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  1. Hi im new to the forum I have recently stopped paying my loan, I recall the loan company sending me out my loan agreement and making me hand sign it in late 2016. If I was to do a CCA will they need to show the signed agreement?
  2. Hi there I am guessing this is a common problem. Around 2 years ago, I received a threat from Cabrot regarding an £8k credit card from Halifax taken out in 2000 (I think - may have been 2001). I followed instructions and sent them a letter requesting a copy of the CCA and got the usual BS saying they couldn't find the file but I am still liable for the debt, the last I heard from them was August 2016. Anyhow, out of the blue. Yesterday, I received a letter from our beloved friends stating they had found said documents and they believe these were enforceable to obtain a CC
  3. Good afternoon, I have recently found my original finance agreement from Welcome Finance in 2007, for which I believe I was mis-sold shortfall insurance on the agreement. I was told by the salesman that if i did not take the shortfall insurance, then i would not be provided with finance. I had no idea it was optional until recently. I have contacted the FSCS in relation to starting a claim as per the Welcome website, I have the original credit agreement however, I have no details as to who the shortfall insurance was through as a) I was not given any d
  4. Hi My friend received a letter from Sandwell Council regarding 14 Day Notice for tax liability order dated June 2007. My friend leaves in Sandwell council house from 2009 and this is the first time (it's been 10 yrs) he received any notification about the Liability Order. Previously, he was renting a room from his friend and the room payment was covering all bills, so his friend's name would be on the rent agreement. Could anyone advise if the council can request the money since they have not been in touch about the court order? Thanks MJK
  5. Hi, I have a debt with Capital one. the account was opened July 2007. IS there any point in asking for CCA? how to best deal with it ?
  6. I took out a Unsecured Personal Loan with Halifax online in December 2011. I was NEVER asked questions like, can you afford the payments, are you employed/unemployed, and I certainly was not asked about my income. This have got so bad I am currently on an IVA - Halifax increased the IVA from 5 years to 6 years forcing me to pay for longer. I am now wondering if bankruptcy is the best option. Do I have a claim that Halifax lent to me irresponsibly without going through my finances first?
  7. Hi, Been on Forum for ages and managed to win all but one claim that has been brought against us with advice from here. However, this one is confusing me a little as not had to do it in a while. My wife had a Marshall Ward catalogue taken out in Aug 07 so after the April changes, everything was fine until 2012 when we got into a bit of trouble one thing led to another and she got defaulted, in 2013 Capquest aquired the debt, we CCA'd them, they sent a recon agreement and then all went quiet. Oct 2016 my wife starts to get letters again from Capqu
  8. Dear Everyone, I am going to submit a PPI claim for a Ford car loan I got from a ford dealer in 2007. The ford sales man said the PPI was compulsory to get the loan. It was my first car loan. I have a print out of all the payments made, and the final balance being cleared which HBOS provided me. However, the monthly payments are the aggregate of the loan repayment + the PPI. I don't know how much the PPI component was and don't have the original documentation or loan agreement, but have proof of the loan and it being paid back. My question is: Do I need to kn
  9. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/panorama/7034187.stm http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/panorama/7037635.stm http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/panorama/7037933.stm http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/panorama/7034492.stm More links on the above pages to look at but here's a few for starters!
  10. In 2007 Government presumably Labour, in Parliament agreed that a lass OR fellow living ALONE could have savings of £16000 , HOWEVER, if they go together,married in one householder. Then this total i.e £32,000 was reduced to just £16,000. Move on to 2016 and these figures have not been changed. Yes! the single person home still has enough permitted finance . BUT not the couple. Before anyone says,but surely the couple have enough! Costs have gone up dramatically, even if it is only funerals to consider. So if any of my readers have parents, now is the time to ensure they are
  11. Yet again another debtor has been found guilty under section 68.1 of the Tribunal Courts & Enforcement Act 2007 for interfering with controlled goods and also for criminal damage. Of serious concern is that this person was also represented by a McKenzie masquerading as a 'Lawyer' who has been responsible for a number of failed legal cases over the past couple of months that have resulted in debtors losing many thousands of pounds. In this particular case, the brief background is that Croydon Council issued a penalty charge notice and the debt remained unpaid and was passed to
  12. Hi Everyone I have not been on here for a long time as thought all my worries were over after selling our home of 17 years due to Acenden and another well known mortgage vulture. Anyway we have been renting for the last 5 years and have received a letter from a debt collector for an old debt from 2007. They are threatening a statutory demand then bankruptcy if we don't pay in the next 7 days. I am aware that all debt collectors are bully boys and have dealt with alot of them over the past. I presume this debt as it is over 6 years old cant be chased?? Bankruptcy is not an
  13. This thread seeks to examine the provisions contained within the Tribunals Courts and Enforcement Act 2007 in regards to the protection of vulnerable debtors.
