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  1. I have a 2012 Ford Focus that broke down 8 days after the extended Warranty on the Transmission Control Module (TCM) ran out. The local Ford dealer requested that it be treated as a warranty repair but Ford declined. The garage has asked me to contact Ford direct. From my research the TCM for the 2012 Focus is a long standing and known Ford issue. In Australia the warranty extension was to 7 years and in the US, the warranty extension was to 10 years. In the UK it is 5 years. Apart from facing a bill of £600 plus, it is particularly frustrating in that: 1. The car was serviced by my local Ford garage in August (which would have been within the 5 year warranty) and when I took the car in I did request that they investigate a juddering issue. The service desk took notes of the various things that i had asked to be done but apparently this particular issue was not logged. I therefore have no physical evidence that the juddering which is a classic symptom of a TCM issue occurred during the warranty period (I do have a word doc in which i made notes about what i wanted doing, the properties of which show the date of 4th August, but this is not being taking into account). 2. The local garage did actually phone to tell me that the repair would be done under warranty. They are not disputing that they told me this. However, when it came to processing the paperwork, they then informed me that it wasn't a warranty repair. 3. the car was given a software update for the gearbox in 2016 and 2017 services which I understand was to help with juddering on gear changes. So my questions: a. Do I have a case for requesting from Ford that the repair is considered a Goodwill out of warranty gesture? The car has a full ford service history. b. Do i have any case for making a complaint to the local dealer who wrongly informed me that the repair would be covered? c. Is there any way to prove the legality of the word document that contains my notes from the service. It was created and saved on 4th August, on the day I made the appt for the car to be serviced? Forgot to say that the local garage has been helpful albeit not in actually getting the repair accepted under warranty. They have given me a loan car as the repair is now into its 6th week. Another additional note. If this was a regular consumer item like a tap or a TV then I would go down the 1973 sale of goods act that the goods need to be fit for purpose and that there would be a reasonable expectation that the TCM unit would have a longer lifespan than 5 years, in effect there is an implied warranty but it appears from my research so far that the car manufacturers don't back down when this is put to them.
  2. Hi all I booked my car in a good few weeks ago for a new clutch (powershift), had been putting it off for a while and finally decided to bite the bullet. Got the quote which was just over 1k which I was happy with. the day came and Ford (evans halshaw) collected the car, and told me it would be a couple of days, so far so good. I get a call a few days later from the service manager who told me they'd replaced the clutch, and it turned out the new clutch was faulty...and it was the last one available in the UK atm and it could be another 3-4 weeks as it's on backorder. I have another car I can use so I kept my cool, and asked what they can offer to compensate for this, to which I was told there were no loan cars available for a month, and he would speak to Ford about reducing the cost of the work. He came back later and said they would reduce the price by £100! I am without a car until probably the end of June, with only a small discount offered. Additional point - the car is undrivable now as I assume they didn't want to spend 6 hours putting the old clutch back on Does anyone have any advice on what I should be asking for in this kind of situation? I can't help but feel I may have been kind on them when they called!
  3. My Ford Focus 2012 auto has just gone into fords after dangerously shuddering and changing gear. They have told me it has a leak and the clutch needs replacing £1200. I’ve read about lots of issues with this part due to faulty seals. My car has only done 53,000. It had a TCM update 2 years ago when it was shuddering mildly. Ford are saying it’s my problem and not covered under any recalls etc. Has anyone else managed to get ford to replace their clutch with no cost? I’m fuming with them oh and the part is not in stock and they don’t know when they can get it - tells me they are doing a lot of replacements!!
