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Found 20 results

  1. I wanted to start this thread as a middle ground for 'What made you smile/swear today.' We have thoughts which don't make us smile or swear but you contemplate on an issue. What concerns you, what worries you, how you would rectify it. There's also the good things that work, you may have new ideas, a space for any thoughts you have on your mind. My thought today is how large privatised companies can hold the country to ransom, being big and powerful and if there's a problem you will do our bidding. The Banks and energy companies come to mind.
  2. Hi Has anyone heard of this woman? MRS CHNG SOK HUI? I have had a very strange email from her, I have never heard of her or where she got my email address from. I did Google her
  3. Just asking for thoughts on this I know of a local limited company the average turn over is about 20k - 30k (but a 50k loss this year) We know the owners personally and for a while now we have had suspicions that for a while now they have been using the business account to pay for their personal life we have images on Facebook of multiple expensive purchases including cars, holiday houses, jewelry etc This year the business accounts seem to back this up, the directors account for the Year state that the directors account loans due has gone up to 200k due within 12 months this is about 150k rise Is there any way to report this? Is it worth it, or should we sit back and just hope they didn't notice if there is personal liability on the Ltd company accounts
  4. Hello, looking for some advice please. I'll try and keep this as short and to the point as I can given the complex circumstances! I started a new job last month & my contract (that was advertised in the job description is 35hrs per week Monday to Friday.) But my line manager (not my 'overall' manager), who interviewed me for the job said at the time that occasionally there will be weekend work i.e. if there are small events on and I said to him verbally, that's fine. However, since I started just over one month and a half ago, I've currently worked three weekends (Saturdays - not consecutively) without kicking up a fuss and I've just been informed by my 'overall' manager, that I'll be working the next three weekends in a row (meaning 6 days a week!) She seems to just automatically put me and others on without even asking us or conversing, which I find annoying and out or order. To further add insult to injury, I've not been asked, but been told that I've to work an extra one hour next week (on top of next Saturday's 8hr shift) which means that will be 13hrs overtime in one week! I actually have things planned for the next three weekends she's asking me to work coincidentally. Important to note: I have not been given a copy of my contract despite asking when I first started for a copy, to which my immediate manager said "what do you want a copy of your contract for?" and I replied so that I know my legals rights etc. I'm sure this would possibly mention the overtime coverage (if any) but the only thing I have to go by is a copy of a staff handbook that mentions overtime but says 'refer to your contract of employment'. So, my question to everyone is, do you think I am within my rights to say no to all this overtime at weekends especially when I don't get any advanced notice of a weekend shift coming up? Sorry for the long message. Thanks
  5. Well i have never seen anything like it. I have been watching the weather models like a hawk.For a week or so. Not one of them is sure what is going to happen. I watched one weather presenter very experienced guy,even say so on the BBC. However one thing seems to becoming clearer,it is not going to be like last year.All the Atlantic storms rolling in one after another. This could be a winter to remember. I enjoy the storms as being a beachcomber this is when i collect many things from the shoreline. But understand it is hell for others. Latest is that we could have a winter like we have not had for quite a while. But this is just beginning to surface far away from our shores. Amazing what can affect our tiny island. The weather models at the moment are very good entertainment. So what else is there to say. Well i have bought a sleigh and a snow shovel.And put a small bet on snow for Christmas. Also have my barbecue and leopard skin bikini nearby just in case. What do you think is going to happen this winter. This is where i hang out in winter just in case you want to check things out. If you are a weather lover read a few pages back,perhaps a week if you have time,strap yourself in and enjoy the banter. And the weather models.A right old battle taking place. Check out how disappointed some get when the cold suggestions evaporate but then get excited as things change again. https://www.netweather.tv/forum/topic/86580-model-output-discussions-06z-041116/?page=176
