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Found 12 results

  1. I have a 2012 Ford Focus that broke down 8 days after the extended Warranty on the Transmission Control Module (TCM) ran out. The local Ford dealer requested that it be treated as a warranty repair but Ford declined. The garage has asked me to contact Ford direct. From my research the TCM for the 2012 Focus is a long standing and known Ford issue. In Australia the warranty extension was to 7 years and in the US, the warranty extension was to 10 years. In the UK it is 5 years. Apart from facing a bill of £600 plus, it is particularly frustrating in that: 1. The car was serviced by my local Ford garage in August (which would have been within the 5 year warranty) and when I took the car in I did request that they investigate a juddering issue. The service desk took notes of the various things that i had asked to be done but apparently this particular issue was not logged. I therefore have no physical evidence that the juddering which is a classic symptom of a TCM issue occurred during the warranty period (I do have a word doc in which i made notes about what i wanted doing, the properties of which show the date of 4th August, but this is not being taking into account). 2. The local garage did actually phone to tell me that the repair would be done under warranty. They are not disputing that they told me this. However, when it came to processing the paperwork, they then informed me that it wasn't a warranty repair. 3. the car was given a software update for the gearbox in 2016 and 2017 services which I understand was to help with juddering on gear changes. So my questions: a. Do I have a case for requesting from Ford that the repair is considered a Goodwill out of warranty gesture? The car has a full ford service history. b. Do i have any case for making a complaint to the local dealer who wrongly informed me that the repair would be covered? c. Is there any way to prove the legality of the word document that contains my notes from the service. It was created and saved on 4th August, on the day I made the appt for the car to be serviced? Forgot to say that the local garage has been helpful albeit not in actually getting the repair accepted under warranty. They have given me a loan car as the repair is now into its 6th week. Another additional note. If this was a regular consumer item like a tap or a TV then I would go down the 1973 sale of goods act that the goods need to be fit for purpose and that there would be a reasonable expectation that the TCM unit would have a longer lifespan than 5 years, in effect there is an implied warranty but it appears from my research so far that the car manufacturers don't back down when this is put to them.
  2. My Ford Focus 2012 auto has just gone into fords after dangerously shuddering and changing gear. They have told me it has a leak and the clutch needs replacing £1200. I’ve read about lots of issues with this part due to faulty seals. My car has only done 53,000. It had a TCM update 2 years ago when it was shuddering mildly. Ford are saying it’s my problem and not covered under any recalls etc. Has anyone else managed to get ford to replace their clutch with no cost? I’m fuming with them oh and the part is not in stock and they don’t know when they can get it - tells me they are doing a lot of replacements!!
  3. I own an auto 2012 Ford Focus, which I have just learned has an ongoing problem with the Transmission Control Module (TCM), there have law suits all over the US about it and several recalls. Over here in the UK it appears that the most Ford have done is to extend the warranty on the part to 5 years. In the US the extension was initially to 7yrs/100,000 miles, and more recently the extension has been now extended to 10years/150,000. miles in the US. Yet it remains at 5 years here in the UK. Our car has not been driving well; not shifting gears properly about 2 weeks ago ended up going in to limp mode with the transmission light coming on. (we had it service last year at Ford - they said it was fine and no lights ever came on prior to this occasion) We took it to Ford (in London), they "fixed" it, telling us it was a recall issue which was a software issue. we collected the car and within 5 miles it went in to limp mode again. Ford now say the whole TCM needs replacing. Charge, including labour, will be £635.20. Luckily my partner, who was driving the car when he collected it the first time, got stuck in traffic, otherwise its very likely he would have been on the motorway doing 70miles and hour and the transmission would have failed and the car gone in to limp mode. Ford acknowledge that it is a known problem with the TCM in these models which is why they gave the extension on the warranty to 5 years. But my argument is why do UK customers get 5 year extension and the US customers get 10 years. How can Ford treat their customers differently for the exact same problem? Our car is about 5 months passed the 5 year warranty on the TCM. I also understand that the software upgrade was to notify the driver earlier of problems with the TCM, so if we had had the software upgrade earlier, we might have discovered the problem when we within the 5 year UK warranty period. I've called Ford UK and they just say I have to pay for the repair as I am not within the warranty period. I don't want to accept this and want the same warranty as other costumers in other parts of the world get. I've been sold the same faulty car as every other person out there with this problem, so why different treatment? I feel like a UK customer is less important than a US customer. NOTE: if anyone was looking at buying a Ford Focus or Fiesta - DON'T , do you research first as its a problem that still has not been solved, even with the 2016 models. Anyways, any help welcome. DR
  4. I bought a Ford Focus from Arnold Clark. On the website it said it had cruise control and speed limiter fitted. When I took it a quick test drive I said to the salesman "it does have cruise control doesn't it?" And he said yes. When I drove the car home I couldn't find the cruise control so checked the manual and phoned the salesman to tell him. I had to take the car back the next day for him to check and he confirmed it didn't. I asked for it to be fitted with a new steering wheel with the cruise control buttons. Salesman called a non Arnold Clark ford dealer to check but ford can not do this without voiding the warranty. I called a ford dealer myself and was told the same. Can anyone give me advice on what options I have? Cruise control was one of the main reasons I chose this one. I've to go back tomorrow to speak to the manager as he was off work when I went back before. The car is 1 year old. Any advice would be appreciated.
