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  1. Watching BBC2 tonight 9pm Exposed: The Church's Darkest Secret The tentacles spread far and wide
  2. M1 five posts and already in the Bear Garden Article 50 discussion, interesting. Going Underground by The Jam https://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/jam/goingunderground.html
  3. Quick update. Driving Education course completed in one case. Other case, driver paid the fine as Police not helpful when contesting rules. Best to pay so it doesn't escalate and the driver will make a complaint in writing concerning the issue date.
  4. Boris will have to prove himself now to those who swapped from Labour to Cons. Those who voted Cons this time 'To get Brexit done''may not next time.
  5. Thanks for last two posts. In both cases the NIP is first notification. Registered keeper to private car always at same address for years. I do understand with the lease car, paper work will usually be delayed because of the NIP going to Lease car company in the first instance. In both cases the date on the NIP document is over 14 days after the camera date. Both drivers have completed the NIP and returned and if there's a time issue with a drivers education course offer, the delay in sending the NIP by the Ticket Office, will be raised.
  6. Thanks Manxman, One car is registered Keeper so owner can ring Ticket Office to see what the situation is if the notice is not within time frame rules. The other is a leased car so i'll pass on the 14 day limit doesn't apply. DX not sure what 'your Nip' means but hope all the posts above explain Just looking at dates of the lease car notice, the ticket is actually dated over three weeks after the camera date. Surely the date of the notice should be within 14 days of the camera. They'll get a call also.
  7. Hello to all. Please advise if the original notification needs to be received by the recipient within 14 days. I ask this for two people I know, one received notice on 2nd Nov and date of camera 11th Oct. The other person received notice on 8th Nov date of camera 15th Oct. The reason I ask is when reading the notice you only get a limited time for the completed form to be received by the Ticket Office to organise a Driver Education Course. If notices sent out late you could miss this option. Just to add, First person notice date and sent 31st Oct Second person notice date and sent 7th Nov
  8. Glad you've passed to ICO, with copies of the correspondence between you and Blemain. The person I know with same problem has sent the same to ICO. It was acknowledged by ICO but needs chasing now as not heard anymore. This person had all the original Blemain info and correspondence for the loan, account number, amount borrowed, when credited etc. People are not being protected adequately enough by the bodies put in place to do that job. The ICO, FCA and more should have more legislative power over these powerful companies.
  9. What a shame the scrutiny on Brexit Deal Vote today in the Commons was not set up for the UK people to see when the referendum was announced by Mr Cameron. All what we've seen in the last few weeks could have been aired three years ago, and now left to last minute tactics.
  10. It was predicted BJ's next step was to undermine the Judiciary, with the backlash in the media in his favour and the status quo being tested, it's how he will seen to be justified in his action. Imagine the furore if Jeremy C had done the same. Change is good if change is for the good. The next generation may well feel the need for an antiquated system to be challenged where it's necessary to do so. The Judges were a breath of fresh air
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