  6. I have just found out something worrying via the Credit reference agency's and just wanted to see what other peoples views are on this matter, if any. In my opinion this is worrying because I don't think many people know that information that may be needed in the future is lost in the past If you the public do not act. let me explain, Recently I asked Experian If I could see my credit file for the whole month of September 2009 as I believed that a certain company had been doing some wrong things to my credit files and I needed to prove that they were unlawfully readjusting a default date, a tactic they do all the time to lengthen the time the default is on your credit file. Upon asking for this information I was shocked to be told that because I myself haven't generated the file on that specific date ( logging into Experian and having a look) that there is no records to show me, that they just do not exist. Which basically means that if you don't look at your credit file you will never be able to see what's been going on with your file in the future. I wonder if company's get to know who and who doesn't generate their file. Any thoughts... BB a4v
  7. Hi all, I reclaimed my PPI from a number of lenders a few years ago using the great advice and letters etc on here, eternally grateful for that! But.... I've had a few calls from claim companies over the last few months and they claim that a lot of lenders knowingly underpaid on PPI claims and that more is owed. I was wondering if there's any truth to that and, if so, would it be a case of following the same process as previously to claim the extra owed? Thanks, Nick
  8. Psychoactive Substances Act 2016 your thoughts? This can be found here >> http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2016/2/pdfs/ukpga_20160002_en.pdf It has Royal Assent now I believe? Introductory 1 Overview (1) This Act contains provision about psychoactive substances. (2) Section 2 defines what is meant by a “psychoactive substance”. (3) Sections 4 to 10 contain provision about offences relating to psychoactive substances. (4) Section 11 provides for exceptions to those offences. (5) Sections 12 to 35 contain powers for dealing with prohibited activities in respect of psychoactive substances, in particular powers to give prohibition notices and make prohibition orders. (6) Sections 36 to 54 contain enforcement powers. Is this a good or bad thing? What effect can/will this have as far as the public are concerned? Your thoughts please...
  9. Hi folks Just before Christmas I had a MCOL claim from Cabot via Restons Solicitors (for an old credit card - claim value approximately £1600 formerly with Cap 1). I filed an acknowledgement of service and sent the appropriate s78 CCA and CPR 31.14 notices. I had a smiliar claim against me from another creditor about 2 years ago and was able to submit the defence in good time. The s78 and CPR letters were sent by me unsigned. Yesterday Restons returned my letter saying that whilst it purportedly came from me, without a signature they are not able to do anything further. Any advice much appreciated. Cheers NC
  10. Hey guys, recently the shop I work at has had a few issues and I'm hoping to know where I (and a couple others) stand with things. Looking through my paperwork re; issues recently I can't find a copy of my contract. I also do not remember if I ever signed one (I may or may not have). Iirc they have 3 months from me starting to issue me a copy (if I did sign one). If I DIDNT sign one, under what terms am I actually working if anything came to a head? On the above note, several times recently in conversation it's come up that 'staff must be flexible' regarding their hours and that it's stated in our contracts. Without having my contract to hand I've no way of telling if this is true, nor whether there's any stated definition of flexible. Would there be anything that would be standard for this definition?