  4. I own an auto 2012 Ford Focus, which I have just learned has an ongoing problem with the Transmission Control Module (TCM), there have law suits all over the US about it and several recalls. Over here in the UK it appears that the most Ford have done is to extend the warranty on the part to 5 years. In the US the extension was initially to 7yrs/100,000 miles, and more recently the extension has been now extended to 10years/150,000. miles in the US. Yet it remains at 5 years here in the UK. Our car has not been driving well; not shifting gears properly about 2 weeks ago ended up going in to limp mode with the transmission light coming on. (we had it service last year at Ford - they said it was fine and no lights ever came on prior to this occasion) We took it to Ford (in London), they "fixed" it, telling us it was a recall issue which was a software issue. we collected the car and within 5 miles it went in to limp mode again. Ford now say the whole TCM needs replacing. Charge, including labour, will be £635.20. Luckily my partner, who was driving the car when he collected it the first time, got stuck in traffic, otherwise its very likely he would have been on the motorway doing 70miles and hour and the transmission would have failed and the car gone in to limp mode. Ford acknowledge that it is a known problem with the TCM in these models which is why they gave the extension on the warranty to 5 years. But my argument is why do UK customers get 5 year extension and the US customers get 10 years. How can Ford treat their customers differently for the exact same problem? Our car is about 5 months passed the 5 year warranty on the TCM. I also understand that the software upgrade was to notify the driver earlier of problems with the TCM, so if we had had the software upgrade earlier, we might have discovered the problem when we within the 5 year UK warranty period. I've called Ford UK and they just say I have to pay for the repair as I am not within the warranty period. I don't want to accept this and want the same warranty as other costumers in other parts of the world get. I've been sold the same faulty car as every other person out there with this problem, so why different treatment? I feel like a UK customer is less important than a US customer. NOTE: if anyone was looking at buying a Ford Focus or Fiesta - DON'T , do you research first as its a problem that still has not been solved, even with the 2016 models. Anyways, any help welcome. DR
  5. Hi all, My 2016 Ford Edge developed a fault that would take 2 weeks to repair because of this it meant me, my wife, 3 children and 2 dogs could not go on our planned holiday as we were driving to Spain. After much argument the dealer decided to lend us a demonstrator so we could still go on our holiday and the car would be covered under their insurance. Whilst on holiday we had a small accident that meant the car went into limp mode so had no power. it transpired that the car insurance was a motor traders policy and as such their insurance would not get us home or hire us a vehicle. We are left high and dry in Spain 3 children and 2 dogs with no way of getting home. during this time the Ford dealer asked me to take the car to a local Ford garage to see if the car could be taken out of limped mode. This incurred expense of around €200 as we had to leave the car and get a taxi and the garage charged us 2 hours labour in diagnosing the fault. Eventually the Ford garage arranged for the car to be picked up to be recovered back to the UK but we were left to sort our own way home. I was absolutely disgusted by this and was never told when we took the car that their insurance had no provision for helping the passengers out in the event of an accident. We are now home thank god the Ford dealer will not release my vehicle until we pay £250 insurance excess. I have pointed out that we were left high and dry with no assistance and that I spent over €200 getting the car looked at as per their instructions. They are now holding me over a barrel unless we pay the excess they will not return my car. I personally don't think they can do that because there is no outstanding bill against my car as it was repaired under warranty and the £250 excess is on a totally separate vehicle that they lent us. If anyone has any advice on what I can do I would really appreciate it.
  6. Really need some advice on the best course of action here, here's a summary of what's happened. Taking it from the start: I bought my vehicle back in April, a Ford Fiesta, 14 reg. It is covered by the manufacturer's warranty (3 years / 60,000 miles), it's just over 2 years old now and has around 40,000 miles clocked. I am the 2nd owner of the vehicle, having purchased it from a Ford Evans Halshaw dealership. The vehicle was serviced at that same dealership in August, with everything stated as being in good condition. 2 weeks ago now, travelling down the A1, the car broke down, with the engine refusing to start, I had to be recovered from the hard shoulder, and the AA quickly identified no fix could be done at that point, there is no compression when attempting to start the engine, and the drive belt had gone. The vehicle was taken into a ford garage near home. This is a different dealership to the Evans Halshaw I purchased the vehicle from, but is an official ford garage. I informed them of the situation, and that the car should be covered by warranty. The following day they informed me that the auxiliary belt had gone and that it had caused further damage to the cambelt and more beyond that. They said the auxiliary belt is not covered beyond the first year of the warranty as it is a wear and tear item. The garage has made an attempted fix by replacing the cambelt, but to no resolution, and is now in the process of having to remove the cylinder head to inspect further. As you can imagine, the costs are racking up fast, and they still don't know the extent of the damage, worst case is the whole engine needs to be replaced, and that would cost more than the vehicle is worth. In the meantime, I lodged a complaint with Ford customer relationship centre, who took a week to get back to me, just to inform me that they had spoke to the garage, and reiterated the exact info - that I wasn't covered and there's nothing they can do. Frankly, I feel this is absolutely bonkers, the vehicle is 2 years old.. . I don't expect to buy an almost new car, and 6 month down the line have it break down to the cost of thousands or even more. Surely the service should have caught that the belt would go soon, it seems crazy that the cars only done 40k miles and has broke down this badly. Now, even as a wear/tear item, it has caused severely more damage than that - I'd happily pay to replace the auxiliary belt if that went, but it seems like a major issue for it to have caused more damage. I'd appreciate any advice, I don't feel I am responsible whatsoever for this occurring, I find it insane. This is the first vehicle I've ever owned, and I felt I was playing it safe going for something still under warranty and as commonplace as a ford fiesta. I'm still pushing my complaint further with Ford, but haven't had a further response from them yet. Also, in the event my engine does need replacing, I feel I am completely cornered, I have no where to go at that point. I'd be out of pocket massively, with no car to my name too.
