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Found 6 results

  1. Hi All In July 2007 During my time at HBOS I became severely ill with encephalitis (similar to meningitis) which left me disabled and stuttered and completely inaudible amongst other symptoms. As a result In 2008 I was let go by HBOS after 8 months of SSP - due to my long term sickness. Unsecured loan 1 - From HBOS - £5000 (New Car) 2007 unsecured loan from HBOS - last payment must have been Late 2007 early 2008. I applied under my PPI insurance during the first few months of my illness and I believed that was that. as I dont remember much of the following 2 years as I fell into a coma and began battling for recovery. So Now Joy of Joys - I have a default CCJ on my credit file for £4001 as of 2013 - I have just recieved yesterday an annual statement from 1st Credit detailing financial Transactions over the past year so i believe they where the claimant. Must have bought the debt. So I am going to apply to have the CCJ set aside and wanted some pointers/tweeks/amendments on my reasons/evidence.. Should I acknowledge the debt?? Should I chase the Payment Protection Insurance Claim I made in 2007 with Halifax? I missed the Hearing for the judgement as I did not recieve any correspondance from the courts hence I was unable to file a defence or attend a hearing. I have only just become aware of the judgement as it was highlighted by a prospective employer. Ok guys that is Debt 1 - your assistance is kindly requested Thank you everyone.. Oh wait Did I even post this in the right section???? Coz like I'm'a such'a CLEVER!!!! Help please Modz SAVE ME from my cleverness
  2. Hi everyone Thank you all for doing such a fantastic job you people are awesome!!! So heres debtnumber 2 and brief story for all those who wants some backgorund info So my story.... I used to work for HBOS plc (Halifax) as an IT specialist. In July 2007 During my time at HBOS I became severely ill with encephalitis (similar to meningitis) which left me disabled and stuttered and completely inaudible amongst other symptoms. As a result In 2008 I was let go by HBOS after 8 months of SSP - due to my long term sickness. Unsecured Loan 2 - From HBOS - £7000 (Home Improvements) 2007 Last payment was in late 2007 possibly early 2008 - my records are not great during the period of my illness. So I recieved a letter last month from 1st Credit Saying : **Limited Discount Opportunity** Pay only 5% of the debt - £325.55 for a debt of £6511. So I'm thinking I applied on my PPI in 2007 to have these loan payments covered and I believed it was settled. Now 1st Credit allegedly own the debt. Easy option Pay them? Them i'm thinking its statute barred anyway - It must be because no payments must have been made after 2007 - 2008 as I was in a coma and there was no money left in my accounts.. Should I reply to them with a CCA request? Denying al Knowledge of the debt.. Is it worth the effort if it takes a year for them to disappear ... Also the debt doesn't show on my Noddle credit file. Advice please. Thank You
  3. Hi Folks, Virgin poster here so please be gentle with me! I’ve been looking around the site and am really impressed with the wealth of knowledge and help that is available on here. It feels (like other posters have said) that I am not alone anymore! I’ve had a Citi card for quite a number of years now which was then changed to an Opus card. Being self employed and the economic climate what it is nowadays, I think it’s fair to say that I have got into a few financial difficulties. I think the last payment I made was around December 2010. Here’s a timeline of what’s happened up to now and what I need help with is where do I go from here? 13/04/2012 :- Letter from 1st Credit introducingt hemselves as the owner of the debt that was assigned from CC Asset Management on 23/03/2012. (First I knew about it). 23/04/2012 :- 1st Credit letter saying that Bankruptcy proceedings being considered. 30/04/2012 :- 1st Credit letter saying that Bankruptcy proceedings being considered and might pass to Connaught collections to consider an issue of a statutory demand. 08/05/2012 :- 1St Credit letter saying Bankruptcy proceedings being considered but they will give me a one off discount of 5%. 24/05/2012 :- Connaught collections letter to say that they have been instructed by Opus to recover the debt. If they don’t hear from me they will pass it onto their Bankruptcy Department for the immediate issue of a Statutory Demand. June 2012 :- Letter sent to Connaught collections stating “I never received any notification that Citicard were transferring my account to Opus, a copy of which I requested in order to verify that my Citicard account was in fact transferred to Opus and that I owe Opus this amount of money.” 30/07/2012 :- Letter from Connaught saying please find information as requested. Enclosed were photocopies of statements from 25/11/10 to 25/04/12, a photocopy of what I think are terms and conditions and a photocopy of Credit Agreement regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Not exactly what I asked for but hey ho! 02/08/2012 :- Letter sent to them asking for the information that I had previously requested. 20/12/2012 :- Letter from Connaught saying that enclosed is 1 - Notice of assignment sent to you by the original creditor on 13/04/2012, in accordance with section 136 Law of Property act 1925. (didn’t get this from the original creditor or in the first lot of photocopied stuff they sent me). 