  11. Hello all, Please accept my apologies if my post is in the wrong place. I don't have a complaint as such, more a general observation that raises a safety issue across multiple vehicle manufacturers and I wanted to hear the thoughts of those on the forum. Over the past few years I've noticed a marked increase in the number of vehicles being driven in poor or dark conditions with no headlights on. Drivers failing to turn on their headlights when conditions dictate they should appears to have risen in line with the greater prevalence of cars on the road fitted with daylight running lights (DRLs). Until recently, both observations remained unconnected in my mind. My father recently took delivery of a new Kia Cee'd (an excellent car should anyone be tempted to look at one) and it's fitted with a DRL system. Suddenly the reason why so many motorists fail to turn on their headlights when conditions dictate they should has become clear - when the DRL system is active, i.e. when the headlights are switched off, the dashboard lights also illuminate! The effect is to remove the most effective visual feedback available to the driver that they haven't turned on their lights. DRL systems that I've encountered so far do one of two things when lights are switched on - they either extinguish completely or they dim. The effect is to remove the safety issue associated with ultra-bright lights dazzling oncoming traffic. Were that to be the only issue I would consider it more of an annoyance than a safety concern, however there's another, much more serious, issue associated with DRLs; they don't illuminate the rear of the car, so, if a driver fails to turn on his lights (easier to do now than ever because the dashboard is always illuminated) the rear of the car is in complete darkness. In these winter months where cars get very dirty very quickly, reflector lenses are rendered almost useless. I believe the issue is two-fold: 1. Illuminating the dashboard lights at all times removes a key visual indicator that a vehicle's headlights are not turned on. 2. DRL systems being fitted now are so large and so bright they illuminate the road surface at night, removing a further visual indicator that headlights are not switched on. Of course I would agree with anyone who said a driver should be in control of their vehicle, aware of the conditions and any actions required to drive safely in those conditions, that's a given, but observation reveals many drivers aren't. With the level of technology fitted to cars these days, even the smallest of cars, it seems like a dangerous oversight to me to allow this kind of situation to occur at all, and one that could be solved easily. I tried contacting RoSPA to ask who best to direct my comments to, however they responded by sending me a list of 'driving in the dark' tips, demonstrating, unfortunately, that they didn't read my email properly in the first place. Don't misunderstand me, I'm not trying to be a one-man-army to resolve what I believe is a serious issue, I'm just trying to highlight it and get others' thoughts. Fraser.
  12. Was surfing today found a bit of info that maybe of interest quoted below in regards to making a debtor pay in full without allowing them time to pay. If the company are "directed to accept" then this MUST be allowed then rather than take full payment only! Sorry in advance for the long read of the link, but I think it may help others in the future not to struggle in finding all of the money for all of the debt in one go. "Increasingly under the TCE regulations, the fact that HCEOs are directed to accept instalment arrangements over a longer period, has led to the life of the writ being changed." I have used bold to highlight the parts I think are relevant and would the quote apply to the more standard EA This was taken from a well known EA site look here So why do the HCEO's continue to DEMAND full payment then? see page 61 under the heading of Extensions from the link called "look here" above this is the original link to this information
  13. Hi Both myself and my wife ended up being criminals by getting caught speeding on the Grimsby Parkway by some stealth cameras both vat different times, both doing 36mph in a 40mph area. There has been loads of complaints about the speed limit as it is on an area of road surrounded by high walls and no pedestrian access - some would call it a cash cow. Even the Chief Constable got caught ! 6 weeks after receiving the NIP the speed limit has been raised to 40mph ! My query is whether or not there are any precedents in challenging the case based on it clearly having been an unreasonable decision to set it at 40 mph in the first place? Just thought I'd ask as it clearly has nothing at all to do with road safety and it is 30 years since I got done for speeding and my wife never has. We're somewhat miffed by the whole thing. Thanks in advance. Bugsley
