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  1. Hi i have been following this site for years and know you have given some great help and advice. So here I am asking for help for my daughter. Background is she over the last 2 years she has earned around £1300 a month and in this time she has managed to get herself in a right mess. She started with catalogues from Fashion world, Littlewoods, very and studio who have all been increasing her limit until they reached around £1500 to £2000 then came along credit cards Barclaycard, marbles and capital one with about £500 limit on each then a 118118 l
  2. Defence Secretary announces massive £2.5bn investment in UK nuclear submarines READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/defence-secretary-announces-massive-25bn-investment-in-uk-nuclear-submarines
  3. Hi All, I have a massive debt, from JD Williams, from 2011/12/13 totalling nearly £5500, spread over six accounts. At the time, they let me open constant new accounts on their partner sites, and kept increasing the limit when I reached the limit I had on each one. I have not complained to them, but still it strikes me as irresponsible. I made payments for as long as I could, but then it all just became far too much for me, hundreds of pounds a month in interest and that was without all my other massive debts. This was from a period of massive debt issues, pa
  4. F-Secure is warning computer users about a significant increase in sightings of the Locky ransomware, typically spammed out posing as invoices or profiles for positions at your company. Here is how researcher Päivi Tynninen described the scale of the malware campaign: Yesterday, Tuesday, we saw two new campaigns with a totally different magnitude: more than 120,000 spam hits per hour. In other words, over 200 times more than on normal days, and 4 times more than on last week’s campaigns. If you make the mistake of opening one of the ZIP files attached to the spammed out
  5. Why am i putting this on. Well as i walk about and chat to different people,some who work for councils there is fear and worry and many stressed out people out there.Worried about their security,families,mortgages,rents. And also people in their local communities.Things like that if things go pear shaped. Is this if true anyway to live in these modern times. Now it is a bit late for me to look about,do a little research.But will as time goes on.A little tired.Soft,i know. And if you have a view and are looking in and want to have your say how you are feeling about things. Aus
  6. Hi I had a Santander account a few years ago. I stopped using the account in 2012 at a zero balance and notified them of such an action in branch. They said they'd keep it open for me unless I chose to close it. Fast-forward to today and I have accrued thousands of pounds of bank charges as the account was 'under-funded'. £5 a day was added in debt and this happened for two years. We even, now I know stupidly, paid off a lot of these charges - and that's all they were, bank charges, not a single penny was for any purchase of mine. This totals £2500. I attempted to notify them by
  7. first I will describe the problem, I am paying for gas by prepayment meter , the prepayment screen on the meter is blank and it will not except payment by the card, the meter gas reading still works and there is gas supplied even without payment via the card, it's been like this for at least two years. I recently transferred to another supplier for both gas and electricity. I was sent a final estimated bill for nearly two and a half thousand pounds from my former supplier, assuming that I will have to pay them something my questions are: 1 can they calculate
  8. i've recently moved out of a flat i shared with a friend we passed on our final meter readings and we have now received our final bill. To my absolute shock the electricity bill read £628! Immediately i rung up saying there must be some mistake the woman on the phone said it is correct as it was part of the monthly payment plan. Never once when being signed up by someone who works for Utility Warehouse was i told about or explained what the payment plan was. Apparently to keep your monthly bills low they will only charge you a little amount of your electric bill (£7 i
  9. Fees for some courts could double under plans revealed by the Ministry of Justice today – the day after the House of Commons adjourned for the summer recess. Under a consultation announced by justice minister Shailesh Vara , the maximum fee for money claims would rise from £10,000 to £20,000. Fees are currently payable on 5% of the value of a claim up to a maximum fee of £10,000. Personal injury and clinical negligence claims will be excluded from the higher cap and fee remissions for those ‘of limited means’ will still apply. Fees would be introduced to the property, tax
  10. Hi All, Came across this article and thought it might be useful. . Where are we heading? Please find it at the link below Dot http://www.msn.com/en-gb/cars/news/tax-disc-loophole-leaves-angry-drivers-facing-massive-fines/ar-AAaMvme?ocid=mailsignoutmd
  11. Imposing fines of up to £500,000 on the companies behind cold calls and nuisance text messages is to become easier under changes to the law being made by the government. The move follows tens of thousands of complaints about cold calling. Currently, firms can only be punished if the Information Commissioner can prove a call caused "substantial damage or substantial distress". But from 6 April, that legal requirement is to be removed. More than 175,000 complaints were made to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) last year ab
  12. Good evening everyone. Nearly six months ago my Jaguar X-Type 03' has been involved in an accident with a HGV. No one was present in my car at this time, lorry was reversing and third party insurer accepted liability. Seems like a fairly easy case. I had a lot of bad experiences with insurance repairs as very often they do fairly good work with visual and cosmetic damages, but when it comes to more advanced / mechanical repairs it becomes a struggle. My insurer, Allianz, sent my car to the first garage who fixed rear driver's side wheel, mudguard and rear driv
  13. Hi there, I have accumulated over 85k in loans and credit cards and have just lost my job and no way to pay back. Is it possible for me to make myself bankrupt? I live in Scotland. Any help very much appreciated. I don't see any other way out... Many thanks,
  14. Carphone Warehouse - on 12th September myself and my Partner pre-ordered the Iphone 6+ 64GB from CPW on the O2 Network. both orders was for the 64GB on 4G Tariff with 20GB Data Issues 1. Due to a system error at CPW, they placed the order with O2 but with only 5GB of Data and this effected a large amount of customers. We both received a text message saying they are aware of the error and are working with O2 to resolve this and would be resolved on Monday 22ed September. however this has not been resolved, near imposable to get hold of any one at CPW and when yo
  15. Several months ago my father-in-laws broken and no longer used mobile phone was stolen. As the sim was still active a large bill was ran up by the thief and his associates. The police were informed and an individual confessed to running up the bill. Despite the confession and this being an open police case Vodafone are still perusing my father-in-law for the bill and have passed the debt to a debt collection agency. Can anyone please offer advice or help with this issue?