  14. Hi every one, I discovered that I have a few credit card agreements post 2007. This includes Capital One and HSBC. What I would like to know is: - Can charges of £12 applied on this accounts be claimed too just like in the pre 2007 agreement? I noticed that most of the banks claims that it is fair. Your advise, comments and guidance is welcome. Dot
  15. Deposits taken before the 2007 date for deposit protection legislation need to be protected even if the tenancy was a periodic tenancy at the time the legislation came into force, and has remained so. Charalambous & Anor v Maureen Rosairie Ng & Anor [2014] EWCA Civ 1604 http://nearlylegal.co.uk/blog/2014/12/p ... ossession/ It seems that while the financial penalty doesn't apply, a legal Section 21 cannot be served. My OH got caught out by this (Section 21 was issued before the above judgement). Luckily, the tenant didn't find out that the notice was unlawful and le
  16. In September last year I started a new thread regarding a very serious case concerning a debtor who had been arrested for assaulting a bailiff. The reason for the debtor's arrest can be seen in the following links from that time: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?433030-Debtor-charged-under-section-68(1)-of-TCEA-2007-with-quot-intentionally-obstructing-a-bailiff-quot-.(20-Viewing)-nbsp
  17. Hi everyone Thank you all for doing such a fantastic job you people are awesome!!! So heres debtnumber 2 and brief story for all those who wants some backgorund info So my story.... I used to work for HBOS plc (Halifax) as an IT specialist. In July 2007 During my time at HBOS I became severely ill with encephalitis (similar to meningitis) which left me disabled and stuttered and completely inaudible amongst other symptoms. As a result In 2008 I was let go by HBOS after 8 months of SSP - due to my long term sickness. Unsecured Loan 2 - From HBOS - £7000 (Home Improveme
  18. Hi again So here you go again another copy and paste of my brief story .. Enjoy ..Oh and my 3rd alleged debt.. Please help So my story.... I used to work for HBOS plc (Halifax) as an IT specialist. In July 2007 During my time at HBOS I became severely ill with encephalitis (similar to meningitis) which left me disabled and stuttered and completely inaudible amongst other symptoms. As a result In 2008 I was let go by HBOS after 8 months of SSP - due to my long term sickness. Debt 3 - Halifax Packaged Account Defaulted in 2007/2008 - one of those pay £15 a month for perk
  19. Hey, Can someone please offer me some advice here in relation to my option (if any). Just gained access to my credit file and see that there are 2 loans listed against me, the first one of my car loan from ACF Finance which I will post later on to get some help with these cowboys. The other is from a loan I took out in 2007 with Welcome Finance who had their credit licence removed from them I believe a few years back. The WF loan I unfortunately fell behind with after being losing my job and ended up defaulting on after they starting applying their massiv
  20. I had a credit card with Virgin (MBNA) I got into financial difficulties and had to agree reduced payments, these have been made religiously by standing order and never missed for over 2 years, in fact I have increased the monthly payment myself without any prompting from them. For reasons best known to themselves MBNA have now assigned the debt to Moorgate Britannia, MBNA have marked their default as satisfied and Moorgate have registered another, albeit with the same dates. So having stuck to my agreed payment plan and in fact increased the payments off my own bat to try a
  21. I wonder if someone can give me some advice. In November last year I lost my job, I had managed, up to that point to keep my head above water to a certain extent. Now I am on JSA of £71.40 a week and I can no longer keep afloat. I contacted Stepchange who told me to contact M&S and get a copy of the T&C's and also the CCA agreement as I took this out in store with one of their reps in 2006. I rang M&S and they said it would be sent out, it was not. In December I rang again and asked for the documents. Still nothing. This morning I receiv
  22. Hi All, Apologies if this is posted in the wrong section or has been answered elsewhere. I am dealing with Hillesden/dlc and am going to send a CCA request for the original credit card agreement. I have read a lot on here regarding the CCA request and what they must supply but my question is this: The credit card agreement, with Citi, was taken out in 2001, so do they have to send a copy of the original signed agreement, or can they just send a true copy of what the agreement was back then, without my signature. I understand that a lot of agreements
  23. We just recieved a letter from HMRC advising us that we owe £218 in tax credits from the year ending 2006/7. Looking for advice on what I should do next. To give you some background, we claimed tax credits when our son was born in 2006, and thanks to an error when we updated our details, we were overpaid around £1,000. The error I believe was their fault, as we rang up to change our details and the operative appears to have changed it to a solo claim, thereby disregarding my income (which was from a full time job). I have never challenged this overpayment, and given the changing of r
  24. I rented a property in January 2007 and paid the deposit. As it was prior to the new rules of deposit schemes, the landlord held the deposit. After being tricked into leaving in October 2007, the landlord refused to give the deposit back. I have tried sending requests to return it, but get ignored. I thought i would try moneyclaim.gov.uk, but i cannot use it for tenancy deposits. Is there any other way to claim for this money? I am also claiming part of October's rent too. Any help would be appreciated.
  25. hi everyone im lookin for help regarding a credit card i used to have in 2007 ,i got hit with a lot of charges for late payment etc a i was strugglin to find a job . the account got turned over to a debt collection agency and i told them i was in the process of claiming my charges back. they understood the situation and put the account on hold. i put my claim in to barclays and never heard a thing from them or the debt collection agency and because the amount they ssaid i owed was practically charges i assumed they writ the debt off. recently i have had a letter from the
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