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Found 11 results

  1. Hello A friend of mine let a DCBL bailiff into her home ( it was 6am, they looked like cops and they pushed into the doorway when the door was opened) They waived a Writ of Control to justify entry and refusal to leave. They now have a list of goods under control - one of these is a computer. While I understand they can take the computer, what is the status of the data stored on the machine? In the meantime, I've applied for a N244 to create a payment schedule as she is vulnerable on health grounds (also the reason for not being able to pay the original CCJ that started all
  2. The following is a copy of a very recent decision from the Local Government Ombudsman. This particular decision is a vitally important one as it refers to the correct procedure that should be followed if an individual has had his goods taken to settle another person's debt. In almost all cases, the goods in question would be a motor vehicle. PS: As the decision is very lengthly, I have split it into two separate posts. London Borough of Ealing (15 016 609) Summary: The Council’s enforcement agents were not at fault when they seized Mr X’s car to recover an outstandi
  3. Hello, on Saturday evening i thought i'd give the Mrs a break and take us all to a restaurant in Bromley, we arrived and parked at 18:50. Looking at the signs it was a bit confusing i went to check the hours of operation also attached everything looked fine and i was happy that i managed to find parking on a busy evening. The restaurant was really busy and they told us we only have an hour as they have further reservations, we sat down to eat knowing we will be back just after 20:00, but that's besides the point. I am really surprised to be getting a ticket out
  4. My problem is this..... I have a Controlled Goods Agreement with Bristol and Suitor.. My problem is this.. My monthly Income of Housing benefit and Job seekers... Minus my Rent and the Controlled goods agreement leaves my with just £55 a month. The Controlled goods agreementis £200 per month for 5 months. ** Is the a way no negotiate a lower monthly fee ?? *** (As im an trainee Accountant and I need to go job hunting in London ) I have been unemployed for almost 18 months after breaking both my legs !!! and my only pais of shoes have fallen
  5. I am confused here. I am currently being persued for a previous HP debt which in fact I am making payments for but I dont have the car which is a different story. I am concerned that one day my new car will be clamped even though it is on HP. It seems that when you look at web advice...some say it is protected and some is not. So...if I have a vehicle on HP: Can it be clamped. Can it be removed.
  6. Hi everybody, I have a van Toyota Hiace from 2004. I bought it this summer (July) and from the beginning I regularly bring it to my garage. I spent around £700 in 7 months for maintenance. Initially I did a general service, i changed some mechanical parts, tyres, and recently I did the MOT. A couple of months ago the orange light of the oil turned on, i checked the oil and it was full. I spoked with my mechanic about it and about the fact that the van was doing some smoke at the start. The mechanic cleaned the filters and told me that the light was probably caused by an electric malfu
  7. Yet again another debtor has been found guilty under section 68.1 of the Tribunal Courts & Enforcement Act 2007 for interfering with controlled goods and also for criminal damage. Of serious concern is that this person was also represented by a McKenzie masquerading as a 'Lawyer' who has been responsible for a number of failed legal cases over the past couple of months that have resulted in debtors losing many thousands of pounds. In this particular case, the brief background is that Croydon Council issued a penalty charge notice and the debt remained unpaid and was passed to
  8. Those of you that happen to have the Enforcement Agent (EA) and demanding money to clear your debt you really should get to grips with what is a must on these forms, and what happens if you cannot keep to the agreement... Please have a read here as it could help you understand CLEARLY what could happen in this case for the link it is here https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/debt-and-money/action-your-creditor-can-take/bailiffs/bailiff-has-issued-you-with-a-notice/bailiffs-notices/controlled-goods-agreements-bailiffs/ As you can see the EA MUST follow a strict regime before a CGA
  9. This is going to be, I fear, a bit of a long winded post, so apologies for that right from the start. Yesterday (23rd June), my property was visited by an "enforcement agent" (I'm going to say bailiff from now on, as it's quicker to type) from Bristow & Sutor. I wasn't home, but my partner was (the debt (council tax) is in both our names). It is important to note that I am NOT trying to get out of paying the council tax for a second, I know that has to be paid, but I do need advice on this controlled goods agreement. Anyway... The bailiff knocked on the door and my
  10. quick question can a bailiff force entry after peaceful entry and control of goods signed are failed to make payments under agreement
  11. I wonder if somebody could clarify the situation re: Controlled Zones. I have been issued with a PCN for parking in restricted area of Control Zone. I did contest it, stating that no curb markings, yellow lines - so I assumed okay? They replied, refusing my appeal, stating that in Controlled Zones, it is not a requirement for any yellow lines, curb markings etc? So is it right then, that all is required are two 'controlled zone' signs, displayed (one on either side of road) at entrance to Controlled Area (high st) - at either end of course. But apart from that, the Council do not hav
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