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Found 23 results

  1. I recently went on Nat West website to inquire about a loan, I progressed it but decided not to go any further as the interest rate was too high so I didn't apply for credit. I then discovered that Nat West had placed a hard search on my file for a credit application. I disputed this with Equifax as I had not made the application, they told me to take it up with Nat West who then told me that is how they do things. surely this isnt right or is it? any guidance would be appreciated.
  2. Hi all! Bought a HP notebook/laptop end of December 2015. Early December 2017 (10 days approx before 2 years from purchase) it became slow, and "Bad Block" errors were logged in the event viewer. chkdsk and SeaTools were used to fix these initially however more occurred over the next 4-5 months. 92+ sectors have been found and reallocated so far. Files have been corrupted by this issue. After discussions with Seagate support in May, they said that I had no warranty with them (which I knew), but if it was under warranty with these errors then they would look to replace the drive. Seag
  3. I bought 6 hard disks just over 2 years ago, 2 have failed just after the warranty, using the consumer rights act 2015 would I have a valid case for getting replaced or repaired? Is 2 years really an appropriate life expectancy for a HD?
  4. Hi all, I bought my Dell Inspiron for £581 in October 2014. I had two callouts in the first two months to repair motherboard and wireless connectivity issues. Today the laptop has failed on restart with blue screen message "Unmountable boot volume". I have run startup diagnostic tests which indicate hard disk failure: Error code - 2000-0142 Validation - 85842 Looking this up on Dell diagnostic services returns the message: Hard disk drive running outside normal parameters - advise replacing disk drive. I believe that under the Sale of Goods Act I have a rea
  5. Good morning two months ago I got an e mail from scotcall saying that I owed 3 mobile £375 , I have been a customer of 3 for about ten yrs and to my knowledge I owe them nothing , I sent off my CCA request and my postal order and have not had a reply for six weeks , today I have received an e mail from scotcall Saying "in response to your request for a copy of the singed credit agreement , we have been advised by 3 they they are not available" how would I like to proceed, as I cant find a template letter in the library could someone perhaps give me a h
  6. I've signed up to Virgin Media at my new address. I've gone for Broadband only, no phone line, no TV, so no possibility of calls or pay per view. My bills will of course be for services in advance. So, I'm struggling to see how there can be any aspect of "Credit" here. Yet, they've hard searched me. In fact, according to Clearscore, they have performed two hard searches, one at my new address and one at my old address (I'd think this would count as one, yet apparently Equifax/Clearscore count it as two searches). Is this normal? Can I argue the point with VM as
  7. I have never tried this before so I have no idea if it will work. I live in a sheltered housing complex with a communal lounge. In this lounge is a PC and a Fibre Optic internet with router. That is part one. The flats within this complex are being fitted with smart meters incorporated within a new fuse box and instead of being wireless, they are all being hard wired to this router via a box in the loft that connects 18 cables in and one to the router. My thinking is to utilise the Broadband connection within my home using: Two of these: http://tinyurl.com/hxl6wad (or simi
  8. Why am i putting this on. Well as i walk about and chat to different people,some who work for councils there is fear and worry and many stressed out people out there.Worried about their security,families,mortgages,rents. And also people in their local communities.Things like that if things go pear shaped. Is this if true anyway to live in these modern times. Now it is a bit late for me to look about,do a little research.But will as time goes on.A little tired.Soft,i know. And if you have a view and are looking in and want to have your say how you are feeling about things. Aus
  9. I have been a customer of Vodafone for many many years now, last year I decided to move my Vodafone contract number from contract when it came to the end of the contract to Vodafone PAYG, a simple task I thought, oh no, people could phone me and txt me but I couldn't reply, all I could do was use the data allowance, many times I contacted Vodafone and each time I was assured it would be fixed within 24 hours, it never was, so I decided to stop going around in circles and take out a new monthly contract as I had better luck with that. So here I am now with a PAYG that receives but cannot s
  10. You go to the cinema and get offered a pensioner ticket I'm only 54 The poor girl was mortified when I told her!
  11. Hi Lee/Vodafone rep, Ordered a Vodafone PAYG phone to be delivered to store. Never took delivery and so contacted Voda support for a refund to my debit card.However, promised refund still not received. Have chased multiple times since the beginning of October (phone & web chat) with no joy. Please assist. Thanks.
