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  1. thought I would let you know the outcome. Offered my money back, choice of a different car with a bit of money off within reason obviously but ended up keeping the one I have and and taking a cheque for a few hundred quid.
  2. Thanks. I'm wondering if having it retro fitted and Arnold Clark covering the remaining 2 year ford waranty would be an option
  3. Thanks for the reply. If I'm entitled to ask the trader to replace the goods at their expense does this mean that I should ask for an upgraded model with cruise and speed limiter? Or should I ask for a reduction in the price. I do not really want to ask for a refund as I need a car for work at the moment
  4. I bought a Ford Focus from Arnold Clark. On the website it said it had cruise control and speed limiter fitted. When I took it a quick test drive I said to the salesman "it does have cruise control doesn't it?" And he said yes. When I drove the car home I couldn't find the cruise control so checked the manual and phoned the salesman to tell him. I had to take the car back the next day for him to check and he confirmed it didn't. I asked for it to be fitted with a new steering wheel with the cruise control buttons. Salesman called a non Arnold Clark ford dealer to check but ford can not do this
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