  7. Hi, Thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully you can offer some sage like advice. My partner has notified ford of her intention to vt as she is in excess of 50% of the amount. They have sent a letter confirming today. Firstly this letter is asking for payment for usage from her last direct debit date to the date of letter received. Is this correct? She was up to date with her payments with no arrears at time of them receiving letter. The car is planned to be collected from me next Friday as my partner will be at work, should I sign any paperwork they bring or refuse? Don't want to agree to something I shouldn't be doing Finally she is over her agreed mileage on the pcp deal so I expect ford will want to charge her for this? What's the correct course to deal with this? do we just remind them the cca says no further liability beyond the 50%? Sorry for all the questions, hopefully you can help ease our minds Thanks
  8. Dear Everyone, I am going to submit a PPI claim for a Ford car loan I got from a ford dealer in 2007. The ford sales man said the PPI was compulsory to get the loan. It was my first car loan. I have a print out of all the payments made, and the final balance being cleared which HBOS provided me. However, the monthly payments are the aggregate of the loan repayment + the PPI. I don't know how much the PPI component was and don't have the original documentation or loan agreement, but have proof of the loan and it being paid back. My question is: Do I need to know the exact PPI number? Or, can I submit the letter stating that the loan had PPI included in the payment and I wish to reclaim the PPI component plus interest? Note, I have a letter from HBOS saying they have no record of the loan. But then I got another department at HBOS to forward me the full payment schedule of the loan and the date the final balance was cleared. As the loan was taken out in 2007, and I don't have an agreement, can anyone advise if I have a chance on this and if the printout that HBOS sent me (after HBOS PPI desk said they had no data on the loan) would be adequate proof and if HBOS will then calculate the appropriate PPI figure from the loan? Any advise would be grand, and if anyone took out ford Finance around 2007, please could you let me know what the PPI amount was per month? Thanks M
  9. Hi I wonder if anyone could give me advice. In March our Alphabet lease car (Ford Cmax ) had a new engine replacement due to neglect on our part, it missed 2 services and the engine was damaged. We paid for a replacement engine block at the cost of 4k. Since getting the car back in Early April its has gone back on several occasions which are listed below 1. Injector seal replaced 2. 4 injector seal replaced, after cabin had exhaust fumes coming into it from engine bay, smoke was visible when car was idling 3 Engine blew up on M25 whilst I was in outside lane (coolant pipe malfunctioned) 4 Diesel leaking with strong diesel smell in the car cabin, car was returned to the dealership, they had the car now for a month, and have admitted that the 2nd replacement block was not fitted back in correctly by the technician, who hadn't been with them long. • Replaced inlet manifold as damaged bolts also cross threaded • Re-tapped cylinder head to accept rocker cover due to poor installation rocker cover loose and bolts cross threaded • Rerouted engine harness incorrectly routed and not plugged in on various multi plugs – customer reported reverse lamps inoperative not plugged into reverse lamp switch. • Rerouted gear cables as incorrectly routed • Replaced clutch pipe as routed incorrectly and damaged as a result • Replaced AC pipe as damaged (bent) • Replaced lower roll restrictor as damaged • Re-torqued all bolts on engine as various bolts loose or incorrect placed • Replaced bolts missing and bolts that where incorrectly fitted • Clean oil and fuel on engine • Tidy rest of engine clipping various hoses/pipes etc back to where they should be located. We have obviously spoke to the dealership regarding compensation, they have offered us £500 which I feel is a bit insulting as they have put our safety at risk through poor workmanship. Should we accept the offer, or do we have grounds for more? We have not involved Ford Uk in this at the moment Thanks in advance for any advie
  10. Hi all, I have a 2013 Fiesta which has leaking suspension struts. I was told this in May 2015 when the car was 15 months old. I have been in dispute with Ford ever since. Ford's reason for refusing a warranty claim regarding these suspension struts is that they say it is not covered after 12 months by the warranty. I have read through the warranty, both on Ford's website and the printed copy that came with the car, and there is absolutely no mention of them excluding anything other than the obvious brake pads, tyres, wiper blades etc until the car is 3 years old or has done 60000 miles, under the base warranty. Ford have offered me £150 voucher to use at a Ford Dealer to have the £540 job done. This is a gesture of goodwill. I'm not inclined to accept this but am being stonewalled by Ford, who seem to be unable to answer any question I put to them about the lack of an exclusion in their warranty. It feels like they can make any clause up to cover themselves. To me this smacks of breach of contract. I have had the car serviced by Ford and as per the schedule. I am on the verge of taking them to the small claims court, but would appreciate any advice anyone has to offer, particularly regarding the enforceability of a warranty clause that isn't in the warranty and if the finance company are worth persuing (even though it is Ford's own finance) as they have an interest still in the car? Kind regards, Jazzer
