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Found 14 results

  1. hi guys this is my first post. I appoligise if I accidently break rules. Background I been using a waste disposal broker for my sandwich bar. All was going well until I received an over loading invoice which had 2 dates that i had apparently over loaded. Charge amount 69.05 10/01/2018 overload by 25kg = £5.25+vat was using 660ltre bin allowance 42kg 31/01/2018 overloaded by 249kg = £52.29+vat was using 1100ltre bin allowance 70kg Total = £69.05 between these 2 dates I had actually received a larger bin so when the collection happened on the 10/01/2018 i was using a 660 litre bin which had a 42kg allowance then on the 31/01/2018 I was using a larger bin which is a 1100litre bin which has an allowance of 70kg Grounds for dispute My dispute is if I only went over by 25kg on a 42kg allowance how have i gone over by a Wapping 249kg on a larger bin which has a 70kg allowance. Also that is a lot of weight to put in a 1100 litre bin please my own rubbish there’s clearly a mistake when i raised this issue with the broker all they kept telling me is they have tracking records from the bin collection. However that’s not what I’m disputing (if that not what they had on their records then they wouldn’t be charging me in the first place). I’m disputing the legitimacy of the charge IE did they register the correct bin when they did the lift, I know they collect multiple bins from the same location maybe they lifting another bin by mistake. How do I know they didn’t receive a back hander from someone to throw there bins away and decided to place it in mine Now they have basically refused to credit the charge although I have had one of their own member of staff admit the figures do look off. I feel there just trying to bully this amount out of me. As brokers the waste company they are contracting to collect the waste are the ones provide them with the collection/lift info. I feel they can’t be bothered to investigate with the waste company what’s gone wrong Actions taken I am still using them to collect my waste as I am contracted to them till April 2019 and pay my waste invoice but u haven’t paid the over charge. So I have received a letter stating 1. they now will add a charge of between £40 to £60 to the charge ( haven’t actually stated amount) 2. the next course of action is to commence county court proceeding to recover debt and will result in added interest and fees I know in my gut there just trying to bully me into just shutting up and paying. Can anyone advise what action I should take? Thank you
  2. Now see them here at home https://www.theguardian.com/environment/gallery/2017/jun/27/ocean-plastic-pollution-scotland-in-pictures
  3. I took out a Unsecured Personal Loan with Halifax online in December 2011. I was NEVER asked questions like, can you afford the payments, are you employed/unemployed, and I certainly was not asked about my income. This have got so bad I am currently on an IVA - Halifax increased the IVA from 5 years to 6 years forcing me to pay for longer. I am now wondering if bankruptcy is the best option. Do I have a claim that Halifax lent to me irresponsibly without going through my finances first?
  4. Two days ago my niece asked me to look at her 9 year old daughters laptop as it had locked up and was asking for money to be unlocked. She said it happened while she was watching a YouTube video of Britains Got Talent. What she had was a particularly nasty virus known as 'Ransomware'. It locks the computer and demands money to 'unblock' the computer so it can be used again. Like most, this one came in the guise of an official site with lots of police badges and the name Metropolitan Police, it accused her of distributing child porn and wanted £100 to be paid by Paypoint. Luckily at her age, she isn't aware of what kiddie porn is but the police references and the menacing voice demanding over and over that she must pay £100 fine did scare her. I class this as Fraud and Blackmail, but the authorities aren't interested. There are at present a couple of men in the North in prison for doing this sort of thing. On contact with the Police, they weren't interested and said 'we don't have anything to do with that any longer and to ring Action Fraud. I rang Action Fraud, who is the government sponsored department that deals with cyber crime and was given a crime number and then bye bye. No attempt was made to ID the culprit nor any questions asked or requests made to send them details. That brings me to make the statement that this, (like most other Government departments), is useless and not worth the money they are costing us.