  16. Hi was wondering whether someone could advise me please. Below may be long but bear with me. I moved into my rental property back in Sept 12. After contacting NPower to carry on supplying the property they informed us that it wasn't them previously. After contact Southern Power they informed us to check the suppliers website and low and behold NPower supplied the property. We contacted NPower again to then be told it was them. We set up the account for Dual Fuel and the Direct Debit to what we normally pay which was £120 pcm. Thought nothing of it and a DD went out for only £40 but
  17. Hi all, This doesnt seem right to me: I had an LO for £1095. Chandlers dropped of a letter without knocking and left a mobile number. I tried numerous times and left messages and even managed to speak to the Bailiff who said he was with a client and would call me back. He never did. Then on a saturday morning at 06:30 i was up getting ready to go fishing when i noticed someone walking away from my house down the path, he hadnt knocked as the 2 dogs would have woken the street!! I opened the door and asked him what he was doing? He said who he was from and said he had put a letter in t
  18. Hey guys I am 21 year old male. I am a good guy. I help grannies cross the street. I step in if someone is doing something wrong. I do the right thing. But I am a gambling addict. My father before me was a gambling addict and he got me down the same path. It has been a long and painful path. I cant think of a day of my life i have enjoyed the past 2 years. This is where I stand currently: I have £50 to survive to the end of next month ( live with parents ) I have about 6 payday loan companies expecting to take about £300 from my account in a few days. Nothing wi
  19. Hi, In 2009, I went slightly over my agreed overdraft with HSBC and they slammed me with a £100 charge. On 17 November 2009, HSBC called me to let me know I'd gone over the agreed limit. I could not afford to repay the enitre amount until I got my student loan (which was running late, due to the Student Loans Company needing medical evidence to let me repeat the year). HSBC were okay with all of this, and we agreed I would make a small payment of £15 on 3rd December 2009. I made the payment as agreed. In a separate savings account, I was collecting money from my h
  20. Read more: http://www.mortgagestrategy.co.uk/latest-news/which-urges-bank-of-ireland-mortgage-customers-to-lodge-complaints-about-rate-hike/1070312.article
  21. A bailiff called today but didn't explain who he was properly so hubby let him in, the man then said who he was and hubby quickly escorted him back out the front door. Hubby told him he wasn't going to be coming in and doors and windows would be locked. The man wrote a few things down and left. Is this now seen as allowing him in and I wonder if what he wrote down was a list of things he had seen. He also came at 6.30am I didn't think they were allowed to come that early. Can anyone help please
  22. I really need some help with this one if possible. On 27th December 2012 I applied for a contract ipad whereby I had to pay a deposit of £99 once the contract had gone through after a initial credit check, I put my debit details in assuming they would only use this for the credit check nothing more I waited and the next morning my credit was declined and I was informed via a generic email that no money would be removed from my account. Looking at my statements £99 was removed so that weekend I emailed Vodafone CS asking when this would be returned I have no less than 20 emails from
  23. Hi, I went through the whole investigation process earlier last year with regards to my claim for child and working tax credits for the years 10-11 and 11-12. Basically during those 2 years my partner and i werent together and he lived away from the family home. However i was flagged up as his name was still on mortgage and some of the bills. The whole process made me ill and there was no way i could prove he wasnt living at our home amd had another address as he was working away staying in hotels. they needed concrete evidence such as him paying council tax or rent elsewhere. They told
  24. hi, ive come home today to a letter from scotcall, for a debt of £10276!!! eeek was hoping that one wouldnt find me! ive checked my credit file. this loan was taken in jan 2007 as a consolidation loan. it paid off a credit card, paid for a new car and also paid off another hsbc loan. now the loan that scotcall are wanting me to pay doesnt seem to appear anywhere on my credit file. the one i paid off with this loan does, hence why i know when the loan was taken out. . so this loan started jan 2007, i paid it for 6 months until i had big probs and
  25. Hi I have just received a bill from E.On for just around £3000 because THEY have been reading my meter wrong, + we have supplied several reading both bu email and leavin the card out. Do I have any obligation to pay this? As I said it has been their error in reading it wrong for goodnes knows how long. Thanks
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