  11. Hi I will try keep this short and in bullet points but any advice would be grateful. I bought a ford focus 3 years ago from a ford garage for 12 -13k as a used car and only 1400 miles on it. 1 year later (after having a child) we decided to get a bigger car and went to a local dealership to trade in for another car at 10K. the dealership said they could not give us the money we needed for the car because it was an "IMPORT" so it was valued at less money. When we bought the car we did not know it was an import. I decided to ring ford to query this who said it isn't an import and said i had to ring our finance company?! I spoke with the finance company who argued it wasn't an import also and the log book didn't state it was an import so it had been valued correctly. As you can tell it left me in a cathch 22, the new dealer had de valued the car and the finance would not. To cut a long story short the car was an "IMPORT" from Guernsey, the finance company came to some agreement with the dealership and i got my new car. My query where i need advice is: Did i just get fobbed off and i should have argued abit more? Did i over pay on my monthly payments for a year or so when i had the ford because it was an import? I am now wanting to change for another car (another child) so want to clear this up before i do. Thanks in advance for any advice. Sdev
  12. I have a continuing issue with my 2005 Ford Mondeo TDCI continually losing power and cutting out completely under "load" - under acceleration. This is clearly a VERY dangerous situation especially if attempting overtaking on a busy motorway. The vehicle engine cuts out but can be immediately restarted by turning the ignition on and off and restarting the car - even while still moving. What alarms me is that FORD must obviously know there is a problem with this happening - a short investigation on various web "forums" shows this problem to be widespread.......the additional worrying aspect is that NO-ONE appears to have the definitive solution to this! even Ford garages do not seem to have a cure or knowledge of the cause of this dangerous occurrence. Does ANYONE have the answer???? Without ' try this / try that/ and if it's not that it could be this !!!!!! All expensive attempts!
  13. need some advice 9yr old ford fiesta been having problems. stuttering as i driving. car ground to a halt. it would start up but quickly cut out THEAA towed it to a local ford dealer who advised that it would not be seen for 5 days and advised it would cost £80 to be hooked upto their computer day 6 ford called to say the computer could not communicate with the ecu and would cost upto £400 to conduct exploratory tests day 7 guy who does checks is off day 8 hes busy but will get round to it day 9 hopefully hopefully today he can do it day 10 at 3pm reception transfers call to guy in work stop. he says on day 5 it started and worked fine and car has been sitting in compound. he says he went to start it and failed so will need to look at it again hopefully today/ transferred back to reception. who says total bill is £80 so far day 10 and 11 weekend closed day 12 call from ford to say ecu is faulty and will cost £2000 to repair. declined the repair. total cost to pay to collect car is £400. told girl i need to arrange tow truck. informs me its running and can be driven off. collected car and paid by credit card. decided to trade it in as we need a reliable car as car still stutters now and again. that dealer ecu is faulty as he is giving a years warranty and want to be able to go back in case theres a fault with the new one he says ive been ripped off. no further work should have been offered if the computer could not have communicated with the ecu and it was clear it was faulty and was fruitless work sheet says investigate vehicle will not start, we have carried out ids checks unable communicate with the vehicle but will recieve ids,s, removed and installed pcm to gain access, checked feeds and earths , all ok. check communication wiring for continuity and isolator to feed and earths all ok what can i do
  14. I bought a Ford Focus from Arnold Clark. On the website it said it had cruise control and speed limiter fitted. When I took it a quick test drive I said to the salesman "it does have cruise control doesn't it?" And he said yes. When I drove the car home I couldn't find the cruise control so checked the manual and phoned the salesman to tell him. I had to take the car back the next day for him to check and he confirmed it didn't. I asked for it to be fitted with a new steering wheel with the cruise control buttons. Salesman called a non Arnold Clark ford dealer to check but ford can not do this without voiding the warranty. I called a ford dealer myself and was told the same. Can anyone give me advice on what options I have? Cruise control was one of the main reasons I chose this one. I've to go back tomorrow to speak to the manager as he was off work when I went back before. The car is 1 year old. Any advice would be appreciated.
