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  1. When I click on last page of a thread to read I get an 'Uh Oh your link has been broken' type of message alert.
  2. What i've read about LFT and PCR tests is they both have their own ambiguities however, PCR tests are sent to a Lab but they don't know how 'right' the result they are looking at is. I would say yes UB, could have neg LFT and a positive PCR.
  3. medconfidential.org It seems we have until the 23rd June to opt out of having our NHS history data harvested. The web site above has a link to the place you can opt out. Shame the conversation hasn't been advertised as it should be so everyone knows and understands being fully aware of the choice.
  4. Ignore the 191 and 192 pages mention that was for Article 50 prob, but I agree an anomaly, I see 106
  5. Me too TJ. I believe the pages are in the region of 191 and 192 currently. At least we're here, and working through it
  6. The antagonistic approach is being used big time by the Cons, we saw a lot of that during the Trump administration. It's known as hegemonic practices. Unfortunately it does have it's power for a bit until enough people see through it because it repeats itself. The bots used for this during the last general election were prevalent in this. It's a powerful tool with social media but it's now being flushed out more and people looking for the truth. Not cover ups. You see the antagonistic denigrate the person and twist the argument, all done in a specific order. There must be a school of learning for it You see the same words being used like the word 'whingeing', has now been pulled out of the bag. I saw question time and although someone may get pulled onto the back foot of the argument at the beginning, they certainly weren't by the end
  7. Have pages 189 and 190 been used for posting as can't be accessed. This thread is an important read to more than you can imagine.
  8. A conundrum. The UK can have a referendum to leave the EU yet there's an argument on whether Scotland can have a referendum to become independent from the UK. We had a referendum to become independent from the EU. I would prefer Scotland to stay with us but i'm looking at the situation as to it's ok for us to have a referendum but not ok for Scotland to have a referendum. Maybe for Scotland to have a poll before a referendum to see if they want a referendum.
  9. I wonder what the plan is for next year? Another roll out or does the vaccine last for life?
  10. Thanks UB. I just wonder if anyone who was unwell in that December presuming a heavy cold chest infections could have been covid.
  11. Thanks HB Just watching bbc1 Covid who got it right. I welcome reports like this. There were many people I know who were unwell in December 2019 so my question is when did the powers that be in the world know about an impending pandemic. We should always be prepared for such health safety. Hindsight is history of past pandemics which should’ve been learnt from.
  12. I’ll try and post on laptop later any probs i’ll report back for advice
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