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  1. Hi DX, No I have not done a SAR yet - I emailed their loans department and they forwarded the payment schedule. Do you think it is worth SAR? It's a 2007 loan agreement that was paid off so would they still have that info? Also do you know of any other way to identify how much the PPI Component was? Best regards Mal
  2. Dear Everyone, I am going to submit a PPI claim for a Ford car loan I got from a ford dealer in 2007. The ford sales man said the PPI was compulsory to get the loan. It was my first car loan. I have a print out of all the payments made, and the final balance being cleared which HBOS provided me. However, the monthly payments are the aggregate of the loan repayment + the PPI. I don't know how much the PPI component was and don't have the original documentation or loan agreement, but have proof of the loan and it being paid back. My question is: Do I need to kn
  3. Hi Marcus, I know this was some time ago, but I am having a very similar problem with BG and I wondered how you got on? BG put a black mark on my credit file for the late payment of one DISPUTED bill. NB - I paid the bill 15 business days after the 28 day period, but I had disputed it during the 28 day period, and there was no default, as I paid it in full when I was happy it had been calculated correctly. NB - I don't have any credit with BG and I pay via the internet, not via DD, but online via debit card. So, how can they legally tamper with a credit file when I have no CCA with t
  4. Hi All, I am not a legal person so excuse my question if this is daft, but with regards to the change here: The Journal Online : Court rules amended before they come into force would the Court not ultimately require the Original document to proceed? I had to look up averment on the internet, and it states: Averment - a declaration that is made emphatically (as if no supporting evidence were necessary) averment - definition of averment by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia.. So, before, I thought that if I go to Court, and the Creditor has offered a
  5. Hi Monty, Thanks for responding. No they have not issued a summons against me to date...any idea of when they normally do this when the account is in dispute? Do you mean that due to the ammount they will issue a summons and that I would be liable for their costs? I say the account is in dispute, but they dispute that...hence the deadlock. Its been in dispute since about Feb 09. They wrote me a letter and stated they could not find the CCA. I'm sure they don't have it - and the reason I CCA requested them, was because I almost agreed to a Managed Loan. I negotiated what
  6. Hi Monty, You seem to be ahead of me and I was wondering how you got on? I am in a Deadlock with HSBC for an unsecured loan of 15k and have jus started to challenge RBS credit card. Both banks sent terms & conditions when I CCA requested them, but it was not a true copy of the CCA. I also note your point that not many people seem to be on this site and requesting info for Scottish Law - seems strange? Anyway, I am thinking about sending a letter to HSBC for an offer of Full & Final Settlement without liability. It's a low ball offer but I'm unemployed just now so whether the
  7. Hi, This is also my first post so apologies if I make any etiquette blunders. I wondered how you got on with HSBC? I am in a similar position. I sent HSBC a letter requesting CCA and the replied as follows: "...Thank you for your recent letter. As HSBC do not require payment of the statutory fee of £1.00, please find enclosed your postal order for the sum of £1.00. I can confirm your request for information is currently being assessed and we will be in contact in due course. Yours Faithfully". I sent them my CCA request on 3rd of February 2009. They sent the above letter
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