  15. See if this works... [ATTACH=CONFIG]56349[/ATTACH]
  16. Hi my partners car has had a warning light show up. It is a picture of a cog. Upon research he has found out it apparently means "fuel additive to be checked every 37,000 miles". Can anybody tell me what this means, and which fuel additive we're talking about and what additive needs to be added and where? Also a steering wheel with an exclamation mark in the picture of the steering wheel Many thanks
  17. Hi guys, pretty new to the forum so please move if in the wrong forum. I have had previous success in reclaiming charges down the years but before all the hoo-ha with court cases. However I had a hammering on my car finance with ford, done through FCE bank I believe back in the day with regards to late payment charges, over limit charges etc etc. The account is since closed but was running from about 6 years ago up until 18 months ago. Is there still any scope for me to reclaim these in this day and age? As i'd obviously like to pursue some of my money back if its a possibility but don't want to chuck a tenner their way for a SAR if its not going to get me anywhere! If this is the case id appreciate some guidance. Initially i think i will need to send a SAR as i have lost the majority of statements. Would this be sent to Ford Finance or FCE do you know? Thanks in advance!
  18. Hi This is probably a long shot. I have only just remembered I had PPI on some car finance I took out with a Ford Dealership in the year 1999 (I think). I have no paperwork at all left and the dealership is no longer at the same premises. I'm thinking it was probably Evans Halshaw, but not even sure of that. The dealership was on Station Brow or Stanifield Lane (part of same road) in Leyland, Lancashire. I have looked on google and it isn't bringing up a thing (even in images). 1. Would this dealership have been a franchise? 2. Am I flogging a dead horse? Thanks, as always.
  19. I wonder if anyone can help me - I see there's a few Ford experts lurking on the forums and would be most grateful for help. When my engine is at temperature (almost always after a longer journey but has happened once after only 2 miles or so), I have an intermittent problem where I lose most of my power and acceleration, possibly due to the turbo ceasing to cut in. It seems hard to rev the engine when it happens, although I have managed it. This will then persist until the engine has been switched off for a short period - more than 1min, but less than 10min and then it behaves entirely as normal. The problem always starts when I have slowed or stopped, e.g. most often at a roundabout, but also behind traffic. A basic diagnostic shows no errors.
  20. Hi. Purchased a new Ford Transit with 7 miles on clock in May 2012, having driven it home from the dealer I opened the bonnet to look at how clean the engine would be as new to find rust on the engine block and manifold and after checking the van rust on the hinges. Dealer had also failed to configure the locking as requested and van developed a fault with rear parking sensors also. I contacted the dealer who simply did not phone me back despite numerous phone calls and in the end six weeks later wrote to the finance company who assured me after a further three weeks that should anything happen that dealer would take responsibility. They requested I let the dealer inspect the vehicle and due to a combination of the contract I was on at the time and the dealer hours did not get the van in until 24'th Dec 2012, was going away for 18 days and this seemed the perfect fit. I left the vehicle and keys with a note stating all the remedial work that was required. I had also booked the vehicle in with Ford customer service and was assured they had made a note of all the problems and would be passing them on with my booking. I returned from my trip to find no work had been undertaken and was made to wait another two hours approx. so they could look at the reversing sensors but then not to rebuild the step (only noticed when I got home as collected in darkness) and drop the brain for the locking but leave it hanging down and not programme it correctly anyway. I now contacted Ford UK with my complaints via email and spent weeks again waiting on replies as staff members left and the new ones needed to be filled in as to what had happened again and again. During this period Ford issued a recall as there was an issue with the brake line and the engine developed a knocking noise and seems to have lost some power. Ford UK agreed that I did not have to take it back to the original dealer and booked me in with a local dealer who was to inspect the van and speak to them re the various problems. I have been there today and knew I was on a hiding to nothing when their mechanic tried to blame the engine rust on wear and tear despite the fact has been there from new and never the less should not be that bad after 11 months. They have blamed the rust on the inside hinges on outside influences despite again being there from new and the rust on the back door hinges on a lack of grease, now I know vans are workhorses but I fail to see where Ford have issued advice as to keep your hinges greased. They would not do any work at this dealer as Ford UK have told them I am to take it back to Polar Ford and therefore the brain for the locking still hanging down, the reversing sensors where not touched and the rest was a fob-off. They could hear the knocking noise but as their diagnostic told them no fault could not do anything and come back if fault developed, the fact the van broke down the week before and would not start did not help. I now feel that I should go SOGA on them and reject the van, I know it is over six months old but the majority of problems have arisen prior to this period and have been notified to Ford. I have serviced the vehicle correctly but even that was an argument as the service book states 15 k and the dealer insisted it was 20k for the first service. I know my way round SOGA but wondered if anyone had any other suggestions and advise as to how my length of ownership and continued use of the van may affect any claim I could make.
