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  1. Got a Dell Laptop from a Car Boot Sale for buttons, but it's password protected. I can't even start it in Safe Mode or Boot Options without Admin Password. Is there a way I can bypass it without paying for software? OS is Vista Home Basic. Thanks.
  2. Hi all, I bought my Dell Inspiron for £581 in October 2014. I had two callouts in the first two months to repair motherboard and wireless connectivity issues. Today the laptop has failed on restart with blue screen message "Unmountable boot volume". I have run startup diagnostic tests which indicate hard disk failure: Error code - 2000-0142 Validation - 85842 Looking this up on Dell diagnostic services returns the message: Hard disk drive running outside normal parameters - advise replacing disk drive. I believe that under the Sale of Goods Act I have a rea
  3. Hi folks I was wondering if I may get some advise from you guys, if possible. I bought a Dell desktop PC direct from Dell around 6 months back, but it was delivered damaged by Dell's local courier, I called Dell to come and collect the damaged desktop for a replacement. it took them ages, almost a phone call to Dell everyday for more than 2 weeks, to respond and finally I called and told them to collect the units and provide a full refund. Dell finally arrange collection last month, 5months after I first contacted them, from their side and the desktop
  4. Hi all Hopefully in the correct area I bought a Dell venue pro 11 tablet PC back in Jan 2014. It had a 3 year next day business warranty on it. Where from? Beats me! I have several Dell devices and I know that one was not from Dell direct but I have no idea at all. Fast forward late 2015 and it stopped working - I repair phones/laptops so I know in theory the fault but being under warranty, it was not my place to investigate. Dell after numerous questions finally booked an engineer for the next business day warranty which is an on-site repair. They m
  5. Dell admits security flaw was built into computers A security hole that could allow attackers to access users' personal data was inadvertently placed on Dell computers, the company has admitted. The hole represented a "profound security flaw" that could allow access to bank details and other personal data, experts said. Dell has issued guidance on removing the software that produced it. READ MORE HERE: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-34910649 This is the direct link to Dell article and removal instructions: http://www.dell.com/support/article/us/en/19/SLN300321
  6. Hi everyone, I need some help fast!, To sum my story up this is a letter I wrote to Dell yesterday (one month after receiving a brand new laptop and 3 weeks after I reported the breakdown. "Official letter of complaint for faulty goods and refund refusal I bought a laptop from you on 27th August 2015 and it was received by me on 4th September. I paid £429. On Thursday 24th September the Internet was shutting off at will, I contacted my provider Plusnet on my old computer, obviously the connection was fine as I was chatting to them online. Upon chatting with your
  7. Hi, Dell's customer service is awful and I really would like some advice on how to counter these guys as I do believe that I am being scammed, lied to and basically being taken as a fool. I purchased the M301Z a while back and its still under warranty. The laptop HDMI port is deemed faulty and the technical team did a remote assistance check on the laptop. I advised them that the BIOS needed updating but it required me to have a battery fitted in. Now, since Dell does not cover the battery, I had recently spent over £100 on different oem batteries since dell don't supply new ones. Th
  8. In late April, my mother bought me a brand new Dell Inspiron 15 windows 8 laptop as a gift for my 20th birthday. As soon as I turned the laptop on, I ran into problems, the disk use would hit 100% just running background applications, making it nearly impossible to run anything else. And just the other day, I found that the laptop screen had cracked from simply being shut in the normal manner. I contacted Dell to try and sort the issue, initially we ran a diagnostic test on the laptop with the built in software, but it showed no faults. At this point, it w
  9. I have a spare old Dell Vostro 200 (Mid 2007) that i need to update on the cheap. (Nephew) Itunes states the current manufactured installed Graphics card it is not powerful enough for video playback. Currently installed is a PCI Express x16 Graphics card The memory has been upgraded to 2 Gig from 1 Gig I have been told the ASUS AMD 6450 Graphics Card will do the job It has to be a low profile Graphics Card Can anyone give any help as to compatibility. I have been looking at this? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ASUS-AMD-6450-Graphics-Card-/391176520116?pt=LH_DefaultDom
  10. Hi folks! first post so be kind I recently received a copy of my credit report for the first time. There was an entry for "Lowell communications" for a defaulted account, for £1102. I called Lowell to enquire they stated that the account was for a debt for O2 and was passed to BPO collections some time ago and that I would have to speak to them about the debt. I have not called BPO or written any letters at this point. Upon further examination of my credit report it states that the default date of the account is 22/02/2010. Since I live and have alway
  11. Hi Techies, I have a quick issue that is bogging me and not much help coming from Mr Google either. I will explain. I have just been handed an old work Laptop for my personal use – Model is a DELL LATITUDE E4310 Laptop. I have put a Windows 7 OS Build on it but simply cannot get the Wireless Network to function. I guess I need Drivers for this. The Wireless Software is missing so I cannot get the Laptop to pick up the List of Wireless Network Routers Around me either as there is no Wireless Software on the Laptop. The Bluetooth Software is fine. I have been on Google to Dow
  12. Dear Dell Customer care , On 27th May,2013 I bought a "DELL INSPIRON 5521 Base (Service Tag : xxxxxxxxxx , Express Service Code : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)" at Peterborough,United Kingdom . Unfortunately, your product has not performed well since the very beginning . I am disappointed because I had to replace my faulty hard disk within 4 month of purchasing the laptop . Now before completion of 1 year , the LCD screen has turned into white and I am not being able to see anything on the screen. I have already communicated the same to the customer support centre of Dell care . Please note, my Lap