  12. Buy now, pay-through-the-nose later. Full rip-off story:- http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2858753/Littlewoods-accused-ripping-hard-customers-free-Christmas-gift-payment-plans-charge-TWICE-stores.html
  13. Hi Everybody, Certificate of Completion received March 2014 but dated 04/02/2014, a little bit annoyed as we agreed a full and final settlement figure in January 2013 (our final year) and paid the amount in full in February 2013. Which really annoyed me but one assumes goes with the territory??? would like some advice regarding cleaning up my credit record, have only applied to Equifax at the moment and have a couple of queries regarding a couple of entries, if one of you kindly moderators could point me in the right direction I would be extr
  14. I don't understand why CAG don't have a dedicated system for uploading images. It seems that the people that need to upload images the most are new users. New users face restrictions on posting attachments and links. It seems that they have to download some software to turn them into PDF's and then upload them to the site. Why not have a CAG image uploader where it is possible for the user / mods to modify the images to black out sections? This wouldn't be too hard to do for a PHP developer.
  15. Well I'm hard of hearing. My bank insisted on telephoning me on numerous occasions despite being told of this and being asked to stop. As a result of this I raised a complain against them using the complaint procedure. The first letter I received in response to this, an acknowledgement finished with the line "if you need to speak to someone in the meantime, please call us on the above number." I'm hard of hearing and supposed to do this how? I went into the branch to complain further and they apologised and told me I'd have to come into the branch. Not sure how this is equal provision of
  16. Hi please can someone advise me about my job. I've been working on a farm for a year and a half. To start with I was paid hourly and worked less than 40 hours a week on a temporary basis. I've never signed a contract but I then made a verbal agreement with the farmer that I would be paid monthly for a 45 hour average week with the actual hours usually being 60 a week and sometimes 80 for about 6 weeks at a time. To begin with I took the job (manual, dirty, dusty) as a challenge but lately I have had a fall out with the manager which makes the job harder and I n
  17. Digital 'wallet' of 7,500 coins of the virtual currency believed to be beneath four feet of rubbish at south Wales recycling centre, and is worth more than £4.1 million A hard drive which holds more than £4 million worth of Bitcoins, the virtual currency, is buried beneath several feet of mud at a recycling plant in south Wales, it has been claimed. The computer hard drive was reportedly thrown away by its owner several months ago, along with the Dell laptop it came from, with 7,500 Bitcoins stored on it, at a waste recycling centre in Pillgwenlly, Newport. • What is Bitcoin and ho
  18. I bought the ext Seagate 1TB hard Disk in November 2011 so no warranty according to Seagate. It has its own power supply. The Hard Disk has been working fine up to Monday this week when without warning it packed up. The green light is on solid and I can hear the disc whirring, but Win 7 does not recognise or detect the disk. I tried it on another computer, but the same thing. I replaced the USB cord, but still no difference. I have some data on it, but not a lot that I need to recover. Is it possible for this to be done without being ripped off? Thank
  19. I'm not sure if there's a more appropriate forum for this. Please move if there is. I, with the help of some friends, have just set up a small group. I asked if we were going to charge people (this would be for things like buying a printer, paper, ink, etc) and someone said that it would be too complicated to keep accounts. But is it? Or am I being too naive and it's not just a case of having tables with incoming money, outgoing money and stating where the money has come from and where it's gone to?
  20. Does anybody know wy there is a clicking noise coming from my wetern digital caviar 640gb hard drive ? Pc is not recognising it. When i boot up windows its freezes at the windows start up screen ? When the drive is connected everything seems to be very slow. As soon as the drive is disconnected everything speeds up ?
  21. I have a faulty hard drive that is eligible to be replaced under warranty. The company no longer has the exact hard drive in stock and so they say they need to get a replacement sent from the manufacturer which could take up to 2 weeks. In their terms and conditions they say that with warranty replacements, the replacement will be of equal value and performance, or superior value and performance, dependent on current stock levels. They do currently have the 750gb version of my hard drive (I have the 500gb one) but said they couldn't offer a part exchange on that, but i could have it for £95
  22. Does anybody here get direst payments and how did you go about getting them? I already get a support package from social services totalling 25 hours a week but I'm unhappy with the staff the care company provide so if I went with direst payments I could choose my own staff. Do you find it more beneficial getting them? I suffer from bipolar so one of the things is I'm reckless with money, do you think they;ll let me have DP? Thanks.
  23. Jayne-Anne Gadhia told the banking commission that when employed at Royal Bank of Scotland she wanted to pull PPI. Banks could have withdrawn payment protection insurance from sale many years ago, the boss of Virgin Money said on Tuesday, but did not because they were worried about their profitability and their share prices. Hitting out against the "cartel" of the high street banking industry, Jayne-Anne Gadhia told MPs and peers on the banking standards commission that when she worked for Royal Bank of Scotland she had discussed with a "senior person" that PPI should be withdrawn. She le
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