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Found 7 results

  1. Hello all. I got a laptop from a Currys PC World store in December 2012 with KnowHow Whatever Happens protection. When I was comparing laptops and remarked that the one I was about to choose had too little RAM, the salesperson said that more RAM can be added and installed in-store for £50, so this service was also bought. About a couple of weeks after the laptop was bought, it started freezing: the screen would become grainy and the computer would not respond to mouse clicks or keyboard input. At first, I thought that this was a one-off incident, but when it started happening more frequently, I took some videos of it and called KnowHow support. They walked me through uninstalling and reinstalling the graphics drivers. For about a week, the problem did not happen, but then it started happening again. I called KnowHow support again, and this time, they told me to reset the computer. They walked me through the process, and at one point, Windows asked me whether I was sure that I wanted to reset the recovery partition; I relayed the question to the support staff, and they told me to confirm the reset. I knew what this was going to do, but I followed their advice because I did not want them to say that it was broken because I failed to follow their instructions. When I logged back in, the recovery partition was empty, and the problem was still there. I took the laptop to a Currys PC World branch and described the original problem, and the new one: the recovery partition being gone. They returned it after a few weeks, saying that the issue had now been fixed. The recovery partition now had OneKey recovery files back on it, but the initial problem where the screen would become grainy and the computer would freeze was still there. I took the laptop back to them again, and it was returned, allegedly fixed. It wasn't. I took it back to them a third time, and reminded them that they had told me that if I take it back to them three times for the same fault, they would replace the machine. They said that they would try to fix it, first. Four weeks later, I phoned them up and put in a request to replace it because they are supposed to get back to me within that time. They said that even if they replace the product, they won't include the RAM upgrade. About two days later, they said that the laptop was fixed, and I went to the store to pick it up. After a few weeks of usage, I noticed that the screen problem was back. I still have the KnowHow protection, but it seems that whenever I take the computer back, all they are doing is claiming that the problem is fixed, without actually fixing the problem. I am not even sure whether they know the cause of the problem. I fear that if I take it back to the store, the same thing will happen again: it would be returned to me after some weeks, allegedly repaired, and I would find out later that the problem is still there. I would like to know what I can do about this. Are there any consumer protection laws that allow me to get a refund from Currys PC World for this faulty product and buy a laptop from a store like Argos that has a better reputation for good customer support? Thanks.
  2. Hi, Bought an LG TV from Currys 18mnths ago and it's not turning on. There is clearly power going to the unit as the 'standby' light is on but the screen is not showing anything at all and there is no sound etc. Tried different power cables, Googled for any key combinations to 'reset' the TV but still no joy. Wrote to Currys providing copies of receipts / proof of purchase and they have said that if we take the TV to store and pay a £90 'bond' they will send the TV off for testing. If there is a fault with the TV, Currys will refund the 'bond' and replace or repair the TV but if there is no fault found then we will have to pay another £90 (total £180) and they will return the TV. This sounds odd to me. Can anyone advise if this is correct please? We have not taken the TV in yet.