  21. Have checked online answers confusing,Ford Fiesta 13 months old is my starter motor covered by the Ford Warranty?? Thanks FS
  22. Hey Ive an issue with my car- I bought it from a ford dealership 3yrs ago through a finance company.It was 1 year old when i bought it and had 2 yrs left on the warrenty.In this time it has had a list of problems,new steering rack fitted,new parking sensors(still not corrected)new cluster(screen for car computer)new parking sensor "brains"box(not sure what the correct word is)numerous valve defects. The new serious problem is that the Turbo chrager has seized up and Ford dealership are qwuoting 1200.00.plus vat to repair it. The car has only done 66k,is 4 yrs old and apart from when i missed 1 sevice last yr(even though i had full oil change and filters)it has been the the dealership for serviceing. Where do I stand in regards to SOGA in reclaiming my monies due to the fact that the engine cannot be of merchantable quality due to the failure of one of its components in such a short space of time,with not real wear and tear either. I am at a serious crossroads as a recon turbo will cost 700 to fit(but the repair wont be warrentied)or spend the rediculously high figure from the Ford dealers to get them to fix it(which would at least be warrentied) I am fairly confident regarding issueing proceedings if I need to go down the legal route but am feeling very vunerable as not experienced in these cases... please help. MJack
  23. Hi, Sorry to start a new thread on this issue but I think my last thread had so many replies that no one is looking at it now. I desperately need advice on a letter I want to send, the summary of the situation follows: I had a car fail an MOT at a garage and they told me that due to the new omputer MOT (instead of just paper) that I could no longer take my car back home as it had no mot and implied I would not be insured if I did. I needed to know as this cost me an extra £200 labour in work that I could have done myself. the letter is: Please could anyone with who knows about these sort of letters please advice me on my use of words, grammer and how I should close it, or is it ok as it is. Many thanks for your time with this.
  24. Hello, My ford car was working ok and had just passed its MOT but one evening in mid-december it just refused to start. The AA got my car to work by tapping something in the bonnet. So I drove my car to a Ford dealership so that they could use their diagnostic machine to figure out what had happened and prevent a recurrence. I got a call a few days later detailing what the issue was and I was given a quote of £812 to fix the problem. I didn't have much money but I needed the car in good working order especially for the winter. I was told the car would be ready for me to pick up last week. When I called to arrange a pickup time, I was told that the car wasn't working after they carried out the fix and that it is something else that's wrong with the car and not the initial thing they mentioned. So they asked that my new cost will be £1600. I can't imagine that I'll need to pay for their mistake. They want me to either pick my car up even though it wont start and pay £812 for the repair that didnt work or pay £1600 for them to try and fix it (with no guarantees). That doesn't make sense to me since they never mentioned that they were going to carry out trial and error. They specifically told me that their diagnostic machine will find the issue and they quoted me £812 to fix it. Am I legally obliged to pay £812 even though they haven't got my car in working condition? I'm happy to pay for the tests they carried out but not for a fix that didnt work. I have called them almost everyday since and the mechanics seem to understand but their manager is sticking to the fact that I have to pay the money to pick up my broken car. How do I even know that anything was done when its in the same condition as when I dropped it off. What options do I have here? I'll appreciate any advice I can get on this. Thanks.
  25. Is anyone insured with this insurance company. We got a quote from this company which is half of our present premium. Everyone in the family have done the same and yes they all come out at a much reduced figure. We can get to the point of buying the insurance. The point I am making is that none of us have Ford cars but it does accept our registration numbers. I cannot see on their website that it only relates to Ford cars. Dont want to buy the insurance and then they send us a letter saying "as this is not Ford car" you are not insured. Any help would be appreciated. HH
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