  14. Ok, lets start with a bit of background. Just over 2 years ago I was on ESA due for stress and anxiety and was referred to "the work program" During that time My marriage broke down and I moved from Cornwall to Lancashire for a fresh start. Out of the 2 years on "the work program" I was actually working for about 18 months of the time. The support when I moved was at best negligable but mostly non existent. About 6 weeks ago I had to give up my self employed freelance HGV driving due to a small bump. It was not so much the bump but the fall out and accusations that came from it led me to having panic attacks when it came to driving Articulated lorries. At this point I had already started the procedure to get my taxi badge (Licence) as the quiet season was coming up for Lorries (Jan - March/apr) Plus its easier to push a car around than a 65' long Lorry. The job centre have had extensive documentation and promised the earth with regards assistance in financing getting my Taxi badge (Medical/CRB/Btec course) Then backed out because I was on "the work program" My "Work program" provider refused to fund me because I actually finished with them Yesterday (27th Nov) and won't be starting work for another couple of weeks at least. Which brings me to today and the appalling way I was treated at the jobcentre in my coming off work program interview. An appointment I was actually looking forward to as they were hinting at being able and willing to assist me in getting back to work. That did not happen, and in my opinion the adviser went out of his way to try and cause my benefits to be sanctioned. At no point was any of the things that was discussed at my final work program meeting discussed. The first thing mentioned was that he did not like my email address. I had already had to set up a new address because universal jobmatch would not let me re register my email and I had lost the log in details. Since I am originally Cornish my new email address was "[email protected]" He suggested that it was a "Joke" email and that I change it. Then said that if I didn't then he would issue a "Jobseeker's direction" which is what he actually did. (Unless I change it by Tuesday next week, my claim will go to a decision maker) At this point, I asked him to show me the legislation and where it stated in law that this had to be done. The reply was, and I quote "I don't have to show you anything" Next he changed my jobseekers agreement insisting I increase my minimum requirements, included activities I am not comfortable with and insisted I register with employment agency's (Which I had already said I would not do......I have had experience with agency's...none of them good) Again reminding him that I have a job lined up and will be starting in 2 or 3 weeks as soon as I have finished jumping through all the hoops I need to to get started. I attempted to bring up the issue of funding for the medical and was told to bring in proof of a guaranteed job. It was pointed out that the proof was provided 3 weeks previously and was told "Oh we wouldn't keep that" in other words it was binned. The "revised" jobseekers agreement was then thrust at me to sign, which I duly did but added "signed under duress" which I informed him I was going to put. At this point he then picked up both copies and said "I'm not having that" and binned them, printed out fresh copies and thrust them at me to sign. I was given the option of signing them or my claim suspended while it went to a decision maker (which I certainly could not afford) then added sarcastically that "its up to you if you want to put that under duress nonsense on again" Which I promptly did. I was also informed that I "had" to allow DWP access to my universal jobmatch and that "hand written logs are no longer acceptable." His whole attitude throughout the interview was like he was on a power trip (I am god and you will do what I say) and very confrontational. I was under the impression that he was deliberately trying to find an excuse to sanction me. I have now been called back to see him on Tuesday (To see if I have changed the email address) which will make 4 visits in 4 working days (2 today, 1 tomorrow and 1 on Tuesday) with the impression that if I don't play ball, more interviews will follow. I feel that he has totally overstepped the mark and is possibly bullying/harassing me. Length of time signing on this claim.......6 weeks Sorry about the "war and peace" length post but its really got my Gander up. I'm intending to make a complaint but need some guides on what grounds/legislation I can. IE where he's overstepped the mark. Stuart
  15. Hi I have recently been signed off for a month and it could be longer I have a terminal illness and although I was off sick a long time ago (3yrs) been ok ever since. Employed for nearly 6 yrs, no pension Ha Ha but will not return to current job for 1 yr although could get a driver, or work in the office so not an unreasonable adjustment in my opinion. Anyway the question is what would be a normal time span before the co make noises about getting rid of me? and what would be the normal process, given that company has always been reasonable and are a fairly large employer?
