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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all! Bought a HP notebook/laptop end of December 2015. Early December 2017 (10 days approx before 2 years from purchase) it became slow, and "Bad Block" errors were logged in the event viewer. chkdsk and SeaTools were used to fix these initially however more occurred over the next 4-5 months. 92+ sectors have been found and reallocated so far. Files have been corrupted by this issue. After discussions with Seagate support in May, they said that I had no warranty with them (which I knew), but if it was under warranty with these errors then they would look to replace the drive. Seagates standard OEM warranty is 3 years for their drives. HP just stated the laptop was out of warranty and would not entertain any further discussion. I sent a copy of the Seagate email, a copy of the SeaTools log, and screenshot showing the first Bad Block error to PC World CS, who replied (after poking with a stick as they didn't reply to my first email) stating it would be £65 to inspect the computer as out of warranty. My concern here is conflict of interest (Paying PC World to inspect for PC World to make a decision...) Now I would not expect a hard disk to start failing at Can PC World charge this £65 fee when claiming under CRA? Any other useful tidbits re the CRA (Any important changes from the previous SOGA)? Cheers! ps: Our Sony Bravia that we were told by Currys would last only a year, after being repaired, is still going strong after the last battle, 6+ years on!
  2. I am running Windows 8.1, 64 bit, and the C:drive is not showing in the disk defragmenter, although it did before. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hi all, I bought my Dell Inspiron for £581 in October 2014. I had two callouts in the first two months to repair motherboard and wireless connectivity issues. Today the laptop has failed on restart with blue screen message "Unmountable boot volume". I have run startup diagnostic tests which indicate hard disk failure: Error code - 2000-0142 Validation - 85842 Looking this up on Dell diagnostic services returns the message: Hard disk drive running outside normal parameters - advise replacing disk drive. I believe that under the Sale of Goods Act I have a reasonable case to ask Dell to repair or meet the cost of repair. My problem is that I am not sure how to go about this. So far I have exchanged messages on Facebook. To be fair, this is at a very early stage, but I suspect this will be an interminable exchange of scripted responses! What I want is: - Diagnostics on current HDD. Online advice suggests that HDDs with failed boot sectors can be repaired. - If HDD cannot be repaired, then I would like: - Replacement HDD - Reinstallation of Windows 10 and Office software - Retrieval of data files where possible Any advice on how I should proceed, what I should expect Dell to offer, and what I should expect to pay for myself? Many thanks, Justin
  4. Hi. got a rather urgent question, as a summons has just landed on my doorstep. I bought a van in Nov 2013. The dealer said it was taxed to Jan 31 14, and MOT'd till Mid May 14. I gave the documents a once over, and everything seemed fine (Tax disk stated it was for a Renault, and up to Jan 31 14.) The van was a pup. Complete rubbish. It was in various garages from 19th December till 9th Feb. When it came out, supposedly repaired, it was as bad as ever, wouldn't start, etc. The 9th of Feb was a Saturday, so I couldn't tax it (I got the van back till about 2PM.) On Monday Morning, it was clamped. DVLA also reported that the van hadn't been taxed since Sept 2013. On closer examination, it turns out that the tax disk was off another vehicle, but to be honest, I had to be shown by the police how to distinguish that. After months of wrangling, the DVLA have issues a summons, so what I need is rather specific information as to laws / acts broken here. Sale of Good and Services Act, presumably, But what laws are involved? As I say, I need specifics, because after initially getting involved, and saying it was illegal, the police are trying to back off. Thanks in advance.
  5. I bought the ext Seagate 1TB hard Disk in November 2011 so no warranty according to Seagate. It has its own power supply. The Hard Disk has been working fine up to Monday this week when without warning it packed up. The green light is on solid and I can hear the disc whirring, but Win 7 does not recognise or detect the disk. I tried it on another computer, but the same thing. I replaced the USB cord, but still no difference. I have some data on it, but not a lot that I need to recover. Is it possible for this to be done without being ripped off? Thanks.
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