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  1. I have a large amount of debts which I have been trying to tackle for a number of years. I am currently in an IVA with Payplan which is failing as I am currently employed in a private company who only pay SSP when you are off sick. Prior to arranging this IVA I informed Payplan that I have medical conditions which are a left clavicle joint injury which means I have a screw in my shoulder to hold my clavicle bone in place to my collarbone. I also have Sacroiliac joint injury on my right side which causes me pain and immobility especially when I am under stress, cold and exert myself
  2. I am seriously thinking of throwing in the towel. Just can't take the stress any more. I clicked on this link in this forum just out of curiosity. Anyway, the company in question is GW Financial Solutions. I believe they are based in Manchester. They suggested IVA and some Govt backed or funded schemes - can't remember exact words. I was wondering is anyone has had any experience (good or bad) with them. Or if anyone knows of any better and successful ones. I appreciate your help. Thanks in advance.
  3. I am 5 months into a 5 year agreement with Specialist Motor Finance.. due to other situations, I am thinking of entering into an IVA to improve my credit situation. the agreement shows SMF "may" terminate the agreement as i would have entered into a voluntary termination.. i contact them to clarify and they then stated they would terminate the agreement, but if i continued to meet the payments i would be able to keep the vehicle when i asked for this in writing they refused. any one had similar with this company?
  4. Hi there, I am currently in a 5 year IVA and completed 3 years so far Appox 30% of IVA was payday loans and I am now seeing many ads from no win/no fee companies claiming that they can get back not only roll over interest but more compensation too? Please can you advise if this is a good thing and also if its possible to do this while an iva is active? Thanks
  5. Hi all, Im just after some advice…. I am currently in a IVA and when it was accepted allowances were made for my car payment to black horse. To cut a long story short, things have changed rapidly and my income has stayed the same, well it’s actually due to go down and my expenditure is going to rise. This means that I can no longer afford the vehicle that the allowance was made for. Im ok with that, My dad is going to gift me an old car to be able to run, and on completing my income and expenditure form, if I get rid of the current PCP vehicle then I can still afford to
  6. Howdy! Entering a Token Payment Plan with StepChange as been avoiding creditors for long years now. Could someone tell me how to find old bank account numbers, old ref numbers to finish off my paperwork for TPP? I haven't kept any old letters etc, and I'd like to avoid ringing creditors at all costs. My credit report doesn't exactly show ref numbers. Is it actually crucial to find them anyway? StepChange said it would greatly help.
  7. Hi All, Firstly thank you for your time reading this, but Im not sure where to turn, or the advice I need. The situation is I am in debt, alot of debt. Its always been manageable but recently i have been ill and had to have time off work. This factored with the problem that I am self employed and it hasn't been a great year has grated on my purse strings, and I am now at breaking point. Currently I owe about 85K outstanding made up of the following:- 35k PCP car agreement. - Black Horse 10K Credit Card - Barclays 5K Credit Card - HSBC 5K Credit Card - MBNA
  8. I was having difficulty with my debts which are around £12K. I am on benefit, and so I foned up Debt Free Direct to see what they could do. I am very upset that all they could offer me was an IVA - 7 years paying £130 a month. Naturally I had to sign up because I was getting constant harassment of one of my creditors Halifax who kept foning me up every day demanding money I didn't have. I am now wondering if the IVA really was the right solution; they didnt offer me a Debt Relief Order which is what I would have prefered. Is there anything I can do besides letting the
  9. Hi there, I have recently sold a property which was mortgaged on the well known Together product. I financial advisor advised that I delink and retain the surplus as a deposit towards the purchase of a new property (currently renting at present due to relocation). The apr on the unsecured element has jumped to over 12%. While this was not unexpected, this is a huge amount, and with the remaining term of 25 years, I will be paying in excess of £100k on an original £30k unsecured element. To me, there must be a case of mis-selling here. I know there ha
  10. Hi, We are in IVA since 2014 July, due to change in circumstances the variation meeting with creditors arranged resulted in their refusal to accept the completion of IVA. Having gone through various posts , as every individual has different case, I am getting confused Having left with no other alternatives, I have couple of options for myself to accept the DRO and for my wife above £20000, go for BK, I am not sure as to what happens to the income as we are totally within the state benefits and my question is how are the funds managed on daily basis until 3 years of the BK, do we
  11. Hi , I am posting on behalf of a friend , they have been in a IVA, next year it comes to a ends after 8 years, the company they are with have send that when it comes to a end they will have to take out a loan to pay off out standing amount left over, I thought if you went in a IVA after you have been discharged all your debts where write off , the original time for the IVA was 5 years, but after he split with is partner he was left with the mortgage and bills to pay on his own so they extended the IVA , also is ex partner has made him put the house up for sal
  12. My friend has been working for the same company for over thirty years and recently had to fill in some sort of assessment form in which they asked if he had any financial issues that they didn't know about so out of honesty he said yes, I have an IVA, which is almost satisfied and has been adhered to from day one. The company have been very unpleasant about this and are trying to say that he is a high risk because of this and are threatening him with the sack over it. He has been through a grilling today and they're asking for further evidence next week before they make 'a decision'. There is
