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  1. I've seen two adverts on TV by well known personalities for equity release. I'm concerned with this concept as it was well known TV personalities who advertised secured loans and we know the misery that caused to many.
  2. Wouldn't that be nice! Maybe a cookie and data clear is needed may solve the anomalie.
  3. Hoorah! I can access Article 50 now Hope your anomalie gets sorted TJ if not already.
  4. Techy issue. The only thread I can't access is Article 50. I can access pages up to mid December but not after that.
  5. This is the time for retailers to sell and raise their income. I'm surprised how many are not reducing goods significantly to get revenue in, especially when you hear they're in financial difficulty. As time goes on there could easily be less money available to consumers to buy so retailers should sell well now before retailers find themselves with loads of stock they can't sell especially after the Christmas celebrations.
  6. The questionable service from the surgery you mention TJ could do with their methods being passed onto the Care Quality Commission and PALS. Watching Panorama this week the shared ownership scheme needs a serious review to ensure the system helps people not hinder. There must also be developments in the shared ownership scheme with unsafe cladding compounding the terrible financial situation the developers and landlords have put people in. From the Grenfell enquiry, to me the cladding was mis sold as being entirely inflammable and wondered if the process of fittin
  7. Very true TJ with GP surgeries, varying patient service all around. It's time for surgeries who are covid nervous to start putting in place their procedures to avoid sending patients to A&E unnecessarily, It compounds the problem of the over stretched hospitals. I found out today self testing kits are being delivered to the NHS probably gradually and in certain places of need as you say. Hopefully it's being rolled out nationally and staff will be confident they are being cared for so they can care for others.
  8. I hope an affordable home test will be manufactured which you can buy off the shelf and test yourself at any time. Maybe one day.
  9. I hear people working in film and tv industry are regularly tested some daily to around twice a week, with the quick result type. I haven't met any NHS worker yet who is tested at all on a regular basis to monitor the disease. Maybe to keep NHS staff working and not absent with covid. I've heard of covid tests where there's an immediate need to mitigate an outbreak in a particular area. There's been covid anti body tests which I presume was carried out across the NHS, but I don't know. It was voluntary.
  10. Interesting read https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/344695/PI_Response_Plan_13_Aug.pdf When Ministers are asked by the media if they could have prepared better the answer is in the context we couldn't have predicted this, and hindsight is a good thing. Well it seems the link above shows differently. I can't see where the Gov is challenged on this. The other big question is when it was known the virus was on the move spreading across the world. If it was December 2019 or before? should've shut down in
  11. The Garde Bridge Project which never took off lost £43 million of public money.
  12. Here's that link https://ico.org.uk/ explain to them first and they'll also guide you, sent you someone else's personal info and won't send an SAR.
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