  16. Following on from a few threads on MSE, and Pepipoo, where one poster has been very keen for posters to start claims against PPC's using the Equality Act, if they use a requirement to display a blue badge. The argument has been the Equality Act applies to motorists, and "reasonable adjustment" should be made, and very little if any proof is required of any disability, let alone a blue badge, so the PPC is acting unlawfully to the Act. The Equality Act obviously does apply, but another poster asked the question, why can the council insist on a blue badge, if no-one else can, as the Equality Act applies to them in the same way. Are they also acting unlawfully? The MSE/Pepipoo poster hasn't made their views known on this one, so the other poster has questioned ref the Congestion Charge, and Westminster Council directly about it. To quote "I have a War Disability Pension which proves the point of my being disabled, so would a ticket for use of a disabled bay on the high street without displaying a blue badge be classed as discriminatory, or is it the case that an appeal based on an actual disability without having a badge be likely to win an appeal?" And the answer "Thank you for contacting Westminster City Council regarding disabled parking. I understand from your email that you do not currently hold a Blue Badge but believe you are entitled to the same benefits when parking on street. While I appreciate your opinion on this matter, I would advise that this is not the case. In order to gain the concessions available for disabled drivers a Blue Badge must be displayed in the vehicle. You have referred me to section 6 of the Equality Act 2010, which defines a disabled person but does not make provisions for their rights to parking concessions. As a disabled person you have the right to apply for and hold a Blue Badge, local authorities will not be required to grant you parking concessions if you choose not to exercise that right." As the poster commented "So as far they're concerned only a blue badge holder can be disabled????? " Who's right then? The councils, and what's to stop PPCs using the same defence, or are all the councils breaking the Equality Act? I know the blue badge scheme applied to councils, but it cannot give them any right to break the law, ie the Equality Act, or if they're not, why can't PPC's use the same get out. The Equality Act applied equally to all here. I wonder if we'll be seeing lba to councils for discrimination? One to watch I think. http://forums.pepipoo.com/index.php?showtopic=78206&pid=811127&st=140entry811127
  17. House worth 90K ? , Interest only mortgage 60k expires in 2 years, Joint paragon secured loan ( 37k left ) expires in 2018 House unsaleable due to wall cracks and condition, other houses in street have sat unsold for months. Will be retiring in 2 years at 60. Hoping to move to rented property in a couple of months. In DMP since 2005, currently down to 25K after PPI claims Wife already retired on £60 per month pension. Any thoughts or advice ?
  18. This is completely true and to the point but I would just like an opinion on how it reads and whether or not its worth adding a few bits and pieces. I didn't know whether to back certain pieces up with OFT guidelines as they should know them anyways, such as 3.3 - k. "ignoring or disregarding debtors' reasonable requests in respect of when, where and how to contact them". And perhaps also quoting "In the OFT's view, creditors should consider reducing or stopping interest and charges where a borrower evidences that he is in financial difficulty and is unable to meet repayments as they fall due or when he can only make ‘token’ repayments such that his level of debt would continue to increase if interest and charges continue to be applied" Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  19. Hello good people of the CAG My first post I've spent a while in here looking through the numerous threads and articles. I wish I had found you sooner. What a truly amazing community. It's also good to know I'm not alone... It's also great to see there really are some amazingly generous individuals giving their time and effort to resolve other peoples problems! OVERVIEW MBNA Credit card with PPI for many years from at least 1997 to 200x when the account was closed and paid off in full. I had heard over the years about the mis selling of PPI, I knew I used to pay it, but was told "down the pub"a few years ago that if its more than 6 years its no good, so I put it down to experience, not so keen to dredge up the past and moved on with life. This was particularly galling, as when I actually tried to make a claim on the PPI policy some months after being made redundant in 2002, I was told that I had left it too late to make any claim. Looking back, I must have been in a pretty bad place. I would not normally have left something like that unresolved. Back to the present Several weeks ago, I read an article which said there was no time limit on reclaiming PPI, it was simply a question of getting the proof together and it could go back as far records allow. i decided to investigate, so, off to the attic I went, where amazingly I found evidence of previously paying PPI on an MBNA credit card. I was none to keen to pass this over to a "no win, no