  13. I purchased my Dell laptop in January 2012 for £450. It only lasted until October 2013, then the fan gave up. I know it only had a one year warranty but I remember reading somewhere about an item being fit for use? I took it back to the store and Know How repaired it at a cost to me of £94. The service was terrible and it must have cost me a fortune in telephone calls. They customer service is none existant. I wondered if its too late to claim back the cost of the repair. I'm assuming probably not as I've already paid, but thought it was
  14. Hi there, I'm a newbie to this site and would like some advise please. A Dell Inspiron laptop was purchased from Tesco.com in November 2011 for my mother and was put onto my nan's credit card. It was bought to give my disabled mother a link to the outside world and a way of making new friends and interests. Approximately 3 weeks ago it refused to come on and emitted a certain number of beeps - in this case, 7 which indicates processor failure. Sadly, the warranty expired in November 2012 so the laptop is not covered by either Tesco or Dell. I intend to contact Dell and r
  15. Good Afternoon CAG, A customer has provided me a Dell Laptop to repair. The fault is most certainly a failing hard drive. Having done the usual diagnostics and attempted recovery it is very likely the drive will need replacing. The laptop has 1 year collect & return warranty on the laptop which expired mid July 2013. The fault was reported around the last week of August. The Laptop was purchased from Tesco Direct in April last year. Do you think I have a claim under the sales of goods act? I am happy to replace the drive in the laptop as is the custom
  16. I'm having a nightmare with Dell who are refusing to refund on a laptop that was faulty on arrival. The purchase was an essential replacement to an outgoing (dead laptop) and I had to buy as a 'Business User' as the Win7 Pro OS was only available on the business part of their site. The Dell laptop arrived faulty straight out of the box upon first boot-up (Touchpad not working). To cut a long story short, the laptop is not fit for its intended purpose. I allowed a more than reasonable window of several days for Dell to try to remotely fix the laptop. Staff were slow, incor
  17. Good Afternoon All, I am currently in a situation with Dell and I would like to ask for some advice on how to proceed. In May 2008 I had a Dell XPS 1530 which after 2 repairs failed again. They replaced this free of charge for me in August 2010 after threatening legal action and citing the SOGA. They replaced it with a Studio 1558. Now in February 2013, this laptop already having been fixed once for overheating has now failed again. It overheats, fails within 10-15 minutes sometimes (just shutting down). Not only that but the graphics have glitched where all the colours ar
  18. I brought a Dell laptop from Argos 17 months ago. 8 months later it had a motherboard failure & Dell replaced it. Today the motherboard has again failed. I have spoken to Dell support and they advise that it is going to be 180 for repair as the laptop is over 12 months old. I understand that the warranty covers me for 12 months, however seeing as the original fault occured when the laptop was 8 months old I think that this shows the laptop is not fit for purpose. It is my understanding that under the sales of goods act, items sold by retailers should last for a suitable amoun
  19. I purchased a Dell desktop on line in January and everything was fine until about a month ago. The power button failed so contacted Dell to report same (the computer has a collect and return contract) and informed it would take 14 days but could pay £29 and have an engineer come out next day. I agreed to this because I needed the computer urgently. This is where the 'fun' begins, their next day turned into a week before he appeared, and the power button was replaced. However after only just over a week the same thing happened again. Dell were informed and full of apologies promised a
  20. Please do not buy a dell computer i have a 5 month old computer that is faulty the engineer has been twice and told me it it faulty they will not refund me my money they are impossible to deal with only buy from somewhere you can return if faulty
  21. I keep getting messages on my laptop telling me that my battery is near the end of its battery life and it needs to be replaced. Mine is current a 6 cell. Where can I get a 9 or 12 cell from, please? They do them on the Dell website; but I am not paying £112 for a battery.
  22. I received my Dell laptop 2 weeks ago yesterday - an Inspiron 15R SE 7520. After a few days, the laptop would occasionally shut itself off but as it was easily re-started I, foolishly, chose to ignore it hoping it was teething problems. Yesterday it shut down, refused to restart, beeped, did all sorts of things. I have tried system restore when prompted but it now shuts down before it can complete a repair. It is unusable and I've read that you should return faulty machines like this as if you accept a repair which fails to resolve the problem, it can lead to never-ending problems as they will
  23. Hi, I'm new here, so please bear with me ! I bought a laptop in June, and it recently developed a faulty screen. so that makes it about 5 mths old. I returned it to argos, and they agreed to send it away to be repaired. It was in good condition with no visible scratches, breaks etc. They rang me to tell me that the screen had been accidentally damaged, so were not going to repair it. I asked them to clarify the damage, but they couldnt over the phone. So it has since been returned to the shop. I went to the shop today to pick up, i checked it over, and asked them to show me the r
  24. Hello, I have been on a long adventure with Dell due to a PC I ordered online back in September. The very beginning is now irrelevant so I will just briefly describe how it all started and detail the end of the story. I bought an all-in-one Vostro 360 (business grade, but for personal use) from Dell online. I quickly received it and it was making a strange buzz. I complained and Dell replaced it with a new one. The buzz was still there. An engineer was sent, 3 times. The problem was not solved so they picked it up for testing. Testing showed that, the buzz is expected and might happen
  25. Hi, would appreciate some guidance its been a while since ive needed to go down this route but sadly i find myself having to stick up for my rights again. Been onto trading standards & they say there are some letter templates on their site which i cant find i know where are some suitable one on here but not sure where to look ? After a little over a year my lap top has fallen apart i contacted Dell & they washed there hands of it & say its ware & tare, as its cos cosmetic its not covered by the warranty. In my eyes which i consider myself to be right the lap top
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