  5. I was on the bus when ticket inspectors got on clicked my oyster card and asked for my ID card as I a discount card due to being unemployed. I did not have my card he asked for my address and name which I gave him he checked with his operator and asked if I had any other ID which I did not I normally carry all my cards but on this occasion had left them indoors. He issues me with a penalty of 80 reduced to 40 if paid before 21 days. My card is rgistered and they had my name and address but still issued the fine is this fair? Mashmallow
  6. Hi my partners car has had a warning light show up. It is a picture of a cog. Upon research he has found out it apparently means "fuel additive to be checked every 37,000 miles". Can anybody tell me what this means, and which fuel additive we're talking about and what additive needs to be added and where? Also a steering wheel with an exclamation mark in the picture of the steering wheel Many thanks
  7. Hi me and my wife claim joint jsa i sign on she doesnt and she hasnt had to for 6 months. we have 19month old child.. now am just after some information on what my wife will have to do at this interview. when she goes what will happen? once she has been do i continue to sign on once a fornight? will she have to start signing on if she does will she have to attend same time as me,or will the signing continue with me just doing it? all info much appreciate
  8. Today, the Local Government Ombudsman released a very important FOCUS REPORT which outlines their concern at the increase in complaints concerning bailiffs. The FOCUS REPORT is very detailed and many people on the forums will be able to identify the type of complaints that they have with bailiffs with the examples that are outlined in the report. The report makes it very clear indeed that local authorities need to ensure that they take responsibility for their bailiffs’ actions and that any complaints are handled appropriately, including considering complaints themselves when necessary and not simply referring the complainants back to the bailiffs. The link below will take you to the LGO page which outlines in brief the basis of the FOCUS REPORT and the link on the top right hand side of the page will open the full report. http://www.lgo.org.uk/news/2012/nov/lgo-highlights-problems-bailiff-action-behalf-councils
  9. A terrible business judgement in straitened circumstances led in 2002 to a CCJ for £50K. At that time I was 54 and this was my first and only experience of CCJ/legal/Court matters, and I was angry at myself and also deeply ashamed. Being completely naiieve in such matters I didn’t appear in court personally or contest the claim, because it was legitimate and in any event I was not intending to try and dodge liability. So I *went-along* with the routine processes, and an order was made at £50 per month after my circumstances had been considered which by then had declined with the folding of the business. I have made payments properly to the claimant’s Solicitors as required for the last 10+ years, each under cover a brief note felt to be a sensible precaution to record payment, stating simply that it was the current-month CCJ payment for forwarding to their client. 6 years later and almost 5 years ago now when I became 60, there was much media advertising urging people to check their credit record. I did and was mildly curious that my CCJ was not shown, but just accepted it and didn’t explore any further. I had no awareness whatsoever of the relevance in this regard of 6-years passing, of the possible effect on enforcement, of statute-barring under some circumstances, or of any of that stuff at all that I have now started to become aware of within literally the last 24 hours as I will turn 65 soon and have thought that I should look at my affairs. I had a further brief foray in to self-employment at one point in an effort to improve my circumstances and restore some ability to repay debts, though that did not sustain and I have been largely unemployed through that time despite my efforts. My circumstances today include living in rented accommodation after losing our house some years ago when unable keep up the mortgage. With no other assets I have negotiated much-reduced repayment arrangements for my other debts, and by very tight budgeting I have maintained these and CCJ payments even though our income has been only JSA when unemployed and Pension Credit since transferred to that Benefit when I was 60. Yes it must be magic, and my wife is the magician. As sincerely as I wish to settle the CCJ, even with £7K repaid the remaining £43K is a huge amount and it is unquestionably the case that I will not see such a sum again. Nor will I be able to amass it, given firstly the unlikelyhood of a return now to meaningful employment, and