  5. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3531956/2bn-fiasco-huge-recycling-plant-dumped-Hundreds-workers-facing-sack-PFI-facility-shut-leaving-thousands-tons-waste-destined-landfill.html It occured to me after reading the article linked above, that we have sleep walked into a environmental nightmare, where efforts to reduce effects on the planet have been at huge cost, but not done in an intelligent way, so they are sustainable. We have created industries producing wheelie bins, recycling boxes/bags, recycling lorries, new council services etc. It would be interesting if someone produced a cost/benefit analysis of dealing with household waste, to see whether the efforts of householders and councils is really worthwhile. Surely it would be better to look at the manufacturing processes of household goods and to require materials to be used which don't represent any hazard if burned or they can easily be melted to be reused. It seems to me that an intelligent system needs to be worked out from the point items are manufactured right the way through to the end when they are either disposed of or reused.
  6. Did anyone see this programme last night ? http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b06nzl76/hughs-war-on-waste-episode-1 It was really good and I was shocked to see the unnecessary waste not just by households but by Supermarkets and Fast Food Chains. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall has a blog where he encourages us to help force Supermarkets to reduce the waste. https://wastenotuk.com/ He interviewed a Parsnip farmer and was astonished to see how many of these were rejected because they were "cosmetically challenged" . Apparently the Farmer had a contract with Morrisons and they set the standards for the parsnips. The Farm was barely covering its costs - Morrisons refused to speak to the programme. They later ended their contract with the Farmer because they spoke out on TV. Hugh took the "cosmetically challenged" parsnips and set up a stall outside a Morrison's Store - where he asked the opinion of Morrison Shoppers as to whether they would buy/use the parsnips - they all said they would. He later went to an amazing recycling Centre where a few recycling sceptics were given a tour to see how stuff was recycled and then the end waste used to make bicycles, clothes, furniture. Next week he is going to look at the amount of perfectly useable clothes that are being thrown away. A very interesting programme.
  7. I recently got a notice to pay a £75 fine in the next few days to stop a court summons, however i had not received the FPN, and this was my first notification of it, I rung my council to speak with the most rude, abrupt person i have had the displeasure of speaking to, the letter was dated the 13th November, however between the 10-16th i was not in the country, however he magically comes out with saying the offence occurred on the 5th, i ask him for evidence, he refuses, and then says i need to dispute it, i said how can i dispute something i, have not received and have had no evidence for, i also explained that the "28 day notice was up on the 11th" not giving me proper time to dispute, he told me that he found it funny that i did not receive the original notice, ( i live in a block of flats with a communal post box and also communal waste area. Now i know for a fact i put my rubbish out every sunday night, ready for collection on monday, and are extra careful with personal information as i have been a victim of ID fraud previously, Where do i go from here? I also have evidence of the rubbish collectors not collecting all the bags, and theres still some bags left from the last pick up on monday
  8. Hi guys My wife has a phone on contract with Virgin Mobile (Galaxy S5) and has had no issues up until recently for the past 6 weeks she has been restricted on numerous occasions what has happened is she recently changed her number as she was getting alot of spam messages and calls so they actually sent her a new sim card and promised a new number and her tarrif would be swapped over. So she received the new Sim popped it into her phone and obviously thought her tarriff would be there and started using it as normal up until again her phone was restricted and when she phoned up they said she has excessive usage of £237.99 which eventually was credited back as it was a mistake on there end for not moving the tarriff over to the new sim card, what has annoyed her the most this constantly happens where the tarriff is there but a futher £112 has gone on top of the bill totalling it to £349 for an unlimited VIP tarriff at £32 a month. This has been taken high up to the CEO office to deal with but there just as much use as the customer service and she is now worried about setting up a direct debit again until all is rectified but again yesterday they restricted her phone for not setting up the direct debit What rights do we have here as shes thinking about asking them to release her out of contract due to the hassle shes having at the moment. What annoys me the most is im a Network Engineer at Virgin Media and my thoughts on Virgin as a company go from bad to worse everytime this happens Here is her breakdown from the account Your tariff Extra use Other costs Your credits Total amount 07982871 Add name to number - £350.66 - £237.99 Cr £112.67 07986227 ( Should be Cancelled) Add name to number - - - £0.12 Cr £0.12 Cr
  9. Has anyone experienced the Barclay's / Woolwich mortgage fiasco my mother and brother experienced. i) Applied for a right to buy mortgage for £43,000 (£60,000 + equity in the house) and paid £100's upfront for searches, valuation, solicitors etc. ii) Woolwich then requested a deposit £2,400 - we agreed and paid further costs for I.D. checks etc. iii) Then they changed their minds and wanted £4,300 - we agreed and paid more solicitor fees. iv) Then they said my brother's income wasn't enough. v) Why we asked - They would take my mothers out goings in to account but not here income ! Why are they allowed to string people along and fleece them of money. Why couldn't they do the financial checks first before the request for large amounts of monies. Woolwich should be made to refund these monies. Master Grumpy.