fee" outfit to reclam the PPI on my behalf, so I (naively perhaps) simply wrote to MBNA on impulse. I pointed out I believe I have a strong case for mis selling, highlighted their refusal to help when I was made redundant, provided evidence of losing my job, provided 2 monthly statements showing PPI paid, one statement from 1999 and another in 2002 and questioned if the salesperson was even qualified to give advice in the first place and certainly did not remember signing anything regarding PPI. - All before I found the CAG.... I have some but not all statements dating back from May 1998 to Dec 2002 The PPI amounts i can prove vary from £26.95 in Nov 1999 to £52.94 in Dec 2002 The ineterest rate applied appears to be 18.9% If I use the spreadsheets on here, this equates to a tidy sum, especially if I extrapolate the missing months from the statements I do have. Does £52.92 paid in 4/10/02 @18.9% really = £235.61 ..... £26.95 paid in 04/11/99 @18.9% really = £216.55 ?! Having now found this group and having just recieved a letter saying MBNA will give me a "Final Response" in 28 days I wonder if I can do anything to strenghten my case with them and demonstrate my determination to take this further if need be, ideally forcing their hand without having to go through the need for SAR etc. I'm inlcined to send off the following letter to supplement my initial letter in the hope that it makes them think I have no intention of fading away again and better to pay now and not drag it out. Comments or thoughts welcome. Thanks in advance. Donation to follow - no question - others need the invaluable resource this site and its members provide. DRAFT Ref:Account Number:xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Your Ref:xxxxx 2x July 2012 Dear X Thank you for your letter of 1 July 2012. Since sending you my initial claim for mis-sold PPI, I have been looking into the subject in greater detail. Having joined a number of consumer action groups, researched numerous threads and articles on the subject of mis-sold PPI and MBNAEurope in particular, I now feel much better placed to pursue this cliam to its conclusion and ensure i reclaim the full PPI amount due and look forward to receiving your "Final Response" within the 28 day timescale you refer to. For the avoidance of doubt, my expectation is for your "Final Response" to include a cheque for the refund of the enitire amount of PPI I have paid, taking into account compound interest at the rate applied by MBNA on each monthly statement and relating to all PPI activity on the above account from its inception. In addition to demanding full payment, I also expect full disclosure and a monthly breakdown of PPI amounts paid, the dates and the interest rate applied for any and all PPI activity on the above account. The enclosed spreadsheet highlights the formulae I expect to be used in calculating the total amount owed and the minimum 18.9% rate shown on my statements. The Consumer Groups have proved a hugely informative resource with regards to mis-sold PPI and MBNA in particular. I believe it to be in your best interests to settle this immediately and in full. I am not going to go away or be fobbed off any more! There is no time limitation to PPI claims. In that regard, if you decide to implement delaying tactics or decide to make an offer of payment that does not truly reflect the amounts due, I will have no hesitation in taking whatever steps are required to reach a satisactory conclusion - including looking to the courts if need be, where I may ask them to consider "restitution" adding perhaps a further 8% interest to the total amount owed. Your records will show that I cleared my debt to you in full including interest accrued. I demand that you now do the same. I look forward to your "Final Response". Yours sincerely, Further background for those interested I had a good job and had a DD to make monthly payments - a then near perfect credit rating I would imagine. In Mar 2002 I was made redundant. My then partner had an affair (not related to losing my job) but what with everything I kind of gave up on life for a while (a long while) and with no income, payments went unpaid and it all became a bit of a mess. Long story short - I moved house and the MBNA debt spiralled but they couldnt get hold of me. 3 years or so later I looked to clean up the mess, made contact with MBNA and was immediately pounced on with some quite intimidating demands for payment. I did so, in full, nearly 7k from memory. I did owe them money after all. There is no longer any mark on my credit file to reflect this and life in general is much better. Took a while but its coming together..... Thanks for reading.
  20. Good afternoon everyone, I bought an Audi Q7 from a garage a few weeks ago and have found that it has a number of faults. The Aircon is not working, pads and discs need changing, missing a service although it was stated as having FSH, 2x tyres need changing as they only have 2mm of tread on (I should have checked I know), new wipers front and rear and a few other small defects. This car was described as being in excellant condition. The garage doesnt want anything more to do with it so I`m going through the legal route. Opinions please.
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