday or tuesday, so it's all good. However i paid 16 pounds shipping cost t
  6. Hi, was looking for some advice. I purchased an OEM computer hard drive approximately 2.5 years ago from a well known online retailer (who I don't want to name quite yet). The manufacturer - Samsung - says they offer a 3 year warranty on their drives, both retail ones and OEM drives. They also say that drives they sell as system integrator drives have a 1 year warranty. The retailer offers only a one year warranty. My drive has developed a fault. First thing I did was try and organise a return online, but Samsung's site reject it as being a non-UK serial number. I contacted the retai
  7. Hello, my son bought a bike from halfords, he reserved it online and asked them to assemble it in store. After he had paid for it and he had begun riding home the handle bars came loose and he lost control of the bike, he was close to the road and crashed then a car nearly hit him. The bike now has several scratches and my son has a scraped knee which could have been alot worse. The person who assembled the bike obviously did a poor job of it and i want to know what i can do about this.
  8. i was bought a new computer for xmas from PC World. after three weeks of use it just stopped working. unplugged it all and left it a day and it started up again.but after a short period of use it occurred again. returned it to PC World who were so unhelpful and would not replace the item as it had just gone over the 28 days notice, which in my reconing is b#llocks, but would have their tech guys look at it. three days later recieved a call to come and collect. when we got there we were told they could find no fault with the computer so would take no actions.i argued that this fault will occur
  9. I have a laptop that Acer sent me in April this year to replace a previous one that was faulty. The laptop is an Aspire 5942g that replaced a Aspire 6930. The new laptop now has the same problem as its' predecessor - it stopped playing Blu Ray discs, then stopped playing any type of disc. I've asked Acer to fix it under warranty, but they say I have to pay because the warranty of the original laptop expired earlier this year. However, this is not the original laptop - it's one I've had 8 months that they sent to replace the original broken one. I believe that the new laptop has
  10. Howdy folks, I have a swedish 4-wheel drive car. In the summer it started making a rather unusual clicking sound as the key was turned to start it. Knowing my swedish cars well, I knew this wasn't right and immediately had it checked out at the main dealer. It turned out the starter ring gear teeth were beginning to shear off, leaving little for the starter motor itself to "Grab" and left as it was would eventually result in the car being a non-startable ornament. I paid approximately £1300 to get it fixed. - It involved taking out the engine and gearbox. During the repair, the
  11. Hi this is my first post. last month i bought a car bumper on ebay. the seller said 48 hours shipping but shipped it 2 weeks later. i sent my car and the bumper for fitting to the bodyshop once i got the item. the mechanics called me the next day and told me that the bumper was faulty as it does not fit the car model even though the seller claims on his listing that all products are tested. so i notified the seller stating that the mechanics find the bumper to be faulty and what is the next step... he says i should go fix it my self that he's not responsible. this is someone who trades on ebay
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