secondly the certainty that even in that instance no salary/wage would ever be adequate for that outcome to follow. The CCJ will inevitably remain uncleared therefore because it will be another 71+ years before it is settled, and expecting to make any increase to improve that is unrealistic. So having now had my head pulled out of the sand by my rising awareness I have had my eyes opened from googling such matters as when/if a CCJ expires, what happens if it isn’t settled, what abilities the claimant has for further action, and more besides, all very basic stuff I know. As a result I am now wanting to become properly clear about my own matters. Could someone expert in CCJ matters therefore please review 1 and 2 below and advise if my assumptions are well-formed as I am uncertain about what appear to be a couple of conflicts though I am sure that this comes simply from my unfamiliarity with law-speak and jargon. So then ... To be clear I cannot say how deeply I regret my very bad judgement that began this whole matter. I would very much like to be able to settle, but at 65 and with only state retirement income I see no way that that can be possible. I would now like to discover steps I am allowed to take if any, as I feel that I really must act on a need to look for a best personal situation for us now, and for my wife in particular who deserves not to have the weight of all of this hanging on her and causing ongoing uncertainty and distress. Therefore: 1 i) I believe that if there has been no communication, and if no enforcement has been made by 6 years after the original judgement, an application can be made for the CCJ to be given set-aside status, known as “statute barred” ... which I assume does not apply to me however as I also believe that my monthly notes with payment constitute contact and acknowledgement of the liability, and therefore I cannot make that set-aside application. I assume that is indeed correct? 1 ii) I have seen comments giving the very strong opinion that if a claimant has not bothered to pursue recovery in the 6 year timespan, a Judge would most often consider that enforcement should not then be granted. I have seen legal verbiage quoted somewhere, two paragraphs appearing to make this same statement, though can’t now find it to quote here. 2 I have started to explore Bankruptcy in the past and have been strongly advised by CAB that this would be huge overkill and a far too heavy step to take. As much as I am aware of its implications I am again wondering if on balance the minuses nevertheless outweigh the plusses. I don’t yet know how a CCJ is handled in bankruptcy however, whether it disappears as with other debts, whether it can be the subject of a whole new action later if so, or whether it is protected and remains in force anyway just as with payments owing to HMRC I understand. As much as I don’t care for the implication of running away from an obligation, I can’t help thinking at times all the same that the ability to breathe deeply again would be so nice! No doubt there is still baggage that comes with that which probably can be onerous itself, though maybe that would amount to less for someone in my circumstances/age than to someone 20 years younger and with actual prospects to preserve. I am now very much in need of informed opinion in the above regards whether on the CCJ aspect alone or also interpreting Bankruptcy within these circumstances. In order to progress I need to become more aware simply so that I might be able to understand/interpret what I may be presented with along the way. In the event that you can help that with comment, interpretation or advice I should be most thankful. Kind regards
  10. Hi, I hope you guys can help, i was looking on the internet for answers and found this thread "316924-2005-Ford-Focus-TDCi.-Turbo-issues-new-engine-required" (sorry cant post the link) so i thought i would start one about my problem. I bought a used Focus from an authorised FORD dealer at the end of October '11. I took the extended warranty coverage option at a cost of approx £400 for a year. After 5 months the turbo blew and the garage replaced it with a new one as a warranty job. about 2000 miles later it blew again and this time the garage put a new one on and changed the vacuum pump (i think) as well as do a complete flush of the engine etc etc (i think they were following that Technical bulletin referred to in the other thread this second time) The garage did this work themselves and it wasnt paid for by Ford protect under warranty. I can only assume the garage felt they hadnt done the first one right. 