  10. hello. I have been on pip for a year now high rate mobility and standard care. I had a change of circumstance so had another assessment. I got 0 points mobility because they said I walked 30-40m to the room. it was 5 m. so I checked google earth and the whole building is 3 cars wide. also I told her I could only move 5 m at a time and she said I need in minutes. I said 1 minute. she put down 2-3 minutes. what is going on at atos. it was a physio that saw me. what can I do please.
  11. As always, hoping you can offer me some advice. Had an IVA from 2005-2010, completed it in full and never missed a payment. Got my certificate of completion at the end, all good. Since then I have had a few successful CC's, again never missed a payment, top credit score of 999. Took out a Barclays business account in 2011 as a sole trader, IVA posed no problem at all, never had a problem with any business account. Converted sole trader to Ltd company recently and applied to Natwest for business account and after waiting over a month for my account, they tell me that because I had an IVA, they want proof that I have completed it. It's so long since finishing it that I can't find my completion certificate. Got an appointment to see Barclays next week and mentioned the IVA, they too want proof that I have completed it. Nobody has brought up the IVA since I finished it, many have given me cards etc and my record if perfect. What is the point of me completing my IVA like a good boy when Natwest are going to be so prejudice? I know I could ask for another copy of my completion certificate, but I feel like I am being punished for something which is both private and also unfair as I have completed it 3 years ago. Where do people stand when they have completed their IVA's?
  12. I have noticed on the bill Thames Water have a charge for waste water to be treated. Was this always the case but not itemised? As I have never seen this on a bill before. Seems like an extra revenue source has been created to squeeze consumers pockets further. Thanks.
  13. i have registered a domain with them. with every domain comes nameservers and dns. when i tried configuring the dns, its not on my dashboard and they charge 800 for dns whereas other companies like bigrock which is my prime service provider gives dns for free. i mailed their help e-mail address and they said they cant help me with it, i need to contact the complaint department. i have sent them 3 mails and have called too, but all in vain. i dont want my money back. atleast people shouldnot take their service. crazydomains or crazy domains is a waste company. thanks.
  14. HI There I am wanting some advice about issues I have been having with the council who refuse to properly investigate a complaint i have made. In short, several months pregnant in March I had an issue with a waste collection on bin day who said he would help with the bin. On returning down the road, he flipped his middle finger at me, they flashed their hazards and left me standing on the end of the road. this wasn't the first altercation i have had with this collection team who had taken a dislike to my family This was one of many examples where the waste team had been (deliberately) missing my bin collection and then I have been left without a waste collection. This had happened about 7/8 times in a short period After losing tolerance after the lastest incident and after several phone calls and complaints i was promised by a waste manager that i would get a £10 refund for all the trouble I had, but could only claim this back at the end of the tax year Two months later when i pursued this, They then pretended this promise never happened, blaming a person who had left and then also told me that the person in the waste team who had been rude to me had been sacked. (which i felt was unusual to admit to as i thought those sort of things should be confidential). I then put in a complaint where they pretended to investigate it and wouldn't find in my favour, making out I had lied when the waste manager told me the person concerned had been sacked (i complained that they shouldn't have disclosed this as it broke data protection and said it wasn't sufficient can i pursue this in any other way as they are now telling me to go to the local govnt ombudsman and not to contact them again! their arrogance i find appalling and I'm upset at being called a liar!
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