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  1. Hi Guys, Just looking for some advice as I'm going nuts!!!! My IVA was paid in full 1 year early Feb 2012, I waited a full year for my certificate of completion dated 4th Feb 2014! The delay I was informed was due to ongoing PPI claims for which letters of authority were signed and supplied during that time! I have received over the last 2 months requests to sign letters of authority for claiming outstanding PPI claims for the benefit of my IVA, to quote " It is a condition of your IVA that you cooperate with your supervisor in relation to recovering assets for the benefit
  2. Hi Guys, Not sure if this is the correct forum but sure you'll let me know? Certificate of Completion on my IVA dated 04/02/2014, during the IVA and currently I hold a "cashminder" account with the Cooperative Bank, I applied today to upgrade my account to a "Standard Current" account and was told I will not be accepted for an account until 6(six) years after the completion of said IVA? That would be 11(eleven) years in total???? Declaring youself Bankrupt doesn't carry thar sort of penalty does it? Am I going absolutely nuts or is that actually correct? Would appreciate any comment
  3. Hiya Guys, Still working on this proving a lot harder than I was hoping!! I spoke with Equifax re this bank account listing and they replied with the following.... "I can see that the Yorkshire account ending in **** is an active account and active accounts remain on the Credit Report indefinitely. If you wish to close the account, you may contact the bank directly. Once the account is closed, this credit agreement information will remain on your Credit Report for six years from the date that the account was settled or defaulted, whichever occurs first". So having success
  4. Cheers Guys, Strange that only one account appears on one report and two accounts on another? See attatched captures of the entries as they appear on the reports. So I have to complain to the Bank and the CRA? Once again Thanks...
  5. Hi Guys, Recently cleared my IVA and in the process of trying to rebuild my credit rating, have received Credit Reports from the three main agencies and none are showing any info under the "court" headings (wonderful)! What they are showing under Credit Account Information are two current accounts with zero credit and debit balances with one of the banks that was included within my IVA, now I'm no genius but with a basic account with another bank taken out when the IVA was started and my record showing I have two other "live" current accounts surely I'm looking a
  6. Thanks dx, That's obviously what I'm hoping. The only listing on the credit report under "court" is the one as listed above and that is a cut and paste of the actual listing, is that unusual? Tx
  7. Thanks Ford, Hiya dx, this is the only "court" listing on the cra :- Court Details............... Type: Voluntary Arrangement. Court Date: 22/09/2008. Date Satisfied: 22/09/2009. Amount: £0 I understood that the 6 years was linked to the "judgement" date which I assumed rightly or wrongly would be the "court" date listed? The IVA was taken with Grant Thornton and to be fair I thought they were excellent throughout the IVA, until funnily enough I paid it off in Feb 2013 at which point I certainly got the impression they had lost interest in me! Thank you guys....
  8. Thanks for the reply Ford, love the "robbers way" . The IVA was never defaulted on at any time, I had to start fielding phone calls from them through Dec/Jan and Feb..... they only stopped contacting me after I sent them a copy of the Certificate of Completion which of course I didn't receive until March. Thanks for the scoreonline link I will have a read shortly, think I just wanted someone else to confirm that my understanding of the IVA date and its imminent disappearance from my cra was correct. Thanks again.....
  9. Thank you very much Ford and citizenB! Okay firstly as mentioned, IVA completed, only obtained my £2.00 Equifax standard report as a starting point, on inspection found the following:- Financial Associate!...... Entered here was a name (Polish) who I'd never heard of? Anyway emailed Equifax and this association was removed! Linked Address.............Was also a name and address in here with a "current payment history" for Virginmedia that I had never heard of? To be fair as above emailed and removed! Court Details............... Type: Voluntary Arrangement. Court Date: 22/
  10. Hi Everybody, Certificate of Completion received March 2014 but dated 04/02/2014, a little bit annoyed as we agreed a full and final settlement figure in January 2013 (our final year) and paid the amount in full in February 2013. Which really annoyed me but one assumes goes with the territory??? would like some advice regarding cleaning up my credit record, have only applied to Equifax at the moment and have a couple of queries regarding a couple of entries, if one of you kindly moderators could point me in the right direction I would be extr
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