2000 miles turbo blows again, its now June '12 .... this time the garage told me that it would have to be a new engine and FORD technical dept agreed with the service manager on this, FORD said the engine had to be stripped and inspected, when it was inspected FORD said that it was a build up of carbon and therefore warranty wouldnt cover this. I still havent had the issue resolved and have been without my car this whole time, although the garage did give me a courtesy car which i am still driving. The garage was in discussions with FORD and say that FORD as a goodwill gesture have now agreed to pay for a second hand engine, they have sourced one with 65000 miles (5k more than my old one) I said i wasnt happy with this and want a new engine, this second hand engine will come with a 3 month warranty which they say will take me beyond my warranty anyway, i have warranty cover up until september but from my perspective i had a car for 5 months of a 12 month warranty period where it worked the rest of the time the car has in effect been broken. My questions are : - Can FORD really do a warranty job with a second hand engine and not a new one, they say this engine will put me back to where i was but i dont see it that way, i will have an engine that i know nothing about that could break in 3 months time or have reduced power etc etc and have no protection - where would i stand legally challenging this as the car had a full service history from FORD authorised dealer, i bought the car from same dealer, paid for extended warranty and car didnt make it to its first service and lasted 5 months before it started blowing turbos ... can i force them to give me a new engine? Any help would be greatly appreciated, i am getting the run around and its taking up a lot of time and causing a lot of stress. ownership of the problem seems to bounce between FORD and the dealer cheers john
  11. Hey I hope there are some genuine mechanics who can help me with this. I had a new clutch/slave cylinder fitted to my car 16 months ago, 8 months/3000 miles later (I only drive occasionally the 300 miles to see my mother down the A1) the clutch disconnected from the housing or something like that and the whole job was redone, but they said there was no extension to the guarantee of the work done. The clutch was from Mr Clutch, again it has gone back to the nearest branch, after the one in Gateshead (where the work was completed) was closed down. I have driven only a further 3500 miles in 8 months and this time they are saying that the concentric slave cylinder, replaced under the original warranty 8 months ago has failed, however this part only has a 12 month warranty from the original date of purchase of the original unit. The engineer in the garage let slip that I should be expecting to have covered 50000 miles of mostly responsible driving in 8 months to cause this, however their head office argue that this is a perishable product and is not expected to last beyond 12 months and therefore is exempt from the fit for purpose for 6 years rule in the sale of goods act. Now I've been footed a further bill of £300 for the whole lot again being a student I can't afford to have this done twice in less than 2 years. Should a concentric slave cylinder last longer than ~3500 mile/8 months of only motorway driving, might I add I'm 26 I study a medical related course, boy racers irritate me, I don't ride my clutch and I've never had so much as a speeding ticket in my life. If so would you say that a fit for purpose slave cylinder is one that would last for up to 6 years of reasonable style driving, averaging no more than 6000 miles a year? I need to know before I take the removed components to a solicitor. Thank You
  12. CAP post 2013: greening, Ecological Focus Areas and permanent grasslands Despite most EU farm ministers wanting to design national ‘greening’ proposals to suit the needs of their own countries, Dacian Ciolas, the EU Farm Chief, warned against such a ‘menu approach’, saying that it would be complex to administer! Heaven forbid that the policy works better but is a bit more complicated for Brussels! Also, the EC is likely to be wary of giving too much power back to Member States! More sensibly, he suggested that work done under agri-environment schemes and other Rural Development measures or an environmental certification scheme would count towards greening measures. Finally the message seems to have sunk in that people who already do ‘greening’ work should not be penalised! The plan is to agree the greening proposals in June. A large number of Member States remain vocally opposed to the 7% of farmers’ eligible hectares, excluding areas under permanent grassland, as Ecological Focus Areas as being too high. The proposed change to the definition of ‘permanent grasslands’ to include traditional extensive grazing areas with heather and shrubs has been welcolmed by the UK. With thanks to SG Landscope.
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