2 – Notice of assignment sent to you by 1stCredit (Finance) 3 Limited on 13 April 2012, in accordance with section 136 Law of Property act 1925 3 – True copy of the credit agreement at the time the account was opened and at the point of default. 4 – Statements. 17/01/2013 :- Letter from Connaught saying that they are“disappointed with me” and have forwarded the account to their solicitors MoonBeever. 21/01/2013 :- Letter from Moon Beever solicitors saying that they are instructed by 1st Credit (Finance) 3 Limited that I entered into a written agreement with CC Asset Management Ltd (nothing in any of the paperwork that they have sent has my signature on it or anywhere to sign for that matter)! Moon Beever have said in the letter that I have 16 days from the letter date to pay them or they may issue court proceedings. As I said at the beginning, what I would like is some help and advice as to where I go from here? Sorry for such a long post. Suss
  4. Please can someone help me get these masters of harassment off my back? I keep getting letters from these guys regarding a Credit Card Debt with Lloyds TSB. I have attached scan copies of the letters that I have received to show the chain of correspondence. I have also a copy from Lloyds TSB by way of a SAR Letter to them of my 'Debt Manager Archive Details' showing that the debt was sold by TSB on the 12/12/2003 to 1st Credit for £2.52! Regarding any payments that I have made to 1st Credit or Connaught, are they legally entitled to them, and if not should I be seeking to get them refunded? What should I do now as I am at my wits end and although not a spotless credit history, I am just starting to make headway on clearing all blemishes on my file, the last I want is a CCJ from these guys appearing for another 6 years. Also, I notice that they have done a Credit Search this month and it is showing on my file without my authority. Please, please, please help. Many thanks
  5. I have received a Stat Demand under the Insolvancy Act and I'm really not sure what to do about it. It is for a Lloyds TSB credit card which was sent to me with my current account I held at the time, due to a marriage breakdown I found myself on benefits in 2006 and I spoke to the card company several times asking them to freeze the account and allow me to make reduced payments as I was no longer in a situation to either use the card or to pay the hefty minimal payments, they refused and the amount owed through interest steadily climbed to over the card amount allowed. The card company was taking the minimal payment from my account each month against my wishes making me overdrawn and costing me even more in bank charges, I kept requesting they stopped this and froze the account, my bank refused to stop allowing the payments to leave my account and were charging me around 60 to 80 pounds a month in charges. No one would listen or help. This went on for a year until July 2007 when I really couldn't cope anymore financially and I removed my account to another bank. I told both the card company and the bank that I would no longer pay them until they were prepared to help me a little, again they refused. Since then I have not paid them anything and ignored any letters from them or debt collectors thinking they would take me to court under a basic ccj, I thought at least that way I could agree payments terms. Sadly I was wrong and this Stat Demand has landed on my mat. I own my home under an interest repayment mortgage, I am on a disabality benefit due to a chronic illness that has led to unrepairable nerve damage and I have two dependant children aged 7 and 11. I don't have the means to pay the debt outright as it has now reached nearly 3000 pounds (rounded up) and the two pound in my savings account isn't going to help me greatly. I really would appreciate any advice that may help me deal with this problem as I don't know anything about this side of things and I am terribly worried that they can make me sell my home which I co own with my ex husband. Red
  6. Hi all, it’s been a while because nothing as been happeningon the debt front – I have been paying the ones that have to be paid andignoring the ones that couldn’t do their jobs properly. In march 2007 I stopped paying a Lloyds credit card because allthey could supply was a CCA with no reference numbers on it what so ever,although it did have a signature. I SAR’ed at the same time and nothingdifferent came back. I officially complained and was given a reference number.Lloyds wrote each month saying that they were investigating, these stopped andI have heard nothing since. I did post the CCA at the time and it was agreed that it wasunenforceable, it is on here somewhere. So mid next year it is also statute barred. The account as now been sold to 1st credit, whohave sent through the assignment and offered a 5% discount. A couple ofsolicitors have tried to phone but I just refused to answer their securityquestions. But today an interlink currier as tried a number of times to delivera letter, my thoughts are that it is the SD that they have been threatening. Because it as been a few years and having experience of ajudge that was not interested in anything pertaining to 1974. I need to make sure of my rights. I know Iwill have to write to them stating account in dispute but being so close to the6 years I am reluctant. Yes there is PPI but again if I go this root I amadmitting the account is mine. I really need a good letter that says the account is notmine and you cannot prove by CCA that it is but if it was, it is in dispute asof 5.5 years ago! I have got all the paper work! (DN 2006)
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