  3. Hi there, I registered on here today after nearly a year of enduring pc world's service. I purchased an Acer Aspire X1301 desktop PC from this store on the 16th of January 2010. I also purchased the Whatever Happens Club warranty service they offered - now known as the KNOWHOW service. Right off from the start we had a problem; the first unit we received and took home would not start up. Now it's clear that this must have been some sort of sign for the troubles that would arise in the next years. We returned the first unit and got another unit. This unit we have had for nearly 2 years now. The pc wouldn't start and had the blue screen of death frequently, and general power issues such as the pc booting but no fan running despite the blue led light on the front turning on. This was in March 2010, and an engineer came to our house to replace the case due to "power issues to do with the pc case". Next, in October 2011 the SAME PROBLEM OCCURRED. We sent the pc in for repair, and the fault was diagnosed by pc world as "boot fault", bsod and powers off". They had, this time, not even TOLD US WHAT REPAIRS HAD BEEN MADE. The desktop, being so unpredictable, ran fine after this again, until the 15th of March 2012. The SAME PROBLEM HAPPENED - YET AGAIN! Again the pc was sent in for repair and this time we were told on paper that during the repair the Hard Drive had been replaced - WHY HAD THEY NOT DONE THIS BEFORE? IS THIS SIMPLY THEM LYING, or replacing things because they do not know the real fault with the pc? I'm not sure. Then we received the pc back from the 'KNOWHOW' team. Then, just 3 DAYS LATER , the PC started acting up again - WITH THE SAME PROBLEM of turning off randomly. This time, I'd had enough of this terrible treatment PC world had given us - CLEARLY, they HAD NOT FIXED THE ISSUE THAT HAD STARTED IN 2010 with the "faulty case", and again, we took the PC to our local PC WORLD store. The 'KNOWHOW expert' at the store was very sympathetic and told us that the pc would be sent in for a write-off request - When we were at the store howeer, he opened up the pc, checked some things, didnt even bother booting it up, and just phoned the 'repair team' and talked about getting a write off. However, we were finally glad that we could just get a new pc that would just work - and not one that would have to be sent in for repair every few months - or even days at one point! We were told by the KNOWHOW member that we would be able to get vouchers to get a new pc at PC World. We were happy with this, and he said that it would take around a week for the whole procedure normally. Just three days later however, another KNOWHOW member called us up informing us that the write-off cannot continue. Apparently, the pc was working fine at that moment, and for this reason they could not send it off to the write off team - THE PROBLEM IS, I EXPLAINED TO HIM, THAT THIS IS WHAT ALWAYS HAPPENS - THE PC IS FINE FOR ONE MOMENT AND THE NEXT IT DOES THE WHOLE TURNING OFF THING AGAIN! ! I told him this, but as ever, the KNOWHOW team say they understand our situation as customers but do not do anything to help us. He told us that the pc would be cleaned, sent back and that was it. I was very frustrated at this terrible service, and he also told me that when the problem happens again, i should phone up the call centre and ask for "second level TSA support" - this, he said, was a higher form of authority which would be able to push for a write -off stronger and thus would help us get a replacement pc. At this point, if you have read all this, I hope you can see what I am so frustrated about. This pc has been sent in 4 times (5 if you include the exchange of pc on the very day we bought it), and the same problem occurs all the time. The pc world KNOWHOW person who was there had even told us that since it had occured 4 times, with the same problem, we were entitled to a write-off and replacement, but he unfortunately did not tell us that after 4 times we were only eligible to a write- off. This is not that much of a problem however as this is in the warranty contract. The problem is that the pc turns off randomly, so at times it will seemingly work fine and then gradually it gets worse until we send it in for repair. Then the same cycle would happen again! I would really appreciate some help with dealing with this ridiculous service I have received over the past 2 years - I just want a working PC. Add on top of that that the warranty runs out in January 2013 - it seems to me as if they are delaying replacements until the warranty finishes and then they will do nothing about it at all. I really would like some help with this ordeal - sorry for the long post but I wanted to make it really clear how bad I feel I have been treated as a customer who has paid over £500 for the PC and the warranty service.
  4. Firstly, Hello and thanks in advance for any help i may get. 7 Months ago i bought a PHILIPS HQ7340/17 Rotary Shaver Product code: 074409 £79.99 from Currys, Unit 1A, Stadium Retail Park, Wembley Park Drive Wembley HA9 8TS it was a lovely day and i was on my motorbike so i went for a ride and got home around 9pm. When i opened the box it had a european plug attached and as i live in Wembley i couldnt use it...i went back the store and complained and they said sorry but wouldnt give me any reason why the item couldnt be used or why there was no clear indication on the advertising that you needed a secong european socket.. i wrote to Currys and Emailed and also phoned but to no avail, so i got on with my life, untill that is today....i got back from a little trip away and realised i'd left my razor Off i went to Currys in Wembley and sure enough they had the razor, but it still didnt say anything