  13. Hi Guys, Just looking for some advice as I'm going nuts!!!! My IVA was paid in full 1 year early Feb 2012, I waited a full year for my certificate of completion dated 4th Feb 2014! The delay I was informed was due to ongoing PPI claims for which letters of authority were signed and supplied during that time! I have received over the last 2 months requests to sign letters of authority for claiming outstanding PPI claims for the benefit of my IVA, to quote " It is a condition of your IVA that you cooperate with your supervisor in relation to recovering assets for the benefit
  14. "Trust Money' contacted me a couple of days ago, offering me an IVA. This something I had been looking into, although I have never heard of this company. The only thing I can find on google about them is their actual website. As I am unable to find anything else I was wondering if this company is legit? I feel I really need to do something about my debt as making minimum payments account for over half of my income and being a single mum of a baby and being a full time student I am really struggling. My out goings are more than incoming so I need to
  15. Been in a DMP with Payplan since May 2013, was originally for 4 years but over the last couple of years due to a debt being added and monthly payments reducing this is now showing as ending July 2020! what worries me more is that even in July 2020 we still don't know if that wil be the end due to charges and interest being added. Not even sure if we can both get iva as we have 2 debts with link financial and I have been told they reject a lot of iva's. My worry about an IVA is at the moment of budget is not 100% accurate and would have to change as I know they r
  16. I'm after some IVA advice Some of you may be aware of the ongoing saga of my troubles with Robinson Way. Well, it has now culminated in us having no choice but to try and get an IVA. We have a creditors meeting in the morning but our IP rang us this afternoon to tell us that all our other creditors have replied but RW have refused our proposal. The trouble is, we dispute the amount RW are claiming so how can they work out whether they hold 75% of the debt? Also, they have refused to supply our IP with evidence of the debt because they say they've already provided it to us (the
  17. Hello all. I'm hoping for some advice. Over the last few years, I have found myself increasing in debt (various catalogues, credit cards, overdrafts and a personal loan). Towards the end of 2014, my long term relationship broke down and (stupidly) all debts are in my name. In addition to this, in early 2015, I was diagnosed with with a life long medical condition that meant that I missed around 8 months of work during the last 15 months or so. I have now found suitable medication to control my disease and am back in my full time job . Everyday I receive letters from one debt c
  18. Hi A quick question if I may. A friend has a joint debt with wife. He was in an IVA which completed last year, the joint debt was subject to the Settled IVA. Wife was not in an IVA. Seven years after starting IVA - IVA friends wife has received letter saying they are pursuing for outstanding debt, they can't pursue him due to IVA so going after other name on joint account. I guess some of the payments to the IVA from him over term of IVA will have settled some of the debt. In the past seven years wife has made no payment to IVA and received no communication regard
  19. sorry if this is in the wrong place bit of a confusing one im just coming to the end of an iva all went well for five years until i get a phonecall today saying santander one of the creditors arent covering all of my debt with them according to them i carried on spending on my account after the iva was in place and im not covered for it its my own debt for five years all it has said on my yearly report is evidence required next to santander questioning the amount-i queried it over the years and all i was told was dont worry about it there wont be a problem well there n
  20. Hello I have an IVA jointly with my partner. Due health reasons I got into financial problems. I was medically retired from my job. The only option seemed to get an IVA.. THE AMOUNT £330 a month and finding hard been twenty months. . I have now been discharged from hospital and want to start working again. My question is does effect my IVA. IF I GET EMPLOYMENT any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  21. BBC Money box reported today that those who have completed an IVA and have received a completion certificate may encounter issues when applying for PPI reclaims. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b05pbwjt 16:19 onwards.
  22. BBC Money box reported today that those who have completed an IVA and have received a completion certificate may encounter issues when applying for PPI reclaims. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b05pbwjt 16:19 onwards.
  23. Hello I was made Bankrupt by HMCR in Oct 2013 while I was in the process of trying to agree a IVA, on visiting the Insolvency service I was advised as I was trying to agree a IVA, I would not have to resign my company directorships unless this was unsuccessful and my Bankruptcy was not annulled. In December 2013 my IVA was agreed and following this my Bankruptcy was annulled. It has now come to my attention that the other director has informed Companies House that I was bankrupt and resigned my directorship. I am asking was the Insolvency Services advise correct and could
  24. Hello, I would be very grateful for any advice / input on my options to move forward with my debt. I currently owe £50k to about 11 creditors. I have been on a DMP for 3 years paying £140 a month. I am self-employed, I rent and now live by myself so am covering all bills etc. I will be paying off debt until 2046 so am thinking IVA or Bankruptcy may be better solution to enable me to move forward in my life within 10 years. Many thanks in advance FF
  25. ok my situation is a strange one. i entered a trust deed (IVA) 2 years ago but i lost my job this year and all they said was as long as i make a token payment i will be fine. i have been offered a job in canada and seriously thinking about taking it, i need to be there before dec 31st. this month is the first month i have not been able to pay my mortgage as I'm not working also i doubt ill be able to make my payment to trust deed. my question is whats my best option here goto canada and forget about my debt send the keys to mortgage company. can i go bankrupt from canada, explain situation t
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