about needing a extra plug.............SO ME: hello i'd like to buy this Currys: ok thats £79 ME:does it come with a british plug? CURRYS: Yes ME: Could you open it up and check Currys: Erm , Erm, Yes why not ALL OF US LOOK ON: CURRYS: oh, no sorry, its a european plug ME: what would have happened if i got home and couldnt use it? CURRYS: yes, thats bad ME: thats ok, ill take it if you give me a free european plug CURRYS: we cant do that ME: can you get your boss plese ....................................................................... Scene 2 Act 2, the boss appears.............. ME: Hello, this razor will not work in the UK with the socket attached CURRYS MANAGER : we can sell you a Socket. ME: I'm sure you can, but idont want a socket, i want a razor with a british socket attached to the end so i can get a shave. CURRYS MANAGER: then theres nothing we can do for you ME: Do you know that these are no good unless you live in Europe? CURRYS MANAGER: they are good if you buy a socket ME: Ill have it for free CURRYS MANAGER: well we are not going to do that and if theres nothing else i'm afraid i'm busy ME:-x: did you know its got a foreign plug on it? CURRYS MANAGER: yes ME: it doesnt say on the box i need another socket CURRYS MANAGER: it also doesnt say you dont need one Touche Currys Nemesis ......Touche ................................................................................................... Act 3 Scene three, the meetings of the minds ME: are you really a manager CURRYS MANAGER: yes ME: and you know it wont work in my house? CURRYS MANAGER: it will if you buy the socket ME: Were on the box does it say i need a socket CURRYS MANAGER: Touche Customer, Touche ( this didnt happen, it was in my mind) CURRYS MANAGER: it doesent ME: Thats clearly a misrepresentation CURRYS MANAGER: why ME: becuase A: i need a second plug to use the razor and B: it doesnt say so on the box CURRYS MANAGER: it could look like that ME: yes, yes it could CURRYS MANAGER: can i help you with anything else ME: yes, do you have the socket i need to use the razor that doesnt work unless i but it? CURRYS MANAGER: yes ME: could i see it? Manager gets me the socket and i place it on top of the razor.... CURRYS MANAGER: would you like to buy it? ME: No, i just wanted you to see how easy it was to put the second item next to the first item and with maybe a little note attached saying something like...........erm i dont know lets say............THIS ITEM WONT WORK WITHOUT THIS SECOND ITEM. CURRYS MANAGER: I can see how looks ME: really anyway i take her name and her boss's name and explain i was in the same shop six months ago and was sold a razor that didnt work unless i bought a second universal socket is it me people or are Currys breaking some law on false advertising Many thanks The Hooded Claw
  5. My tablet PC has just been repaired by KnowHow. In the last 2 weeks they have given me 3 delivery dates for returning it to me. In each case the date was confirmed by their website tracking system. In each case the delivery was not made. No contact from KnowHow either by phone or email. Their customer services (when I could finally get through to someone who accepted that I did not want a fourth delivery date) are now chasing this, but it has been several days now, and still no solution...
  6. i was bought a new computer for xmas from PC World. after three weeks of use it just stopped working. unplugged it all and left it a day and it started up again.but after a short period of use it occurred again. returned it to PC World who were so unhelpful and would not replace the item as it had just gone over the 28 days notice, which in my reconing is b#llocks, but would have their tech guys look at it. three days later recieved a call to come and collect. when we got there we were told they could find no fault with the computer so would take no actions.i argued that this fault will occur again to be told well you will again have to return it. as the store is a good 25 minutes away i insisted i want action taken to replace as i dont want this round trip weekly. i was told if it happened again they would have to send it off, and be without a computer for several weeks. now yet again the fault has occured, so i have taken a film of the fault occuring because i was told they would have to see the fault for themselves, so much for the customer is always right. could somebody please advise me on my next steps as i believe i have a case thru the Sale Of Gods Act where if the purchase is under 6 months i dont have to prove the unit to be faulty. please help someone.......regards shyner.
  7. I would be grateful for any advice on how to proceed with this problem: I had a desktop failure that turned out to be the motherboard on a PC of about 3 years in age. I took it to Techguys in PC World where it cost £69 to tell me it was the motherboard. The data on the hard drive had not been backed up for a long time (basic error I know!) and so I paid £99 for the Data Recovery service. The Data Recovery was paid for 2 months ago and the PC incl HDD went in to the Techguys. Despite numerous phone calls and personal visits to the store, the PC and HDD can not be found. Despite numerous promises only one phone call has ever been returned and that was never followed up by as I requested. The lost PC is probably not he major issue given its state of repair but the lost data does bother me. I believe that this situation is not subject to the disclaimer on loosing data as this refers to data loss as a result of work they actually carry out as opposed to actually loosing control of the data itself through negligence. Any ideas on how to take this forward? Thanks , Alan
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